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  • FIGU Bulletin Volume: 1
  • FIGU Bulletin Number: 7
  • FIGU Bulletin Date: June 1996 (English Edition: February 1998)
  • Author: Billy Meier
  • Translator(s): Heidi Peters
  • Date of Translation: Unknown



FIGU Bulletin 7 Translation


Scientists discovered in the Antarctic ice field a meteorite fragment estimated to be 4 billion years old and it, they claim, originated from Planet Mars. And yet, nobody seems to question the fact that this fragment represents a contradiction to scientific conviction that the Earth's estimated age is 4 to 4.5 billion years. No one seems to question the concept that if the Earth is only 4 billion years old, give or take a few years, a Martian fragment could not have crashed into Earth and then be found in the Antarctic at the present time. One merely has to imagine the Ur-state ("Ur" is a German prefix signifying: most ancient, primeval, earliest, initial) of the Earth in those ancient times. The scientists contend that the Martian fragment may have wound up on Earth after it was first ripped from Mars and then hurled to Earth as a gigantic meteorite struck Mars. A British team of Earth scientific experts states that the fragment probably was initially jettisoned toward Earth, whereupon it crashed onto its surface at the same time the planetary bombardment took place.

Scientific reports claim that over a period of approximately 200 million years, and soon after the solar system's birth, a monumental meteorite shower struck the Moon, causing numerous impact craters which, even today, present proof of these ancient events. Scientists assert that the Earth, Mars, Venus, our Moon, other SOL planets, as well as their respective moons, were then all subjected to this hail of meteorites. Discovery of the Martian rock fragment supports this theory and turns this extraordinary meteorite into a precious piece of ancient history.



In the early morning hours of February 15, 1996, the Chinese launched a rocket into space with an American communication satellite on board which was intended to orbit around the Earth. Chinese television stations proudly transmitted the event live; however, the transmission was suddenly terminated when something went wrong. The rocket had veered from its intended trajectory, backtracked and then exploded. The Chinese, however, concealed the facts surrounding the actual events connected with this accident, namely, that thousands of men, women and children had perished and two Chinese villages had been destroyed and completely obliterated when the rocket malfunctioned on takeoff.

Immense devastation resulted from this accident, which took place in the Shisan region of China. Forty tons of TNT explosives were said to have ignited also when the rocket crashed, which lead to the complete annihilation of everything within a radius of 100 kilometers (60 miles) from the crash site.

For the first week after the accident no reports were issued by the Chinese government, and when eventually it did so, the truth was shamelessly distorted. The announcement was very brief and a complete lie: "Four people died during a rocket malfunction." This deceitful attitude prevails in China with its population in the billions, where human life is absolutely valueless. Consider the mass executions performed there in total disregard for human life. As we know from Pleiadian/Plejaran information, China carries out capital punishment to cheaply access human transplant organs. --- We have further learned that some years ago, as a consequence of an incredibly destructive earthquake in China, more than one million lives were lost. But the Chinese government reported the number as "only" several tens of thousands. One realizes, therefore, that it is a simple matter for China to deceitfully announce the death of merely four people in the rocket crash when, in fact, thousands had perished.



In the Great Magellan Cloud, a team of European astronomers discovered a dying "monster star" (Great Magellan cloud = constellation Dorado, comprised of approximately 10 billion stars at a distance of about 180,000 light-years from Earth). The recently discovered "monster star" is the first known extra-galactic star (SiO) of its kind to emit microwaves from a neighboring galaxy toward the Milky Way. Another scientific revelation is that the star is in its dying phase. The star's discovery was achieved using a 15 meter (45 foot) telescope at the Chilean Observatory.



The United States' National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has spectacular plans, and to international space enthusiasts the "sky is not the limit," as it were. An international race to the "Red Planet" will begin --- indeed, it already began and will outdo all past previous space achievements. The American team will initiate the next round of Mars research with two probes. But NASA is not the only agency involved in such projects; the European Space Agency (ESA), the Russians, and the Chinese contemplate entering the race as well.

The successful outcome of this race to Mars may very well be that for the first time in our recorded history, humans will set foot on to the fourth SOL planet's soil in the early part of the twenty-first century. Such an event will fulfill related Pleiadian/Plejaran predictions (see Predictions and Prophecies, now available in German from FIGU) in which they forecast also that 1996 will be a decisive year for the budding Mars research programs.

NASA's spectacular plans exemplify that the sky literally is not the limit for space enthusiasts, since the agency has attempted for some time now to produce suitable rocket fuel that would enable space rockets to make a return trip from Earth to Mars.

By the end of the twentieth century, and for the next couple of decades, Americans, Europeans, Russians, and Japanese plan to launch nearly 20 missions to Mars. It may, however, come as a surprise to the other participants that the Chinese will also be part of this roster because the billion-inhabitant nation is keeping all its objectives in this direction under wrap as well. --- Of course, all plans for Martian research depend on proper funding, but this will not easily stymy the enthusiasts' participation. The intended initial tasks after the Mars landing will be twofold: the exploration for water and the search for simple life-forms beneath the planet's weathered craters. Stephen Clifford, a geologist from the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, Texas, stated that the "Red Planet" probably offers the greatest likelihood for the discovery of simple life-forms within the SOL System. The latest revelations about exotic Martian microbes in particular have heated up the chase. Of special significance is the fact that the planet is wetter and warmer than previously assumed.

American space experts are suggesting a particularly revolutionary and novel concept for the Martian expeditions. They plan to construct a miniature fuel production system, which will be installed into one of the probes. It is expected this probe will be launched to Mars in 2005 where it will land, gather soil samples, relaunch itself, and leave the planet to return to Earth. The intent is that the fuel production system will absorb and accumulate carbon dioxide from the "Red Planet's" atmosphere during the vehicle's 583- day excursion. The unit will then slowly convert the carbon dioxide into an adequate amount of fuel for the 205-day return to Earth. According to preliminary figures such a device would also reduce the project's total cost by 30 percent.

Experts anticipate that the required fuel will weigh approximately one ton; and this, they say, is sufficient to bring two kilograms (2.20 lb.) of Martian soil samples back to Earth. Supposedly, the carbon dioxide will be converted into liquid oxygen, but information regarding if and how this will function remains a mystery at this time. Nevertheless, the initial starting date for the international race is set for November 1996, when NASA will launch its first probe. The intent is that the probe will orbit the red planet for one Martian year (687 days). In December 1996, the "Pathfinder" probe is scheduled to land upon an ancient Martian river bed. A so-called "rover robot" will explore its surroundings and pick up soil samples, thus initiating the actual Mars exploration program. Ultimately, additional probes will be sent to Mars every 26 months thereafter. Some will remain in orbit while others will land and further investigate the planet. The forthcoming probes will be launched on their long journey in pairs and will cost a total of $200 million --- according to current calculations.



Plans are also underway to explore the planet Pluto --- the most distant planet from Earth (of the known planets), and the last discovered planet in our solar system so far. Current terrestrials' knowledge about this planet is extremely limited, but at the onset of the twenty-first century, NASA will launch two small spacecraft to explore Pluto.

The schedule for this undertaking has a built-in sense of urgency since the planet, according to scientists, still has an atmosphere at this time. Were the exploration vehicles not launched in the very near future, the window of opportunity for any close inspection would be lost and reoccur only at a much later date. The reason for this is that Pluto is currently travelling away from the sun, and its atmosphere will freeze sometime between 2010-2015 AD, whereupon its atmospheric gases will begin to drift to the planetary surface as snow. Since Pluto circles the sun in an elliptical orbit every 248 years, the next opportunity to analyse the planet's atmosphere would not present itself for another 250 years --- reason enough for the planners to speed up the project.

As a result, NASA's early planning stage for this project must be completed by 1998 to the point where construction plans for the probes are finalized so that assembly can begin no later than 1999 or 2000.

The probes will be named "Pluto Express" and their actual launch into space is expected sometime between 2001 and 2003. The exact dates are presently not carved in stone since the project depends both on funding and routing.

Two probes will be required to scan and photograph the entire surface of Pluto during their fly-by. Apparently, their photographic images of the planet's surface will be far superior to the quality of photographs now being taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. The current technological trend is directed toward a miniaturization of all gadgets, devices, and the like. Space probe construction, therefore, is aimed at further miniaturization, with improvements to both capability and effectiveness. In diminishing the probe's mass and size, a special, improved protective shield can be constructed for the electronic equipment which will ward off harmful side effects from Jupiter's radiation belt. Such Jovian rays could prove very destructive. Unfortunately, the probes are unable to avoid encounters with them during their trip and it is critical, therefore, to thoroughly protect them from the radiation.

The planned Pluto project's fruition hinges primarily on NASA's financial prowess. In 1991 the cost for such a Pluto project were guesstimated at 2 billion dollars, while the agency now has been offered a "discount" cost of only 250 million dollars. The U.S. Congress is increasingly becoming stingier in financial matters pertaining to NASA's space objectives. Because of this frugality, the space agency must always first make its presentations much "tastier" for Congressional members to "bite." Perhaps the project costs could be shared with the Russians should they decide to participate, directly or indirectly.

Pluto was only discovered in 1930 and Charon, its moon, in 1978. Together they form a rather unique constellation: Pluto is the only planet in our solar system that builds up an atmosphere like a comet when approaching the sun and then loses it again as it retreats.



Space authorities are now convinced that extraterrestrial, human life does indeed exist. Mike Kaplan of the U.S. space agency NASA allegedly stated: "We are definitely not alone." In about 25 years we may indeed be capable of discovering these beings.



A report from the USA states that on October 16, 1995, the Hubble Space Telescope observed and photographed the frontal collision of two galaxies within the Capricorn constellation. The encounter will provide further insight into the birth of stars. The constellation is approximately 500 million light-years from Earth, signifying that the crash actually occurred 500 million years ago. According to NASA information, the photograph depicts a ring of new stars surrounding a larger galaxy which had formed when it was impacted by a smaller galaxy. The ancient event produced a shock wave that spread through the cosmos at 320,000 kilometers per hour [200,000 mph]. One statement indicates that this incident triggered the birth of several million new stars. The ring of stars is said to be so immense that our entire Milky Way galaxy could fit into it which, according to Pleiadian/Plejaran figures, has a diameter of approximately 110,000 light-years.



Many friends, acquaintances, enemies, and outsiders have repeatedly appealed to me to retaliate against or to respond to Kal Korff's intrigues and slanderous allegations. As far as I am concerned, I find it beneath my dignity to justify or let alone defend myself against a slanderer the likes of Korff, the "Weasel" [as nicknamed by U.S. talk show host Art Bell]. Korff was just 17 years old when he began publicizing his defamatory drivel and other conspiracies, which he aggressively continues to produce and disseminate since being a protégé of Bill Moore, MUFON, and its cohorts. Together they are determined to defame me, "Billy" Eduard A. Meier. I simply want to state that the truthfulness of my contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejarans does not require my rectification or justification in any way --- the truth speaks for itself, and Korff's intrigues and slander, therefore, cannot assail this truth. The day of reckoning will come when Kal Korff and all his cohorts, who seem to shy away from the genuine truth just as much as Korff does himself, must come clean --- without doubt, a situation they will find extremely unpleasant.

Equally as deceitful and slanderous as Korff's are Luc Bürgin's endeavors. He is a Swiss man whose address is Mühlhauserstr. 88, CH-4056 Basel/Bale, Switzerland, and, by his own grace, he is a dilettantish "wanna-be" ufologist. Although he refers to himself as an author or the like, he exposes in his articles, letters, and faxes his own ineptness in both grammar and spelling. In spite of this fact, as is usually the case with such people, he shoots off his big mouth and maligns me with extreme deceit and slander. This also holds true in the article he wrote in the German magazine UFO-Kurier (#18, April '96) which, in a fax to me, he deceitfully and megalomanicly described as a "widely sold" German periodical. For our readers' benefit, his correspondence to me, which contains different wording than what he deceitfully stated in his article, can be scrutinized at my place any time. Of course, everything he sent me was without his signature and had the notation: "Unfortunately, a fracture of my hand prevents me from signing these lines." It seems he feels that without his signature no proof exists the faxes came from him --- what other reason could he have for doing this?

Well, for my part, I never read Bürgin's slanderous drivel, for I can vividly imagine the type of lies and slanderous statements "à la Korff" he presents to the UFO-Kurier readers and others, in order to aggrandize himself and give the impression of how august a UFO authority and personality he is. This deception will probably not benefit him a great deal. All around the globe it is a known fact that "nobodies", non-talents, people full of inferiority complexes, and pretentious fools are simply pompous braggarts. Through every possible lie and defamation, they aspire to step into the limelight simply to boast and shine --- although the sham glare and glimmer only serve to blind those who fail to protect their eyes, or those who are gullible enough to fall prey to all these lies and defamations without ever attempting to determine the real truth for themselves. Any additional comments are probably redundant except for the old saying perhaps that "birds of a feather flock together," and this surely proves true as far as Korff and Bürgin are concerned. Together they paddle their boat toward insurmountable rapids which will lead, without doubt, to their downfall. On their deathbeds, their lies and defamations will turn their final days into hell. I certainly do not wish this upon them, for it is contrary to my character, but the saying goes: "One day we all will be held accountable for our every thought, every emotion, every deed and every action --- at the very latest when the Grim Reaper knocks at our door."

If we still had that Mount Olympus of yore

where mythological gods used to dwell,

they certainly would die laughing

at the folly of some people now on Earth.

A UFO Scatters a Dangerous Mess in an Airport in the South of Argentina

(Tribune de Genève, August 3, 1995)

An airliner pilot was forced to make a desperate manoeuvre not to collide with a flying sucer. At the same time, an electic black-out was registered in the town of San Carlos de Bariloche.

"A white flying saucer" was "moving at a high speed braving all physical laws" perturbing during fifteen minutes, during the night of Monday to Tuesday, the airport traffic of San Carlos de Bariloche, situated at 1800 km south-west from Buenos Aires. This information was reported by ten eyewitnesses.

It all started on Monday at 1h30 (Swiss hour), when the flight 674 of Aerolinas Argentinas, coming from Buenos Aires, with on board 102 passengers and three crew members, was finalising his approach manoeuvres in order to land on the lane of Bariloche, a winter sport resort in the first foothills of the Andes Cordillera.

"The pilot was obliged to make a desperate manoeuvre not to collide with the unidentified flying object" asserted few Argentinean military airforce members. These evidences were confirmed by the Major Jorge Oviedo, that saw as well "an UFO" and according to whom "at the same time, a black-out occurred all over the town. The airport measure apparatus went out of control. A few inhabitants declared as well to have seen the UFO, just before the black-out.

"When we were at 15 flight minutes from Bariloche, the Control Tower normally authorised us to proceed with the approach manoeuvres with the instruments on board and I came down to three thousand feet" explained the pilot, Jorge Polanco.

"At the precise moment when I was starting my last descent, I suddenly saw in front of the plane a white light that was coming straight at us at a very high speed, before stopping at a hundred meters. When I took back in hand the manoeuvres, the object did a strange turn in descent and kept at a hundred meters distance parallel with the plane" he expressed.

"The plane was running normally, but after a moment the saucer, of an airliner size, changed colour, two green lights appeared at its extremities with one orange in the middle that was shining at intermittence" continued the pilot.

"At the moment when I was starting my last approach, the landscape and the airport lights turned off. I was obliged to go back up to three thousand feet together with the UFO (he came along with a supernatural speed). I just couldn't believe my eyes and I was very worried, and my two co-pilots too" said Polanco and according to him "this UFO was not moving in accordance with any physical nor natural laws known".

"When finally the light came back on the ground I restarted my landing, the UFO then disappeared at a very high speed in direction of the Cerro Otto" concluded the pilot.

An inquiry had been opened in order to determine the origin of the mysterious object.


In the early days of Brazil's ufological research program (1957-1987), a group of friendly extraterrestrials (ETs) sent, on five occasions, warnings to mankind and the terrestrial governments. Over a twenty-year period (1975-1995) even more serious warnings were directed at Swiss contactee Eduard Meier and his support group, FIGU, by the benevolent Pleiadians/Plejarans. They have continued their warnings to Meier to this day, even beyond February 1995, when the Pleiadians officially withdrew from Planet Earth, apparently in disgust with the terrestrial governments' deaf ears upon which the warnings had fallen regarding Earth's overpopulation and overindustrialization.

Since the Pleiadians always claimed they (and their allies) were indeed the source of nearly all the observed extraterrestrial activities, it was a surprise when one year after the Pleiadians' withdrawal from Earth, UFO activities increased significantly in the night sky over Brazil, as public video recordings have demonstrated.

Yet a greater surprise lay still in store, when the Jornal do Brasil, a local newspaper, published reports on February 2, 3, and 4, 1996, that resident attorney and ufologist Dr. Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues in Varginha, capital of Minas Gerais, located three young girls in one of the city's districts who had observed an extraterrestrial being on January 20, 1996. Likewise, other witnesses claimed they saw two extraterrestrials whom a local fire department had netted and then immediately confined secretly in one wing of the city's hospital. The hospital director denied all allegations. The following day physicians from Sao Paulo University Clinic visited the ETs who were then spirited out of the city one or two nights later, and perhaps even transported to the USA.

In addition to two witness reports on TV on a more recent broadcast of the "Globo Fantástico" of February 25, 1996, no further commentaries were heard about this event --- neither from the local military garrison nor from the legal justice agencies nor the foreign minister's office in Brasilia, the capital. One could easily get the impression of living back in the colonial days of Tiradentes, the martyr, when Brasil was governed by the Portuguese mainland. Fortunately, we recalled reading about a recent article in a Meier/FIGU UFO Bulletin about NASA's "fun law," whereby every ET found on Earth must be quarantined under the pretense that by doing so, the government will prevent a terrestrial epidemic as the result of harmful germs carried to Earth by the ETs.

Now we must ponder what impression the Varginha events left with the cosmic race, when two apparently peaceful individuals were apprehended without warning and without the protection of our terrestrial laws. Although we recently discovered the effects wrought by atomic blasts, and that rocket technology allows us to visit the Moon, we know absolutely nothing regarding the technological capability of the extraterrestrials in Varginha and about their peacefulness or vengefulness. We also begin to comprehend why obtuse government administrators are calling outspoken ufologists' grievances "insane" when they demand the government officially disclose the UFO dilemma. Were the government to comply with their demands, some courageous ufologists might get the idea to publicly denounce the cowardice of the various governments over the past 40 years --- for not taking a stand until now and staring truth in the eye.

For this reason we want to mention several other newsworthy items that may or may not relate to the Varginha UFO episode:

  1. On February 9, 1996, two girls living in Rio de Janeiro saw a large automobile with the NASA logo on the side racing down the Dutra freeway toward Sao Paolo.
  2. On March 1, 1996, coinciding with the arrival of the American Foreign Minister Warren Christopher, the local newspaper Jornal do Brasil revealed that the UN-Secretary was in Brasilia, the capital, delivering documents regarding space programs and NASA that required the local foreign minister's signature.

We sincerely hope the ETs of Varginha will soon discover that harshness and unbridled force continue to rule our world. Hopefully no catastrophe will ensue from the skirmish that began in Varginha.

Finally, we would like to congratulate Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues on his tenacious research regarding the Varginha case, as well as for his mature, forthright related actions, and for his alertness, courage, and sincerity. In a previous case involving Arlindo Gabriel dos Santos in the city of Baependy (MG), we saw these same attributes emerge from within him.


Dr. Walter K. Bühler, Brazil


Former NASA scientists and engineers announced in Washington, D.C., they would present an analysis of 30-year-old suppressed evidence revealing ancient artificial structures on the Moon.

Photos show astronauts walking amid apparent lunar ruins, on "leaked" NASA and Soviet space photographs.

The scientists challenge the White House to "open the NASA files" and point to a deliberate 30-year superpower cover-up based on an official government report, which warned "civilization could collapse."

Such evidence throws new light on the nagging question: "What really happened to Apollo 13?"

Former NASA scientists, engineers and other researchers, under the aegis of The Mars Mission --- a grassroots space research and policy group of specialists and citizens --- will hold a major press briefing on Thursday, March 21, 1996, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. In the planned two-hour event, beginning at 9 a.m. (EST), detailed scientific analysis of possible ancient artificial structures --- found on hundreds of archived NASA and Soviet lunar photographs, and thousands of feet of original motion picture film --- will be presented, using state-of-the-art computer and video graphic systems. This material --- some of it held in a university archive outside NASA for almost a quarter of a century --- is part of a continuing Mars Mission investigation into possible "suppressed" NASA solar system findings, based on a highly controversial warning contained in a 36-year-old government report: (see New York Times, 12/15/60 article in TEXT FORM at end of this news release.)

The Mars Mission's major scientific and political conclusions, to be illustrated with extensive NASA and Soviet lunar photography at the press briefing:

These official mission films --- analysed over a period of four years, via scientific techniques and computer technology and literally unavailable even to NASA 30 years ago (when the original photographs were taken) --- now provide compelling scientific evidence for the presence of ancient artificial structures on the Moon. It is now apparent also that the entire purpose of President John F. Kennedy's sudden, all-out Apollo Program to land Americans on the Moon within ten years was to send American astronauts directly to these ruins, to record them on film, and to bring back physical evidence (including manufactured artifacts) for analysis on Earth.

According to Richard C. Hoagland, head of the Mars Mission and 1993 winner of the International Angstrom Medal for Excellence in Science, who began this intensive examination of NASA and Soviet lunar photography four years ago as part of the research organization's ongoing "Mars" investigation, the answer to the question, "Why a NASA cover-up of such extraordinary information?" is simple, if not tragic:

"Look at that New York Times headline; would you reveal the very thing that the best and the brightestf NASA could assemble at the dawn of the Space Age. . . warned could literally collapse civilization: namely, hard, physical ruins left by a race of obviously superior beings, and in our proverbial backyard to boot?! We are 30 years behind where we would have been --- had NASA only been allowed to tell us what they found at the time these photographs were taken. Imagine the future we would be living now, the discoveries, the scientific and environmental advances the world would be sharing if fear, coupled with blind and misplaced adherence to authority, hadn't intervened. . . ."

Hoagland hints that, in addition to the remarkable imaging data on the artifacts, at the press briefing there could be some major political surprises:

"We have evidence that some of the astronauts themselves have attempted to change this 30-year-old policy. But, because they are 'good soldiers', their efforts have been behind the scenes. We are considering presenting this evidence as well.

"It's time for this President to bite the bullet, to open NASA's files on all of this, and come clean."

For reasons of security, participants in the press briefing --- some of whom currently work on "black projects" for major aerospace companies under direct contract to the U.S. government --- will not be revealed, until shortly before the briefing on the 21st; however, the list of participants does include geologists, former NASA engineers, photographic experts, lunar construction engineers, architects, and investigative reporters. Extensive documentation, including hard copy imaging of specific NASA astronauts "amid the ruins," will be handed out on Thursday.

This article was transcribed from the original printed article. A copy of which is available from The Mars Mission, for authentication.

New York Times, Thursday, December 15, 1960:


Brookings Institute Report Says Earth's Civilization Might Topple if Faced by a Race of Superior Beings.

Washington, D.C., Dec. 14 (UPI) -- Discovery of life on other worlds could cause the earth's civilization to collapse, a Federal report said today.

This warning was contained in a research report given to the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) with the recommendation that the world prepare itself mentally prepare for the eventuality.

The report, prepared by the Brookings Institution said, "while the discovery of intelligent life in other parts of the universe is not likely in the immediate future, it could nevertheless, happen at any time."

Discovery of intelligent beings on other planets could lead to an allout effort by earth to contact them, or it could lead to sweeping changes or even the downfall of civilization, the report said.

Even on earth, it added, "societies sure of their own place have disintegrated when confronted by a superior society, and others have survived even though changed."

Responding to Crisis

"Clearly, the better we can come to understanding the factors involved in responding to such a crisis the better prepared we may be."

The agency's 100-page report, prepared at a cost of $86,000, was for the space agency's committee on beings-in-space studies. The members, headed by Donald M. Michael, also recommended further study of other space activities, including the symptomatic and propaganda effects and the implications of communication and weather satellites.

On the question of life in outer space, the report said that if intelligent or super-intelligent beings were discovered in the next twenty years they would probably be found by radio communications with other solar systems.

Evidence of such existence "might also be found in artifacts left on the moon or other planets," it said.

An attempt already has been made to contact outer space. Government scientists at Greenbank, West Virginia, used radio astronomy in an effort to pick up signals that might have been beamed by intelligent beings. They concentrated on a star about fifteen light-years away.

Signals sent from Greenbank were of a kind that would show to anyone receiving on other planets that they were man-made and not simple natural phenomena.

Submitted by Heidi, Bob, Marc, Jason in San Diego, USA



In reference to the article about "Abductions By The Little Greys" (FIGU Bulletin #6, February '96): Must all so-called abduction cases be classified according to those described in the article?

W. Uhlmann, Germany


No, of course not. Some of these abductions are genuine. However, legitimate abduction cases tend to be very rare and amount not to the millions which are claimed by "abduction nuts" and their followers. Genuine abductions are referred to as "examination contacts" when a great many examinations and, unfortunately, various experiments are performed on male and female terrestrials. In some cases, the abducted individuals are given implants in the form of small metal pieces that allow ETs to transmit impulses and the like to monitor the abductees. Occasionally, small surgical scars and dotlike needle imprints and similar marks may result from certain procedures. But all of these occur infrequently and are actually quite rare, not in the millions as is erroneously purported. Although it is true that beings, whom we call Little Greys, make their appearance during these examination contacts, most of the associated testimonials are pure fabrications and arise from fear and other conditions within the people involved. In any case, the Little Greys are not the terrible creatures mass fear construes them to be. These aliens are small, have an insectlike appearance because of their large, slanted eyes, and are covered by grayish skin. The hysteria that surrounds them is completely unfounded, however, although they do occasionally examine terrestrials.

In some cases terrestrials are examined "from a distance" while they are asleep in their beds. Needlelike dots appear on their bodies and they may have visions of the examiners. Once again, these cases are rare and do not happen in the millions as is so often maintained.

Cases where foreign objects are implanted into the body are also rare, and in some cases they are not even implantations but are, instead, usually metal fragments from Earth, which obviously had penetrated the skin long before they were being noticed. The body's own defense mechanism produces a protective film or membrane of keratin, hemoglobin and the like around the object, which may become solid as a rock over time and under certain circumstances. By forming such a membrane, the body avoids infection in the area of the foreign object. In general, metal fragments turn black when they have been imbedded in the human body for a long time, even after they were covered with a protective layer. Such fragments will appear very strange and may even undergo some chemical changes.

The so-called Little Greys, as we terrestrials refer to them, do not exist in the manner some frightened "abductees" describe. As mentioned above, their skin is grayish in color, they have large, almondshaped, slanted eyes, and their heads are antlike or grasshopperlike. And yet, they do not fit the Little Greys image currently being painted of them. The Little Greys could, therefore, simply be perceptions of frightened and delusional people. And yet, this clearly does not mean there are no aliens whose image the terrestrials have grown to know as the Little Greys. The truth is, they look somewhat different from what some people are claiming.

We never claimed that examination contacts did not take place, although we did state and have explained why stories about Little Greys with their reported abductions and so forth are, as a rule, based on mere fantasies, visions, sleep paralyses and other things. Exceptions exist for every rule, and very little was said about those. However, without doubt, such exceptions do exist. And this probably answers the reader's question. Abductions and examinations of terrestrial males and females by the extraterrestrials undeniably do happen, albeit only in very few instances and not by the millions as claimed.

These explanations, however, must not then be taken to mean that every tiny, needlelike wound was the result of extraterrestrial examination contacts because this would be a total exaggeration. For this reason, as a rule, natural causes for such small wounds should first be explored, e.g., in form of insect pricks or bites, which frequently look as though they were punctured into the skin with needles. Punctures and bites can be produced by gnats or horseflies and spiders; whereby the latter, although relatively small, may be poisonous and capable of generating an infection. Small spiders frequently inhabit decorative plants in homes, where the plants' soil provides a popular home for these unpleasant houseguests that occasionally look to humans as food sources. The poison from these small spiders is not necessarily harmless and their bite can lead to severe harm to the body, blood, and brain should infections result. If the brain is affected, these bites may even cause delusions, which then are erroneously accepted as reality.

Spiders, gnats, mosquitos, horseflies, and other such pests, are not the only insects capable of producing tiny, needlelike punctures, the origin of which may perplex many people and be falsely attributed to secret machinations of extraterrestrials. The bedbug, too, is a major culprit when it comes to inflicting tiny pinpricklike wounds. Oftentimes a single bedbug can bite the sleeper’s body several times. Additionally, various types of fleas can be listed in this category for they, too, can make the same prick marks as they bite into the person's body. These nasty houseguests frequently inhabit the humans' homes and their surroundings, because certain species of fleas depend on humans for their food source. This especially holds true when pets, such as cats, dogs, mice, various squirrel species, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, birds, etc. etc., are kept in human dwellings. As a rule, and even though they are kept very clean, these pets harbor lice and fleas that frequently leave the animals and attach themselves to humans in search of blood. Domesticated animals, such as sheep, goats, horses and cattle can also carry these nasty guests, which then bite humans without the person ever noticing; later on they wonder how the "punctures" got on their body. In order to pick up one of these parasites, a person need not even be near an animal in a room. The individual may visit other people or stand close to them, whereupon these bloodsucking fleas, bedbugs, and lice latch themselves onto the person. Likewise, by being close to or touching animals, the individual makes it easy for parasites to jump onto the individual and inflict pinprick or needlelike bite wounds, which then are mistakenly called extraterrestrial injection or examination marks. Indeed, such occurrences may even be associated with wild nightmares people experience. --- All of this, once again, confirms that a person should be cautious in all cases when reaching conclusions about mysterious, pinpricklike small wounds, and should first investigate the cause of such marks to determine whether or not they are the result of natural phenomena, possibly an insect prick or bite. Mention must also be made of another type of injection wound, which again is falsely attributed to extraterrestrial examinations. The mark is a stablike wound that appears independently or in clusters on various body parts, and it may take many diverse forms, as exemplified below:

The origin of such wound marks, which actually look like small "puncture wounds," can usually be retraced to a person's self-inflicted injury (unless they are indeed extremely rare, extraterrestrially-inflicted examination marks). Such individuals produce these wounds unconsciously, through their own mental powers, when their brains are exposed to the large sub-consciousness composite of a particular human mass. Consciously or unconsciously, they live with the phobias/fears to be subjected to extraterrestrial abductions, simple examination contacts or similar self-induced fears. As a rule, individuals with such conscious or unconscious phobias are not obtuse, unintelligent or consciousness-impaired. Indeed, they tend to be completely normal people with a lucid consciousness. They do lack, however, certain psychic strengths and mental powers, and for this reason, they are easily influenced in these matters by sub-conscious vibrations from their fellow human beings. Through the collective sub-consciousness, they absorb pseudo-experiences, thoughts, feelings, images, and similar vibrational emissions from other people, and assimilate them into their own sub-consciousness. Consequently, they are able to administer these unaccountable wounds and other markings to their own bodies. Thereupon, and for lack of a better explanation, these wounds and markings are frequently attributed to extraterrestrial forces because these individuals have read and heard about extraterrestrial examinations and abductions of humans, or they themselves may have experienced such pseudo events in a dream or in a sleep paralysis. These unconsciously-generated and -directed fantasies also play a vital role regarding a labile psyche and mentality, when individuals sub-consciously inflict marks or wounds on their own bodies and, thereby, produce pseudo-experiences in their minds. Additionally, this phenomenon holds true when the event occurs in conjunction with the collective sub-consciousness, where the number of people can range from dozens to hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of people. The larger the number of people included in this collective sub-consciousness block, the more powerful it becomes and the faster it spreads at lightning speed throughout the world, to touch the sub-conscious level of every individual. Normally, a strong sub-consciousness level in a person will assimilate and then immediately curtail these vibrational impulses. This fails to occur when an individual is controlled by some degree of lability, however, in which case the impulses do indeed reach the psyche and all mental realms without prior assimilation or screening. When an individual's subconsciousness is labile, then that person's mental sphere is also labile. Once vibrational impulses reach their destination, fantasies begin to grow which, subsequently, trigger forces that lead to the mental self-infliction of wounds, pseudo-experiences and the like.



Pleiadians/Plejarans do not apply the same term "Mad Cow disease" that we terrestrials use. Instead, they refer to the disease as the "prion epidemic." They apply this term not only to cattle but to all other mammals susceptible to BSE infection as well. As a result, the term also applies to Creutzfeldt-Jakob-Syndrome, the term used for the human form of this disease. The epidemic is transmitted to humans and animals via meat products such as ordinary cuts of meat, brain, bone marrow, along with meat or bone meal; indeed, from any product manufactured from these items, as well as through animal excrements, bloody saliva deposits on grass and hay, mites in fodder, contaminated stables, and so forth.

Many people are aware of the fact that two years ago FIGU conducted a worldwide campaign on this subject by way of a flyer mass mailing. The flyer was sent to all governments, major newspapers, television stations, politicians, health organizations, veterinary and other agencies just to name a few. The same flyer, consisting of a conversation about BSE between Billy and Ptaah, was reprinted. Thousands of copies were mailed out, once again, after a public declaration by British scientists had come forth in which they finally revealed that the prion epidemic, this "Mad Cow Disease," can be transmitted to humans after all --- just as Ptaah had declared some time ago. The latest follow-up announcement from Britain states the following:

British scientists have discovered certain genetic similarities in the proteins of both cattle and humans. These similarities may confirm the previously held suspicion that BSE, the Mad Cow epidemic, and the Creutzfeldt-Jakob-Syndrome, which attacks humans, are somehow linked. It is stressed that there exists little likelihood that the similarity is coincidental.


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As early as December 1995, astronomers noticed a mysterious object in space which sent strong X-ray signals into the universe every hour, in a way similar to a light house. First mention regarding these suspiciously regular radio signals was offered in 1968, when British astronomers became capable of picking up such signals. Headlines at the time read "Contact Made with Little Green Men," for everyone was convinced that only an extraterrestrial intelligence could transmit such signals in a regular pattern. It was not long, however, before theoretical astrophysicists found a less spectacular, yet no less fascinating explanation for the phenomenon, namely, that the signals were sent by a rapidly rotating remnant of a collapsed star, a pulsating radio star --- a pulsar. Early in December 1995, astronomers discovered a new type of pulsar in the vicinity of the Milky Way’s center that emits light within the more energetic, shorter-waved X-ray range. Approximately every hour the pulsar sends out an enormous X-ray pulse. The pulsar was detected by a research satellite specifically constructed for the purpose of examining long-observed X-ray flashes, which occasionally and unexpectedly flare up in the universe only to immediately subside again.

The newly discovered pulsar initially sent its X-ray flashes at one-second intervals, then every few minutes, and after two days then once an hour. Thereafter it entered an odd pattern of behavior displaying several variations which were previously attributed to various celestial objects. Currently this pulsar is the strongest known X-ray source in the sky.

At this point, mystery surrounds the mechanism by which these rhythmic X-ray flashes occur; but this much we do know: This cosmic X-ray light house is a dual-star system comprising a small neutron star of immense mass and a lighter-weight companion star. It is presumed that the lighter star intermittently loses some of its matter, while the neutron star "siphons" it off. This process causes the material to accelerate to approximately 150,000 kilometers/ sec. [93,750 mps], or half the speed of light. Thereupon, the material crashes to the surface of the neutron star, generating a temperature of approximately 1 billion degrees Celsius [1.8 billion F], hot enough to discharge X-ray flashes one million times brighter than our sun.



  • Kesao Takamizawa, a 44-year-old Japanese amateur astronomer from Nagano near Tokyo, detected a supernova with his 400mm telescope. He is one of the few astronomers on Earth to discover in rapid succession three different space phenomena. Takamizawa stated that during the night of Saturday, April 12th to the 13th, he had photographed the "NGC 5061" galaxy in the Virgo constellation and then realized, only after developing the film, that he had captured a supernova on his film.
  • In February/March '96, Chinese astronomers from the Peking Observatory discovered a supernova in the Raven constellation --- some 65 million light-years from Earth.


Scientists were amazed at their observations when comet Hayakutake traveled across the night sky as a diffuse object for several evenings at the end of March '96: The American and German astronomers discovered that the comet was emitting X-rays --- a unique phenomenon for this type of celestial body. And now they are baffled by what causes the X-rays.



With the aid of the Hubble US Space Telescope, American scientists some time ago photographed a "Black Hole," whose mass is equivalent to that of three billion suns. For the first time ever, the Hubble photographs provided evidence of the existence of a "Black Hole," based upon the stars orbiting it. Until now, scientists on Earth could only prove the existence of a "Black Hole" through observations of a unique gaseous discharge from the mass of collapsed stars which, collectively, are called a "Black Hole."

The "Black Hole" discovered by the Hubble is in the approximate center of Galaxy M 87, part of the Virgo Galaxy cluster and approximately fifty million light-years from Earth. With a mass of three billion suns, this "Black Hole" is said to be nearly as large as our SOL System.



Astronomers observed a very remote galaxy in the center of the Cancer constellation where, it appears, two gigantic "Black Holes" orbit each other. One of these "Black Holes" may have a mass of 5 billion suns, while the other may even have a mass of 20 billion suns. Astronomers had been observing bright flashes emanating every 11.6 years from this distant galaxy which, scientists speculate, may somehow be related to these two orbiting "holes." At the beginning of 1996 the time had come again --- and toward the end of 1995 astronomers began observing a sudden increased brightness of this galaxy.



At 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 19, 1996, a planetoid measuring 300 to 500 meter (300- 500 yds) in diameter passed a mere 450,000 kilometers [281,250 miles] from Earth. Until now astronomers knew of only five such space "wanderers" approaching even closer to Earth. One of them, known as XM1, a small planet and the record holder, shot past our planet in December 1994 at a distance of only 112,000 kilometers [70,000 miles]. This amounts to just two-thirds the distance between Earth and the Moon, whose average distance is 384,000 km [240,000 miles].

Such "visitors" from space are also termed "Earth-Orbit Intersectors" and are in reality either space debris from former terrestrial or extraterrestrial space missions. This was the case, for instance, when an object intersected the Earth's orbit in 1991. Small planets, respectively small celestial bodies from space, frequently travel in close proximity to the Earth. Normally, however, they simply pass by our planet without harming it.

This most recent planetoid discovery was made on May 14, 1996, by astronomers Tim Spahr and Carl Hergenrother at the Catalina Observatory in Tucson, AZ. The "visitor," a dim, Rank 12 object, was travelling at high velocity in the southern portion of the Boat constellation near its major star Arcturus. Its catalog number is 1996 JA1.