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  • FIGU Special Bulletin Number: 22
  • FIGU Special Bulletin Date: September 2005
  • Translator(s): Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg
  • Date of Translation: September 2005
  • Corrections and improvements made: March 2007

Mohammed's Teachings Were Also Falsified

The following is a very brief rough idea of the main themes in Special Bulletin number 22 - September 2005.

Some main messages in this bulletin are that Mohammed never taught suicide, murder, or the spreading of Islam through violence or persuasion. Those things, as are currently being expressed through the actions of Islamic terrorists, are contrary to the true teachings. In addition Billy explains that Mohammed's teachings were falsified, as happened with the teachings of other prophets.

The one responsible for the main falsification has been named. He was a distant relative of Mohammed, skilled in writing, named Omar. This is according to the annals of the Plejaren, and he has never before been named in this respect.

The war theme expressed in Islam from the start is explained by the fact that Mohammed and his followers were forced to defend themselves from attackers from the start, and so Mohammed taught his followers to act in defense, according to Creational Laws, which require this of any human.

The Islamic terrorism which exists today has become the out of control monster it is now because of the activities of the US, Israel and other supporting countries, like Britain who lead their own kind of state terrorism using secret services and so forth.

The following is an excerpt from the Bulletin. It's all we had time for this time.


FIGU Special Bulletin 22 Translation

An Important Message for the Reader of this Document / Eine wichtige Nachricht an den Leser dieser Schrift

We (Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg of have been given permission by Billy Meier ( to make these unofficial, preliminary translations of FIGU material. Please be advised that our translations may contain errors.

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English German
Actually, Islam, as a religion, has nothing to do with terroristic Jihadism, nor does it have anything to do with something in regard to "Holy War" regarding a confrontation with unbelievers through force or efforts of intellectual persuasion with the goal of turning them to Islam. Tatsächlich hat der Islam als Religion nichts zu tun mit dem terroristischen Djihadismus, wie auch nicht mit etwas in bezug auf <Heiliger Krieg> hinsichtlich einer Auseinandersetzung mit Ungläubigen durch Gewalt oder intellektuelle Überzeugungsarbeit mit dem Ziel, sie zum Islam zu bekehren.
In the world of Islam, there are differences in "dar ul-Islam", that is to say, in the essential "realm of Islam", and in "dar al-harb", the "realm of the struggle". In der Welt des Islam wird unterschieden in <dar ul-Islam>, also in den eigentlichen <Bereich des Islam>, und in <dar al-harb>, den <Bereich des Kampfes>.
However, that a war should be led and waged until Islam has become a universal religion, was not part of Mohammed's thinking. Dahinter steckt jedoch nicht Muhammeds Gedanke, dass ein Krieg geführt und dieser so weit geführt werden soll, bis der Islam zur universellen Religion geworden ist.
Such an interpretation of Mohammed's teaching in this regard is one hundred per cent wrong, because Mohammed's truthful teaching understands something else from the term "Djihad", respectively, jihad. "Djihad", in the small form, in regard to the teaching of Mohammed, basically means effort, diligence, eagerness, struggle and striving, however, singly and alone in regard to the personal development of the consciousness and behavior of the human. Eine solche Interpretation von Muhammeds Lehre in dieser Beziehung ist hundertprozentig falsch, denn Muhammeds wahrheitliche Lehre verstand etwas anderes unter dem Begriff <Djihad> resp. <Dschihad> resp. gihad <Djihad> in kleiner Form bedeutet grundsätzlich in bezug auf die Lehre Muhammeds, Bemühen, Fleiss, Eifer, Kampf und Streben, jedoch einzig und allein bezogen auf die persönliche Bewusstseins- und Verhaltensentwicklung des Menschen.
Included in that is effort, diligence, striving and struggle in regard to the maintenance of interpersonal relationships and effective humanity. Darin einbezogen ist die Bemühung, der Fleiss, das Streben und der Kampf in bezug auf die Pflege der zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen und der effectiven Menschlichkeit.
The teaching of Mohammed goes further in relation to "Djihad", in the greater form, in that the human - in a peaceful struggle, and therefore through honest effort as well as through diligence, enthusiasm, and striving - should work for peace among all humans and peoples. Weiter geht die Lehre Muhammeds in bezug <Djihad> in grosser Form auch dahin, dass sich der Mensch in friedlichem Kampf und also durch ehrliche Bemühungen sowie durch Fleiss, Eifer und Streben den Frieden unter allen Menschen und Völkern erarbeiten soll.
Therefore, "Djihad" is in no way connected to war and terror, as is asserted by radicals, fundamentalists and fanatical Islamists, as well as by crazy leaders. Also steht <Djihad> in keinerlei Verbindung zu Krieg und Terror, wie das durch die radikalen, fundamentalistischen und fanatischen Islamisten sowie verrückte Führer behauptet wird.
"Djihad" means, in every case, in the small as well as in the big form, that the human grapples - in a controlled, conscious way - with all circumstances of life, with the teaching of the spirit, peace, freedom and harmony, in order to produce controlled thoughts and feelings, out of which controlled, positive and neutral-positive behavior should come about. <Djihad> bedeutet in jedem Fall, in kleiner wie in grosser Form, dass sich der Mensch mit allen Belangen des Lebens, der Lehre des Geistes, des Friedens, der Freiheit und der Harmonie kontrolliert bewusstseinsmässig auseinandersetzt, um sich dadurch kontrollierte Gedanken und Gefühle zu erschaffen, aus denen kontrollierte positive und neutral-positive Handlungen entstehen sollen.
Therefore "Djihad", in every form, means that the human consciously fights his errors and confusion as well as bewilderment and aggression and so forth, and learns - through effort, enthusiasm and diligence - to guard against them, and all inanity and negation as well as evil and the purely negative, should be removed. <Djihad> in jeder Form bedeutet also, dass der Mensch sich bewusstseinsmässig kämpfend seinen Irrungen und Wirrungen sowie Verwirrungen und Aggressionen usw. lernend durch Bemühung, Eifer und Fleiss erwehren und alle Nichtigkeiten und Negationen sowie das Böse und rein Negative beheben soll.
Mohammed had, as a matter of fact, in every respect, taught the "teaching of the spirit", but never war, hate, lovelessness or terror, and so forth. Muhammed hat tatsächlich in jeder Beziehung die <Lehre des Geistes> gelehrt - niemals jedoch Krieg, Hass, Lieblosigkeit oder Terror usw.

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