FIGU Special Bulletin 14

From Future Of Mankind

Rehabilitation for Lee Elders

In matters concerning myself

Through slanderous intrigues that lead back to the early eighties, unpleasant differences resulted in connection with Lee Elders/USA, and as a consequence, a leaflet was printed in an edition of three hundred (300), and about one hundred and eighty (180) copies of it were distributed. The leaflet presented explanations that more than twenty years later turned out to be lies and slander, and were quite consciously and calculably circulated by persons whose aim it was to oust me, ‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier, from the position of being the virtually most important person in regard to the contacts with the Pleiadians. The idea of these defamations was to take my place through egotistic behaviour, arrogance and overbearingness, and push me into the background. The persons concerned intended with it to take over the stage, in order to be able to nourish their self-interest in living in a selfish and inconsiderate manner, and in fact, consciously and thus against better understanding, the truth was transformed into lies and slander in order to reach the abominable aims. Thereby, I was badly deceived and misled, while Lee Elders was evilly and slanderously reviled and was insulted to be a fraud, liar and thief. Through the truth that in the meantime has come to light with the help of the Plejar Quetzal, the whole sad matter presents itself in the way I have described above. That signifies, that Lee Elders has greatly been wronged, for which I publicly apologize with great respect in this way and also hope, that everyone who had acknowledged in good faith that slanderous matter, will accept it as a lie and slander and correct the image of Lee Elders to see it again in the right light. In order to reach all the wrongly informed ones, and above all, to publicly vindicate Lee Elders, I choose to do this in this way through the channel of this bulletin that is circulated in my name and in FIGU's name worldwide in the Internet.

There is to be explained also, that Lee Elders has never taken a stand and defended himself against the slanderous accusations and has patiently endured everything over a time of more than twenty years, and in spite of wrongful differences in regard to FIGU and my person, he continued to be a good and dear friend and thus, I express my sincerest thanks to him. Would I have not asked Quetzal some time ago, to finally get to the bottom of this whole matter, then this issue would have probably never been cleared up, and the differences would have continued to exist lifelong, and would have caused discord. Therefore, I thank also Quetzal in this way through the bulletin for his immeasurable assistance, but I also thank Ptaah who strengthened me in my effort, to publicly submit this unpleasant issue as it is presented here to the world, in order to end the defamation and slander towards Lee Elders - and to vindicate him.

‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier

357th Contact; April 26, 2004; 23 minutes past midnight

Billy Thank you for your effort to check. But may I ask you now if you have already found out something regarding the matter that I asked you about a fairly long time ago? It simply does not leave my mind, therefore, I asked Christian Frehner to send an email to the address I am looking to make contact with.

Quetzal You speak very carefully about it, dear friend. I guess you do not want to speak publicly about it at least at this time, and not mention any names, do you? I'll keep that in mind. Now the fact is, that by wrong actions and wrong information of some persons very well known to you, differences, slander and almost conflict have developed, whereby defamation and slander also penetrated right up to the core group members. Unfortunately at that time, we have let ourselves in on defamation by way of assuming that these would be true. That again rests upon our kind view that the persons concerned, as I will call the fallible ones who have done wrong, would have had a clear and in-depth insight of all of the decisive matters that had turned up. However, regrettably we let ourselves be deceived by statements of the aforementioned persons, as you know this was still very often the case at that time. Later, when through you we had been set right, and did not let ourselves anymore become mixed up in specific machinations of the destructive powers, we determined not to get involved in any sort of clarifications, because far too often we let ourselves be deceived by wrong words and thoughts of the fallible ones who spoke and thought different to what the truth represented. Because we were not able to understand lies, as this was unknown and foreign to us, we unfortunately interpreted all wrong and false words and thoughts as truth and reality, and in fact, for so long until you set us right. However, up to that point in time, years went by and only since 1999 do we possess the strenuously acquired ability to critically analyse the words and thoughts of human beings, consequently, we don't consider simply everything that is thought and spoken as truth. But that we were able to learn and develop abilities in this way, this alone is entirely thanks to you, my friend. And only through this acquired ability was it possible for me to look after the matter you have asked me to clarify. So I found out that you had been wrongly informed in several matters connected with your concern, whereby seemingly confusion and unclarity developed that resulted in differences between you and the other party. I was naturally aware that you did not want this to happen and were always looking for a way to dissolve these differences, wherefore you have now asked Christian to pursue a path, after I could give you the necessary information about who had caused discord and quarrel. Of course, the persons concerned will vehemently dispute and deny it, for they are highly opinionated of themselves and domineering, which makes reason and understanding impossible. All of this I have found out only through my recent examinations, when according to your recommended guidelines, I followed my intuition whereby I had a frightening understanding in this respect - we have let ourselves be deceived to a great extent by the aforementioned persons and accepted their thoughts and words to be the truth, although they were wrong, overbearing, domineering and arrogant. We shall never again allow ourselves to be deceived by such occurrences. Your trust, for your part, was miserably and disgracefully abused in order to insert a wedge between yourself and the party opposite you, as self-interest, arrogance and the know-all and opinionated pigheadedness of the fallible and incorrect persons, in regard to your position, did not allow them to not be in the first place, and not occupy the first seat. You have often spoken with me and also with Ptaah about it, and you have always felt very sorry and did not understand that these differences had developed, in spite of wrong information and wrong advice that were given to you. And for us all it is of great need, as it is also for you, to settle the differences that have arisen through lies and fraud and to request settlement and leniency. Just like you, we do not want anything to be left incorrect, but want everything to be clarified and express our thanks to the other party for understanding and leniency. It is very much to be regretted that everything resulted in this way, and that we also participated and asked you to act according to the false words of the person advising you.

Would we have attached more attention at the time to your words and thoughts, we would have asked for your advice then already, and carried out the analyses according to your advice. We failed to do that, unfortunately, and that's why we feel greatly indebted to you, but greatly indebted to the other party as well, with whom you are trying to get in contact with through Christian for some time. May your efforts be successful, for it would not only be pleasing for you, for the core group members and the other party, but it would be a help as well in overcoming an unpleasant matter and would also be pleasant for us.

Billy So nothing new has come about. But you know Quetzal, I am guilty as well, and in respect to my trust I should have been more critical and checked everything, and not have agreed to it unseen. I have been taught a lesson, and now check everything precisely before I agree.

Quetzal No, there is no new result, yet what I could find out, should be sufficient. It is extensive and points into the direction of all what has happened regarding the matter. But the fault is also ours. We have let it happen that our trust was abused. Besides, we would not listen and believe, that words and thoughts of human beings of Earth do not have to be identical with the truth, and therefore can be lies.

Billy You are probably right in that it should suffice, consequently nothing more shall be done but to try and right this matter. In addition I believe, when the conflict is settled, at least the names of the other party, with which the unpleasant differences exist should be publicly mentioned in our contact reports in order for them to be rehabilitated.

Quetzal That is absolutely right and is also my view. Ptaah as well agrees, for I have told him of this matter today.

Billy Good, in respect to this matter everything is now clear to all of us - then I have to inform only the core group members when it is time, though I do not want to mention the names of the fallible persons - in order to maintain peace. I am hopeful that everything will be put right, for I regard the other side as good friends, and respect them as reasonable and understanding human beings who do not harbour unforgiving thoughts.

Quetzal You will be right in the end. That is how Ptaah and I see it. Simply put, it is quite regrettable that such unpleasant matters could arise. In fact, we have not reckoned with such in this form, because we were too, what do you call that, blue-eyed, meaning naïve, in respect to honesty of certain human beings who have gathered round you. If we would have listened to you earlier, a lot of trouble and harm could have been avoided, and furthermore, we could have reached better and extensive knowledge and understanding in this respect.

358th Contact; May 6, 2004; 3:51 p.m. and 10:58 p.m.

Billy So I have hit the nail on the head. Right, then maybe I will hit the nail's head, and I believe it is time to mention the name of the person, of whom I have spoken of with Quetzal on April 26th. Regarding this person, I would like to settle the differences, which have existed for years and developed through information that became falsified. We had a contact on April 26th, at 23 minutes p.m., when we had a talk about my concern, and now you can see this fax that I have received hours later, at 7:51 p.m. Naturally, I was very pleased about it, and hope that now everything will be set right again. Last weekend, I dictated a letter to Christian Frehner to further the progress regarding the matter, in order to eradicate the misunderstanding and the differences. Here, please, read the fax...

Ptaah (Is reading the fax that is written in the English language) … It is very pleasing, and I think that you are permitted to speak publicly about this unpleasant matter.

Billy I had this very thought as well. I will publicly take up the matter in a bulletin, and I will explain everything in the form of a vindication. To add Quetzal's explanation will be probably right, thus the matter will also be settled from your side. All of it together will be published in the Internet, so that all wrongly and misinformed persons can read it. What is your opinion about it?

Ptaah Your decision seems to be the right one. It is entirely in keeping with your openness and honesty.

Billy Here then, if you don't mind, I will say now what I have to say. Should you want to correct or assist with giving advice here or there, I would be grateful. What do you think of that?

Ptaah I will be pleased, to attend to your wish.

Billy Here is the following that I intend to write under the heading:

Vindication of Lee Elders

In 1994 a leaflet under my name ‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier, Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, CH-8495 Hinterschmidrüti ZH/Switzerland was printed and has been distributed ever since in a circulation of about 180 pieces. In this leaflet, Lee Elders is wrongly described to be a fraud, thief and a liar.

This happened as a result of awfully incorrect information that only now, at this present time and through the described clarification of the Plejarens has been proven to be lies and slander.

Through these findings by clarification of the Plejarens, it could be shown that I, ‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier, had been misled and lied to in matters of Lee Elders through several persons and their perpetually egotistic presumptuousness, their arrogance, perpetual insistence of knowing better, slander and defamation, as well as through their desire to play number one and be ahead of me and therefore be the most important persons themselves. Unfortunately no human being is invulnerable to happenings of this kind - I am also not invulnerable, unfortunately.

Regrettably, I put my whole trust in the fallible persons, as they were able to foist proof and pieces of evidence on me that referred to a real fault or proof of guilt of Lee Elders, yet these ‹proofs› turned out to be completely false and untrue.

Thus, with my assumptions and with the leaflet against Lee Elders, I committed a wrong, and therefore I sincerely apologize in all honesty to Lee Elders and banish the existing differences between him, my person and the FIGU into the past.

It needs to be said, that the aforementioned leaflet was not drawn up by me, but by one of the persons who believed to be capable of taking over the position next to me, or even my position itself, by lying, slander and providing false information.

Once more, dear Lee Elders, from my side as well as from the FIGU's side, and out of a deeply felt need and necessity, I very much apologize for the differences in the past and the abuses caused by the leaflet, etc. For those who led me down the wrong path and who are today, fortunately, no longer part of the FIGU core group, I can regrettably not apologize.

‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier

That is what I think I will have to do. What do you think about it, my friend - do you have anything to add?

Ptaah In my opinion, your words said it all, as well as all the explanatory words of Quetzal during your last contact. However, I will add from our side our sincere wish to apologize to Lee Elders, and we would like you to convey this to him. We also have fallaciously been deceived and led astray through the falseness and untruths of the fallible persons.

Billy I am glad that you believe my words to be sufficient, and I have said everything, that there is to say.

Ptaah You have found good words, dear friend Eduard. More is not really needed. But now I have to go. Goodbye.