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  • FIGU Bulletin Volume: Unknown
  • FIGU Bulletin Number: 36
  • FIGU Bulletin Date: October 2001
  • Author: Billy Meier
  • Translator(s): Unknown
  • Date of Translation: Unknown


Topics Include: Reader's question; Shimon Nusseibeh; Israel & Arabs; Taliban in Afghanistan; English and the Northern Irish; Americans; NATO;

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FIGU Bulletin 36 Translation

Reader's questions


First of all, I request that you do not officially publish my address and the country where I am staying. However, I don't have anything against the publication of my name. I am of Jewish faith, but nevertheless I cannot cope with what my companions in faith are doing in Israel against the Arabs by fighting against them using the most severe terrorist acts and committing unrestrained killings, as it also happens on the Arabs' side against the Israeli people in the same way. I cannot declare myself in agreement with this and, therefore, I am thinking about what can be done to stop the mutual hatred between the two peoples and bring about peace. Could you, Mr. "Billy" Eduard A. Meier, give me authoritative counsel? More and more, I am frequently ashamed to be a human and a Jew.

Shimon Nusseibeh


Far be it for me to occupy myself with politics, because it is not my task to be a mediator between peoples who want to exterminate each other out of religious or other idiotic reasons, and who -- in their hatred and fanaticism -- are even turning their own small children into killing machines; into people who do not listen to reasonable advice, and who would prefer to kill and to "play war" rather than to go about getting a lucrative and decent job. This also includes all of those armed individuals who believe they must defend their country and conquer it back, instead of achieving true peace and true freedom through reason and love, and peace and freedom in the form of a comprehensive and lasting coexistence that would be worthy of a human being. However, blinded ones, fools, idiots, killers, fanatics and those craving power, etc., can hardly be brought to act like this, because they don't have enough understanding to grasp real reason, and to recognize what is correct, to give up their high-handedness and lusting for power as well as their "roaring" hate and burning fanaticism, and to start thinking in a clear and humane way. But they cannot, because they are lacking intelligence to such an extent that neither a rational thought nor a reasonably resulting feeling may become firmly established in them. Therefore, primitivism in the word's most evil sense prevails, and it can never be surpassed by reason because the necessary intelligence is lacking. Your question regarding a good counsel (from me) cannot be fulfilled, because those who are not capable of rational thinking cannot be brought to accept rationale and logic. There is no other choice than to let all of those murderous and unreasonable idiots slaughter and ultimately exterminate each other, and it doesn't matter if they are creatures from the criminal scene or people of the states. They believe that they have the right to murder and commit acts of terrorism -- something they are calling self- or state-defense -- all of which is approved and supported by like-minded people or other similar groups. That's my opinion and experience which I have witnessed in various countries of the world and in many regions during revolutions and war on this wonderful world; a world that is stripped to the ground more and more by unreasonable, criminal, war- and revolutionary-like imbecilic creatures who believe that they should be paid and praised and decorated with medals for their actions.

I'm sorry that I cannot give you a tangible advice, because you can lead a donkey to water, but you can't make him drink. Moreover, he is stubborn and will be kicking and bucking the whole way. It is not only the Arabs and Israelis who are behaving like this, but also the English and the Northern Irish, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Americans (who are interfering everywhere), and for quite some time NATO as well. Furthermore, it is also the Serbs, Albanians and Macedonians, in addition to the Iraqis and the Iranians and many, many others. All of the above-mentioned examples are only promoting war and terrorism, and not one iota of peace, love and freedom, because their inexcusable actions, utilized with naked and evil force, bring about new naked and evil forces, as well as hatred and vengeful-emotions, which then leads to new bloodshed, murder and manslaughter of all kinds. There is no excuse whatsoever for this, because all of it is totally scorning humanity and the reverence for life, and therefore everything lies beneath the dignity of humaneness, love, justice, freedom and peace.

Very often there exists religious and fanatical ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions that lead to the mutual slaughtering, killing and terrorizing by these diverse groups, as is especially the case in Ireland and on the Balkans and in Afghanistan, etc. The fanaticism and inhumane degeneration, as a rule, is as blatant, degenerated, bestial and full of hate in that even innocent women and children are literally dehumanized, massacred and slaughtered in a murderous and agonizing way. And it is especially these innocent women and children who have to suffer the most because of it all, since those who are executing the wars and murders are completely captivated by the delusion of playing war, as well as by religious insanity and idleness. They prefer to kill and rape and so forth, rather than to work. However, this is neither an excuse for war and murder, or for the misuse and raping of women and children nor for torture and death penalty. There isn't much more to say about this, except that even the most evil predator (even if it falls prey to degeneration like a man-eater), doesn't kill, murder, massacre and slaughter life-forms in such an exceptionally primitive way. A predator isn't craving for blood, rape and torture, and isn't full of delusion, hate and revenge when compared to the degenerated humans and what they are doing to their fellowmen.



Today (Billy's note: September 11, 2001) these terrible terrorist attacks have happened in America during which thousands of people have probably lost their lives, and other assaults may be expected. Therefore it will not stop with the destruction of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the failed destruction of Camp David. Can there really be nothing done to exterminate the world-wide growth of terrorism? Terrorism isn't really a means of solving problems and bringing about peace. What is your opinion? Could you state your view in one of your Bulletins?

Noldi Joseph/Switzerland


On TV I have watched the terrorist attack in America and can hardly take it in. I am shocked. I question myself about how long it will be until something rational is done against terrorism and it is eliminated. There must be a possibility, because it cannot go on in this way and will keep getting worse. There must be an intervention by force, if no other possibility exists. Could you state your view in the next Bulletin? Thank you. Franco Mäder/Switzerland

Franco Mäder/Switzerland


I have received identically worded or similar questions as well as proposals for measures against terrorism from various countries, and I will express my opinion: It's easy to say one can fight against terrorism with violence, but one should think about the result. As a rule violence produces violence again, and this continues incessantly and finds no end.

Wherever there is quarrelling, war, revolutions and revolts, etc., there reigns the principle that one attack is followed by another, according to the ancient words, "As you do to me, I do unto you," and "He who is sowing violence and terror will reap violence and terror!" I have already extensively stated my opinion about this topic in Shimon Nusseibeh's question regarding the terrorist acts in Israel and Palestine. However, regarding the terrorist events in America I'm ready to give some additional comments, but I will stay out of politics and will only state my own neutral viewpoint: Basically each terrorist act of any kind is opposed to all humans' and individual's rights as well as to all humanity, and this is so even if terrorism is executed by anarchic, religious, sectarian terror organizations, by private criminal and vengeful elements, etc., or by governments, military and secret services. And a lot of states are tackling terrorist actions on governmental, military or secret service levels -- actions that scorn justice as well as humanity. Such terrorism often occurs in a form that certain countries are interfering with the domestic and foreign politics/policies of other countries, which actually isn't their business. In this form, governments are toppled and replaced by others that are compliant to those who interfered. To this end disagreeable governmental individuals are killed, massacred, blown up or bumped off in some or other way. It isn't a rare thing that trains, ships and planes are captured and brought into the power of terrorists, and are blown up or used as weapons, as the case in America has just proven. However, this is not restricted to religious-fanatical, sectarian-fanatical as well as anarchic and criminal elements only. This is also the case with governments, military and secret services that carry out identical activities, especially in regard to the interference in another state's affairs and by executing terrorist actions themselves. Such actions, however, are disguised as being "necessary" actions, or as necessary acts regarding the safety of a state, as retaliatory measures and self-defense as well as activities involving measures to bring about (socalled) peace and safety to the world or to their country and so on and so forth. However, it should be made clear that fanatical hatred and bloodthirsty feelings for revenge already exist or are being newly produced against the aggressors and those who use terror. And, therefore, counter-terrorism is promoted and supplied with fresh explosive fuel. Terrorism always stirs up new terrorism, because violence, again, begets violence.

Terrorism is always a tit-for-tat response to something that has been justly or unjustly inflicted upon the terrorist party. This could already be the case if a state is sympathizing with another state and taking its side, if it is delivering weapons and food or is helping in some other way, when the receiving state is locked in dispute with some or several others for any reason. Terrorism is programmed in advance if a state sets itself up as a kind of world police and claims the right to interfere within the quarrels of other states or stands between two rival parties and favors one and discriminates or fights against the other. Through this, hatred and craving for revenge, is stirred up, and from this results murder, manslaughter, destruction and crime that, as a rule, finds expression in suicidal fanaticism through which all borders of logic, humanity and human dignity are exceeded in the same way as is the possibility of finding a tiny left-over morsel of understanding and reason. If there is the question of what could be done against terrorism, and if it is said that it must be eradicated, then I must ask; how should something be done against it? It is correct that terrorism must be eliminated; however this cannot be achieved through sheer violence. In the first place -- and this must be said -- the guilty governments, military and secret services that also pursue terrorism must be eliminated as well. The same holds true for all the fanatics who allegedly lead a fight for peace and who want to, in extreme ways, turn their religion or sect into fundamentalist forms; namely, into the one and only world religion or world sect. To this end, all murderous actions are correct and good for them, as is also the case with those who are acting out of purely criminal or privately vengeful reasons, or from reasons that belong to governments, military or secret services. And all of this brings troubles, death, destruction, annihilation, sorrow and misery to all of humanity. Actions of all types that claim human lives and cause destruction and annihilation are of an offensive nature, and it doesn't matter whether they are executed by religions, sects, terrorist organizations, criminals, privately vengeful and jealous ones, governmental persons, military or secret societies of a governmental or privately-organized form. This will always remain -- in each and every case -- terrorism, except if such an action represents (real and true) selfdefense and, therefore, a defense of life or a country. Terror generates counter-terror, and brutal violence generates naked brutal violence again. There is the rule, therefore, that (one day) those (responsible) will be presented with the bill who are executing violence or terror, or some other criminal- or wrongdoing. Therefore, no state or person will be surprised when they are confronted with violence and terror, or when -- even from their own side -- equal violence, terrorism, or some criminal or simply some other wrong-doing begins. That is my opinion, my perception of it all and my recognition, my knowledge, my experience and my certainty.



The terror attack in America upsets me to such an extent that I am willing to strike back on my own by blowing up Arabian consulates and embassies. I own the necessary means, like explosives, remotely operated detonators, etc. I think this would be a just undertaking and appropriate revenge to the cowardly terrorist attack. What is your opinion, Billy Meier? In this way, this terrorist attack could be somewhat avenged.



On the phone I already explained to you that you should refrain from such actions, because violence generates violence again, and terrorism generates terrorism. If you are executing your project against my advice, you are in no way better than the terrorists and those governments, military and secret services who also execute terrorist activities and who claim that it would be for the protection of their country and the safety of their country's population, etc.

Please read the questions and answers that precede your question because they also deal with terrorism. Think about what I have stated as my opinion, namely that it is never worthy when one takes revenge against something evil, even if it is against violence and terrorism. Make an effort to bring order into your thoughts, feelings, emotions and your opinion, and try to find a solution for (Ed: within) yourself that takes you away from the truly insane and illogical, as well as vindictive thought of revenge. Try to find a possibility -- just as all terrorists, governments, military and secret services should do, -- that offers a peaceful solution, from which alone a peaceful coexistence can emerge. Namely, not only within yourself and between your feelings of hatred and revenge and your reason, but also in the case regarding the fallible governments, military, secret services as well as privately vengeful ones and the religious or sectarian terrorists. Please consider fundamentally that the Arabian consulates and embassies which you want to blow up certainly are not involved with the terrorist incidents in America, because it may be assumed that not just any Arabian states are behind these incidents, but instead, a hateful and vengeful terrorist organization of some non-state form. Would you by yourself, therefore, execute your project -- you would be wrong because you would attack innocent ones. Besides that, you would be nothing more than a terrorist killer. However, you did promise me that you would wait for my answer within one of our next Bulletins in order to read what I have to tell you regarding my opinion. And what I tell you here is my opinion, which you should also support, like your reasoning will surely suggest, if you allow it to unfold, and if you thoroughly ponder everything. For this I would be very grateful to you. Indeed there is already enough misery and sorrow as well as murder and manslaughter and also destruction and annihilation that is constantly stimulated to an ever worsening degree by terrorists and governments, military, secret services, private avengers as well as religious and sectarian fanatics. Therefore, there is no need for one more lunatic or idiot to give his endorsement (Ed: to these assaults or terrorism in general). And you would actually be a lunatic and idiot as well if you would implement your surely rash, illogical and idiotic idea.

Whoever is or will be guilty of executing the terrorist assaults in America must risk their neck sooner or later, be it only for the reason that not only the vengeful Americans will hunt and eliminate them in a terrorist way, but also the assisting states. New bloodshed and new fanatical hatred and craving for revenge will be sowed, which leads to counter terrorist attacks that, again, will be paid back with new counter-terrorism and revengeterrorism, respectively. And so it will continue, again and again. Violence follows violence, terror follows terror, murder and manslaughter follow murder and manslaughter, and destruction follows destruction. Neither one nor the other (Ed: the terrorists) will give in and become reasonable, because reason, peace, freedom and love are not questioned by the armed ones, mighty ones, those craving for power or the religious and sectarian fanatics to whom terrorism is a welcome means for the enforcement of their inhuman and idiotic plans.

And those who belong to this group are making themselves high and mighty with stupid and primitive slogans and words, which are averring that each attack of any kind, each terrorist act and every injury etc., is a call for revenge and could only be answered by such, and not through a reasonable "giving way," through peaceful, logical and reasonable negotiations, through which at least a peaceful coexistence could result. And in time a peaceful and liberal "living together" and, ultimately, true peace and true freedom, as well as true love, could develop among the people. But there is no striving for this because each party is uncompromisingly asserting their viewpoint and are in no way willing to accept compromises from which slowly but surely a peaceful juxtaposition and mutual co-operation could develop, and that in political as well as religious form. There must be the condition, however, that all degenerations of the religions and sects are eliminated that hurt those of a different faith in any way, or persecute them even with murder and manslaughter and so on and so forth.

But you, P.A., please ponder my words and let clear, logical reason prevail. Besides I have to tell you that if you should transform your crazy project into reality, you are producing a conscience level that you surely will not bear in the long run. The result will be that not only your conscience, but also your thoughts, feelings and, consequently, your psyche will play crazy and will make you sick, because I don't really think -- according to the impression you made on the phone -- that you are a crack-brained religious or sectarian fanatic who isn't capable of reasoning and logic. Besides, and you have to take this into consideration, you would be legally hunted as a damned terrorist and certainly be caught. Then you would have to undergo legal sentencing. Please think about this: "Only he who does right can live rightly." In this sense I hope that you will let reason prevail and free yourself from your crazy thoughts, and may you behave like a decent and respectable citizen. Refrain from feelings of hatred and revenge, and do not destroy or annihilate any material things as well as the harming of humans' bodies or lives.


Yet another word...

There's something else to say about terrorism, acts of violence and assassination attempts: Anyone who commits terrorism, acts of violence and assassination attempts, among other things, and who interferes in disputes between foreign countries doesn't care at all about the need, mourning, disaster, destruction and annihilation or roaring suffering and misery they are causing. And it doesn't matter who they are. Whether they be an individual or organizations or states with their governments, military and secret services, etc. Instead they are rejoicing, cheering and boasting. However, when they are hit themselves and when the bill for similar actions is presented to them, then in the least they feel attacked without being responsible, even if they themselves have brought thousands and million-fold deaths as well as destruction, ruin and annihilation all over the world. And if it is really they who are hit, then the big shouting, wailing and gnashing of teeth begins. However, just some moments later all fear, shock and fright wear off in order to be replaced by the rising boundless and fanatical hatred and infernal lust for revenge. On top of that the world takes a stand with those to whom it sympathizes, and it assists them with all available means for (Ed: encouraging) additional injustice and terror acts that are unworthy of a human being. Through counter-terrorism and revenge, etc., additional and new disaster, bloodshed, misery, grief and new destruction and annihilation are caused. There are no questions about the amount of misery, need, mourning, grief, destruction and annihilation that has already been caused all over the world or at certain locations by those with whom one is sympathizing.

Everything that has been caused by degenerated religious fanaticism, by other religious fanatical insanity as well as by right-wing extremists and by terrorist machinations that come from the state/military and secret services is, of course, horrific and atrocious. All of these actions claim even more innocent human lives. Such doings are increasingly fostering hatred and fanaticism as well as feelings for revenge. Instead of improvement, everything gets worse and increasingly out of control. There is no excuse for this or that side. Terrorist and violent acts as well as assassination attempts, counter-terror and acts of revenge are, therefore, not self-defense at all. Self-defense can only and exclusively occur during an attack. However, if an act or an attack has already happened, then selfdefense is not valid anymore. The only choice that remains is for the possibility of a just punishment that shall be carried out in every instance in a logical, humane form that is worthy of life. This means (if it is not a case of self-defense) that the delinquents should not be killed or murdered but punished in an appropriate manner. In the worst case (scenario) this would mean expelling the delinquents for the rest of their lifetime from society and ban them into total isolation, according to logical principles that are in line with human dignity.

To this, more information and explanations must be given: Those who execute assassination attempts, those who praise, sanctify and execute violence and terror, as well as members of political, religious, sectarian and military special units and secret services are (simply) people with hurt feelings. They are acting in a murderous and unpredictable manner out of sick thoughts and feelings, and out of an attitude that is false and sick, fanatical, vengeful, erroneous, illogical and with total contempt for humanity. They all are degenerated creatures without any conscience and human dignity. They can and may never be put on the same level as upright citizens of states. States where those who commit violence, assassination and terror attempts, or those who fanatically hate individuals of other races or beliefs, or those who are politically astray, etc., are recruited. The normal citizens of any state may never be equated with those degenerated ones just because they do not cooperate with the riff-raff and the ones who commit crimes against humanity, and if they don't lend them a hand and tolerate and approve their deeds. Their faith also doesn't matter in this respect as long as it doesn't degenerate into some fanatical format and when no infernal hatred and bestial and bloodthirsty craving for revenge emerges from it.

It is false to think, feel and act in this way. No one from another faith shall be outlawed, persecuted, bothered, attacked or tortured, injured or killed just because they belong to the same faith as those who are degenerated criminals, assassins, terrorists, fanatically religious fundamentalists, sectarians and other detestable persons. The same holds true for people who are citizens of a country from which emerges criminal and terrorist scum. However, in spite of their inhumanity and lack of human dignity such scum also consists of human beings. Therefore they should not be dealt with by (Ed: committing) vengeful actions and terrorist acts, and they should not be paid back with their own coin. Truly, they themselves must find an alternative that is humane and just. And they shall also not be killed and murdered through terror and similar methods, but shall be expelled from human society for the rest of their lifetime. Through hard labor they will have to look after their own life-support, without any luxuries, etc. Moreover, they shall be provided with all the necessary teachings so that they may alter their convictions and become humans. It is only in this way that they can become aware of their guilt. And under the burden of the conscience that is troubling them they can learn and become worthy of life.



Mr. Meier, please pardon me that I call you even if you don't know me. I am an eager reader of your Website on which explanations and logical and clarifying information can always be found. As a rule I agree with the explanations that you are publishing, except that you don't have a political view that would be of special importance regarding the assassinations of 11th September in America. I would very much like it, and certainly it would be important for other people as well, if you would make an exception in this regard and express your opinion.

I am of the opinion that, at all times, the Americans have wreaked havoc, with the Indians as well as with the training of terrorists, in what they like to call instruction of resistance fighters, not to mention interference into the internal affairs of many states and groups, through which uncountable humans have lost their lives. This also is equal to terrorism, etc., in my opinion.

T. Bayer, Switzerland


As I told you on the phone I do not engage myself in a political format and, therefore, I cannot give you an answer in this form in the Bulletin. Nevertheless I can express myself without arriving at politics, and simply express my opinion according to my experiences that I have had in many countries on Earth. And it is also in line with how I see, understand and judge things. And in this sense I have to agree with your explanations. Apart from the massacres against the Indians, slavery and several other terrible things of the past last centuries, the Americans have committed acts of violence all over the world for many decades, like for example in Vietnam, etc. They had to reckon with the fact that the bill (Ed: atonement) would be presented to them some day. This has happened now in a terrible form on September 11, 2001, through the terror acts on the World Trade Center and on the Pentagon, and the assassination attempt at Camp David that luckily failed. Of course the entire happening cannot be justified in any way, quite to the contrary. And it is extremely terrible in that so many innocent people have lost their lives.

What is the quintessence of all this? A president, who, according to what gets published again and again, isn't the smartest individual and obviously isn't quite in possession of all his senses at all times, and is now shouting for hatred and revenge. He is doing so in order to incite the Senate, the Congress and the people to war and revenge. The Senate and Congress have approved the sum of 40 billion dollars in order to wage worldwide war against the terrorists, whereby he also means the states/countries in which the terrorists were born, where they live or have lived. Inhuman things will happen again, blood will be shed in great amounts, new hatred and terrorism, revenge and insanity will be provoked again, but this man doesn't care about it, just as those of the Senate and the people who approve infernal hatred and bloodthirsty hatred and revenge do the same. Only a minority (maybe 30%) of the American people and the rest of the world's population is thinking differently, logical, reasonable and humane. How stupid and foolish all of these people must be who are shouting for hatred, revenge and a worldwide war. And where will their humanity rest if they behave worse than degenerated and bloodthirsty beasts?

It is fine and just when the guilty ones are asked to pay up and are properly sentenced, however, once more, not with bloodshed and death if possible. The guilty ones must be captured and brought before a "just" court that doesn't threaten with death. It (Ed: the court) shall be oriented toward a sentence that is in accordance with true human dignity and grants the guilty ones the possibility of getting away from their erroneous and false thinking, and to learn so that they may ultimately become humane and reasonable beings to which recognition can be given. However, this is not possible as long as those in high places who are shouting for hatred and revenge find submissive and thoughtless followers, and as long as a third world war is accepted. A world war that actually is triggered by one single man whose face shows the inability to govern a state, a man who is attached with neither clear understanding nor reason and wisdom, because his nut seems to be somewhat hollow and without rationale.

There must be something else said as well. It is contrary to all common sense when entire states or countries and their innocent populations are tormented, attacked, bombed and effectively done in and have to atone because terrorists have lived there or if they are (or were) native citizens. And it is also contrary to all common sense when those of a different faith have to endure the same fate just because their faith is not in accordance with the norm that is expected from those unreasonable ones who are full of hatred for strangers and people of other races (Ed: xenophobia). If guilty individuals must be sought after, then in each case it must be only those who are actually guilty and with whom the state or the people have nothing to do with. Excluded are those who are promoting terrorism, no matter if it is executed by individuals, organized terrorist groups or terrorism by states, the military or secret services.

All of this is my opinion, and it really has nothing to do with politics, but only with sound common sense, with reason, human dignity, humanity and justice as well as with respect for life and the hope that the American Senate, Congress and the American people start thinking and acting in a way that is worthy of life. This at least holds true for all those concerned or those who are still currently promoting hatred and revenge. The Senate, the Congress and the people have to change their mind for the better and stop the insanity of their president who irresponsibly demands revenge and who, obviously, is out of his senses. This should be done before he -- in his state of deranged reason -- triggers a third world fire and drives all of humankind into death and destruction and, in the end, turn the planet to ruins and ashes.

To help a state and its people to execute vindictive terrorist acts worldwide in a hateful, vengeful and unreasonable way, (or even to provoke a third world war), has to be classified as terrorism, just as the terrorists or state or man who, full of hatred and craving for revenge and without reason and with human contempt, are executing assassinations and similar crimes, thereby killing many innocent people who have no part in the matter. Therefore, it becomes the duty of every state and human being to raise one's voice against such insanity, to expose the true facts, and to refuse in helping any terrorists, instead of declaring their solidarity with those who are craving hatred and revenge, no matter if they are of a private or organized nature, or if they originate from governments, the military, its special units or from secret services. He who lends a hand to terrorist actions and assists them is himself guilty of terrorism, even if the whole matter originates from some government.


What I think about terror and retaliation...

War, assassinations, revenge and other terror are never a ways and means of fighting the same with the same (Ed: equivalent, equal measure), to atone for injustice, murder and manslaughter as well as massacres and other inhumanities, or a means to create peace, because in answering terror with counter-terror, means new war and hatred, new assassinations and revenge as well as new terror. There is only one way that leads to justice and peace, namely, peaceful reason, love for one's fellowman, humanity, equal rights for all humans as such, no matter what race or faith they belong to. This also relates to a punishment of the guilty individuals who infringe against all human rights, and who are terrorizing life with their infernal and inhuman behavior. Without exception, guilty ones may not be captured and brought to court through terrorist means that are directed towards innocent people. The only means that may be applied are those that are exclusively directed towards the guilty ones themselves. However, this way must also be of a just and human nature, and (Ed: any further) deadly force may be applied only in real self-defense. When the guilty ones have been captured, the condemnation and the punishment shall be humane, just and appropriate, but they shall never be sentenced to death. The death penalty is equal to terror, hatred and bloody revenge, and he who supports or even executes it is no better than the inhuman, brutal terrorists and the killers who were planning the crime.

...and what I think about belief and those of a different faith

For my part I tolerate any faith as such, however not its injustice and inhuman degenerations that are expressed, for example, through fanaticism and rituals in bloody and murderous or suicidal forms, actions and machinations, etc. Never am I opposed to or do I despise people of a different faith for the sake of pure faith, because for me love towards my fellowmen is a very important thing, just as my reverence towards his opinion, his faith and his life is. And it doesn't matter whether he is a Christian, Moslem, Jew, Hindu or Buddhist, or if he belongs to some sect. Thus I never turn down that which is foreign, because I have respect and reverence for it and always endeavor to understand it and to recognize its worth. The same relates exactly to every single human being, no matter whether he is a stranger or well known to me, and no matter what line of faith, political or secular line of thoughts he is following or to what level of society he belongs to. I can say with certainty that I have never been a racist nor am I willing to get involved in any such form. Besides, I conduct my thoughts and feelings in a neutral manner, which allows me to say my free and sincere opinion in every way, even if it doesn't suit the many contemporaries when I denounce their rotten and criminal machinations by simply stating the (already) existing facts, about which no other human being dares to speak.


Overcoming the shock

On September 11th, the world suffered a profound debacle when, beneath the World Trade Center's debris in New York City, not only many, many humans were buried, but also the artificially constructed feeling of security within many people. The shock, the feeling of helplessness and the sudden development of awareness obviously upset the people, especially by the fact that they can be befallen by a catastrophe at any time and at any given place and can be jolted out of their daily life and hurled into a new, unknown world with challenges that cannot yet be estimated.

Fright and naked fear is written on the faces of the people who can be seen in the TV reports, and everywhere there is talking of mourning and horror and immeasurable sadness. The events didn't leave me cold either, and the first shock became apparent in the pit of my stomach just like it did to everyone else. I too was feeling sorry for the poor people who were treated so badly by fate. I didn't even have to use my imagination in order to envision the terrible tragedies that befell so many people. And, in the first place, it is not the many who lost their lives who are concerned but rather those who remained and are still alive. Notwithstanding their moral involvement, these people were hit by a terrible blow that triggered a perceptible shockwave which extended around the world and whose effects will be felt for many days.

This will become all the more apparent because one continuously keeps getting at the people's condition in an irresponsible and stupid way, without the understanding and the ability to empathize, according to the motto: "Look here, how dismayed, how sad and how shocked we all are, and how badly we are suffering from these events and how much pity we have!" It is exactly this bickering (German = "Herumgehacke") which traumatizes those who already have problems correctly judging such a shocking occurrence, and in keeping the necessary distance in order to function normally again within themselves. Instead of leaving the people to let them digest their impressions, the terrible pictures were incessantly repeated from all possible angles so they could be anchored into the memory as deeply as possible. This is exactly the kind of behavior that doesn't help the people to come to terms with themselves after such a disaster. It would be better that they could be made to develop the awareness that neither such a terrorist act nor worse can change the fact that a person must satisfy his most primitive requirements, like eating, drinking, sleeping, clothing and warming, etc. It is especially within these kinds of things that life manifests itself in its most comforting boundlessness. Consequently it lies within the most primitive form of self-responsibility to do justice to those needs, since they are also helping -- through the inherent distraction from the misery -- to stabilize the psyche again in order for the suffering and terror to gradually be overcome. In his daily tasks and his fair to middling and psychesoothing distraction -- e.g. through beautiful music, well-done nature broadcasts or interesting documentaries, etc. which in no way remind the people of the shocking pictures -- the human beings could recover from the horror they experienced, in order to concern themselves with and ponder the happenings from a (Ed: mental) distance.

It is exactly this way of thinking that is circumvented and hindered, especially by individuals who show false sorrow rather than looking from a distance into these events and mechanisms that lead to such horrible deeds. Out of this pondering and thinking, all of the people could find a way out of their constant dilemma for themselves, (a dilemma) that is based on lust for hate and revenge and the cry for retaliation. In each and everyone, a change in thinking and feeling in all of humanity and a turn towards a dignified humanism must find its roots in peaceful thoughts and actions, so that it may endure throughout the whole world. This necessary turn-around rests in a sincere grief and has nothing to do with the grief put up for show by so many people that only ends in helpless pity and in nice and empty words. Truly-felt and processed grief helps individuals to build up the capacity for genuine compassion, out of which they can help those who are affected in a progressive way and with lasting support. The pity that is evident everywhere and is offered to the poor victims, and the resulting sadness, only pull people down further in their misery and mislead them into screaming and wailing for revenge and retaliation, because the people erroneously believe that by doing so they can relieve themselves of their helpless and miserable emotions and would, therefore, feel better again. However, these terrible happenings will neither be remedied with revenge, nor will they be reversed or processed. All of this extends deeper and deeper, and only ends in a complex and dangerous involvement (by the individual). Likewise, this grief paralyses the person's thinking, whereby the capacity for judgment is lost and irrational and inadequate actions are put into motion.

There is a very beautiful verse about the inferior value of sadness in the book "Ein Quentchen Wissen, Sinn und Weisheit" ("A tiny bit of knowledge, sense and wisdom"; in German only), that came to my attention in connection with the events of September 11th, and seems to me to be remarkable and worth striving for: "Sadness is a movement of the psyche, against which man should be protected and neither love nor value it, even when the majority of mankind considers sadness as kind and benevolent and as a feeling of prime importance. With this however, life as well as conscience, knowledge, consciousness, virtues and love, are artificially adorned to avoid the real processing of the facts and the given, necessary moments. In this way, people don't have to confront themselves with certain incidents and occurrences in an adequate format in order to recognize the truth. So grief degrades itself to a wretchedness that effectively counteracts any understanding and, therefore, makes it impossible for anyone to recognize and grasp the actual facts. From this results a condition similar to being at the mercy of a situation or matter etc.; (a condition) that has to be fundamentally controlled and understood. But because of false thinking and the resulting creation of false feelings, the situation leads to a psychic fiasco that ends in comprehensive sadness and leads all reason towards non-being and confusion."

Bernadette Brand, Switzerland

Who will stop the USA -- We are not at war!

Few days have passed since the terrorist attacks took place in the USA with all of its consequences. Nobody has any doubt that this incomprehensible deed has to be clearly condemned and the perpetrators tracked down and sentenced in a trial with procedural rules. But, did not the USA provoke such behavior for decades already, at least since the collapse of the Soviet Union? The USA carries out its political interests with unbelievable arrogance and lack of sensitivity towards other people and their way of life all over the world, thereby sowing hatred that leads to such abominable reactions.

Reminding the other members of NATO of their duty to stand by, the attack is declared to be an action of war. Instead of establishing the identity of the guilty, the American president exhorts to a war of "good against evil," just as the Islamic fundamentalists exhort to a "holy war". The Congress and the House of Representatives have given President Bush a go ahead for his war, a kind of "Carte Blanche." And all of this to a president who, in all likelihood, belongs to the least educated and least intelligent worldwide leaders holding office at the present time. According to authentic reports he thought, not so long ago, that the TALIBAN was a pop (Ed: music) group and could not differentiate between Switzerland and Sweden. The saber-rattling against world-wide terrorism is caused by a mighty power (USA), which regularly supports regimes when it serves its own interests. In this regard it may, for example, point to the unconditional support of the Israeli government that carries out (in its own interests) such terrorist attacks against the Palestinians, terrorist attacks of a kind that the USA wants to fight (elsewhere). It is too obvious, that for the political establishment of the USA, human beings are nothing more than a factor of the economy. Let us finally begin to look behind the actions of both sides (Ed: i.e., the USA and the terrorists) and not condemn the enemy to be served up on a platter. Let us distance ourselves decisively from the plans of the USA, who, like an insulted Diva, are ready to wipe out tens of thousands of innocent lives to repair its damaged image in an extreme and questionable manner.

Dr. L.A./ Switzerland