FIGU Special Bulletin 18

From Future Of Mankind



February 2005

The poem ‹No Eye Equal to Wisdom› is a well-meaning message to humanity at this epoch of worldwide turbulence. It is critical at this time of spiritual awakening by a growing section of society that the irrationality and destruction of war be recognized as a failure of human culture. The core values of wisdom and human consciousness need to be acknowledged, so that spirituality can replace ritual religious doctrine, and so that all-inclusiveness and cooperation can replace divisive competition and national arrogance. A transcendence in the level of human consciousness must take place for the natural viability of life on this planet to be saved, and for civilization to be spared a deadly cultural regression into a new dark age. Ignorance must be banished and human consciousness enriched for human minds and spirits to be healed, so that peace, joy and freedom can reign and so that Friedrich Schiller's vision in his ‹Ode to Joy,› of ‹all humans becoming brothers/sisters,› can become a reality.

No Eye Equal to Wisdom

A noble quest wins he who

wields the lightning bolt of

truth, the sword of knowledge

tried and true, to tear apart

the inky veils of feeble-minded

and unmitigated ignorance

- the primal sin that makes

the untaught err and stumble.

Yet it is nobler still by far

to let the flame of wisdom softly

spread its light of cognizance,

to gently guide the common fools,

the lost, the fearful, righteous,

arrogant and know-it-all's,

so as to broaden and enrich

their needy, yearning souls.

Blessed are they whose spirit

richly thrives with cosmic wisdom,

moral logic and capacity for love.

For they will know the truth,

be brimming full with life; not

like the poor-in-spirit who subsist

in dread and can't find light,

nor strength to wholly live.

No terror - anywhere on Earth

or in the heavens - comes close

to icy, loveless fear that permeates

the poor-in-consciousness. There

is no higher bliss than wisdom,

no better friend than knowing

truth, no savior other than

the living Spirit's might.

The greatest human victory yet

unshackles those whose spirit is

enslaved by flawed, self-serving

and unnatural beliefs; is petrified

with fear of vengeful gods. Once

freed, a people's spirit molds a will

to banish from their minds all

vengeance, envy, fear and greed.

With mind and spirit healed,

true justice can be won for all;

a chance for peace that will endure,

once humans cast out vicious hate.

Then freedom reigns, unspoiled

by haughty flags and national

intrigues, unchained from all

beguiling dogmas that enslave.

(c) Dietmar Rothe, 2004/5

This poem, ‹No Eye Equal to Wisdom,› was inspired by the wise teachings of Jmmanuel (Jesus) as retold in the Talmud of Jmmanuel (TJ26:27,28):

«There is no eye equal to wisdom, no darkness equal to ignorance, no power equal to the power of the spirit, and no terror equal to the poverty of consciousness. There is no higher happiness than wisdom, no better friend than knowledge, and no other savior than the power of the spirit.»

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The poem was further influenced by quotes from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832):

«Noble let a person be, compassionate and good.»

and from Friedrich Schiller's (1759-1805) verse:

«A higher conquest's won by him

who swings the lightning bolt of truth

to free the human spirit-mind…»

The poem is offered freely with heartfelt wishes to all who have ventured on a personal quest for spiritual knowledge and values, and for meaning in their lives. You are encouraged to copy it and distribute it freely. Commercial reproduction requires written permission from the author, care of

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