FIGU Bulletin 038

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  • FIGU Bulletin Volume: Unknown
  • FIGU Bulletin Number: 38
  • FIGU Bulletin Date: January 2002
  • Author: Billy Meier
  • Translator(s): Unknown
  • Date of Translation: Unknown


Topics Include: Afghanistan - Man - Peace - World Situation; Vietnam; Hiroshima/Nagasaki;

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FIGU Bulletin 38 Translation

Afghanistan - Man - Peace - World Situation

If happenings in and around Afghanistan are examined, along with the Taliban, the Americans and Islam, the question has to be asked if the horrible bombardments and other bloody events—as well as the provoked flight of masses suffering hunger—are being understood correctly. In actuality, the so-called American retaliatory measures against the Afghanis are merely a campaign of revenge and an act of counter-terror whereby predominantly the innocent population suffers heavy casualties, but not the terrorists against whom this campaign is supposedly waged. Truly, the question arises whether this war (which it is indeed) is, in fact, an execution of a long-planned military campaign against the Islamic faith and a means to an end for securing access to the vast resources of oil, mineral, gas and other resources of Central Asia. It is incomprehensible how many governments and people endorse and support these "theaters of war" as well as machinations in contempt of human beings and their dignity. After all, it should be finally understood and recognized that war, acts of terror, counterterror and retaliation for any reason, i.e. hatred and revenge, are not games. If a human being still has a capacity to think, then he should ponder about it and, according to reason and understanding, make the decision to oppose all evil. It makes no sense to refer to this war as a "war of worlds" and a "war against terror"; but what is this war and counter-terror under which the land Afghanistan and her population have to suffer and endure while anonymous misery and inexpressible hardship, anxiety and fear is spread and thousands upon thousands of deaths are caused by explosives, rockets and bombs? When "Chaos in this Time" and "Fear in this World" are considered with reason, then it can be recognized that events, as they occurred in the history of terrorism, antiterrorism and wars, etc., have been inescapably caused by national egotism of different states and their responsible leaders. On the one hand, all kinds of long-standing beliefs, obstinacy, and feeblemindedness—as well as the unreasonable attitudes and lust of the responsible ones for hatred, racism, greed for power and territory—play just as an important role as dogmatic, religious convictions of faith, and various other faiths, etc. But also the development of rampant materialism in the whole world and the arrogance and superior attitude, in the manner of an absolute ruler, contributes to it above all. The responsible ones in the position to decide about war or peace do that usually with the consent of the people with cool and strategic deliberation in their own interest, misleading or oppressing the people whereby any opportunity possible is used to gain personal advantage and security. But this is a means only for the personal advantage of those responsible and contemptuously rejects the well-being of fellow man and the people. In actuality, it is only selfishness, hatefulness, thirst for revenge and retaliation, as well as political and religious dogmatism and increasingly blatant, degenerating materialism through which all the horrible things, wars, terrorism and murders happen which, in turn, bring ruin and destruction to the world. Every reasonable person has to ask him/herself where the causal connections lie for the unrestrained violence which is becoming more and more extreme and rampant and why one does not strive for true love and freedom and peace and harmony. Violence rules—and has already for a long time—all over the world. One should think of the insanity of the two world wars, of Vietnam and Hiroshima/Nagasaki, of the first war in Afghanistan and the Gulf war, and all the other worldwide wars and political and religious massacres. It cannot be denied that in many cases, all of these events have common roots which lie in the silent rage of neo-liberalistic ideology. The determining western and state-industrial capitalism harbors at its center a ruthless greed for profit that suppresses and strangles everything demonstrating eco-political, social, human, peaceful, freedom-loving and harmonious aspects.

Today mankind stands at a threshold where a clear mind and common sense is especially needed and necessary. It also raises the question with regard to terrorism which absolutely cannot be tolerated in any way and, in fact, it makes no difference whether terror is carried out by organized groups or in acts of revenge by states. Therefore man must think about ethical and moral values and decide how he wants to live and shape his future. Religion has lost its power to a large extent because the reality of world events today reveals a totally different picture than the church and its sweet talk would have us believe regarding love, peace and freedom. In actuality, it cannot be that belief is a means to heal anything and everything in this world and brings love, peace and freedom when people who believe fervently in religion become insanely addicted to destroy, call for "holy" wars or in hateful, revengeful and retaliatory actions, make war and kill innocent people in vast numbers, destroying their land and possessions. Love, peace and freedom are not inherent values in the human being to be used for killing and murdering each other or to follow the false pronouncement: "If you don't want to be my brother, I'll bash your head in." And all of this can happen just because one, single, insane person—a human being without reason, mind and responsibility—craves to satisfy his power or operates with confused political or erroneous religious thoughts, feelings, and desires, etc. Do we really still live in the past where inhumanity, murder and manslaughter was the profession of all those who could exercise their power in unscrupulous ways and could simply get away with brutal murder without punishment—or do we live at the beginning of the 21st century where man should have outgrown the times of old and its massacres, and should strive for true love and freedom, and towards true and effective peace? In fact, the human being of today and in the present situation of the world should and must have every reason to rise above himself in order to strive intentionally and diligently for a new understanding, a new view of the world and to be unpresuming, thus enabling him to not act contrary to his own dignity with feelings of retaliation and racism, religious feelings and hatred towards foreigners and neighbors while he holds a machine gun in one hand and in the other, the cross of Christ, the star of David, the Koran, the Eight-fold Path or any other religious attribute that supposedly documents infallibility.