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  • FIGU Bulletin Volume: Unknown
  • FIGU Bulletin Number: 42
  • FIGU Bulletin Date: February 2003
  • Author: Billy Meier
  • Translator(s): Unknown
  • Date of Translation: Unknown


Topics Include: A reader's question; Sheik Muhammed Abdullah; Ibrahim Nasrallah; Suleiman Habasch;

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FIGU Bulletin 42 Translation

A reader's question


We would like to have the following question answered in English in a Bulletin by way of the Free Community of Interest's (FIGU) web-site: Why is Sheik Muhammed Abdullah alias "Phantom" and "Billy" constantly attacked by so-called UFO experts as well as by people who fight against sects? Sheik Muhammed Abdullah, whom we had already got to know 37 years ago in Baghdad and with whom we had a very close UFO observation, is a sincere human being and certainly no sectarian. Therefore we don't understand why he is constantly attacked and accused of fraud and sectarianism, as we can gather from the Internet. Could perhaps Sheik Muhammed Abdullah himself give an answer on this?

Ibrahim Nasrallah and Suleiman Habasch, Iraq


First of all I want to say that it appears strange to me that again and again old acquaintances and friends from all over the world find me through the Internet, visit me, telephone me or write to me by fax etc. For quite some time my past somehow gets actual again. Of course I am pleased about it, and also it is a special honor to me that I was not forgotten and one remembers me, although decades have passed since that early acquaintance and the events etc. that we experienced together. For this, dear friends Ibrahim and Suleiman, I would like to express my deep thanks and present to you my dear regards and wishes, and also to all other acquaintances, male and female friends from the diverse countries of Europe, the Orient, North Africa, Middle and Near East, America and Canada, etc. Unfortunately, for reasons of health I am denied to undertake great travels to far-away countries again. That's why we will not meet again except if you could find your way to me here. Nevertheless I will have pleasant memories of you, as well as of all other acquaintances, male and female friends, because you, as well as all the other ones, have been, and still are, a part of my life.

But now to the answer to your question:
It is simply this principle: "What may not be, may not exist" or "What may not be, may not be true and must be fought with all means, made looking ridiculous, and (must be) disputed," respectively. The same holds true regarding my contacts with the Plejarans and with regard to the spiritual teachings and all writings and books that I disseminate. Therefore people who fight against sects interfere in my work and affairs, in order to abuse me of sectarianism, whereby those abusing persons neither know me nor my work. As it is usual with persons who fight against sects, they have their ingrained way of thinking and opinion which permits them to obstinately go into one direction of view only, and which does not allow any space for a real investigation of the matter or facts. Because of this their reason reaches only as far as to lump everything together and to disregard the effective truth. Thus, not the truth is sought-after, but only one's own ingrained, one-sided, high-handed, uncompromising and false opinion which has become an uncontrollable habit and which criticizes everything. The same holds true for the socalled ufology "experts" who want to know everything better, who call all that what is false, faked, fraudulent, swindling, made up and hallucinating as genuine and the truth, but who dismiss that which is real, truthful and genuine as lie, swindle and fraud, and who even deceive and belie all those with slandering claims and descriptions who naively believe in them. Unfortunately one cannot defend oneself against those rotten machinations. Since the effective truth is scorned - because it hurts and could bring one's conception of the world to totter - it is not truth that receives the right of its dissemination, but falseness, lies, fraud, slandering and attacks as well as legal and punishing actions against those sincere human beings who, without any profit, trouble themselves to proclaim the true truth.

Sheik Muhammed Abdullah / Billy
Translated by Christian Frehner

"NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC" validates Billy Meier Claim

Finally, proof has emerged that validates Eduard (Billy) Meier's claim that he was contacted by extraterrestrials from the Pleiades in the 1970s! The January 2002 issue of National Geographic magazine printed an interesting confirmation of the validity of Meier's claims. In that issue, I found a newsbrief which acknowledges that, just as Meier claimed back in the 1970s, Mt Everest is not the highest mountain on Earth.

Meier, in his writings, stated the Pleiadians told him that Mt Chimborazo in Ecuador was higher than Mt Everest by 2,150 metres because the Earth is not perfectly round but, rather, bulges in the middle-thus, measuring mountains from sea level is not an accurate way of assessing the true height of a mountain.

National Geographic states that scientists have now determined that the Earth bulges around the middle because of the spinning action of the Earth's rotation, and thus, when measured from the center of the planet, Mt Chimborazo is actually higher than Mt Everest by 2,200 metres. Measured from sea level, Mt Everest is 2,540 metres higher than Mt Chimborazo. The newsbrief states that when measured from the centre of the Earth, Mt Chimborazo is 6,384,450 metres high and Mt Everest is 6,382,250 metres high.

For a poor Swiss farmer who never graduated from high school to pick that particular mountain and declare it to be the highest mountain on Earth, higher than Mt Everest-and to come within 50 metres of its height, measured from the centre of the planet, years before scientists recognized this fact-is quite an extraordinary feat, I think anyone would have to agree.

In 1997 I wrote Star Wisdom, a book about the essential spiritual message of the Pleiadians (based on Billy Meier's Semjase contact notes), which mentioned the Mt Chimborazo claim.

In the February 2002 issue of the UK-based UFO Magazine (vol. 21, no. 3), my book was reviewed by Kate Miller, who stated: "the question that became uppermost in my mind on reading Star Wisdom was whether a supposedly poor Swiss farmer (who never graduated from high school) could conjure up the kind of beautiful and inspiring words that are manifest in the book. Could he have possibly invented the seven basic principles of the Pleiadians that cover Oneness, Eternal Spiritual Evolution, Self-Responsibility, Love, Balance, Truth and Equality?

I can't explain it [the accurate naming of Mt Chimborazo as the highest mountain on this planet] and I seriously doubt whether sceptics would even venture to try, but please, be my guest! The same is true for anyone who feels it would be a worthwhile exercise to revisit Billy Meier and the teachings of the Pleiadians. You just may find it a truly rewarding experience."

Today there is a great public interest in the UFO phenomenon as well as in spirituality. Star Wisdom offers a rational, logical and eminently effective way of practising spirituality in one's daily life. The Pleiadians presented to Meier a clear and liberating message which, to me, is not only welcome but necessary in the chaotic realm of modern spirituality where the hardened dogmas of fundamentalism are competing with the allure of New Age "pop" philosophies. In light of the current events on our planet, I believe it is time for us to take seriously their wise directives in this regard. If you want to read Star Wisdom, please write to me, Gene Andrade, at PO Box 223743, Carmel, CA 93922, USA, for information on how to order a copy of the book directly from me; alternatively, you can order it from

(Source: Gene Andrade press release, April 28, 2002, via email

A note regarding the following article:

Regarding the hight numbers given in the article below we'd like to add the following information: The average equator radius is 6,378,388 meters, the average polar radius 6,356,912 meters (according to dtv-Lexikon). This is a difference of nearly 43 kilometers, in relation to the diameter.

If an imagianry circle is drawn around the center of the Earth that just touches the peak of Mount Chimborazo, the difference to Mount Everest is 2,143 meters, as is shown in a list of several mountanis on the following Web-Site: