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N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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  • FIGU Bulletin Volume: 1
  • FIGU Bulletin Number: 2
  • FIGU Bulletin Date: May 1995 (English edition: November 1995)
  • Author: Billy Meier
  • Translator(s): Heidi Peters
  • Date of Translation: Unknown



FIGU Bulletin 2 Translation

UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects)

UFOs, respectively UFO sightings, represent no problem whatsoever for the obstinate skeptics, because in their opinion UFOs are, in every case, nothing but hoaxes, mistaken identities of clouds, flocks of birds, helicopters, sport or weather balloons, meteorites, shooting stars, rockets, satellites or swarms of insects, etc. Malicious individuals among the skeptics and critics even claim that the entire matter is nothing more than contrived stories of fraud, lies, deceit or charlatanry and are disseminated for fun, egoism or profit. Unfortunately, these claims and descriptions cannot always be disregarded because many lies, frauds, charlatanry and hoaxes are perpetrated within ufology circles (see our pamphlet Those Who Lie About Contacts), channeling, so-called séances and other subject matter. Reasons for this vary greatly and range from egomania or image improvement to sectarianism, which is then supported through these fraudulent activities, etc. On the other side of the fence from these two groups is a very broad front of uncritical UFO approvers who simply believe, without question, each and every item that comes their way pertaining to UFOs. This group consists of the uncritical, sectarianizing UFO believers who accept the UFO crew members as being angels and other messengers of the Lord, the Savior or God. Such reticent UFO believers are victims of their own uncontrolled wishful thinking and hold that such extraterrestrial entities must be exalted beings of a "cosmic brotherhood" who, supposedly, have come to Earth to rescue the terrestrials from their demise and to lead them back onto the "path of the Lord and Savior". This group consists largely of UFO believers who live in fear of political and economic chaos, war, anarchism, terrorism, xenophobes, racists and others. Indeed, the numerous, confused messages of salvation from purported contactees, supposedly transmitted by extraterrestrial UFO passengers as well as spirit beings, etc., fall on fertile ground within this group of people.

In addition to the above-mentioned skeptics, critics, frauds, charlatans, liars, hoaxers as well as the uncritical believers, there also exists a small group who face the UFO phenomenon soberly, with a matter-of-fact attitude that lacks prejudice. They must not, however, be confused with those individuals who picture themselves as UFO researchers, respectively ufologists, who only acknowledge those UFO matters that please and suit them. Such is the case with MUFON and CENAP. Genuine ufologists strive to find a realistic clarification and illumination of all the UFO phenomena, and for this reason they must not be thrown into the same category as the would-be UFO researchers of MUFON or CENAP, etc., or with the likes of self-proclaimed UFO "popes" such as Virgil Armstrong and others like him. This sober group of individuals also has nothing in common with the delusional beliefs of the UFO sectarians who pop out of the ground in masses, fluster others and cause great harm with their UFO-sectarian nonsense and idiocies, as they make UFO events appear totally ridiculous. In contrast to the sectarian or negating actions of the believers, the would-be ufologists, hoaxers, frauds and similar individuals, a group of genuine UFO researchers does exist who seriously dedicate themselves to this subject. They have at their disposal a complete range of well-documented UFO cases which are frequently authenticated by credible witnesses. These cases prove the genuine existence of UFOs, and they attest to the fact that these sightings in the sky can no longer be disclaimed, although the military, government offices and secret services officials continue to vehemently attempt to do so. They take this stance because they actually have in their possession crashed and safeguarded UFOs as well as their, usually, dead crew members. Undeniably, events are occurring in the sky and flying objects of unknown origin are appearing that cannot be traced back to terrestrial, Earth-human machinations and terrestrial flying devices. Not all of these events can be explained with traditional, terrestrial approaches, and the crashed, safe-guarded UFOs with their dead crew members prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are of alien origin. The Americans in particular could prove this, for they have been able to stash away several crashed UFOs and their dead, extraterrestrial crew members, and even now they are busily attempting to copy UFOs - with fairly passable success, as their UFO aerobatics, respectively their test flights in the Nevada desert around Area 51 demonstrate.

When genuine experts are permitted to voice their opinions they declare that the UFOs, their appearance, flight tracks, flight maneuvers, general dynamic and luminescence (luminescence is the glowing of any matter not produced through increase in temperature) are inexplicable. As spaceships of extraterrestrial origin, UFOs must traverse incredible, interstellar distances that can only be measured in light-years. For example, Alpha Centauri, the nearest celestial body beyond our SOL-system, is located 4.5 light-years from Earth (one light-year equals 9.5 trillion kilometers = 5,880,000,000 miles, the distance light travels in one year at a speed of 299,792.458 kilometers per second). Therefore, from the terrestrials' standpoint, spaceships that come to Earth from the alien worlds of distant stars must traverse almost incomprehensible distances, which can only be surmounted when every essential aspect is researched, evaluated and then the results implemented in a useful form. Not only must the necessary capabilities and possibilities in the realm of physics and technology be present, but evaluations must be made as well regarding the human body, its consciousness and the psyche. Currently, however, these capabilities remain beyond terrestrial comprehension, as are their technological and physical prospects. For this reason, people on Earth continue to reject the possibility of space travel to alien solar systems. Terrestrials believe that it is impossible to span such distances - or failing this, they believe the prospects of doing this will only exist in many years or decades to come. Nonetheless, extraterrestrials have indeed been arriving on Earth in spacecraft we call UFOs for thousands of years now. Occasionally some of them did crash, especially in more recent years and particularly in America, where many of them were found along with their dead crew members. They looked very foreign, and yet were undeniably, beyond any doubt, exotic looking humanoids --- human beings therefore.

Particularly in modern times, the UFO phenomenon has made its way to an important position in the public eye, and without a doubt it has become one of the greatest scientific challenges of the 20th century. Though the UFOs may often be ridiculed or simply ignored, this criticism will change over time. One of the reasons behind the snickering and a tendency to ignore UFO sightings, their crashing, safeguarding and the retrieval of dead or semi-dead crew members, is the official military/secret service denial of their existence. Another reason is the ridicule of the UFO phenomenon by government agencies, the military, secret services, radio and television stations, newspapers and others who want to prevent ordinary citizens from hearing the truth and, instead, want to make them feel safe in the comfort of their ignorance. Yet by and large, it is primarily the sectarian would-be UFO contactees who, through their absurdities and inanities, paint the entire gamut of this UFO phenomenon with the glittering aspect of absurdity. As a result, their attempts are then virtually ripped to shreds in mid-air by skeptical, critical, all-devouring and asinine type of journalism. The entire phenomenon is taken out of its original context and slurred by the popular press, etc., on the premise that a lie is more impressive than the truth, and that this type of mud-slinging journalism is financially more rewarding than sound, truthful and correct reporting, which was journalism's original slogan in earlier days but has since become a very rare virtue.

Many things have happened in the field of ufology since 1975. Not only are UFO sightings occurring more frequently and resulting in actual "UFO waves", but volumes of previously classified and top secret UFO files have also been released that provide authentic and clear findings surrounding UFOs, their sightings, crashes and other items. These are indeed very impressive documents, although a vast amount of text is blackened out and continues to remain undisclosed. These secret documents also clearly reveal that various governments throughout the world, especially the major powers, are extremely anxious whenever UFOs appear, and for a long time they have reacted accordingly. Obviously these governments, their secret and military services and others, are not indifferent to the intruders from space in their flying disks, globes, cigars and triangular devices to mention only a few. Such agencies look upon the aliens as objects of anxiety, if not fear, which may be triggered by the fact that they have been able to seize crashed UFOs and their dead or semi-dead crew members. They have come to conclude therefore that extraterrestrials far surpass terrestrial capabilities in every way.


The Extent of Our Mission

Frequently questions are asked regarding the extent of FIGU's mission, or rather, to what degree is FIGU responsible for the dissemination of the spiritual teachings and the entire Mission, and where are its boundaries. Here then is an explanation:

  1. Basically FIGU Switzerland oversees the Mission material only in the German-speaking regions of Europe, i.e., Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the remaining small territories where the German language is spoken, among them, of course, is also the Principality of Liechtenstein.
  2. With regard to the languages appearing in the production of FIGU books and other written material, as well as the dissemination of pamphlets and books, FIGU remains exclusively in charge over the German language and the German-speaking countries.
  3. Regarding foreign languages, that is for non-German speaking countries, the plan is that individuals who feel obligated to serve in the Mission within these countries may translate the texts and books into their own languages and then disseminate the material with FIGU's guidance and authorization.
  4. Individuals who are linked to the Mission by way of their close association with FIGU remain responsible for the dissemination and preservation of the Mission in foreign, non-German speaking countries.

All of this has been laid down and regulated in this way because it is simply impossible for FIGU to perform these many diverse and monumental duties which are tied to the Mission's global dissemination and preservation. This also includes the required finances and all the necessary storage space, etc. etc., essential for a worldwide dissemination and preservation of the Mission from the Swiss headquarter. It is the responsibility therefore of those foreign individuals linked to the Mission, by way of their close association with FIGU, that they provide extremely accurate translations and care in the dissemination of the books and other texts, as well as the dissemination and conservation of the Mission itself.

The Mission center site, in what today is called Switzerland, was chosen thousands of years ago for safety reasons, and the German language was chosen for the teachings and the Mission, among other things. This does not mean, however, that other countries or regions must be excluded from the teachings and the Mission. On the contrary: It is an urgent necessity that the teachings and the Mission are disseminated and established throughout the world. This applies also to America, even though it presents the greatest difficulties and is marked by sectarianism, intrigues and deceitful machinations, which have led the Pleiadian/Plejarans to sever their links with that region to a point where the establishment of closer ties has become impossible. Individuals such as Lee Elders, Randy Winters, Roberta Brooks, the contact liar Fred Bell and many other people of the same category contributed to this plight because of the lies they spread regarding the contacts they were supposedly having with the Pleiadians in one way or another. Indeed, some of them even claim they receive messages and other things from the extraterrestrials. All of these claims are simply heinous lies and vicious fraud, for not one Pleiadian/Plejaran maintains contacts with human beings on Earth --- except for me --- a fact the Pleiadians/Plejarans have repeatedly and extensively emphasized throughout my many contact years with them.

Well then, at least America will not go hungry regarding the teachings and the Mission. But the American people must learn to redirect their thinking in many ways, just as the inhabitants of other countries had to do, and they must preoccupy themselves with the truth and the facts. They too must strive to translate, learn and disseminate the texts and books of the teachings and the Mission, because FIGU in Switzerland is simply not capable of doing so. FIGU has attempted to produce and disseminate various texts and books in foreign languages, such as in English, Spanish and Russian, but this is a mere drop in the bucket, for despite the thousands of pamphlets we produce and mail out at our own expense, we are able to only reach a fraction of the entire human population. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that many trustworthy people throughout the world collaborate with us, translate the texts and books into their respective languages with our approval and disseminate the material after doing so with FIGU's authorization. Only in this manner can the citizens of every country learn about the teachings and the Mission, along with the worldwide, indeed, universal importance of this entire matter.


Hostile Attitude toward Jews and Homosexuals

From Wild Flower Press in USA, we received news that complaint letters and other items were sent to them regarding the contents of the Talmud Jmmanuel. The complainers made accusations that the book's contents presented a purported hostile bias against Jews and homosexuals. These complaints of course, how could it be otherwise, originated in America where some individuals perceive things that simply do not exist. America is particularly adept at this, especially in view of the countless alleged contacts with extraterrestrials that are supposedly maintained there. According to these claims, America must simply be crawling with extraterrestrials and contactees.

Regarding the alleged hostile bias against Jews provoked by the Talmud Jmmanuel and us: We of FIGU are neither xenophobes nor racists, respectively haters of foreigners or of other races, and neither is the Talmud Jmmanuel. We of FIGU in every way constantly strive to treat every foreigner and member of other races equally in every way, although this does not eliminate our right to point out the errors and inhumane machinations, as well as transgressions of the law on the part of foreigners and other races, in the same manner that we deal with our own country and our own people. Our right to point out the errors of others has absolutely nothing to do with hating foreigners and other races. It is a fact that through contrary and moronic statements, some people conversely attempt to portray peoples and countries more favorably than they really are. To this end, they attempt to downplay, if not gloss over, misdeeds and horrors; and yet we are reproached for being hostile against foreigners, other races and Jews. These accusations are completely off their mark, and this is proven by the fact that we not only correspond with people of the Jewish faith, but we are constantly linked to them, and they even occasionally visit us at the Center.

To begin with, the Talmud Jmmanuel certainly contains no hostile material against Jews, for the book represents nothing more than a chronological depiction of the spiritual teachings and past events from the period in Palestine, some 2000 years ago, when Jmmanuel was persecuted, imprisoned, innocently sentenced and nailed to a y-shaped cross by the Romans with the help of Jews. From the Jewish viewpoint, however, this fact has been vehemently denied since then -- and the identical denials remain in place today through conservative, indeed fundamentalist, Jewish control powers. This group, through every means possible, would like to see the suppression of all facts surrounding Jmmanuel, in the hope that they might be forgotten; and for this reason are attempts made to portray the Talmud Jmmanuel as anti-semitic, hence hostile against Jews, although it is nothing of the sort. It simply is a chronological record of events. If chronological records are to be evaluated as being xenophobic, respectively racist and hostile against foreigners and other races, all chronicles and chronicle-type records ever written would have to be strictly prohibited. In all truthfulness, the contents represent nothing more than chronological records of actions, thoughts, teachings, events and incidents from earlier times. Were such records prohibited, the entire knowledge of historic events from the past would become lost in the process.

Regarding the charge that the Talmud Jmmanuel and FIGU are hostile toward homosexuals, we would like to state that this, too, is a vile defamation. Neither FIGU nor its texts or books are written with any form of hostility in mind. We must admit, however, that certain passages in the book could conceivably give the uninitiated reader an impression of hostility against homosexuals. Such may be the case because passages from the Talmud Jmmanuel were taken from and then reproduced in the ancient script form, which originated at a time when humanity was still lacking in higher knowledge and understanding of these concerns. Consequently, their explanations could not be interpreted in a way that would allow everyone to understand them; even the scribes, philosophers and other highly educated individuals had difficulty with them. The language format and contents of the text have been adapted to the understanding of the people from that era and later everything was reproduced accordingly in the identical format provided in FIGU books. We had no intention of leaving the material in this form, for from the very beginning we also wanted to publish its indispensable and profound explanations according to modern Man's understanding. And this was accomplished. These explanations to the text, however, are contained in works other than the Talmud Jmmanuel or the OM. It is unfortunate that the slanderers do not read these other texts with the more profound explanations, otherwise they would have a different opinion of these matters --- albeit, the question arises whether their intelligence allows them to understand the explanations in the first place, those printed in the Wassermann (Voice of the Aquarian Age) #91; in Contact Report # 182, Block 12 of February 3, 1983, pages 2324-2326, sentences 305-327; as well as in the 24-Question reply and in Contact Report # 248 of February 3, 1994. Additionally, an extensive explanation is given in the Spiritual Teachings,

Lesson #121, that states the following:

Homosexuality and How Does it Come About?

Homosexuality - a Natural Occurrence Against Nature

Homosexuality is a natural type of sexuality that is against nature. "Natural" and "against nature" mean that homosexuality is a type of sexuality which manifests itself in a natural manner but cannot serve the law of nature through reproduction. For this reason this type of sexuality is against nature's law, respectively naturally anti-nature. Homosexuality is a genetically-induced type of sexuality and, as a consequence, is considered to be natural; however, it must be classified as anti-nature due to the inability of the participants to reproduce the species. Hence, homosexuality is called a natural, but antinature type of sexuality.

Homosexuality is a natural, anti-nature type of sexuality that is not prohibited through any natural, Creational law and directive. It is normal and natural --- albeit anti-natural due to the lacking capability of reproduction. Certain genes and their characteristics determine sexuality, hence homosexuality as well. Genes and their characteristics, in turn, are a minute particle of nature and are, therefore, subject to the natural laws and directives. This, then, means that nothing can be against nature if it is permissible in nature, indeed produced by it. Consequently, homosexuality is a natural type of manifestation whose anti-naturalness is simply based upon the lacking procreation possibility. Furthermore, because homosexuality is a natural manifestation, that is nature given, it cannot and must not be considered, judged or condemned as degeneration, unnatural and depraved, nor looked upon as disgusting or a transgression against the laws of nature and humanity. What must be considered as being against nature's laws and as unnatural, however, is the sodomitic degeneration of homosexuality and bi-sexuality, that is, the sexual gratification by humans with and on animals of all types. This form of sexuality has singularly and exclusively developed from human thinking and fantasies, whereby Man is capable of even influencing the characteristics of genes to generate this uniqueness within himself. This peculiarity then is a degeneration, an anti-naturalness and transgression against nature's law, and is described in Genesis, page 184, #3) Homosexuality with the following verses:

  1. Homosexuality is the physical union between two life-forms and the same type or same gender, also called male and male or female and female.
  2. It is considered to be anti-nature between all male life-forms, but part of the natural order between all female life-forms.
  3. Hence, all sexual unions between male and male are a degeneration against nature because insemination and insemination unite in a pseudo-act of procreation.
  4. This type of degeneration is generated by male life-forms with degenerate tendencies of emotions and self-created, anti-natural desires in a perverse form.
  5. This type of sexual activity can only originate among human male life-forms with their own homophile egoism that misleads and degenerates through factors of false teachings, uncontrolled desires of perversion and lusts against nature's design.

Degenerate tendencies of emotions and self-created anti-natural desires in a perverse form, as well as an individual's own homophile egoism, are interpreted as the creation of a pseudo-homosexuality that is brought about by the person's own thoughts and fantasies that transgress against nature's laws and directives and consequently become a degeneration. This form of homosexuality does not show any link to the natural-anti-nature, hence naturally gene-produced, homosexuality. The degenerate homosexuality, hence pseudo-homosexuality that is self-produced through one's own thoughts and fantasies is, as a rule, coupled with other pseudo-, self-produced sexual abnormalities and transgressions against nature, such as sodomy, masochism and sadism, to mention a few.

By definition, homosexual men cannot perform sexual acts with one another; they can only give in to mere sexual gratification, which is presented in the OM, page 69, verse 138:

138. Just as the male cannot give birth, neither can there be any procreative-sexual contact from one male to another male or between male to male that would be considered a transgression against Creation's guidance and against its laws and directives and against the Order of Seven.

Homosexual men cannot perform any genuine sexual acts therefore but can only obtain mere sexual gratification. The reason for this definition is that men, among and with each other, are incapable of procreating. A genuine sexual act can only transpire, therefore, when an opportunity for procreation exists in the way that it does between two human beings of a different gender --- between a man and a woman. All other sexual acts where there is no chance for procreation, such as between two men, can only be termed sexual gratification. A true sexual act is also, of course, the sex life of two partners with different genders who are infertile, together or individually. In this case, the decisive factor is their different genders. The facts are presented in the spiritual teachings in this manner.

When mention is made in the OM (page 69, verse 139) of homosexual unions between one man with another man as being punishable, it means that the culpability becomes apparent when homosexual men have intercourse in a manner that makes them capable of giving birth (such as through genetic manipulation, etc.), in an anti-natural and wanton way and having sexual relationships in order to procreate children:

139. If a man transgresses against the guidance of Creation in this manner, if he, as a man, has a wanton intimate relationship with another man therefore to perform a true sexual act, he shall make himself culpable for life and shall experience the impact of the consequence in the same manner a man or a woman would, who has an intimate relationship with life-forms of different species, which are called animals.

Likewise, the verses 6 and 8, Chapter 12, page 49 in the Talmud Jmmanuel refer to the above verse 139 of the OM:

6. If two men bed down with each other, they shall be punished also, because the fallible are unworthy of life and its laws, and they are acting heretically; thus they shall be castrated, expelled and banished before the people.

8. Whenever inseminator and inseminator join together, life is violated and destroyed.


Contact Delusions

UFO contacts or other types of contacts with extraterrestrials, higher spirits, dead personages and others, have apparently become THE big attraction of the New Age. The world is virtually flooded with purported contactees, mediums and channelers, many of whom have become celebrities through these activities, if for no other reason than their religious-sectarian messages of "salvation".

Among the many purported contactees, mediums and channelers there exists a mood of "finalization" or the "End is Nigh" atmosphere, whereby they put fear into other people who believe their nonsense and then they financially exploit them. These purported contactees, mediums and channelers are becoming increasingly more numerous, although not all of them are famous or well known. But they are all equally "sick in the head" for they are simply psychopaths, individuals suffering from psychogenic disorders, schizophrenics, etc; they may also be deliberate frauds, liars, hoaxers or charlatans who wish to project themselves into the forefront for reasons of their own image, profit or sectarian faith. I could sing a loud and inglorious song about many of these well-known or obscure alleged contactees, mediums, channelers and others because they continue to insist on pestering me with their nonsense by telephone, mail and FAXes; indeed, they even come to see me in person. This has been going on now for many years, since 1975, when I made my contacts with the Pleiadians/ Plejarans public knowledge. From that time onward I have constantly and repeatedly been beleaguered by people and their contactee-medium-channeler delusions. This happens eighty to ninety times a year, and many of them have become quite aggressive and vicious when anyone attempts to talk them out of their nonsense. Usually most of them calm down after a short period and withdraw, offended, while others become even more impertinent and insistent. Some of them even had the nerve to subscribe religious-sectarian pamphlets, newspapers and other items on my behalf which, in two cases, I was able to trace to individuals tortured by sectarian delusions.

As the only true contactee of the Pleiadians, I have been approached by no less than seventy-one individuals in writing, by phone and FAX over the past twenty years, who contend that they, too, were having contacts with the Pleiadians, namely with Semjase, Quetzal, Ptaah and some Pleiadian fantasy personages. Such claims are pure, unparalleled nonsense, for the Pleiadians/Plejarans have vehemently denied these assertions. Among these liars was an American millionaire, an American movie actress, certain doctors, engineers, a priest and many others. More than 30 of these 71 individuals claimed they were designated by Ptaah, Quetzal, Semjase, or somebody else, to pass on extremely important messages to me, as liaisons, so to speak, between my Pleiadian/Plejaran friends and myself. Eleven individuals downright lied and said they were in telepathic, indeed physical, contact not only with Ptaah, but with the High Council, the Petale level and the Arahat Athersata level which, allegedly, also instructed them to give me extremely important messages, etc. The chain of alleged contactees, mediums and channelers is endless; in fact, the approaching turn of the millennium appears to make them pop out of the ground like poisonous mushrooms. Likewise, the turn from one millennium to another, much like the turn of one century to another, is always reason for religious sectarians to be in a fearful and end-of-the-world mood and, consequently, they are particularly active, pesty and stultifying toward their fellow human beings. This applies to new sects as well, to which people fall prey in masses.


Two Warnings

On February 14, 1995, the Pleiadians/Plejarans warned that new developments were originating from within right-extremist circles that must be carefully scrutinized by government agencies and by ordinary citizens and security forces. The warning states: "Especially in schools for higher education and universities, a new right-extremist group is emerging that will dedicate itself to terrorism under the disguise and appearance of being a religious-conservative organization, and threatens to evoke great harm." A second warning refers to Islamic fundamentalists and is expressed as follows: "The Islamic fundamentalists as well are increasingly rallying into a growing and dangerous power that directs itself against all forms of religious beliefs that differ from their own. Their goal is total fundamentalization of their faith and the forceful integration of all other religions, respectively their members, into the same belief system. Their aims are directed and achieved through terrorism and will lead to bloody religious wars, from which World War III may evolve."


My Pledge to Secrecy

With the Pleiadian/Plejaran withdrawal from Earth during the night of February 2nd to 3rd, 1995, I am now released from my obligation to remain silent about certain UFO-related incidents and events on Earth. The Pleiadians/Plejarans remain under this pledge of secrecy, but through a dispensation from the High Council I am now released from this obligation and can now speak openly of certain things I consider relevant. I feel, however, that certain matters must remain a secret for the present, as their disclosure would not be advisable at this point in time. On February 14, 1995, during the last contact for some time that ensued to finalize certain important matters, Ptaah provided me with the following explanations regarding the dispensation of my pledge of secrecy:

"Ptaah: . . . .With our withdrawal you are no longer bound by your obligation to remain silent except for certain matters pertaining to us, therefore to our safety also. You no longer remain under any obligation and are free from your commitment to stay silent . . . . You must be careful, however, for the CIA and other organizations are not timid in matters involving the secrecy of matters they find disagreeable . . . . As far as we are concerned, we are not at liberty to pass on any official data, for we are not permitted to intervene in any of these affairs . . . It will be at your own discretion should you decide to continue speaking out on such matters, even though you did receive the information from us. . . . We simply must detach ourselves from these issues, and from now on we will no longer be involved. We have performed and finalized our task, and through the worldwide UFO controversy you helped bring about, you have greatly contributed to our tasks' completion - even though you were treated with hostility and accused of fraud. Certain irrational factions will continue to deal with you in this manner even into the future. Envy and hatred play a fundamental role in their efforts to stifle the truth. Yet, their actions are by far too late, because your efforts and the prevailing UFO controversy will force government agencies, the military and secret services, among others, to reveal their information and records regarding this subject. This will not transpire from one day to the next, but the ongoing controversy now makes these revelations inevitable. You have sown the seeds and brought them to germination. As a result, fruit will grow and mature --- and this event will take place in the not-to-distant future. You must realize, however, that pressure to suppress the truth by every possible means available will become even greater, for certain circles will see their own fruitless efforts come to nought, as you express it."

Upon hearing Ptaah's words, I added: "And the defamer Kal Korff will surely play an important role, as I was informed from America two days ago."

Here is Ptaah's reply, along with another question and answer:

"Ptaah: This is correct. Indeed, this liar is a fraud as well as a defamer, and the powerful forces behind his initiative are not only envy and hatred, but other matters as well, and include people who are determined to suppress and destroy the truth under any circumstance."

My next question was: ". . .You have often disclaimed matters which were interpreted as true and valid by Earthlings elsewhere. How should one understand this?"

"Ptaah: We certainly have done so, that is correct. However, the reason behind this was that we were not always allowed to speak on a particular issue because of our pledge to secrecy, or the facts of the questions were not corresponding exactly with reality or the truth, or there were too many inconsistencies, which made things appear under a false light. Furthermore, the questions were frequently not quite to the point and we were obliged to give negating or disclaiming replies. And yet, we always maintained our honesty and never spoke untruthfully although, occasionally, we did sometimes skirt the issue --- of which you are a master yourself.

Billy: You mean to say that you often simply beat around the bush.

Ptaah: This is the meaning of my words."

Here ends my excerpt from the report dated February 14, 1995, which gave me permission to speak openly on various items I had been unauthorized to mention previously. For this reason, in the future, I will occasionally release in the FIGU Newsletter some of my knowledge and the information I previously received; however, I will always do so within the framework of what I consider being responsible. When I just think of the Little Greys hysteria in America, which is now beginning to grip Europe as well, particularly Germany, I feel that too much information perhaps could only be detrimental. And yet, consider this: It was primarily their secrecy in the handling of UFO matters on the part of government agencies, the military, secret services and others (America excels in such matters) that the Little-Greys-hysteria was truly generated and launched. It seems that a little more information would therefore be more beneficial than harmful to somewhat calm this hysteria.


Monitoring Systems

In the late 1950s, Americans stationed the so-called MIDAS satellite system approximately 38,000 km (23,750 miles) above the Earth with the intent of protecting the USA from a surprise attack in case they were fired upon by intercontinental rockets. This system, however, was soon replaced by a different, updated system called DSP (Defense Support Program), which is more than just a monitoring system because it holds calculation/espionage functions and other elements, and has the capability of monitoring and locating far more than mere objects in the airspace surrounding the Earth.

It is a fact that we, the people on Earth, are continually monitored and surveyed by the DSP satellites stationed and circling in space around the Earth in a geosynchronous formation which guarantees that the planet is thoroughly surveyed around the clock, 24-hours a day. This monitoring process is worldwide and virtually not one square meter of ground is omitted. The DSP system currently is so advanced that almost no step can be made on the face of the Earth without it being thoroughly observed. Although this capability has not yet been fully implemented, it nonetheless exists and is currently available and utilized for specific purposes of observation and monitoring. This fact remains "top secret" and only those individuals with the highest security clearance dare whisper about it. While some DSP monitoring system data leaked to the public for the first time during the Gulf War in 1991, when the system was zeroed in on the Iraqi Scud rockets missiles after their launching, other implementation possibilities for this system remain a well-kept, strictly observed secret. The system is capable not only of promptly detecting enemy fighter and bomber aircraft, but also of triggering defense actions on a large scale. It can currently implement surveys and monitor functions beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Indisputably, certain related technology was not invented by terrestrial technologists and engineers but came to them by way of diverse UFOs, respectively extraterrestrial spacecraft that had crashed in the USA. The Americans secured the spacecraft, examined them in great detail, took them apart and retro-engineered them; and they continue to do so today. Therefore, some technology from the UFOs also served the Americans in the construction of their DSP defense system which enables them to implement large-scale surveys over the entire globe.

Insiders call the DSP system "Deep Space Platform". It exerts its influence not only over this planet, as mentioned previously, but it also monitors and records what is happening in outer space. More than 6100 highly sensitive sensors enable the DSP satellites to measure and survey the normal, visible light and related matters, and give it the capability of monitoring also the influences from micro and electro-magnetic oscillation ranges, along with X-ray, infrared and ultraviolet levels to mention only a few. In addition to registering meteors entering terrestrial space at regular or irregular intervals, these sensors also register alien flying objects that travel with incredible speed from outer space to Earth where they enter terrestrial airspace two or three times every month. Neither the scientific community nor government agencies nor the military and the CIA will divulge any of this knowledge. Within informed circles of experts, these extraterrestrial flying objects are called "fastwalkers". With great regularity the DSP satellites detect these fastwalkers as they race with immense speed from outer space and into the Earth's atmosphere, whereupon they depart from the planet shortly after to disappear once again with incredible speed into the depths of space. It is interesting to note that each time a fastwalker is recorded as it enters terrestrial space there are typically UFO sightings around the globe observations by people from all social levels and professions. Nonetheless, scientists in charge, the military, government agencies, secret services and others hide these facts from the public and make fools of the entire terrestrial population. Some of these individuals in charge simply feel chosen to play childish games of hide-and-seek or soldiers and warriors, and fancy themselves as being important. However, this is no longer the case, for they are more like wet washcloths as they tremble in their boots with fear that the extraterrestrial human intelligences will come to Earth, prove their enormous superiority over us earthlings, and demonstrate that they are further advanced in every way than everyone on this planet.

With their DSP monitoring system, America has taken the first step toward the horrifying, futuristic vision of total control over every human being on Earth. This vision signifies that terrestrials will soon be unable to take even a single step without being observed and controlled by an all-inclusive monitoring system, which would eventually entail the implanting of a coded chip into every person. The possibility then arises that an individual will be completely controlled and, ultimately, will always be observed and monitored; even a person's most private and intimate activities will be observed. The vision also implies that the European monitoring headquarters will be located in Brussels, Belgium, and managed and directed by the European Union (Europäische Union) as it is called today. The undisclosed implication is that a form of dictatorship will be established that results in the complete surveillance of every citizen --- a horrible vision, which is increasingly becoming apparent as a reality to anyone observing the world with open eyes. Likewise, this terrifying vision foreshadows the 'New World Order' which, from ancient times onward, was linked to prophecies about an 'animal with the number 666' exerting immense power. I intend to elaborate more extensively, in justifiable form, in the FIGU Newsletter on this prophecy and vision, along with many other important matters of which Man on Earth should be apprised.


(Quotation from Billy's Spiritual Teachings, page 29)

"According to my very precise calculations, a person on Earth requires two hours and fifty-seven minutes every 7 days to completely fulfill his or her quota on these studies."

This sentence can hardly be surpassed in its clarity, and yet there seem to exist several misunderstandings in some regards:

Nowhere in this interpretation is it ever demanded that a person spend nearly three hours of his or her time on the Spirit Lesson every seven days!

Likewise, this sentence does not imply that a human being on Earth "has approximately three hours of time" only to understand each Spirit Lesson!

When mention is made of two hours and fifty-seven minutes, it is intended simply as a recommendation --- a piece of friendly advice which an individual may or may not follow. There is no coercion behind it, and nobody is demanding anything. The term "requires" is used here in a totally different context, that is, in the customary sense of the word, which states that something is absolutely necessary or rather essential, whereby the person's own capability and judgment are of importance and a priority. From this the link results pertaining to the study time for the Spirit Lesson and this is how it is intended to be understood. Hence, the recommendation means "require": ". . . requires this time to completely fulfill his or her quota".

Thus, if a student wishes to completely fulfill the study quota, he or she will actually require three hours weekly. And nobody can impose this upon another person, unless the study members want to do so on their own volition.

The twisted interpretation that a person has only so many hours for each Spirit Lesson is false, of course. Each human being is individually different from the other, and it would be completely illogical to tell another person how much time (s)he is allocated for the study of a Spirit Lesson. Some people may need two hours for their studies, while others require only one hour, or some perhaps may need even more time. For this very reason as well, a person can possibly spread the study hours over two, three or four days, therefore over 90, 60 or 45 minutes per study day.

Hence, students must decide for themselves how long, how intensive and at what intervals they wish to spend studying the Spirit Lessons. The above-mentioned three hours may well serve as a simple guideline.

These three hours should only be used as a guideline of orientation, particularly when "the opposing forces are especially well-focused upon us".

Stephan A. Rickauer (Germany) and Billy

‘Little Greys’

Though it seems hard to believe, many women claim they have been abducted, examined, indeed impregnated by ‘Little Greys’. Of course, there are also men who make claims to extraterrestrial abductions. What is the actual truth, however, considering the claims made by millions of terrestrials that they were abducted by these so-called ‘Little Greys’ and that, particularly in America, millions of women were impregnated by them, and that millions of cattle were brutally massacred by these aliens?

Here then is the truth: Over the past decades, ‘abductions’ of terrestrials by extraterrestrials did indeed take place. However, these ‘abductions’ must not be considered as such and should be called examination contacts instead. Therefore as contacts whereby the extraterrestrials take terrestrial beings, women and men, into their flying objects and examine them --- they explore them. Generally speaking, these actions take place with good intentions and are performed purely for purposes of becoming familiar with the anatomy and other particulars of terrestrials. Such examination contacts are rare though, and in no way match the practically countless, hysterical and nonsensical, fantastic claims made about these contacts, which are popping out of the ground like poisonous mushrooms. Why do so many people fall prey to these claims of extraterrestrial abductions? If all of these claims were true, abductions would be routinely taking place daily and the entire world would be involved; no country would be spared any longer, the world's media would be reporting only of these incidents, and humans all over the globe would be living in fear and terror. Where does of all this nonsense, this hysteria regarding purported extraterrestrial abductions originate?

The hysteria surrounding the abduction phenomenon actually stems from a number of factors: It was first generated by occasional UFO crashes in various countries on Earth, including the USA, where the crashed flying objects and their dead crew members were safeguarded by the military and secret services. These incidents generated headlines, particularly in America. Some of the dead beings were small extraterrestrial, grey-skinned humans with very large eyes and small mouths who sometimes had only four fingers on their hands, etc., etc. Some other dead beings were bio-organic androids, but the American military and scientists failed to recognize this fact and, subsequently, the bodies were judged to be extraterrestrial human beings. Rendered in movies, photographs and drawings, the crashed spaceships and their dead crew members disappeared within the confines of secret military facilities, under the strictest pledges of secrecy by those involved.

Nonetheless, related information somehow leaked to the public and led to gossip, rumors and similar things, to which the American secret organizations, such as the CIA, and military agencies, contributed their share by disseminating false and deceitful information to frighten others away who may have wanted to closely explore and illuminate the real truth. Through their actions, though, such agencies actually accomplished the exact opposite to what they had hoped for; indeed, many people have now really begun to delve into the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrials. Since that time they have attempted through every means possible to find the actual truth, which was denied and kept secret by governments, their secret services and the military agencies. Inevitably, secret organizations and the military contrived situations intended to show extraterrestrial viciousness and other such things. These actions then instilled fear and terror among gullible, delusional people, fantasists and others. All of this culminated in the "Little-Greys-hysteria" that is so prevalent in America today and has begun to spread throughout Germany, Switzerland and other countries.

Anything pertaining to the "Little Greys" must be scrutinized with extreme caution, for too many fantasists, madmen, charlatans and delusionals are in the habit of jumping on the bandwagon. There are also the many infamous machinations going on within the secret forces, particularly in the USA, geared to induce fear and horror regarding the extraterrestrials in people, e.g., through animal mutilations and the brainwashing of humans into experiencing horrifying recollections of purported extraterrestrials. Hence, not everything a person sees, hears, feels or is told, is the actual reality. One must be conscious of this fact, especially regarding these "Little Greys".


Triangular UFOs over Belgium

Not even in Belgium is everything that glitters really gold - particularly when it pertains to triangular UFOs. Undeniably, in recent years, Belgium frequently was the site for flight maneuvers by triangular UFOs, but these objects did not belong exclusively to extraterrestrial humans. Although some of these flying objects were without doubt of extraterrestrial origin, some charlatanry came into play at times, whereby terrestrial lightweight flying craft were sent aloft, as a joke, to confuse the population. Furthermore, flying objects were present in Belgium that did not belong in our dimension, but came from an alien dimension having no connection with the authentic triangular extraterrestrial flying objects.


Carlos Diaz (Mexico)

For some time now a man calling himself Carlos Diaz from Tepoztlan, Mexico, has generated tonguewagging about his contacts with extraterrestrials. His claims are vehemently denied however by the extraterrestrials who say that Diaz freely invented his stories and embossed them in accordance with his intelligence and imagination. As an enthusiastic photographer he took many UFO photos which, interestingly enough, look like bio-organic flying craft of the type mentioned several times over the past years in the Semjase Contact reports. Supposedly, several of these pictures are authentic, a fact that does not necessarily link him to his purported extraterrestrial contacts, however. Likewise, his statements in this context are extremely banal and illiterate; they betray his obtuse understanding concerning certain, very specific subject matter. His opinions are indeed childlike, and his understanding of all matters can be described as childlike too. This characteristic is certainly neither a reference nor a sign of having been predestined or a basis for having contacts with consciousnessrelated very highly evolved extraterrestrial human intelligences, whose entire development far surpasses that of the terrestrials' many times over.


Questions From Our Readers

Q: A certain Barbara Marciniak in America claims that she is maintaining contacts with a spiritcollective, respectively energy-collective. She wrote a book about her contacts that are published now in German by Bauer Publishers under the Title Boten des neuen Morgens - Lehren von den Plejaden. What is your opinion of it?

A: Nothing whatsoever, because its entire base is a large-scale hoax, lie and fraud. The Pleiadians/Plejarans place the contents of the book on par with the deceptive, fraudulent and crooked machinations of Fred Bell. The original edition of this work, which is filled with lies, deception and fraud, was previously published in 1992 by Bear & Company, Inc., Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, under its English title Bringers of the Dawn - Teachings from the Plejadians. The Pleiadian/Plejarans'viewpoint of this total hoax, the lies, fraud and related machinations by Barbara Marciniak, can be gleaned from the 252nd Contact Report conversation with the Pleiadian/Plejaran Spaceship Jshwjsh Ptaah, which took place on February 14th, 1995, at 11.41 p.m.

"Billy: . . . It is rather unpleasant, just like the other matters, such as those in America for instance, where once again somebody claims to be in contact with energy and light beings from the Pleiades. This time it is a woman, whose name I have forgotten again, unfortunately. She has apparently also written a book on purported Pleiadian teachings and so forth, which has now been published in German and supposedly is a cult book in America.

Ptaah: . . . I am familiar with this. It is a certain Barbara Marciniak, who is, however, in her delusion also active as a trance medium. Yet, she is nothing more than a thoroughly deceitful, fraudulent liar, to the same degree as Fred Bell. She lies, swindles and deceives people on Earth including herself with purported contacts with an energy-collective from the Pleiadian star cluster. The truth is that on the Pleiades only very young, blue and extremely hot celestial bodies exist that are incapable of carrying any type of life, neither in coarse material nor semi-material or spiritual form. All claims by this lying deceiver and fraud originate solely within her own invention and fantasy and do not hold even the smallest shred of truth --- aside from a few items which she more or less stole from texts where our contact conversations between you and us were reproduced --- most of which were produced without your permission and contain material that was stolen from you. Due to the fact that there exists no life, intelligent or otherwise, on the Pleiades stars, hence also no energy-collective or any similar terrestrially invented nonsense, we have a related explanation from the Arahat Athersata level, which had solicited an inquiry from PETALE, the highest spirit-form level of all the existing high spirit-form levels. The reply was concurrent with information Arahat Athersata had previously been aware of, namely, that there exist neither intelligent energy forms nor life-forms of any type on the Pleiadian stars. The same also holds true for Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. The stars of the Pleiades, which are 62-million years old by terrestrial standards, are still much too young to harbor any life. Furthermore, they are of a star type that will never sustain any energy- or material- type of life because their existence will be very short-lived before they die again and dissolve into interstellar energy from which, some day, gases and new formations will emerge again."

Q: What is the age of the Pleiades and what should we know about them?

A: Terrestrial astronomers tell us the Pleiades are 50 million years old. The Pleiadians/ Plejarans, however, tell is that the Pleiades star cluster is 62 million years old, calculated from the time when they began their existence as completed formations, that is, as hot stars in the Taurus constellation. On the average, they are more than 420 light-years from Earth (the Pleiades/Plejaran system, home of the Pleiadians/ Plejarans, is shifted by the fraction of a second into another space-time configuration from that of the Pleiades star cluster that exists in our space-time configuration. The actual home system of the Pleiadian/Plejarans' system is almost another 80 light-years beyond the Pleiades, and for this reason they speak of a distance of 500 light-years from Earth to their home worlds).

The Pleiadian celestial bodies in our space-time configuration therefore are closer to Earth than the actual stars and planets the Pleiadians/Plejarans come from. Furthermore, the home of the Pleiadians/Plejarans is millions of years older than "our" Pleiades star cluster, which consists of approximately 250 hot, blue stars that are still very young and are surrounded by the gaseous clouds from which they emerged.

In spite of the vast distance, the Pleiades can be observed without telescopes from Earth. The Pleiadian suns, for this is what they are, consist of many blue super-giants. These stars, respectively suns, will have a brief but extremely turbulent life. The most beautiful Pleiadian star is Pleione, a sun that looks as though it was smoking because gas rings continuously rise from it.

The young age of the Pleiadian stars in our space-time configuration can actually be deduced from the fact that the fine blue gas veil, so-to-speak the placenta from which the Pleiades were born many millions of years ago, continues to envelop them to this day.


Our presentations on Ufology and Spiritual Teachings with various FIGU speakers will take place on the following dates in 1995:

August 19, '95 Guido Moosbrugger -- The Lifestyle of the Pleiadians from Planet ERRA

Elisabeth Moosbrugger -- Overpopulation

October 28, '95 Christina Gasser -- On Love . . .

Hans G. Lanzendorfer -- Religion vs. Aspirations, or rather, Evolution

Where: Restaurant Freihof, Schmidrüti

Presentations begin at precisely 2:00 p.m.

Entrance fee SFr. 7.00 (FIGU members pay a reduced entrance fee when presenting a valid FIGU pass)

We remind everyone that the Freihof mandates food consumption in its restaurant.

A study group will meet in the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center at 8:00 p.m. on Saturdays with presentations; all interested Passive-Group members are cordially invited.