How To Create Peace And Harmony On Earth

From Future Of Mankind

...And Head To The Stars As A Mature And Responsible Civilisation

This is a work-in-progress or should I say vision-in-progress? Please leave your comments on the discussion page if you have any.


This article is a brief vision of how the Earth-human could reverse climate change, eradicate food poverty, energy poverty and spiritual poverty and ultimately create a peaceful and harmonious society for all human beings on Earth. It focuses on the recommendations given to us by the Plejaren, their allies and Eduard Albert Meier, wiseman, seer and ancient spirit. There is no dithering or political correctness in this article. It also attempts to embrace the higher values of responsibility and wisdom but rejects primitive values and emotions such as greed, selfishness and lust.

There are many gaping holes in this article and I hope to improve it as time progresses. To most people it must surely seem a joke to read but I say to those people: Therefore, never elevate yourself above your neighbours and never be of the erroneous view that you are the most distinguished and most knowing human in this world, because, truly, there are humans who stand high above you in this respect because they are more distinguished than you in any matters of work, knowledge, ability and functioning, etc. Sapere Aude (Dare to Exercise Reason)

The Procedure To Create Peace and Harmony on Earth

Reduce Population To Sustainable Level

What is the sustainable level?

The Earth can only support, in total abundance, 529,000,000 human beings (same as the global population of the year 1700CE) when the factors such as the amount of fertile arable land available and the required amount per person are taken into account.[1] Reducing the population to the sustainable level will solve two immediate problems on Earth: climate change (less people = less CO2 emissions = zero forest clearances = stabilisation of atmosphere) and food poverty (less people = less demand = more cheaply available food). These two immediate issues, if not effectively tackled by reducing the population, will cause devastation across the globe within one lifetime (80 years), in the form of massive refugee armies, possibly in the 100s of millions, catastrophic and regular natural disasters and ultimately through these events, global war (for resources). Current and proposed attempts to tackle climate change are futile and negligible.

Population decimation strategy

Create international laws from the following recommendations to naturally reduce the population of Earth from 7,500,000,000 to 529,000,000 within a century. The suggested marriage and procreation laws below will be the main driving force for the population reduction strategy.

  1. An optimum per-country population should be determined and strived for:
    • Optimum population per country should be calculated using resources in Appendix A.
    • Refer to Population Table 2009 for a table showing the year 2009 overpopulation calculations for all countries.
  2. Establish new lawful prerequisites for procreation:
    • Requires an existing marriage/civil partnership of at least 3 years.
    • Proof of a healthy, harmonious marriage (multiple witness statements required, needs further definition).
    • Proof of irreproachable conduct of the marriage partners.
    • Proof of mental, moral and physical ability to raise children (requires examination by suitable government body).
    • Proof of health no hereditary and infectious diseases, no addiction to illegal or prescription drugs or to alcohol, etc. that may endanger the health of the future embryo.
    • No affiliation with extremist or subversive groups that has the potential to cause the child being unable to truly and successfully live as part of it's society.
  3. Establish the maximum number of children by law to be 2-children per married-couple.
  4. Enforce the maximum number of children law:
    • Enforcement can include forced sterilisation of offenders and adoption of children, once born, to foster parents.
    • Enforcement should include mandatory sterilisation after 2nd child born.
    • Rapists, murderers, paedophiles should all be force-sterilised as part of correctional program.
    • Victims of rape that produce children should not be force-sterilised obviously as it would not be their fault (requires a successful rape conviction).
    • Twins, triplets obviously can cause the 2-per-couple limit to be exceeded. This should not be punishable as this is a natural event that is not conventionally preventable.
  5. Establish lawful prerequisites for marriage/civil partnership:
    • Must have been "dating" for at least 2 years. (Monitoring by dating registry required)
    • After the 2 years period, must be separated for 6 months with only brief visits possible in order to prove desire to marry/enter civil partnership is authentic.
  6. Educate the population in new recommendations for relationships:
    • No sexual contact for first 3 months of relationship. Lust is a primitive emotion and is confused with true love. Sexual interaction can produce false dependencies on partner (unenforceable but should at least be a recommendation during education).
  7. Educate the population in the benefits of the new laws (mentally, morally and physically adept human beings will result that lead to a brighter and peaceful future for mankind; a sustainable population will result in nature returning to health and an end to the abuse of planet Earth).

Form UN Spiritual Council (UNSpC)

  1. UN Spiritual Council's (UNSpC) purpose is to govern the countries of Earth and will be formed by personnel from all areas of the Earth who have great knowledge and understanding of the spirit teaching. They will be the leaders who together shall decide how to resolve the problems facing humanity as they occur. They shall be apolitical in nature, democratic and wise enough to take appropriate action without delay.
  2. Training in spirit teaching will be necessary for all UNSpC personnel.
  3. The UNSpC will replace Secretary General and UN Security Council role and will have ultimate control of Earth.
  4. The UNSpC will direct the CWA (Central World Army) to enforce peace wherever there are riots or terrorist activities.
  5. The UNSpC will direct the CWA to relieve the effects of natural catastrophe's such as earthquakes, floods, droughts, hurricanes and tornadoes.
  6. In exchange for transferring the rights and responsibilities for ensuring the security of the world from the sovereign countries to the CWA, all participating countries will be guaranteed peace and the protection from subversive or terrorist groups and organisations and sufficient food and energy to sustain their entire populations.

Form Central World Army (CWA) To Enforce Peace

  1. The CWA champions peace and has world peace as its highest commandment.
  2. It's duty is to protect human life and, if necessary, to defend it in personal action, even with weapons if need be.
  3. All countries must contribute a proportionate share of personnel to central world army, proportionate to the population.
  4. It will have mandatory participation.
  5. No other armies will be permitted to exist on Earth (except for national police forces).
  6. The quantity of personnel in the CWA will be in the millions.
  7. The deployment of CWA will be worldwide whenever and wherever it is needed.
  8. The leadership of CWA chosen according to level of knowledge and practical experience of the spirit teaching, of tactical warfare and of the various sciences.
  9. The CWA will be answerable only to the UN Spiritual Council.
  10. The CWA will quell all uprisings and wars in all countries of the Earth immediately upon analysis and with logical and proportionate force.
  11. The impotent and illogical United Nations Security Council will be disbanded.
  12. See FIGU_Open_Letter_003#World_Peace_and_Multinational_Peace-Fighting_Troops for more info.

Form New National Governments

  1. The leadership of all governments of all nations will need education and training in the spirit teaching or be replaced by those who have gained this knowledge and wisdom.
  2. Each member of the new national government leadership needs a decent level of wisdom and knowledge in the spirit teaching and be at least 50 years old (older people are much wiser).
  3. All national governments will be answerable to UN Spiritual Council.
  4. National police forces will continue to exist and can be supported by the CWA.

Enact New Laws To Ensure Peace And Harmony

Enact New Continuity Laws

  1. In order to ensure continued supply of energy, food and water for continued sustenance of current population, laws must be passed worldwide for national governments to seize control of all water, energy and food production and distribution businesses.
  2. Related businesses such as transportation (logistics) businesses that are needed to transport food should also be controlled by national government.

Abolish False Laws

  1. Abolish death penalty. This will ensure that the reincarnated human spirit has a chance to avoid a similar fate by being able to reflect upon his crime within prison.

Destroy Almost All Nuclear Weapons

  1. Destroy all nuclear weapons as nuclear explosions severely damages the Earth's atmosphere and pollutes all life upon it. To be done by CWA.
  2. Exception: the CWA should keep a cache of nuclear weapons in case of a meteor-threat.

Enact New Human Rights Laws

  1. As long as the adult works 8 hours per day 5 days per week they are entitled to certain freely given resources. They are:
    • Free house and land (upon reaching adulthood).
    • Free electrical energy for the house.
    • Free food and drink.
    • Free clothing.
    • Free miscellaneous necessities such as toothpaste, shaving foam, shaving blades, cooking utensils, gardening tools etc.
    • Free technology (1 x educational computer, 1 x entertainment system, 1 x communication system etc).
    • Free access to all modes of transportation, including neighbourhood "pool" vehicles that are effectively shared vehicles.
  2. All pets must be kept outside human living quarters to avoid the spread of disease.[2]

Enact New Food Distribution Laws

  1. Where possible, food must be produced for a country by itself. Every country must become self sufficient in food production. This will minimise transportation costs until faster, more efficient, non-polluting propulsion technology is developed. Overpopulated countries will become more self-sufficient as the population becomes reduced because they will need to import less food.
  2. Food must be distributed equally and free of charge to all humans in the country in which it was produced.
  3. Water must also be distributed equally and free of charge in the same manner.
  4. Surplus food should be preserved and kept in case of emergencies and ready to be transported to any location around the world. e.g. in case of natural disaster such as floods or earthquakes.

Enact New Genetic Engineering Laws

  1. Scientific progress is inevitable for all human beings in the known existence. Genetic engineering is a science that can contribute significantly to the reduction of the human being's suffering due to inherited and acquired diseases and greatly improve the quality of life for all planetary lifeforms.
  2. Primitive religious arguments and fear mongering against GE are holding back the progress of the human beings evolution and must be counteracted by a mandatory educational curriculum focusing on all aspects of GE so as to assist with the rate of research and implementation of GE technologies worldwide.
  3. Some benefits of GE are:
    1. GE can massively increase the crop yield and crop quality by creating new super vegetables and fruits.
    2. GE can eliminate the need to kill and eat any and all animals as a result of the creation of new fruit and vegetable species that provide the animal proteins we need to consume.
    3. GE can extend the human beings' lifespan by hundreds, even thousands of years. Having a life span of one thousand years or more would allow us to become kings and queens of knowledge and wisdom.
    4. GE can eliminate the human beings' vulnerability to all known diseases. In other words, improve the effectiveness of the human beings' immune system. The human being will probably eventually become invulnerable to all or nearly all diseases.
    5. GE can eliminate all significant deformities within the human being and its' future offspring.
  4. Therefore new laws decriminalising GE, within rationalised and moralistic parameters, must be enacted worldwide.
  5. GE should obviously not be used to create human-animal cross-breeds, even in secret (for example, for military applications such as the creation of an army super-soldiers) because some of these new lifeforms will still have human brains and therefore be inhabited by a human spirit-form that would surely endure great suffering when experiencing such incarnations.
  6. GE should obviously not be used to create humans born without a fully functional and normal human body (for example, cyborgs), such as being born with exposed nerve-endings instead of arms and legs in order to be readily attached to organic-computer interfaces. This is a disgusting abuse of GE that is prophesied to occur in the future.

Enact New Earth Preservation Laws

  1. Any action that leads to the destruction of any natural habitat or wildlife must be stopped, including the felling of trees or clearing of wild land. Enough has been destroyed already. Currently inhabited areas must be used, redeveloped or returned to a natural state.
  2. Additional forest must replanted to improve the level of oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere from the current 20% to a new level of 30%.

Enact New Education Laws

  1. All children and adults must be educated in the spirit teaching including Dekalog Dodekalog, Basic Rules of Man and Goblet of the Truth and possibly the Spirit Lessons.
  2. All human beings must be given free education to degree level in at least 3 subjects and an maximum of 5 so that everyone is capable of moving to different job sectors (skill availability will more easily meet skill demand).
  3. All religions are falsehoods, lies and corruptions of the truth and therefore should be outlawed within schools before adulthood (there is more useful knowledge to learn when young such as the known and logical truth).
  4. Optional study of the religions should be permitted from adulthood onwards in an historical context in order to understand mankind's second greatest bane.

Enact New Economic Laws

Formation Of The Single World Currency

  1. A single world currency will be created e.g. the EC (Earth Credit), whereby this may be used to trade in luxuries. All money will be equally distributed on a monthly basis without exception.
  2. Efforts should be made to phase out paper currency in order to completely eliminate hoarding. This means luxury goods producers need to gain the ability for computer/card transactions at all outlets.

Formation Of The One World Bank (OWB)

  1. Since everyone will have or soon have all necessities to live a normal life, there will no longer be any need for more than one worldwide bank and it will essentially become an organisation that manages zero interest, zero overdraft current accounts and not much else besides (no loans, no investments, no trading). Therefore all existing banks should merge into the one world bank.

Enact New Immigration Laws

  1. Until the sustainable population has been achieved there will be no migration anywhere between countries unless on urgent humanitarian work.
  2. Humans will work to improve their own country's infrastructure not their own bank accounts.

Enact New Housing Laws

  1. New dome-shaped domestic houses will be built upon water-based foundations as the most suitable design to resist earthquakes and all severe weather.
  2. Existing housing will be gradually replaced with new domes.
  3. Domes will be large enough to comfortably host a family of to 5 human beings. Two parents and three children (two children per couple now, then three permissible after population reduced to 529,000,000).
  4. Each dome house will come with a plot of 2 acres of land for gardening activity by the occupants because this will enable humans to have close contact with nature, an important activity for a being that originates from nature.

Research And Development Projects

  1. Research new emission-free and renewable energy sources.
  2. Research way to make nuclear waste inert.
  3. Research anti-gravity propulsion to replace current transport.

Ultimate Goals

  1. Mankind sheds the last of his barbaric traits.
  2. All Earth-humans knowledgeable of true Laws of Creation and therefore able to truly live and truly evolve spiritually.
  3. All Earth children experience a loving, safe, supportive and educational childhood and thus grow into psychologically balanced adults.
  4. Flora and fauna completely restored to year 1500CE levels where possible minus the already extinct species.
  5. All roads destroyed and the road-land returned to nature.
  6. Man becomes the true guardian of planet Earth and no longer it's abuser or disease.
  7. Man becomes suitable for interaction with other interstellar civilisations.


Appendix A

Question 3.

a) In your Overpopulation brochure #3, page 9, you state a family of 5 requires 1 hectare [approx. 2.5 acres] of land to feed itself, maintain a garden, and allow for freedom of movement. But in the next sentence you say that 1 kilometer2 (km2) = [0.39 mile2] should be calculated for every 12-person group.

b) How do you come up with these results when 1 hectare land with an area of 10,000 meters2 (m2) = 100 x 100 meters [approx. 330 x 330 ft] is required for 5 persons [10,000/5 = 2,000 m2] per person—and then you state that 12 persons require 1 km2 [0.39 mile2] fertile land, which amounts to 1,000 m x 1,000 m or 1,000,000 m2 [1,000,000/12 = 83,000 m2] per person?

Fritz Gollmann, Austria


a) The number of 5 persons per 1 hectare refers to people who live in settlements, such as villages, cities or larger clans and tribal housing areas. This implies that a total of 500 persons should be living on 1 km2 [0.39 mile2] in such areas. And yet, here on Earth the number of people today is a multiple of this recommended total number. Furthermore, in such places, as a rule, neither gardens nor parks are allocated for the required level of self-sufficiency, because one house or apartment is constructed immediately adjacent to another house or apartment. The consequence is that individual families, frequently with many children, live door-to-door beside each other and have, therefore, no open space in which to move about. The "five-person rule" applies only to population clusters such as villages, cities, and the like. On the other hand, we must allow in our calculation 12 persons per 1 km2 when dealing with open, fertile, tillable land, intended for agricultural and horticultural purposes. This type of land is not only intended for personal self-sufficiency but also for the general community's self-sufficiency. Although people within these communities are only able to plant fruit and vegetables, and keep a limited number of animals on their land of 10,000 m2 [107,642 ft2], the amount of arable land does not allow for any full-scale selfsufficiency. And of these 107,642 ft2 specific portions must be allocated for buildings, open-air recreational purposes and the like, which again require external food supplies so the people there can adequately subsist. These supplies must be provided by the agricultural and horticultural land areas where a mere 12 persons live per 0.39 mile2.

b) The optimum total human population a planet can adequately hold is calculated according to how much arable, fertile land is available. The area, in square kilometers, determines the maximum number of humans who should live on it. The total area is then divided by the number of people, taking into account that a certain number of them will live in villages, cities or other larger settlements, while the rest will live on large properties, tended by their tenants in an agricultural manner who will supply food to the people in the villages, cities, and the like.

On Earth we have available approximately 130 million km2 [50.2 million miles2] of icefree, fertile and barren land surface. However, this total land mass must not be used to calculate the optimum human population, for only the fertile land can be used in that calculation. The Earth's fertile land mass originally amounted to 24 million km2 [9.3 million miles2]. This amount of land would have allowed for the problem-free feeding of a total population of 529 million human beings—when taking into account that 5 persons can live on 1 hectare [approx. 2.5 acres] in the villages, cities or other housing areas; if 12 persons can live on 1 km2 [0.39 miles2]; and if it is also utilized for agricultural and horticultural purposes. However, today only 18 million of the original 24 million km2 [7 million of 9.3 million original miles2] of fertile land remain available since the terrestrial population, in a mad breeding spree, created this overpopulation problem and land destruction. The latter two dilemmas have already destroyed 6 million km2 [2.3 million miles2] of this fertile land through the construction of villages, cities, airports, recreational/sport centers, factories, industrial plants, and others. Additionally, the populace has built dams and has induced the formation of bleak deserts in what previously were lush areas. Hence, if the original 24 million km2 or 9.3 million miles2 of fertile land are inhabited by 529 million humans, approximately 22 (or 22.04 to be precise) persons can live on each 1 km2 or 0.39 mile2—not taking into account villages, cities or other settlements. When 18 million km2 [7 million miles2] of fertile land are used in the calculation, 30 (29.38) people of a total human population of 529 million would live on each square kilometer. This means that 18 of 30 persons now would have to live in villages, cities or large settlements, which amounts to approximately two-thirds of the entire population.

Assuming now we have an allotment of 130 million km2 [50.2 million miles2] of ice-free land surface available, this calculates out as 4.06 persons per 1 square kilometer— provided the human population is a mere 529 million. Included in the number of square kilometers are, however, the desert areas, mountains, steppes and tundras along with other barren land masses and forests. Because today's human population has already reached a total of 6.3 billion for the entire ice-free land mass, we calculate that there are 48.46 persons per 1 km2 [0.39 mile2]. Using the same population figures, this gives us 262.5 persons per 1 km2 for the original 24 million km2 or 9.3 million miles2. When the human population is calculated by applying the ratio to the remaining 18 million km2 [7 million miles2] arable land, the results—believe it or not—show 350 human beings per 1 km2 or 0.39 mile2 of land. Of course, in reality this is not the case since many of these people live in villages, cities or other large settlements. If these many humans were to be disbursed over the entire number of square kilometers of remaining fertile land mass, the coverage would actually amount to 350 humans per 1 km2 or 0.39 mile2. This signifies that no agricultural and horticultural organizations whatsoever could operate on this land. The Fischer Almanac provides the following explanation for this situation:

Quote: In 1993, the Earth's 130 million km2 [50.2 million miles2] ice-free land mass was covered by 32% forests, 11% farmland, and 26% pastures. The remaining 31% consisted, among other things, of grassland that was not used for agricultural purposes, marshes, as well as human settlements and transportation infrastructures.

In studying this land on a worldwide basis, a distinct damage pattern of human origin was observed in 1990 upon nearly 15% of the ice-free land surface. Such damage affects 38% of all farmland, 21% of permanent grassland, and 18% of the forests and savannahs.

The largest contributor to the problem of land damage, at 56%, is water erosion, that is to say, the removal of top soil by rain and run-off; and 28% of the damage is caused by wind erosion, i.e., the relocation of soil by the wind.

An annual total of 74 billion tons of soil is lost through water and wind erosion—and only 1-2 tons of soil per hectare [approx. 2.5 acres) are regenerated per year. In Europe and the USA, 17 tons are removed per hectare. In Asia, Africa, and South America 30-40 tons per hectare are removed per year. Indeed, over the past 150 years half of all fertile, arable land has been lost in this manner throughout the many regions.

Of lesser significance, by comparison, is the chemical degradation of the land, which amounts to a global average of 12%.

Soil Degradation

The main categories of chemical and other degradation causes include:

  • Toxification of the ground - through overfertilization and pesticide abuse, industrial activities, garbage dumps, and harmful fumes from the air;
  • Acidification - from materials introduced through the air ("acid rain"), ammonia from livestock;
  • Salinization - generally through improper watering;
  • Loss of Nutrients/Humus - through inappropriate agricultural practices.
  • Soil compression - with 4% the smallest damage contributor: the use of agricultural devices too heavy for the soil, and the removal of surface vegetation;
  • Cover up;
  • Seal in (traffic and building surfaces), and
  • Subsidence (e.g., as a result of mining activities).

The type, extent, and cause of ground degradation vary greatly from one region to another. The percentage of degraded surfaces of arable land can range from 16% in Oceania to 75% in Central America (Europe 25%); with degraded permanent grassland the percentage ranges from 11% in North America to 31% in Africa; and with degraded forest and savannahs surfaces, from 1% in North America to 38% in Central America.

With the ever-growing human population on Earth, the loss of fertile, arable ground increasingly brings into question the assured availability of global food supplies.

The world's average per capita arable ground decreased from 0.41 hectare [1.01 acre] in 1961 to 0.24 hectare [0.59 acre] in 1993. Particularly affected by this trend are the underdeveloped countries. In 1993 the per capita available arable ground was only 0.16 hectare [0.39 acre], well below the allotment necessary to cover the 0.17-0.3 hectare [0.42-0.74 acre] minimum average produce requirements for humans.

Appendix B

What the Plejaren Wish for Earth Humans


1. For the earth humans, we wish that they, in all love and reason, tend toward bringing an end to all aggression, acts of violence and wars, as well as all criminality, all hate, all discord, every bondage as well as any craving for vengeance and retaliation.

2. In order that correct justice and humanity, as well as true reverence for life can prevail, it is our desire that in all countries worldwide, torture as well as the death penalty be abolished and laws are enacted where every life and the right to soundness of the body and psyche are respected and placed under legal protection.

3. We wish that a normal state of population and births be strived for on Earth and, in this regard, effective worldwide birth control be enforced, because only through this can too excessive an overpopulation be avoided and even further privation, criminality, hate against fellow men, wars, exploitation of Earth’s resources to the utmost, as well as new diseases, epidemics and misery be avoided and contained.

4. A means of food production should be strived for on Earth among all people and these goods should be distributed in such a manner that the misery of hunger no longer develops and, therefore, all people have enough food.

5. Earth-humans should no longer be destructive in all areas of science and in the cultivation of land and forests, as well as water utilization, etc., but rather be constructive and progressive. This also refers to the preservation of a healthy atmosphere and ever more threatening climatic change, with reference to that which originates through human fault.

6. Earth-humans should consciously unfold in the forms of love and knowledge, as well as in true humanity, and recognize Creation-given evolution as the highest goal and meaning of life.

7. Earth-humans should utilize their sciences in such a manner that true, positive progress develops in every respect.

8. The cognition, knowledge, experience, as well as wisdom should grow within earth humans that they are not the only human life-forms in the entire universe and are, furthermore, but a fraction of the whole within the universe.

9. True peace as well as true love and freedom should finally prevail on Earth and among all human beings regardless of skin colour, race and faith, without hate, revenge, jealousy, craving for retaliation, privation, misery, murder, homicide, terror and wars.

10. It should come to an end that the countries of Earth even the poorest and most underdeveloped among them maintain armies that are armed to the teeth and senselessly burn away innumerable sums of money in the billions which could and should be used for the true well-being of the people. Thus it should finally cease that politicians and the military, as well as the most diverse organizations everywhere in the world, talk about peace and freedom, love and humanity, in order to justify tremendous financial expenditures on the one hand, and on the other hand, to snatch up even more of these funds for purposes of war and terror and to heat up the weapons industry so that further acts of terrorism and war can be carried out with the new weapons.

11. It must finally come to an end on Earth that human beings with other forms of conviction as well as different faith, skin colour and race are hated, pursued, tortured and killed.

12. It must come to an end that umpteen thousand tons of food are criminally destroyed on a daily basis for reasons of profit or, due to low market prices, they are simply thrown into rivers, fed to livestock or left to rot away; food which would spare millions of people from a death by starvation, in particular women and children who are the ones bearing the most misery in this regard.

13. It must come to an end that earth humans as a whole face all their enormous problems helplessly and powerlessly because all the profit-greedy, irresponsible and unscrupulous ones are able to conduct their criminal affairs unrestrained without being held accountable for them, as are also the governmental persons of responsibility who are incapable of administering their office within the framework of a just and appropriate leadership in order to resolve the mounting problems.

14. Most urgently, the earth human must learn to bear his own responsibility and consciously act in a progressive manner in accordance with this. It can no longer persist that the responsibility is simply shifted onto someone or something else, because the individual is responsible for all of his own thinking, feelings and actions. The individual must recognize and adhere to his responsibility, because only when the individual begins recognition of his responsibility and adheres to his responsibility will the next person be prompted to do the same, whereby others, in turn, will join in, and finally the whole of Earth’s mankind will be taken up by it.

15. If the individual person feels the need to actively do something to change the world, its human beings in particular, this actually is within his power, but only in such a manner that he be an example to his fellow man and fellow men. Thus every person has it within him/herself to begin a change for the better, toward peace, love, freedom, progress, as well as toward knowledge and wisdom. Everyone must make a start by himself and also discover the way to a free and happy life on his own. Each person must first acquire an optimistic attitude solely for himself, and from this will initially result the progress of expansion through which his fellow men will be prompted and will join in. And if people think consciously in this direction, then they will make the amazing discovery that all means and all hopes for a true progress exist only when they start everything by themselves.

16. The human being must recognize, discover and experience, in detail through his own cognition, what his true, innermost being is and how it relates to the external personality.

17. Unfortunately, earth humans have generally assigned top ranks or top status to political, economic, scientific, military, material and financial values. These, however, are non-values that bring tremendous damage through which the well-being in physical and psychological aspects is impaired, as well as the consciousness-related development of the individual and even of the whole of mankind. As a result, the true sages and philosophers have vanished, making room for the “wanna-be’s” with respect to wisdom and philosophy who frequently inundate the world and its mankind with horrendous nonsense that has nothing to do with reality, correctness and conformity to laws of the spiritual energies and Creation. All of these non-values must be removed in order to place the true sages back in their proper place in society. The opportunity must be provided for these few who are presently on Earth, to emerge from their hidden solitude so that they can instruct the people. In so doing, however, all those must be pushed into the background who spread unreasonable sectarian teachings and principles, through which earth humans have been pushed away from the real truth and have been misled.

18. Earth-humans must learn not to solely pursue materialism and money from birth until death, and hence they should not listen just to those who have amassed political or military power or an immense fortune. And so they should neither aspire after them nor try to be like them, and devote neither their time, their work and efforts nor their initiative and lives to them, as well.

If people nevertheless do this, then they forfeit their evolution and thus the meaning of their existence. And if they do not lose their life in a direct manner, then they make themselves dependent on the rulers of a political, dictatorial, military or materially wealthy form, shouting approval and support for them and becoming those who live an appearance instead of those who truly live/exist.

19. The earth human must free himself from the variety of political, dictatorial, military, scientific and faith-oriented directions, as this alone guarantees, on the one hand, the discovery and following of the path of the Creational truth and its laws and recommendations, as well as, on the other hand, a loving, peaceful, liberated, wise and harmonious functioning of the individuals and the entire community of mankind. Truthfully no movement of a political, military, economical, scientific, philosophical and faith-oriented form should be allowed to dominate over another. However if such domination exists, then rivalries, hate, racism, faith and political struggles, as well as discord, lack of freedom, unkindness, ignorance and many further non-values develop which lead to destruction, murder and manslaughter, in addition to warlike actions and falsehood.

20. The earth human must change toward the good and positive through his own reason and grasp of responsibility, and thereby rehabilitate himself. Thus he must establish his own dimension and free himself from his self-demeaning service toward all his shortcomings and his false hopes and desires. The earth human considers that he will live new lives over and over again in striving for that which is higher in accordance with the Creational laws and recommendations through many new personalities in reincarnation of the spirit-form and the comprehensive consciousness block, namely in the obligation of a Creational path that he consciously develops in every logical, good and positive form. But this means that every person must strive for his advancement through every personal responsibility, and society must also make that possible for him. It is correct that everybody takes the trouble to perform the required work for which he will be paid and which will enable him to afford housing in one form or the other, as well as, in self-responsibility, to bear the cost of his food and clothing and also for his training and education and for all arising needs.

21. The earth human must learn to recognise and understand his true, innermost Creational being, because solely through will it be possible for him to get involved with his body and, above all, his material consciousness and its awakening and development. Thus he learns his own self-appreciation for his innermost being as well as his body and consciousness and come to this realisation by himself. So the recognition and conscious arousal of one’s own innermost being occurs through the awakening of the material consciousness as well as true awareness of the body.