FIGU Special Bulletin 07

From Future Of Mankind

Thoughts and feelings about translations

The recent constitution of FIGU Society USA - FSUSA - as a branch of FIGU in the USA is of great importance for the progress of the mission, and this is also a reason to reflect about the role of translations. Basically it is essential that every person interested in FIGU's texts should have the possibility to access them directly, read and study them, and, according to her/his own understanding, either to reject them or to learn for her/himself about life, existence and the laws of Creation. The conditions necessary for opening this access to English-speaking people have already been set up by persons who realized this necessity of translations, in this case, into English, either translating by themselves or by sponsoring translations, thus laying a solid base for what is now FSUSA. On this occasion it is also important to remember that the ufological evidence - photographs, film, sound recordings, and other physical proof - is just an external aspect of a gigantic package of spiritual/consciousness-related contents, in which we would probably all like to participate some day by experiencing a sighting by ourselves. However, with all this fascination, we should always keep in mind, too, - even if this may be difficult sometimes - that a beamship is a means of transportation used by the Plejarians for the purpose of delivering their message to Billy, who gives them to us. So, what counts here in the first place, is the message and not so much the vehicle by which it was brought to us here on Earth. As for my person, for example, the first contact with FIGU goes back to 1996, but it was already in 1985 that I had heard for the first time about Billy's contacts. At that time I was already living in a Spanish-speaking country, by now time enough to learn this language to a functionally satisfying level. Soon after reading the first texts, I also knew of many Spanish-speaking people who wished to have access to the texts but who did not speak German, so I felt it made sense to start translating into Spanish. At that time I also felt that the ability to speak German was a great advantage, because this circumstance gave me direct access to the original scripts. Because of their contents we may consider these scripts to be a true treasure for all of us, with Billy being a worthy keeper, as his first name says: ?Eduard = keeper of the treasure?. This is also a proper moment to remember that since the beginning Billy has done and keeps still doing a tremendous amount of work, writing down all the messages and giving them to us. For doing so, he deserves all our gratitude, and so here I want to thank him deeply. A good way to thank him is probably also to help him with his work.

Making translations means trying to understand the text before translating it, so this is also an attempt for learning, and the experience of learning is also evolution, and evolution is a fulfilment of the purpose of life. Another part of this fulfilment lies in the fact that by the existing translations, more people will have access to the texts and will likewise experience this process of learning, so at this moment we are on the way to be aware of sharing something; this means we feel to be aware of the certainty of the fact that we live with and coexist with everybody and everything in the Universe, and this feeling is named love as the supreme principle of life. Since the translations are a voluntary activity, it is also necessary to spend quite some free time with this work, and to have good dictionaries, to revise the translated text several times, in best case with the cooperation of other persons who also speak both German and the other language.

On the other hand, what do you think about learning German yourself? After all, it's for your own progress, and it's just a matter of realizing this utility, of making a decision, of constant work and practice, and above all, concentration, don't you think?