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  • FIGU Bulletin Volume: Unknown
  • FIGU Bulletin Number: 28
  • FIGU Bulletin Date: May 2000
  • Author: Billy Meier
  • Translator(s): Dyson Devine, Vivienne Legg and others.
  • Date of Translation: Unknown


Topics Include: The Near Death Of Semjase; Forum posts by Anthony W. Cynor & Christian Frehner

This is only an excerpt from the entire FIGU Bulletin.

FIGU Bulletin 28 Translation

The Near Death Of Semjase

For some weeks now FIGU has its own English discussion forum in the Internet. This discussion forum has found great interest in the meantime.

In one of the many interesting discussions someone asked a question as to what happened to Semjase on December 15, 1977.

I answered him as follows:

«While Semjase was sitting in a locked room at the Center, discussing various matters with Billy, a person who knew that Semjase was in there sneaked to the door in order to hear her voice. When Semjase heard a light knocking at the door she got excited and, while rising to her feet, she stumbled and fell with her head upon an electric stove and toward the wall. In falling she pushed the button of her transmission device and vanished (= was beamed up) into her ship where she was laying on the floor for a longer time. When she didn't return to the station Quetzal went searching for her and found her there in a deep coma. In addition to a broken arm Semjase suffered a severe brain damage. The base of her skull was broken. On the flight back to Erra Quetzal tried to take the pressure away from her brain by applying a vacuum device. On Erra, only seconds before she would have died, she was frozen. Later, with the help of a highly developed race from the DAL Universe, she recovered. However, she had (and still has) to re-learn her consciousness-related abilities again, a process that last some 70 years.»

Then, another person wrote the following posting:

«This is the official story, however there have been serious questions about this and evaluations indicate the injuries are more consistent with a beating than with a fall. Particularly of interest is the way in which she could have fallen so as to break an arm and sustain injuries in the back of the head so severe to as drive shards of bone into the brain. An impact with the cement support for a stove seems unlikely. By the way which arm was it, I cannot find the material in any references concerning that.

I had asked you this before but unfortunately the topics rise again. Others consulted generally do not want to consider the implications of the theory of it being a case of attempted murder and not an accident. Especially considering later developments one definitely has serious concerns as to who at FIGU would have had the disposition to do it especially the ability to sneak up on an Erran without them becoming aware of it.

Another thing in question is why there was no alarm given off by the beamship when the vitals of Semjase were diminishing and why such an extended period of time passed before the ship was located. With Terran technology such a scenario would be likely but with Erran technology being used it raises some questions.»

After five answers to that person's posting from three persons, and after Billy having been informed about the matter from the USA, I wrote my second reply:

«What are you aiming at with your confused and crazy posting regarding Semjases's accident? Of course your innuendo has nothing to do with the truth!

The truth is that Semjase was sitting at the table. When she heard the sound from the door she wanted to leave and stood up, but with one of her feet she was caught by the table leg, which was the reason why she fell upon the portable electric iron stove which was damaged by her fall. Billy himself also jumped up, heard her faint cry and saw her head crashing against the wall--just before she vanished. Obviously during her fall she had triggered the button of her transmitter device. (Source: 95th contact of December 17, 1977)

Unfortunately, Semjase didn't have the protection device with her on that contact since she didn't intend to stay long at the Center, and because she felt safe in that special location/room. (The Plejarans usually wear such a device in order that they may be warned--and protected--if a terrestrial person comes near them.)

Ah yes, Semjase broke her right arm.

... I think you are in danger of losing ground and reality beneath your feet. That's really a thing: A FIGU member trying to kill Semjase. If your innuendo would be true the Plejarans wouldn't have continued meeting with Billy!

A question: Is Randy Winters behind this scheme? When we informed Billy about your posting he guessed that your crazy «theory» could be based on his untrue claim that since 1984 the Plejarans don't visit with Billy anymore.

For those interested: On February 3, 2000, Billy had his 279th official contact (with Ptaah).»

Before closing I will mention another argument (from Billy): If the claim concerning a murder attempt by a FIGU member (that person is still a core group member!) would be true, the Pleiadians/Plejarans nowadays certainly wouldn't show themselves again above the Center in order that core group members can see--and even photograph--their ships!

Once again one can only shake one's head about the confusing ideas some people can have.

Christian Frehner, Switzerland

Hi Christian & Billy:

Thank you for the additional information.

The theory is mine. I did ask Randy Winters several years ago about this and his response was that he could not think of anyone at FIGU who would have the inclination or capability of carrying out such an act. He said if Billy ever did anything it would have been that he made up the story just to cover up the idea that Semjase gave up on him. He had nothing derogatory to say about FIGU in this sense and said that the repercussions of a murder in this case would be enormous and thoughts that he would prefer not to deal with.

Randy has nothing to do with this and to my knowledge has never addressed the subject except to me.

Best Wishes,
Anthony W. Cynor

You can post this if you want.

The "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"

English German
Since 1903, anti-Semitic/neo-Nazi groups, organisations, individual fanatics and other types of circles antagonistic to Jews, have officially occupied themselves with the so-called "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", which is attributed to Jewish-Zionist circles, respectively, Jewish/Zionist learned elders. Antisemitisch-neonazistische Gruppen, Organisationen, Einzelfanatiker und sonstige judenfeindliche Kreise funktionieren seit 1903 offiziell mit den sogenannten herum, die jüdisch-zionistischen Kreisen resp. Weisen zugeschrieben werden.
Since then, again and again, it has given, and gives, cause for the persecution and hatred of Jews. Seither gaben und geben sie immer wieder Anlass zur Judenverfolgung und zum Judenhass.
Yet what actually conforms to the truth in regard to this? Doch was entspricht in bezug auf diese tatsächlich der Wahrheit?
Said with few words - as the Pleiadians/Plejaren explain - it deals with a monstrous work of lies, with an uncommonly evil falsification, respectively, a plagiarism emerging from earlier novels which came about after the middle of the 19th Century. Mit wenigen Worten gesagt - wie die Plejadier/Plejaren erklären - handelt es sich um ein ungeheures Lügenwerk, um eine ungemein üble Fälschung resp. um ein Plagiat, entstanden aus früheren Romanen, die nach Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts entstanden.
According to the Pleiadian/Plejaren information, the top person in charge of the Russian secret service in Paris, Pjotr Ratschowski, created the final version of the slanderous work in the years 1897/98, which was then first published in 1903 in Russia in the newspaper (The Banner), with the mendacious assertion that it was genuine. Gemäss den plejadisch-plejarischen Angaben schuf daraus der oberste Chef des russischen Geheimdienstes in Paris, Pjotr Ratschkowski, in den Jahren 1897/98 die endgültige Fassung des verleumderischen Werkes, das dann erstmals im Jahre 1903 in Russland in der Zeitschrift (Das Banner) veröffentlicht wurde - mit der lügnerischen Behauptung, dass das echt sei.
However, its actual distribution first occurred in the year 1919, and indeed quite explosively at the hands of the Russian opponents of the 1917 revolution. Die eigentliche Verbreitung desselben fand jedoch erst im Jahre 1919 statt, und zwar recht explosionsartig als Werk russischer Gegner der Revolution von 1917.
Thereby, with the publication of the alleged Protocols, undoubtedly the intention existed to form anti-Semitism into a weapon against Bolshevism. Zweifellos bestand dabei die Absicht darin, mit der Veröffentlichung der angeblichen Protokolle den Antisemitismus zu einer Waffe gegen den Bolschewismus zu formen.
They were then taken over in Nazi Germany - brought in and introduced by Fjdor Winberg, a Ukrainian officer and fighter against the Russian revolution, who was living in German exile. Im NSDAP-Deutschland wurden die dann übernommen - hergebracht und eingeführt von einem in deutschem Exil lebenden ukrainischen Offizier und Kämpfer gegen die russische Revolution namens Fjodr Winberg.
The slanderous work is still in circulation today and further causes further racial damage, whereby it is asserted that the Jews had created a secret world government and hoarded all the gold; this, and that the Jewish people are to blame for wars and political as well as commercial crises, and so forth. Das verleumderische Werk ist noch heute im Umlauf und richtet weiterhin und neuerlich rassistischen Schaden an, wobei behauptet wird, die Juden hätten eine geheime Weltregierung geschaffen und alles Gold gehortet; die und das jüdische Volk seien schuld an Kriegen und politischen sowie wirtschaftlichen Krisen usw.
Such defamatory assertions exist in many kinds of variations, which naturally represent a godsend for anti-Semitic/Nazi circles and other extreme-right racist circles. Solche verleumderischen Behauptungen existieren in vielerlei Variationen von, was natürlich für antisemitisch-nazistische und sonstige rechtsextreme Rassistenkreise ein gefundenes Fressen darstellt.
The two following versions of nonsense assertions from the alleged Protocols may serve as an example. Als Beispiel mögen die zwei folgenden Versionen von Unsinnbehauptungen der angeblichen Protokolle dienen:
- Quote: 9. The Function of War. - Zitat: 9. Die Funktion des Krieges
[3:3.] "In order to induce the power-hungry to a misuse of power we will bring all forces in opposition one to another.* ... <Um Machthungrige zu einem Missbrauch der Macht zu veranlassen, werden wir alle Kräfte in Gegnerschaft zueinander bringen.
[7:2.] Throughout all Europe, and by means of relations with Europe, in other continents also, we must create ferments, discords and hostility. In ganz Europa, und mittels der Beziehungen Europas auch in anderen Erdteilen, müssen wir Gärungen, Zwiespälte und Feindschaften erschaffen
[7:3.] We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a world war ... " ... Wir müssen in der Lage sein, jedem Widerstand durch Kriege mit dem Nachbarland zu begegnen. Wenn diese Nachbarn es jedoch auch wagen sollten, gegen uns zusammenzustehen, dann müssen wir ihnen durch einen Weltkrieg Widerstand bieten ...>
- or quote: 12. Death - oder Zitat: 12. Der Tod
[9.] "Death is the inevitable end for all. Therefore, it is better to bring that end nearer to those who stand in the way of our goals ... " ... <Der Tod ist das unvermeidliche Ende aller, daher ist es besser, jene diesem Ende näherzubringen, die unseren Zielen im Wege stehen.>
These days, all governments and high government persons as well as all banks and their bosses - primarily the Rothschilds as well as commercial magnates, and so forth - become, through the anti-Semitic/neo-Nazi circles and extreme right circles, worked into in the slanderous machinations in order to stir up hate, especially against the Jewish world and their alleged world government. Heutzutage werden durch die antisemitisch-neonazistischen sowie sonstigen rassistischen und rechtsextremen Kreise alle Regierungen und hohen Regierungspersonen sowie alle Banken und deren Bosse - an erster Stelle die Rothschilds sowie die Wirtschaftsmagnaten usw. - in die verleumderischen Machenschaften der hineinpraktiziert, um den Hass insbesondere gegen die jüdische Welt und deren angebliche Weltregierung zu schüren.
In the Nazi era the anti-Semitic inflammatory text, with hooray-bellowing, was especially distributed by the Nazis, and indeed not only in Germany, rather also everywhere where Nazis were active in other countries. Zur Nazizeit wurde die antisemitische Hetzschrift mit Pro- und Hurragebrüll speziell durch die Nazis verbreitet, und zwar nicht nur in Deutschland, sondern auch überall dort, wo Nazis in anderen Ländern tätig waren.
In Switzerland these were the "Fröntler" [lit. "those on the front"] who brought the mendacious Protocols into circulation as Adolph Hitler finally seized power in Germany in the Spring of 1933. In der Schweiz waren dies die Fröntler, die die Lügen-Protokolle in Umlauf brachten, als im Frühling 1933 Adolf Hitler in Deutschland endgültig die Macht ergriff.
That gave the Jewish organizations in Switzerland an opportunity to make a legal move against the slanderous Protocols and namely in the Bern Magistrates Court. Das liess die jüdischen Organisationen in der Schweiz dazu greifen, gegen die verleumderischen Protokolle gerichtlich vorzugehen, und zwar beim Berner Amtsgericht.
The process unleashed worldwide attention and it was made clear that the alleged Protocols were a forgery, respectively, a work of lies. Der Prozess löste eine weltweite Beachtung aus, und es wurde klargelegt, dass die angeblichen Protokolle eine Fälschung resp. ein Lügenwerk waren.
Unfortunately, several years later, the judgement was trivialized again in the High Court and, as it were, repealed, whereby the lies and slander against the Jews resurfaced. Leider wurde das Urteil einige Jahre später durch das Obergericht wieder bagatellisiert und sozusagen aufgehoben, wodurch die Lügerei und Verleumderei gegen die Juden wieder Oberwasser gewann.
They are nothing other than lies, deceit and swindle in a form which is truly a crime against peoples. Die sind nichts anderes als Lüge, Betrug und Schwindel in wahrhaftig völkerverbrecherischer Form.
They are a monstrously defamatory poor piece of work of irresponsible, criminal anti-Semites; an evil, peoples-denigrating and genocidal poor piece of work with which Adolph Hitler and his myrmidons also occupied themselves and which contributed uncommonly much to Hitler's Nazi Reich being responsible for millions of innocent Jews and also people of different races and different beliefs - men, women and children - being tormented, tortured and handed over for gruesome deaths. Sie sind ein ungeheuerlich verleumderisches Machwerk verantwortungsloser, verbrecherischer Antisemiten; ein böses völkerverunglimpfendes und völkermordendes Machwerk, mit dem auch Adolf Hitler und seine Schergen herumfunktionierten und das ungemein viel dazu beitrug, dass im hitlerschen Nazireich Millionen von unschuldigen Juden und auch Andersrassigen und Andersgläubigen - Männer, Frauen und Kinder - gequält, gefoltert und grauenvollen Toden überantwortet wurden.
For those interested, the following book is worth reading: "Die Protokolle der Weisen von Zion" by Jeffrey L. Sammons, Wallstein-Verlag, ISBN 3-89244.191-X. Für Interessenten ist folgendes Buch lesenswert: <Die Protokolle der Weisen von Zion> von Jeffrey L. Sammons, Wallstein-Verlag, ISBN 3-89244.191-X.

Should One Always Tell The Truth No Matter What?

This is an unofficial but authorised translation of a FIGU publication.
N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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Webmaster's note: Translation of this article was made by gaiaguys, during November 2009, and sent to Webmaster.

English German
Pages 9-10 Seiten 9-10
Readers' Question Leserfrage
Now a question of morality: is it really right, always - and really always - to tell the truth, even if one knows, in a certain situation, that a selfless lie could prevent suffering and thereby would actually only have advantages? Jetzt mal eine moralische Frage: Ist es wirklich rechtens, immer und wirklich immer die Wahrheit zu sagen, auch wenn man in einer bestimmten Situation weiss, dass eine selbstlose Lüge Leid verhindern könnte und somit eigentlich nur Vorteile hätte?
The philosopher Immanuel Kant cites, as an example of his categorical imperative, the following case: a man pursued by a murderer seeks protection with a neighbour and hides in his house. Der Philosoph Immanuel Kant führt als Beispiel für seinen kategorischen Imperativ folgenden Fall an: Ein von einem Mörder gejagter Mann sucht Schutz bei einem Nachbarn und versteckt sich in dessen Haus.
Now, were the neighbour asked by the murderer whether he hid the man he seeks in his house, then he must tell the truth and hand the defenceless man over to the murderer. Wird der Nachbar nun vom Mörder gefragt, ob er den gesuchten Nachbarn in seinem Haus versteckte, muss dieser die Wahrheit sagen und den wehrlosen Mann dem Mörder ausliefern.
In order not to break the law, he must, in every case, tell the truth, as it is also expected by his fellow humans. Um nicht das Gesetz zu brechen, muss er in jedem Fall die Wahrheit sagen, wie es auch von den Mitmenschen erwartet wird.
What is to be made of this and what do the creational laws say about it? Was ist davon zu halten und was sagen die schöpferischen Gesetze dazu?
N.L./Germany N.L./Deutschland
Answer Antwort
Immanuel Kant's uncompromising stance - that a concealment of something is designated a lie or an evasive lie - which is also advocated by various other philosophers, is, in the framework of this reference, not correct. Immanuel Kants kompromissloser Standpunkt, der auch von verschiedenen anderen Philosophen vertreten wird, ist im Rahmen des Bezugs dessen unrichtig, dass eine Verheimlichung von etwas als Lüge oder Notlüge bezeichnet wird.
Therefore when, in the aforementioned example by Kant, the presence of the one sought by the murderer is concealed by the neighbour, then that has nothing to do with a lie or an evasive lie, rather solely and alone with a fact's concealment, which results due to reasons of conscience and for the protection of the life of another human being. Wenn also im vorgenannten Kant-Beispiel die Anwesenheit des durch den Mörder Gesuchten vom Nachbarn verheimlicht wird, dann hat das nichts mit einer Lüge oder Notlüge zu tun, sondern einzig und allein mit einer Verheimlichung eine Tatsache, die aus Gewissensgründen und zum Schutz des Lebens eines anderen Menschen erfolgt.
A lie or an evasive lie is something completely different to a concealment of a fact - there can be no argument about that - not even if all the philosophers in the world oppose it by screaming blue murder and running amok. Eine Lüge oder Notlüge ist etwas völlig anderes als eine Verheimlichung einer Tatsache – darüber lässt sich nicht streiten, und zwar auch dann nicht, wenn alle Philosophen der Welt dagegen Zeter und Mordio schreien und Amok laufen.
A lie or an evasive lie is, in every case, a conscious, untrue deception and statement for the purpose of one's own well-being and profit, and so forth. Eine Lüge oder Notlüge ist in jedem Fall immer eine bewusste, unwahre Täuschung und Aussage zum eigenen Wohl und Profit usw.
A lie or evasive lie is, and therefore always remains, a deliberate distortion of the truth for one's own advantage, and indeed also in regard to feelings and emotions. Eine Lüge oder Notlüge ist und bleibt also immer eine absichtliche Entstellung der Wahrheit zum eigenen Vorteil, und zwar auch in Hinsicht von Gefühlen und Emotionen.
Lies and evasive lies are a twisting of the facts - as well as intentional ambiguities, vagueness and hypocrisy - for the sake of one's own advantage in any kind of form. Lüge und Notlüge sind Verdrehungen der Tatsachen sowie gewollte Zweideutigkeiten, Unbestimmtheiten und Heuchelei zum eigenen Vorteil in irgendwelcher Form.
Lies and evasive lies are, therefore, something false, which originate from a craving for recognition, from angst, cowardice, revenge, hate or false love, and so forth. Lügen und Notlügen sind also etwas Unechtes, das aus einem Geltungstrieb, aus Angst, Feigheit, Rachsucht, Hass oder falscher Liebe usw. entsteht.
In any kind of form - also in regard to morality - lies and evasive lies are always an end in themselves and egoistic. In irgendeiner Form – auch in moralischer Hinsicht – sind Lügen und Notlügen immer selbstzweckbezogen und egoistisch.
From this the human thus avoids himself and adopts unworthy behaviour. Daher weicht der Mensch damit sich selbst aus und macht sich zur eigenen Nichtswürdigkeit.
To conceal something does not count as a lie nor as an evasive lie - whereby the evasive lie is just as strictly delineated as is the actual lie. Etwas zu verheimlichen gilt nicht als Lüge und nicht als Notlüge – wobei die Notlüge ebenso strikt begrenzt ist wie die eigentliche Lüge.
A concealment is based on a fact which could be communicated, about which, nevertheless, one remains silent, which, for example, can certainly be done for reasons of conscience or for the protection of one's self or another person. Eine Verheimlichung beruht auf einer Tatsache, die man mitteilen könnte, die man jedoch bewusst verschweigt, was z.B. sehr wohl aus Gewissensgründen getan werden kann oder zum Schutz der eigenen oder einer anderen Person.
Through the concealment - which in no way can be equated with a lie or an evasive lie - the actual facts of a matter can therefore be concealed. Durch die Verheimlichung, die in keiner Weise mit einer Lüge oder Notlüge gleichzusetzen ist, kann also ein wirklicher Sachverhalt verschwiegen werden.
How that appears in a particular case always is dictated by the situation, which certainly may be clear. Wie das im Einzelfall aussieht, ergibt sich immer aus der Situation, was sicher klar sein dürfte.
Yet it is certain that a concealment, respectively, remaining silent, has nothing to do with a lie or an evasive lie, which in each case, always, in some form or other, relate to things which are ends in themselves. Doch fest steht, dass ein Verheimlichen resp. Verschweigen nichts mit einer Lüge oder Notlüge zu tun hat, die in jedem Fall immer in irgendeiner Form selbstzweckbezogen sind.
Concealment of, or remaining silent about, facts are, nevertheless, always and without exception a question of conscience, which can only be resolved through clear reason and in compliance with the related laws. Eine Verheimlichung und ein Verschweigen von Tatsachen sind jedoch immer und ausnahmslos eine Gewissensfrage, die nur durch klare Vernunft und in Befolgung der diesbezüglichen Gesetze geklärt werden kann.
This is the viewpoint of the spiritual teaching, which, as is apparent, is not compatible with the stated views of terrestrial philosophers, who, in their thinking as well as their expositions and explanations, are able to speak and philosophise in a way pertaining to purely material intellectual rationality. Dies ist der Standpunkt der Geisteslehre, die, wie ersichtlich, nicht mit den Aussagen irdischer Philosophen vereinbar ist, die in ihrem Denken sowie in ihren Auslegungen und Erklärungen rein materiell-verstandesmässig zu reden und zu philosophieren vermögen.
Billy Billy