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  • FIGU Bulletin Volume: 1
  • FIGU Bulletin Number: 9
  • FIGU Bulletin Date: November 1996 (English Edition: February 1998)
  • Author: Billy Meier
  • Translator(s): Heidi Peters
  • Date of Translation: Unknown



FIGU Bulletin 9 Translation


Is the American National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) concealing evidence of extraterrestrial life? The space agency says "No," of course. On the other hand, a growing number of scientists and U.S. astronauts state that this is the case. Former Apollo astronaut Brian O'Leary says: "A great deal of evidence exists which confirms contact with extraterrestrials, but NASA has confiscated everything." NASA camouflages UFO incidents mainly by manipulating UFO-related conversations between the astronauts and the command center. These conversations are edited to the point where references to UFOs are completely missing from the official versions of these dialogues. Astronauts report that during flights into space, to the Moon or simply around the Earth, UFOs were indeed photographed, but NASA staff retouched the photos to the point where the objects were no longer visible. These revelations from the astronauts themselves can probably be given credence, as can the assertion by Maurice Chatelain, construction engineer of the Apollo Missions' communication system, that UFOs accompanied every terrestrially launched flight into Earth’s orbit or into space. Richard Hoagland, former NASA consultant, is now demanding from President Clinton the release and publication of secret NASA files related to this subject.



Astronomers are astonished by their American colleagues' discovery of a planet in the constellation Swan (Cygnus) that travels in an extremely elliptical orbit around the star (sun) "Cygnus B." Terrestrial scientists have no inkling so far as to how a planet with such a unique behavioral pattern could have formed. The planet’s discoverer is U.S. astronomer William Cochran.



As the U.S. space agency NASA reports, humans will be sent to Mars at the earliest in 2010 --- provided, of course, sufficient funding is available by that time and "if such an undertaking even makes sense then," says NASA director, Daniel Goldin.

According to Goldin no plans exist for another Mars mission before the year 2003 that will have as its goal the retrieval of sand and rock samples and their return to Earth. He stated that scientists will not be idle during the interim, however, because they still have plenty to accomplish.

Goldin is extremely enthusiastic about two upcoming Mars missions scheduled for this year [1996], whereby November 6 has been set as the launch date of the space probe "Mars Global Surveyor" and December 2 of the "Mars Pathfinder." The trip to the Red Planet will take approximately seven months and will include the planned release of a small vehicle to explore the planet's surface, once the probe has landed on Mars on July 4, 1997



The USA is not the only country investigating Mars -- Russia, too, intends sending a probe to the planet. According to a Lavochkin Space Research Center representative in Russia, the launch date of a 6-ton probe called "Mars 96" from the Kazakhstan Baikonur Space Station is set for November 16, 1996. The Russian probe is expected to reach its target in October '97, three months after the American "Pathfinder" probe has landed on Mars. Plans in Russia include the emplacement of drilling devices on the planet which will pierce the Martian surface with small holes to retrieve material, which then can be examined and the test results transmitted back to Earth.

The USA plans to have "Pathfinder" release a small vehicle onto the Martian surface which also will take and analyse soil samples. Furthermore, plans also include placing a small weather station on the Red Planet.

According to the Russian Space Center representative, authorities have no intention of making their Mars program a revived space race between the Earth’s largest political powers. Instead, they want the project to be a financial collaboration of approximately 20 nations, including the USA, which will all participate in the Russian Mars project.


"Allan Hills," as scientists call the meteorite from Mars, repeatedly generates information for new discussions and wild assumptions regarding the possible existence of life on Mars -- even though no one has yet established that the rock did indeed come from Mars. All of this furor has been pure speculation so far, since the rock’s origin has not been authenticated. Instead of coming from Mars, "Allan Hills 84001" may possibly have originated in the asteroid belt, whose multi-sized fragments constitute the remnants of the planet Malona/Phaeton. In ancient times, its inhabitants detonated and destroyed the planet in a gigantic, interplanetary explosion. Malona held a plethora of life ranging from micro-organisms through floral and faunal to human life. If consideration is given to the fact that asteroids are able to still carry molecular life within their structure -- at least the asteroids from the planet's surface -- then terrestrial scientists may also expect to find some molecular life in these multi-sized fragments, provided they fall to Earth. Their discovery would prove that asteroids from the asteroid belt are actually remnants of a planet. Of course, even this would not necessarily mean that the organic molecules of the discovered "Allan Hills 84001" meteorite constitute a piece of asteroid nor would it mean that it originated as a fragment of planet Malona/Phaeton. Still, this remains a possibility that must be taken into account before a firm and obdurate claim is made that the rock did indeed come from Mars. Likewise, the possibility also exists that the meteorite came from an even more remote region, namely from the extreme outer reaches of the solar system where countless objects of various types of material orbit our sun and its planets.

By observing and listening to all of the scientists’ enthusiastic statements and suppositions, one truly gets the impression that this organic molecular discovery within the unearthed meteorite is the most sensational event since the birth of the universe -- a type of miracle. The possibility exists, of course, that the fragment actually did originate from Mars, although the story as to how it was catapulted from the Red Planet to Earth remains somewhat odd. Nonetheless, it is certainly unwarranted for anyone to make such a horrendous fuss over this rock or the fact that it harbors organic molecules. Had scientists thought reasonably and rationally, they would have recognized long ago that great variations of life exist, at the very least in micro-organic form, throughout the vastness of the universe, including other regions of our SOL System. The realization or discovery that a meteorite which tumbled to Earth contains organic-molecular life -- regardless of the importance of it being dead or alive -- is as natural as the fact that water typically flows in a downward direction. The discovery, therefore, is neither a sensation nor a miracle nor anything of the like. Certainly, many a fragment has dropped to Earth from space which held within it micro-organic life. In fact, many of these fragments generated diverse life on our beautiful planet without Earth's scientists ever being aware of such events. What's all the fuss about? Doesn't it stand to reason that projectiles from space containing microscopically small life struck the Earth at various times, that perhaps new life was created here, or that pre-existing life was transformed here in some way by them?

Thus, the rock's discovery is much ado about nothing considering it is only natural, logical, and par for the course for scientists to discover minuscule life on extraterrestrial objects -- for the time being the object happens to be a meteorite from space. Other such discoveries will follow. Interesting to note also is that these latest discoveries triggered American scientists to debate the possibility of life on Mars. The outcome was that research on this project received a shot in the arm when studies on meteorite fragments were threatened because of a lack of funds. Now the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will be able to forge ahead with its long-planned "scientific attack" on the Red Planet, since the financial "well" is bubbling once again. As soon as scientists discovered primitive life within the "Allan Hills 84001" rock, and after behaving equally primitive and childish over their "universal discovery," the desiccated funding for the Mars program suddenly took a turn-around practically overnight. Indeed, NASA Director Daniel Goldin invited scientists from around the globe to participate in the American Mars program. Bill Clinton, U.S. President, even announced that he would call for a worldwide summit conference in November 1996 where, according to Clinton, the topic of how American scientists plan to find answers to the latest Mars discoveries will be addressed. Indeed, numerous scientists of international rank and reputation will be invited.

And, once again, it is the Americans who are eagerly pushing themselves to the forefront to show the world what heroes they are -- while the other nations seemingly shrink into insignificance in view of all this American heroism. Such is the case also with the science fiction thriller "Independence Day." Although directed by German film director Roland Emmerich, it is typically offensively loud-mouthed and aimed at American pseudo-heroism. As usual, how could it be any other way, it is only the Americans who, in their incomparable bravery, singlehandedly take on the fight with the oh-so-evil and barbaric aliens, conquering them and thus saving the world from its demise. Hence, everyone on Earth is expected to be truly grateful only to the Americans. And yet, the ugly brutality of destroying lives, a mainstay in this film, is absolutely appalling, not to mention that the extraterrestrials are constantly portrayed as being evil (in other alienrelated films as well) and that no one ever wants to learn about what these aliens are really like. The truth that aliens are far more peaceloving than they are depicted is supported by the fact that they have never interfered with the bloody quarrels between terrestrials. Never have they defended themselves when they or their flying objects were bombarded by terrestrial fighter bombers, or when they were simply shot down by cowardly military personnel or private citizens. This fact alone is sufficient testimony that extraterrestrials are far more humane, peaceloving, and progressive human entities than earthlings. Additional statements on this topic are probably pointless.

Well then, American scientists have now found some organic molecules within the meteorite "Allan Hills 84001," and these molecules may have originated through biological activities of micro organisms. Although several scientists view this theory with a certain amount of skepticism, it nonetheless has rekindled discussions about the existence of life on the most earthlike planet in the SOL System.

Some claim that the meteorite certainly came from Mars and subsequently crashed to Earth 13,000 years ago, where it landed in the Antarctic toward the end of the last ice age. Theory purports that the fragment was initially ripped from the Martian surface approximately 15 million years ago by a comet's impact upon its surface, and then the fragment hurtled through space to Earth. In spite of scientists' confident claims, no evidence has yet been gathered to prove that all of this took place. In fact, I have developed my own, previously discussed, theory which runs counter to these concepts. -- The carbon compounds found by the scientists within the meteorite, were interpreted as being remnants of primitive life-forms, such as one-cell creatures, which began inhabiting the rock fragment approximately 3.6 billion years ago. According to scientists, therefore, in the days when life on Earth was just in its infancy, Mars would have had to harbor at least primitive life-forms. Such a claim is quite correct if statements by the Pleiadians/Plejarans are considered.

Daniel Goldin stated that the new Mars mission will certainly not uncover the mystery of whether or not life existed on Mars in former times. And although it is too late now to adapt the hardware for the new Mars data retrieval of the "Mars Global Surveyor" and "Pathfinder" probes, Goldin explained, it would be feasible to do so for future probes. (The Pleiadians/Plejarans previously stated that Mars was indeed inhabited in former times, bore lush vegetation, and had highly-evolved human life as well.) Matthew Golombek, the Mars Mission's project director, explained that these two probes may provide information for the selection of future exploration sites. However, details will only be released once "Pathfinder" lands on the Martian surface on July 4, 1997. Golombek further stated that they are hoping the results of the mission will answer the question: Was there or was there not water on Mars during primeval times? Water would have been the prerequisite for any life on that planet. Some scientists theorize that gigantic oceans once existed on the Red Planet and ultimately dried up over millions of years. The Pleiadians/Plejarans have confirmed this theory by stating oceans actually did exist on Mars and later dried up, albeit only much more recently and not millions of years ago as scientists postulate.

Mars has stirred the human imagination from very early times. Due to its red color and its distinct variations in brightness that resemble flickering flames, the Romans named the red planet after their war god. Mars has two moons, Phobos (fear) and Deimos (terror), it comes within 56 million kilometers [35 million miles] of Earth and has a diameter of 6,794 kilometers [4,222 miles], approximately half that of Earth. A Martian day is slightly longer than Earth's, namely, 24 hours and 37 minutes. A Martian year also is longer than Earth's since Mars requires 687 days to orbit the sun once. Overall, conditions on Mars are rather uncomfortable because of its greatly fluctuating temperatures, which range from minus 125 Celsius [-193 Fahrenheit] to plus 35 C [95 F]. Monumental storms continually sweep across its surface where wind velocities can reach 400 kilometers per hour [248 mph]. Mars is fissured with craters, gorges and welds, the result of meteorite impacts, volcanic activity, and lava ejecta. Its tallest volcano, Olympus Mons, elevation 25 kilometer [16 miles], is three times higher than Mount Everest. The planet's atmosphere is extremely thin and has 95 per cent carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas. Water vapor and oxygen have so far only been found in minute quantities.



In July '95 an international team of astronomers discovered the largest "hole" in the universe so far. Based on information from the European Southern-Star Observatory (ESO), the "hole" appears to be a completely empty expanse, 100 million light-years in diameter. [One light-year is 9,460,528,000,000 kilometers or 5,878,660,000,000 miles].

The scientists have yet to discover an explanation for the "hole's" origin, but it appears definite that some type of matter, in its fine or even finest state, will be found within it, although they are once more claiming -- as they have done so often -- that a total lack of mass is "a given." In the past, evidence has repeatedly been found which suggests that such "holes" or empty regions in the universe are not quite as void as researchers originally claimed, since gases, stars and entire galaxies were suddenly discovered within them, proving they are not void. According to ESO information, "even in former times regions were discovered within the universe which had previously been thought of as devoid of galaxies, stars, and gases. Although they used their best telescopes, astronomers failed to discover anything within these regions." Proof does exist, however, and this has repeatedly forced scientists to revise their hasty statements and assertions (in other fields as well) when stars, gases, even entire galaxies were suddenly discovered within these apparently "empty regions" with the advent of the up-to-date and technically more advanced telescopes after antiquated units proved inadequate.

The gigantic "holes," respectively empty regions, are areas within the vast reaches of the universe's expanse which are extremely remote and, until now, impenetrable to exploration with the available telescopes. In order to probe these distant regions, increasingly sophisticated telescopes will be required -- and they will provide ample proof that these regions of the universe, which are allegedly deviud of mass, do hold matter and are teeming with gases, stars, even galaxies. It is unfortunate that terrestrial scientists tend to remain very stubborn in their points of view and continue to fix the visible universe's (the Material Belt's) limits as the point where their telescopes and other such current astronomical instruments give up the ghost. That the expanse of space beyond the region they have so far observed is still vastly more distant than anything they have previously discovered, is a fact they can only dream about because of their limited range of vision. Consequently, it is not surprising that they can neither identify nor comprehend the concept of a Material Belt, respectively a Material Universe, which has a diameter of trillions of light-years and that, as a result, the universe is approximately 46 trillion years old. This truth contradicts the opinions of most research astronomers who estimate the universe's age as being a measly 15 billion years, at best. In their obstinacy, these scientists are also presuming that the universe's "empty regions" are truly devoid of anything, and they are disregarding the concept that such regions actually do contain the finest of matter, even though they appear to hold no measurable gases, stars or galaxies. Such regions do indeed exist in the material universe, and they are certainly not truly empty as the scientists claim. Simply because certain material forms remain undetectable does not imply that different material forms do not exist.

Well then, astronomers stating such empty "holes" do not exist in the cosmic "background radiation," the so-called echo of the Big Bang, should re-examine their existing theories about galactic origins. If only they'd listen to reason, they would realize that these empty "holes" are not discernible in this "background radiation" because rays emanating from the adjacent belt of the Material Universe are so compact that these rays act as a continuously, evenly swaying wall which does not allow for empty spaces. Between this compact wall and the actual material universe belt exists a smooth and flowing transition, which is defined as "background radiation." In contrast to the adjacent Radiation Belt, spaces within the "holes" can originate within the outer as well as the inner regions of the Material Belt. These spaces contain very small amounts of material or only fine matter. But scientists on Earth have failed so far to recognize the existence of this fine matter, and they have created the picture or concept of "empty" regions.



In 1915, as part of his General Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein already taught that black holes could indeed exist, at least in theory. The descriptive term "Black Hole," however, was only coined in 1967 by the American astronomer John Wheeler. From then on black holes were considered a probability. However, astronomers continued to be skeptical about this theory because, among other reasons, black holes had never been observed due to their characteristic ability to swallow all nearby matter and light.

One very popular theory states that black holes exist at the center of most bright galaxies. This implies that the Milky Way, our galaxy, has one too -- just as the Pleiadians/Plejarans have explained, and as their closing prophecies affirm. They state that in the distant future terrestrials will access the energies from the black hole in our Milky Way, and actually make use of them. Because the view from Earth is somewhat obscured by haze, gas, dust clouds and the like, evidence substantiating the existence of our own galaxy's black hole may be very difficult to ascertain. Perhaps even the Hubble Telescope will lack the capability of observing it and, therefore, we may have to wait for other, greatly improved telescopes or, indeed, we may only find out when the first real ventures into outer space take place.



It is truly interesting: All types of people, fanatics, know-it-alls, sectarians, and "wannabe ufologists" defame, scorn and slander "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier. He is continually being slurred as a fraud and deceiver who, so his detractors claim, only feigns his contacts with the Pleiadians and who, purportedly, faked his UFO photos with every conceivable trick by using pictures of models and then retouching the photos and so forth. These detractors further state his motives for doing all of this was that he wanted to present them to the public as being the world's greatest UFO photographs. And yet, there exist no other UFO photographs in the entire world which are plagiarized and disseminated by every media branch to the degree that Billy Meier's are. At every appropriate or inappropriate opportunity his photographs are being used for every form of advertisement and the like. Even well-known Meier foes do not hesitate for a moment to use his UFO photos for every honest and dishonest purpose, but no one ever gives proper consideration to his remuneration. His copyrights are shamelessly disregarded and abused, and it matters little whether this is perpetrated by Korff, Bürgin, MUFON, CENAP or an advertising agency, TV station, newspaper, journal or any other entity. But, not only are his photographs stolen, his written material is also plagiarized, as evidenced by countless male and female frauds throughout the world. Why do they all do this while claiming that the Meier contacts are simply deceitful and fraudulent, and that his movie footage and photos are only trick photography, models, and hoaxes? And why is Billy Meier's material the most intensely and widely disseminated? Does this mean that what he did and continues to do, and what he says, teaches and explains to others is -- supposedly -- all fraudulent and deceitful, and that Billy himself is a liar? No, never. I have known Billy for more than thirty years. He was and is always an open and honest person who is helpful, companionable, extremely skilled with his hands and who possesses knowledge which is not only diverse but extremely comprehensive. Billy Meier has been my loyal and good travel companion for a long time and never have I experienced him to be anything but honest, even in times of profound need and stress. I feel it is about time that this is finally conveyed about him.

Konrad Haase, Germany


From an informed source I have heard that you preoccupy yourself with ufology and are said to have contacts with the Pleiadians. Can you tell me whether you have any information from the extraterrestrials about other unknown planets, which are said to travel in our solar system? Another question pertains to the fact that in your writings you state you have knowledge of when extraterrestrials will officially land on Earth. Would you please respond to my questions openly in one of your bulletins, which a friend of mine allows me to read?

Urs Krasemann, Germany

Response: According to information from the Pleiadians/Plejarans, several planets exist in our solar system in addition to the nine known to terrestrials: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. For example, close to the sun exists a planet called Vulcan or Volkano of which terrestrials have spoken for centuries. Furthermore, the so-called Transpluto orbits the SOL far beyond Pluto. Beyond SOL a planet also existed about the size of Earth, but a few years ago it was thrust into outer space by one spiral arm of a black hole. Regarding this topic, Ptaah and I held the following conversation on February 3, 1992:

Billy: "Regarding your information on the planet, which is racing at great speed behind the sun...

Ptaah: Your question refers to the planet, which cannot be seen from Earth because it orbits the sun at such a high speed that it always remains hidden behind it. What do you wish to know about it?

Billy: There exists some confusion about its enormous speed. Isn't it correct that, normally, the greater the distance between a planet and the sun, the slower the planet orbits around it? Why does this not apply to this planet? [The planet was far beyond customary planetary orbits. Billy] Why is it so much faster than it is supposed to be, and what is its name?

Ptaah: This planet is truly a curiosity with regard to its enormous speed. Even we were only able to learn about its secret just over 76 years ago. And here as well we were compelled to realize that in this instance the Destroyer Planet had brought its dangerous forces into play. According to our records the planet hidden behind the sun is called KATHEIN. It was touched by and then later wrenched into the Destroyer Planet's gravitational field when the Destroyer was making its tenth-to-last passage through the SOL-system. Kathein was able to free itself from the Destroyer's field of force to the point where it was able to establish and maintain nearly its normal orbit around the sun again, albeit, at an incredibly increased velocity, while the Destroyer continued on its predestined trajectory and entered the SOL-system, where it generated destruction and change in many regions. Ever since that time, the planet Kathein itself has orbited the sun in the described manner at an abnormally high speed. It is slowly increasing its distance from the SOL-system, however, and is migrating into the gravity of a dark hole's wandering spiral arm, which will ultimately draw the planet into its own force sometime this year. This is the same spiral arm whose influence wrenched sand and dust accumulations from Planet Venus.

Billy: When will this wrenching occur?

Ptaah: According to our calculations it will take place on June 16th [1992].

Billy: Is Kathein one of the two planets we have yet to discover and which we call UNI and Transpluto?

Ptaah: No, planet Kathein has nothing to do with this and it is devoid of any life-forms."

This information implies, therefore, that Transpluto exists beyond Pluto's orbit, and there is yet another planet, UNI, which the Pleiadians/Plejarans say has an alleged SOL orbital period of 3,600 years. Unfortunately, I am unable to describe the planet Vulcan/Volkano any better than I can the two outer planets -- Transpluto and UNI -- because I have never been given any descriptions about them. I was informed, however, that Vulcan/Volkano, the planet closest to the sun, previously played an important role in Sumerian times. The same also holds true for UNI, which was given the name "Nibiru" or "Nubiru"; the origin of this name is obscure. According to one story of unknown origin which refers to UNI, respectively Nibiru/Nubiru, this twelfth planet of the solar system not only is mentioned in many mythologies but it will reach its closest position to the sun once again in March of 1997, after 3,600 years. Expectations are high that it will be seen as a brightly glowing disk in the sky when it makes its appearance from behind the sun. As if this were not enough, at the same time, also in March 1997, another large object will appear in the sky -- a gigantic comet, or tail star, 1/310 the size of Earth's diameter. This implies that the comet has a diameter of about 40 kilometers [25 miles]. Its brightness will be nearly 100 times brighter than Halley's Comet in 1985/86. The orbital time of the comet or tail star is enormously long, as is exemplified by Nibiru/Nubiru, respectively planet UNI's orbit of more than 3,000 years. The Hubble Space Telescope has already photographed the comet and scientists have discovered that its composition is typical for a comet. It consists of dirt, frozen gases, the "usual space trash," with a predominance of frozen water and other frozen material. Provided good visibility exists, the tail star, which will be known as the Hale-Bopp-Comet, should be visible without binoculars like a star in the night sky. It is expected to pass the Earth on March 23, 1997, and will then reach its point of closest proximity to the sun on April 1.

Well then, regarding extraterrestrials making their appearance before the public, I can say that March '97, once again, was to have been the designated month for the extraterrestrials' initial public appearance in the foreseeable future. However, after this announcement terrestrials generated numerous negative incidents and for this reason the extraterrestrials declared that this encounter would probably not take place. It is impossible for me to judge what transpired since the announcement in regard to the behavioral pattern of the terrestrials, along with the situation of military agencies and world politics. But I must assume that very little, if anything, has changed for the better since the announcement and that, as a result, the intended contact will probably not occur at the designated time. Should events develop otherwise, which I do not now foresee, I would be surprised myself. For now, however, all I can see is that the human population on Earth continues to war as ever, the people are hostile toward one another, they rob and steal from each other, and at every opportune or inopportune moment they clobber each other's brain to a bloody pulp; or else, they kill their fellowman according to the motto: If you refuse to be my brother I will bash in your head. -- And truly, I cannot envision any extraterrestrial being motivated into publicly landing on Earth to befriend terrestrials and establishing a liaison with them. I would consider anyone doing that "beyond help" and even more idiotic than the most imbecilic terrestrial.



Insurance Against Sex With Extraterrestrials Hope is now available for all those terrestrials who were forced into having sex with some extraterrestrials, ha, ha . . . There is also hope for all those who are being abducted by extraterrestrials. They can insure themselves now with a British firm; and it goes without saying that all those terrestrial females who believe that the space travelers harbor interests in breeding hybrids with them can have themselves insured against any possible pregnancies sired by extraterrestrials.

The insurance costs £100 [approx. $166] per adult for coverage against unwanted repercussions after having had sex with extraterrestrials. The victim will, supposedly, receive the sum of £100,000 [approx. $166,000] for an extraterrestrial abduction, provided the abductee is returned to Earth. Should a space traveler impregnate a terrestrial, the victim then will receive double that amount as compensation; females as well as males can have themselves insured against a pregnancy caused by extraterrestrials --- oh yeah?



Receiving an inheritance from yourself in your next lifetime

It seems hard to believe, but "Prometh," a Liechtenstein firm, is "parking" funds for a person's next lifetime [Prometh = derived from Prometheus, the titan in Greek mythology; in elevated linguistic usage it means strength, imposing size, towering, like a titan]. Anyone who believes the claims made by "Prometh," a company based in Vaduz, capital of the principality of Liechtenstein, can make himself his own heir in the next lifetime. All the person has to do is "park" his money in the bank until the next reincarnation. The "Prometh" foundation, contending it is the only company of its kind in the world, guarantees its clients that once they are reborn, they may claim their inheritance money from the bank. Foundation representative Tremmel stated that this form of financial investment for the next life is a secure method of readying "capital for the next life," and in this manner the person would have an appropriate amount of starting capital waiting for him or her in the next lifetime. The investment process starts when the interested party completes a questionnaire about his personal information while still alive. This completed questionnaire serves as the only method for identifying the person. The implication is that people who believe they are reborn previous investors, can contact the foundation and have the company investigate whether the individuals have indeed invested "capital for the next life." Three reincarnation therapists then proceed to check the clues to verify the claimant's statements. If the therapists are able to confirm the claimant's statements by way of the responses provided in the questionnaire, and if they subsequently identify the individual as the former investment customer who paid into the "capital for the next life," the money will be paid back with compound interest. If, on the other hand, the money is not claimed within 23 years, the entire sum paid into the firm by the customer is allocated to notarized, predetermined purposes -- and the "Prometh" foundation obviously intends earning a pretty penny from this scheme too. Founded on the stupidity of the most idiotic individuals, it is clear that even this foundation doesn't work for peanuts. How much is the minimum capital investment for this reincarnation foundation? A cool DM 200,000 [approx. U.S. $125,000].

Comments about this nonsense were reproduced in a newspaper article:

The Pontifical Administration in Augsburg, Germany: "Something like this is complete nonsense from a standpoint of Christian faith. Every human being is unique and lives only once." [Only Christians can be this obtuse in matters of life and rebirth].

Klaus Zehnder, Vice-Chairman of the Bavarian Society for Attorneys: "This is a completely untested and uncertain situation from a legal standpoint," because German law states that a person's legal competency terminates with the individual's death.

Swiss attorney for the "Prometh" Foundation: "This is no charlatanry, but a legal concept according to the civil and corporate laws of Liechtenstein."

Foundation speaker Tremmel: "Surveys have shown that one out of seven Germans believes in reincarnation. Therapists are capable nowadays of ascertaining beyond the shadow of a doubt whether a person is who he or she claims to be." [Additional comments regarding this rubbish are probably redundant.]



Terrestrial scientists are increasingly confirming information and explanations provided by the Pleiadians/ Plejarans regarding the fact that an exclusively vegetarian diet is detrimental to the health of humans. A related newspaper clipping follows:

Babies of vegetarians have vitamin deficiencies

An infant's health suffers when the child's mother lives only on a vegetarian diet. This one-sided form of nutrition leads to serious developmental disorders in babies, a study by the Tübingen University Clinic for Children revealed. Results of tests performed on five infants, whose mothers were strict vegetarians, revealed that the babies suffered from vitamin B12 and other deficiencies. The babies also had severe growth disorders and anaemia.



Dear Billy, in the Wassermannzeit I miss seeing any contributions from your wife and children. Are you deliberately preventing them from speaking up -- or do they simply not want to do it?

Petra Stossberg, Germany

Response: In the Wassermannzeit we occasionally printed, in the past, articles written by my wife and at least one article by my son Methusalem. This was the extent of my family's enthusiasm and exertion as far as their contributions to our quarterly issues are concerned. In spite of my efforts to point out the desirability for their writing some articles or other contributions for the Wassermannzeit, few of them were ever able to muster the energy to do so, and over time the initiative continued to fade away on the part of my children and my wife. In fact, my wife never did take an active interest in my mission nor did she ever seriously participate in it. On the contrary. She always tried to sabotage what I was doing in underhanded ways, and she took steps to defame both me and my work. In conjunction with other profoundly negative and grave matters, her actions have led to the dissolution of our 30-year marriage. Now the most absurd stories and rumors are circulating worldwide about me, even on the Internet, which are entirely based on all the untrue statements that were disseminated. I am responding briefly here to clarify matters, but I do not wish to address any further inquiries or correspondence I have previously received about this subject. Furthermore, I consider this a strictly private matter.



Mr. B. Kägi in Meilen reported observing a soundless object flying in the clear, starry night sky around 11:35 p.m. on March 1996. The object hovered at an altitude of approximately 45,000 ft. before it abruptly banked and disappeared.

Kägi noticed the object by accident while watching the sky through his tripod-mounted telescope. He observed four red headlights and reported that this only could have been a physical flying object of an extraterrestrial nature. He stated: "It would be completely impossible for this to be a delusion or a flying object of terrestrial origin. -- I have always been an avid skeptic regarding UFO matters or people who claimed to have seen one. Yet, this observation/assessment now forces me to change my life entirely into a pensive mode. Not only do I believe in extraterrestrial life, I now know that it exists. Through my observation of this incident, and even without the influence of any Christian religion, my previously held assumption that other lifetimes follow death becomes a reality," explained the 71-year-old observer.

B. Kägi, Switzerland; Billy


Chinese geologists report making a sensational discovery deep in the sands of the Gobi Desert (China). They found an area nearly 4 square kilometers [1.5 square miles] of petrified forest. Approximately 150 million years ago, they report, birch trees and the ornamental ginkgo tree grew there. This discovery provides proof for the hypothesis that this desert region was once fertile, just as the Pleiadians/Plejarans have stated not only in regard to the Gobi desert but also to other, now arid, terrestrial regions.


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This book reads like the most engrossing, fantastic Sci-Fi novel ever written. The author spellbindingly and convincingly describes his own life's story for us which seems unimaginable. Since his childhood he has had contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejarans on both telepathic and physical levels. The Pleiadians/Plejarans provide us with conclusive information about the history of mankind and Planet Earth, the components of the universe, and the human consciousness. In easy-to-comprehend prose, the author explains such interesting phenomena as "beaming" and leaps in space and time, which he personally has been permitted to experience. Billy Meier also describes the fascinating world of the Pleiadians/Plejarans and their technological, cultural, social and artistic achievements.

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