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This is an official and authorised translation of a FIGU publication.
N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
Before reading onward, please read this necessary prerequisite to understanding this document.


  • FIGU Bulletin Volume: 1
  • FIGU Bulletin Number: 4
  • FIGU Bulletin Date: August 1995 (April 1996 - English Edition)
  • Author: Billy Meier
  • Translator(s): Heidi Peters
  • Date of Translation: Unknown



FIGU Bulletin 4 Translation


The Roswell films remain the conversational topic of the day for everyone, and many interested parties continue to inquire about the authenticity of this movie footage, which consists of several reels. The following must be stated in this regard:

The authenticity of the films is questionable and continues to preoccupy the minds of all those who are interested in UFOs. But at the moment no definitive answer can be provided. The movie footage was shown in segments to numerous viewers at the MUSEUM OF LONDON, and their opinions seem to indicate that the films were not merely simple, but downright crude, forgeries.

Anyone interested in the topic is therefore advised to follow developments pertaining to the subject matter and accompanying tales with extreme skepticism. Somebody's hasty claim that the Roswell films and their related data and tales are authentic and factual could evoke incredible damage to genuine, truthful ufology should the movie footage, along with its data, turn out to be forgery, trickery and a hoax. Such disclosure could potentially trigger the complete relapse not only of the Roswell initiative -- which is now at the verge of a decisive breakthrough -- but also the entire genuine and ethical ufology field.

If indeed the Roswell footage is a forgery, the question must be raised as to who might profit from the forged and fraudulent information and stories . . . ?

For the time being, the Roswell films cannot be termed a breakthrough in UFO research because too many questions remain unanswered and too many ludicrous claims have yet to be addressed. Therefore, it would be extremely imprudent and irresponsible to pass judgment on the authenticity of the Roswell footage and its related information.

If, for example, forces within the U.S. government and their anti-UFO henchmen were behind the Roswell films in order to strangle the Roswell incident once and for all, and to make it disappear from the general public's memory, what would be easier than for them to produce fake Roswell-UFO-Extraterrestrial films and to disseminate them along with a creditable story to deceive serious ufologists and to lure them into declaring these forgeries as genuine and authentic? The government forces and their anti-UFO henchmen would then immediately strike back, screaming and exclaiming with great relish: "Now you UFO fools can plainly see that UFOs are mere fantasies and harebrained ideas." It could, therefore, very well be that the UFO henchmen, upon orders from the American government forces, including the Secret Service and the military, are falsifying purported Roswell documentaries and are offering them as being authentic to some greedy fools; conversely, they may be bringing them to the public's attention through some straw men merely to have the movie footage exposed as a forgery later on. Yet another alternative may be that the footage is nothing more than a purported military exercise film, for example, depicting a simulated UFO crash to test the reactions of military personnel.

For now it is prudent to apply the appropriate skepticism to matters relating to the Roswell movie footage. Alternatively, if the authenticity of the films is proven, then they must be accorded their true importance. Until this occurs however, and as long as justified doubts exist regarding the authenticity of the films, prudence is appropriate here. Kent Jeffrey, the international coordinator of the Roswell Initiative and author of the Roswell Declaration, is of the same opinion. He is considered one of the most credible UFO researchers in the world and is a specialist on the Roswell Incident. In a statement, Jeffrey, who has seen the Roswell films, or rather segments of them, in the MUSEUM OF LONDON, declared the following among other things: ". . . To begin with I would like to categorically stress that there exists not one shadow of doubt that this film is a hoax. At the same time I want to add that I would be delighted to be among the first to hear that the impossible had become reality and that this film, against all probability, is genuine. If this were the case, researchers would finally hold in their hands the Holy Grail of vital proof required to crack the Roswell Incident."

Of course, there remain other avenues by which the Roswell films can be forged: One is in the purely private sector, where some charlatans get their kicks out of making fools of the ufologists and the general public, or else, they simply ridicule the existence of UFOs and legitimate ufologists. Another possibility is commercial fraud in order to gain financial profit from the Roswell footage through lies and deceit. At this point it is impossible to state with any degree of certainty that the footage is forged because there still exists the chance that the films are authentic and, indeed, actually depict an extraterrestrial human life-form on the autopsy table. This scenario would certainly prove extremely delightful, for it would finally provide solid evidence that extraterrestrials do indeed exist, and it would finally silence the gloating and defamatory mouths of the pathological UFO defamers and other anti-UFO agitators. Unfortunately, as far as the Roswell films are concerned, the best assumption is that until further notice they are well-manipulated forgeries with the intent to deliberately harm others or to profit from them in some dirty, despicable manner. Let us, therefore, play a wait-andsee- game so we can observe what surprises the future may hold regarding the Roswell films.

Further detailed information on the Roswell footage can be found in the Voice of the Aquarian Age, #96, September 1995.


In 1994 I spent a few days at the FIGU Center in Hinterschmidrüti to attend the Passive- Group General Assembly with my mother, who had taken several vacation days to make this Swiss trip so I could serve my workday requirement. In the evening, after the General Assembly, I was strolling from the Center back to the Gasthof Freihof to see whether or not my mother had arrived yet, and to let her know that I was going to remain somewhat longer in Hinterschmidrüti. Upon my return to the Center I observed something I have not yet, with 100% certainty, been able to explain to myself.

As I walked across the parking lot I noticed Mrs. Elisabeth Moosbrugger. She was standing at the edge of the parking lot that overlooks the hillside, gazing toward the valley. When I greeted her she glanced at me somewhat startled and reacted strangely probably because, I suspect, she was unfamiliar with my face and my name. At that exact moment, a soundless, glowing object suddenly shot past, very close to the Center, and flashed through the valley.

Now it was my turn to be surprised, and at the same time I was fearful that I might miss something. I ran to the Center where some people were calmly having their meals and lively conversations. None of them had apparently seen anything nor were they aware of the glowing object I had just seen.

Of course I have attempted to find a normal explanation for the events I had observed. First of all it is not normal for a glowing, terrestrial object of this sort to fly at such speed and without any sound. Secondly, it is abnormal for the average citizens not to know anything about such objects. -- The object's glow could not have been a reflection, because everything looked totally different from the way it would have had it been a reflection. The glow was absolutely constant and could be observed throughout the object's entire flight path. The sun was no longer bright enough to create this effect, and even if this had been somehow possible, how was it that the reflection was able to move or rather shoot across the valley at such great speed? Indeed, the angle of the sun's rays was totally incongruous with what it would have to have been to create this phenomenon. And then there was the line of flight that was far too dangerous a path for any normal flying craft such as an airplane, a helicopter or the like. To fly in such a manner would certainly have been unlawful.

Well, regardless of what the mysterious, glowing flying object was, to me it will always be a UFO because I was unable to identify it then, and have not been able to do so even today. -- Maybe some day I will be able to explain everything -- that it was an IFO, an Interplanetary Flying Object, or simply an Identified Flying Object.

Harry Dicker, Netherlands


Two Young Pranksters Dupe Renowned UFO Researchers

Typically MUFON: So-called "UFO Specialists" and renowned "UFO Researchers", who truthfully are mere "wannabe glowing stars in the UFO research firmament," allowed themselves to be tricked in every way by two adolescents. The two UFO research luminaries are MUFON Germany associates, Illobrand von Ludwiger and Rolf-Dieter Klein.

As we of FIGU have often noticed, it is no wonder that MUFON can be hoodwinked by young and inexperienced rascals, since MUFON is, after all, a "UFO Research Organization", and can only be called this tongue-in-cheek. MUFON, as we all know from past experience, has the idiosyncrasy of being incapable of passing judgment on genuine UFO matters because its specialists are unable to distinguish falsified UFO photos and movie footage from actual, authentic UFO photo and film material. Hence, MUFON continues to habitually declare falsified material as genuine, while assessing authentic UFO pictures, reports, films and other material as being hoaxes. MUFON's incompetence and that of its "UFO researchers" in general or in specific instances, is proven not only by the fact that they label the UFO material as being hoaxy, untrue and fraudulent that I, Billy Meier, have furnished -- even though my material is indeed genuine and my statements are completely true in every way. They have also demonstrated their inadequacy in an incident, which occurred on October 25, 1994, in Fehrenbach, Germany.

October 25th, 1994, was a cloudy, slightly windy, somber and murky autumn day in Thuringia, with a temperature of 10°C (52°F). It was, however, precisely on this day when 13-year-old Karsten had an extraordinary experience. The High School student declared that early in the morning he had been awakened by a deep, yet quiet, buzzing sound. Supposedly at 6:55 a.m. on the dot, he rushed to a window, where he observed with a tingle that a blue, oval object with a crystal-like dome was drifting toward him from a southwesterly direction at an altitude of exactly 150 meters (450'). When he realized in desperation that he did not have a camera on hand, but possessing a clear mind, Karsten ran next door to the neighbors where his 14-year-old schoolfriend Sascha lives and borrowed his Polaroid camera. The two boys alternately pushed the shutter release on the camera before the 8m (24') large object disappeared in northeasterly direction around 7:20 a.m.

MUFON and its "UFO specialists" got wind of this story, and after having "thoroughly" and "very precisely illuminated the matter," etc., Illobrand von Ludwiger, the "UFO expert", came to the conclusion that the statements made by the two adolescents, Karsten and Sascha, contained no contradictions whatsoever. Illobrand von Ludwiger is the 57-year-old head of the German MUFON division and the author of a recently published 500-page book entitled UFOs - Witnesses and Signs (the above story should give the reader an inkling of the book's quality). Ludwiger, who relishes being called the "Ottobrunn DASA expert on active means of deception," declared as early as December 1994, after a 40-day analysis of the Polaroid pictures: "The pictures are authentic!" His MUFON colleague RolfDieter Klein hailed the authenticity of the photos as well but added the query: "The only question is who guided the unusual celestial object."

Well then, the banal reality of the story was revealed in April 1995, when creditable inquiries by non-MUFON, neutral UFO phenomena researchers revealed a rather sobering and materially terrestrial solution regarding the Karsten-Sascha-Polaroid photos: During their questioning, the two boys purportedly admitted having purchased a 13cm (5.5") in diameter UFO plastic model at a flea market. Approximately 5m (15') from the front of the camera, they had simply thrown their model into the air and photographed it. The bottom line: This was a prank played by some youngsters. It weighs heavily against MUFON's prestige, credibility, analyses and portrayals. Furthermore, it flies in the face of Rolf-Dieter Klein's maxim: "In the interpretation of UFO photos one must remain open in every way." (Quote from Focus 26/1995).


Reports from America have reached us that THE King of Pop, Michael Jackson, allegedly intends to buy a property in the Southwestern USA for himself and establish a UFO landing site on it! Rumor has it that Jacko was recently informed that Elvis Presley, his dead 'father-in-law', purportedly once observed a UFO above this particular property, and now Jacko assumes that in the future extraterrestrials will also land there -- maybe to pay their respects to the King of Pop himself.



In 1994 it was reported in 'Science' magazine 264 (3421343) that in 1993, during a comparison of two electronically generated infrared pictures taken at an interval of 18 months, a super nova was discovered in the Ursa Major. On its own there is nothing particularly noteworthy and exciting about this event since 20 to 35 of such star, respectively sun, explosions are observed and registered annually in remote galaxies.

And yet, observations of the super nova in the Ursa Major suggest something very special is happening here after all, for this discovery was made in the NGC 3690 galaxy, which is enveloped by dense dust clouds, a region where a super nova was previously discovered in 1992. Galaxy NGC 3690 is part of the starburst galaxies category and is located 150 million light-years from Earth. Stars/suns have their origins in abnormally large numbers within starburst galaxies, which is contingent upon an unusually high and intensive luminosity.

Starburst galaxies are generated through and during a collision between two galaxies. This, at least, is what terrestrial astronomers are assuming; however, there may yet be alternative explanations. Although star, sun and galaxy collisions, respectively, are extremely rare, interstellar gas clouds become compressed and this results in their gravitational collapse and subsequently enormous numbers of massive suns are formed. Such stars/suns develop very rapidly, and their hydrogen supplies are exhausted after tens of millions of years, whereupon they explode and turn into super novae. The collision theory pertaining to the starburst galaxies is impressively confirmed through the observation of these two super novae in one and the same galaxy.



As long ago as the 1970s, when nothing like the 'Hubble' space telescope existed, I stated in my book Existing Life in the Universe, that when released into orbit at the end of the 1980s, this telescope would make unfathomable discoveries in the depths of space. Well, I was ridiculed at that time, for nobody had an inkling then that one day soon the Hubble space telescope would be conceived, constructed and sent aloft.

Everything happened as it had been predicted, and from the moment the Hubble began orbiting the Earth, numerous new and astronomically valuable discoveries throughout the vastness of space have been made with it. One of its latest discoveries is the Hubble telescope's witnessing the birth of a star, and the fact that ejected gas clouds expand at a stupendous velocity.

With the aid of the Hubble telescope, terrestrial scientists are now able for the first time to study the birth of a new star -- a sun. Scientists reported that the telescope transmitted to Earth exceedingly dramatic pictures of dust and gas. Also, NASA scientists have stated that according to data received from astronomers, the observed event took place approximately 1500 light-years from Earth, which would mean that this incident occurred 1500 years ago, even though only now can we see what transpired. It took the light from this remote galaxy 1500 years to travel the distance of 1500 light-years to reach our Earth.

Photographs produced by the Hubble space telescope show superhot gaseous veils, which eject from this young, developing sun at the immense speed of approximately 500 kilometers (300 miles) per second into space across several billions of kilometers. During this process the gas veils collide with dust and gas. Like glowing monsters, they generate light cascades of the most brilliant colors and radiate over many billions of kilometers.

Until now, scientists have viewed these gaseous veils as rare phenomena, but the Hubble telescope pictures reveal that such explosions of energy are completely normal when new suns are born from dust and gas. Young suns, however, have not been observed within the dust and gas clouds from which they develop.

Scientists of astronomy view the Hubble photographs as a confirmation of important assumptions they have held regarding their theories on the birth of suns/stars. According to their explanations, stars form from large gas and dust clouds, which began rotating because the gravitational forces from their minute particulate matter causes them to shoot, with steadily increasing speed, into the center of the dust and gas accumulation. For this reason, the rotation increases which, in turn, causes the matter to continuously compact, while explosions at the two poles of these young suns eject superhot gas clouds into space. Ultimately, matter at the star's core is compacted to such a tremendous degree that a nuclear chain reaction ensues which energizes the sun. Planets develop from the stars' remnants of dust, gas and the planetesimals as well as other things. Our own SOL System developed according to the same principle, as did its two uncompleted miniature suns, Jupiter and Saturn, and all planets within the SOL.



From Minneapolis I received a belated report that during the first half of 1994, for the first time ever, American scientists discovered in space amino acid, the building block of life. In a cloud of gas near the center of the Milky Way, they discovered one of the building blocks of life: the amino acid Glycine, a component of protein. American scientists are now asking themselves whether or not this will point toward other life-forms within the Universe.

Therefore, University of Illinois scientists have for the very first time discovered amino acid in space, an extremely significant factor in the development of life in space. In May 1994, in a paper presented before the American Astronomic Society in Minneapolis, astronomers Yi Jehng Knan and Yanti Miao reported that, based on radio telescope photographs of a gas cloud near the Milky Way's center, they were able to verify the existence of the amino acid Glycine, an important building block of protein compounds. Knan explained: "This supports the concept that life might exist elsewhere in the vastness of space, although the mere existence of Glycine does not provide proof for it." However, the new discovery will probably once again rekindle the discussion of whether or not amino acids, which are co-responsible for the beginnings of life on Planet Earth, might have had their origins in Outer Space.

The two scientists discovered the amino acid Glycine within the gas cloud Sagittarius B, some 23,000 light-years from Earth, in a region where new suns are forming. In recent years, the presence of more than 100 molecules were confirmed in space, but this discovery was the first in which a building block of life was detected.



The National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) reports that the Hubble space telescope located vast numbers of comets on the outermost edge of Earth's solar system. Indeed, the agency even speaks of swarms of comets. (This report merely confirms information provided by Ptaah in the contact reports, where he mentions that several billions of objects such as comets and other items circle the SOL System beyond the outermost planetary orbits. Many comets and other space projectiles such as meteorites, etc., enter the inner planetary orbits from there and frequently endanger the planets, indeed, they cause significant damage.)



From Pittsburg, PA (USA), I received news that in June '95, for the first time, American astronomers obtained evidence of the existence of a "Brown Dwarf" in space. The celestial body is larger than a normal planet when compared to planet Earth, but is smaller than a so-called fixed star. No one has been able to provide me with an answer as to what region in the sky or in which galaxy this "finding" was made.



Dear FIGU,

While browsing through questions from readers in the last bulletin (Volume 1, No. 3, June '95)), something within me suddenly began to rebel, and this is why I am writing to you. For example the question: "Why are the Spirit Lessons so expensive?"

It is unbelievable that anyone would even pose such a question.

While studying the Spirit Lessons, I frequently think about the vast amount of knowledge, truth and love I am receiving, and all of this for a mere SFr. 11.25 a month (approx. US $ 10.00), including shipping and handling.

To compare these texts with any other study or reading material would be a waste of time.

What was the inquirer thinking of when (s)he posed this question?

I chose not to bring up any other questions to avoid wasting my time with them. There are so many other things of greater importance that must be accomplished.

In closing a big 'thank you' to Billy and the Core Group for continuing to respond to such questions.

Cordial greetings,

Erhard G. Lang, Germany

Dear FIGU,

I was very pleased to receive your latest bulletin, which I read with great interest - a beacon in the world of today's publications where genuine information is becoming increasingly rare, and where lies, claims, rubbish and self-exaltations are becoming ever more prevalent!

Unfortunately, even the purest joy is not untarnished in this world, and the sun can shine nowhere without it somehow casting a shadow! This lessening of my joy, the shadow in your Bulletin, so to speak, are the readers' questions in the latest edition (#3) in my possession. My closest friends and acquaintances have confronted me with the same or similar questions as well, but I refrained from responding to them, or giving the impetuous inquirers a verbal slap, because the questions simply were too primitive or insolent.

The idea that readers, who must be assumed to be from the Passive Group, indeed, possibly Study Group members, would lower themselves to pose to FIGU such impertinent questions, which cannot be surpassed in their stupidly impudence, highly perturbs me. Rarely have I become so agitated over human audacity as I did when reading the printed questions in Bulletin #3 -- and the absolute height of audacity, the non-plus-ultra that provoked me to write this letter -- is the fact that you people of FIGU apparently take such unlimited stupidity and primitivity seriously, and even esteem it worthy of an extensive response. In this case, "my gut feeling" would entice me to place such questions into the nearest "circular file folder" without reply. I would seriously have to consider whether these questions are not too foul for my waste basket. Furthermore, I find it an absolute temerity to confront interested readers with such stupidities in question and answer format -- readers who genuinely ponder the material and seriously struggle with their evolution as they pursue the truth. The only way I can wrench some understanding for the way you are handling these matters is the consideration that there is a lesson here of the obviously limitless possibilities of human stupidity and primitivity, which demonstrates how low the human life-form is capable of sinking when it permits its grey matter to slide into the gut and, subsequently, feels, thinks and acts with it. Even a worm carries and uses his tiny brain in his head and not in his gut. For heaven's sake, how is it possible then that certain people who, and that's the frightening aspect of it, even appear to be FIGU Passive Group or Study Group members, assume they are qualified to decide, judge, feel and act with their gut or from it, and then pose such moronic, impertinent, dumb questions?

Well, whatever the case may be, in the interest of all silent readers, I do hope that your truly valuable bulletin will not strain the nerves of its readers with unwarranted and degrading responses to such moronic and vindictive questions, and that it will, if necessary, only extend topics and articles that are worthy of the excitement.

One way or another, I wish all of you the best for your publication and the success it deserves.


B. Ming, Hong Kong


We have had the same or similar responses to the questions from many other individuals. The opinions are clear and undoubtedly justified. Nonetheless, I find it essential that even these types of questions have to be publicized and dealt with, in order to show our valued readers that sunshine and roses do not always reign supreme in our correspondence box and other activities. Indeed, we are also subjected to silly, audacious, stupid and primitive questions and attacks. Usually we do not even bother to justify ourselves - for we know the truth. The questions in Bulletin #3 that generated the complaints, were simply reprinted for the purpose of providing other readers with the information, for behind the scenes we felt it necessary, just for once, to state the essential and explain some things for the non-comprehending, the nearsighted, the doubters, troublemakers, defamers, intrigants, sectarians and know-it-alls among others.



(compiled and commented on by Christian Frehner, Switzerland) Newspapers reported that effective April 1995, the Italian Physicians' Association began to strongly restrict the conditions under which artificial insemination for women is permitted. Contributing factors behind the restrictive measures may be the Italian cases of surrogate motherhood and the like, which were also published in the media.

Among other things, the newly passed legislation prohibits the artificial insemination of women over 50. Single women and lesbians, apparently, will no longer be able to obtain artificial insemination. Furthermore, the frozen semen of dead donors can no longer be used, and the implantation of a fertilized ovum into a surrogate mother is now prohibited as well.

These rules or regulations are binding for all practicing physicians in Italy. Violators may be punished by the confiscation of the physicians' license.

Commentary: Very sensible. It should be emulated in all other countries on Earth. In the latter part of 1994, the following positive announcement was published in newspapers under the headline "Former East Germany in Birth Strike":

The "most extensive strike against births in human history" is taking place in East Germany. While 220,000 babies were born 1988 in former East Germany, only 5 years later, in 1993, the total births amounted to a mere 70,000! Concurrently, the number of sterilizations has increased dramatically.

Commentary: It appears that many people who live in this region are consciously aware of the difference between rational and rabbit-like behavior, and for this reason they are refraining from bringing children into the world in a thoughtless, egotistical manner during times of insecurity and change, for the newborns' fate and well-being would be questionable right from the start.

The measures pertaining to the halting of births, as Billy delineated and FIGU now disseminates, are outlined in the FIGU pamphlet A Crusade Against Overpopulation. However, the measures do not apply to a few indigenous tribes, for they have always abided by their own established practices and conditions for birth control. The following report serves to illuminate one aspect in the thinking processes of such tribes:

A Yanomami woman gave birth to a child in a delivery room of Manaus, a Brazilian city within the Amazon region. The midwives observed defects on the genitalia of the newborn boy and informed the mother of them. Once alone, the mother immediately proceeded to kill her child. According to Brazilian law, the mother was not considered a lawbreaker, because as a member of an indigenous tribe, she was unfamiliar with mores of Brazilian social order and civilization, respectively.

The director of the government's Indian Protection Agency explained that the 10,000+ strong Yanomami tribe is intolerant of having birth defects in their children, and as a result, its members immediately kill such infants because they would be incapable of surviving the harsh conditions of the wilderness. In the case of twin births, one of the infants is always killed since a mother considers it inconceivable, in addition to all her other tasks, to take care of two infants simultaneously in her complicated every day jungle life.

Commentary: The above mentioned behavior is concurrent with the evolutionary level of this tribe and is absolutely appropriate, for only in this manner can the survival of the entire tribe be assured in the harsh realities of the life-threatening conditions in the jungle. Such acts are therefore considered neutral-positive, as acts of reason (compare this also with FIGU's Overpopulation brochure #4, pages 13-21 -- at this time it is only available in German).


Why were Mohammed's fallacious teachings created?

The genuine teachings of Mohammed are no more fallacious than those of Jmmanuel.

Mohammed's teachings, which he imparted as a reincarnation of Jmmanuel, were also thoroughly adulterated. The teachings of Mohammed were intended to curb Christianity and precipitate its disappearance. However, because of this renewed falsification of the original teachings, the concept proved completely unsuccessful because of certain interfering individuals who were simply as disinterested in the genuine truth, or else, they falsely interpreted the teachings -- as was previously the case with the teachings of Jmmanuel. Therefore, it is totally incorrect to say that Mohammed brought forth fallacious or false teachings.


What ever happened to Semjase?

In 1984 Semjase began living in the DAL Universe with Asket's people. She must remain there for a total of seven decades, hence, another 60 more years, in order to relearn many things that had faded from her memory after her severe accident at the Semjase- Silver-Star-Center. Additionally, while with Asket's people, she took on a rather demanding task for this period, which, as a consequence, she is currently fulfilling. Due to the fact that she is living in this other universe, that is, in our sister universe, she is no longer able to maintain telepathic contacts in any manner, shape or form with anyone from our DERN Universe. This same condition would also apply within our universe if she were living here, for she lost her telepathic skills as a result of her serious accident, and she only now has begun to relearn them in an arduously slow process.

Because Planet Erra in the Pleiades/Plejaran system is almost the same size as Earth, how is it possible that Erra's gravity is 3% higher than that of Earth?

The Pleiadians/Plejarans have never explained why the gravitational force on ERRA is 3% higher than on our Earth. -- We suspect that this is linked to the different, shifted space and time plane in which the planet exists. Furthermore, this 3% is not very overwhelming; the average gravitational acceleration is only increased by approximately 3/10th of a meter (0.3m = 1 ft.) per second2.

Guido Moosbrugger


Over the past sixty years there have been many UFO sightings not only in America but in nearly every other country on Earth -- sometimes even UFO landings. Sightings have taken place in Russia as well, and even Joseph Stalin initiated steps to clarify this phenomenon. Of course, not all UFO sightings, etc., can be classified as genuine, for many observations are based upon deception and charlatanry, as is the case even today, where lightweight flying objects and similar articles are set aloft as make-believe- UFOs. Nonetheless, there exist numerous UFO sightings and UFO landings that can be confirmed by many people and are based on a beyond-the-shadow-of-a-doubt reality.

Such is the case for instance with the 1989 UFO landing in Woronesh, Russia, that resulted in the related worldwide news report on October 9th of that year. Indeed, during the 235th Contact conversation, February 3, 1990, the Pleiadian spaceship commander Ptaah verified that the Woronesh UFO landing in Yuzhniy Park (South Park) of the city's Levonerezhiny section, was genuine and not a mere prank. Here is an excerpt of the conversation:

Billy: . . . For quite some time the people on Earth have been speaking again about UFO sightings and alleged encounters with extraterrestrial life-forms, especially in Russia, where a splashy story was publicized in Woronesh or whatever the name of that little place in the boonies is. Lately entire UFO squadrons have been flitting through Earth's polluted air in Belgium and turning policemen into UFO pursuers. The population appears to look favorably upon the flurry, as is the case in England and various other countries on our globe too. Can you give me more details about this?

Ptaah: Certainly, but it is hardly worth wasting a word on it. Incidents such as those in Woronesh and to some degree in Belgium as well, are partially of an extraterrestrial nature where, however, some very terrestrial matters are involved. A certain attentiveness regarding the extraterrestrial origin of flying objects is recommended. But, here again, it is not worth discussing the matter. Instead, more attention should be devoted to the fact that several sightings are linked to South America. You, too, had your own experiences when your life was being threatened. And yet, it would not be advantageous for me to address these matters . . .

Billy: . . . I can see that once again swindle and fraud are involved in these matters as well as the truth. The same may be the case here in Switzerland with the alleged UFO sightings in the Tessin region?

Ptaah: Things are no different here than in other countries. Actually, if one were to give credence to the UFO believers, UFO swindlers and similar frauds and visionaries, the Earth would be simply swarming with flying craft of extraterrestrial origin. The truth is that the Earth, along with the SOL System, is so remote on the periphery of a galactic arm of the Milky Way that it rates as a mere enclave that receives only infrequent visits from other inhabited constellations. Earth simply is not interesting enough for a large number of alien life-form visitors. Truthfully, the life-forms who do travel here are almost always the same visitors who, like us for example, come from the vastness of space and fly back and forth to Earth. Other alien life-forms, though, do visit Earth two or three times each month.

Billy: That's clear. What about your earlier statement that an alien spacecraft will officially land in the U.S.A. in the future? I think that this information was given to me in September 1975, during the 34th or 35th contact.

Ptaah: Yes. As far as I know, my daughter Semjase explained this to you on September 16, 1975. To elaborate on what she told you at that time, I am permitted to inform you that these issues have profoundly changed. We were able to locate the alien group who were to have come to Earth to make official contact with terrestrials in America. When we became aware of the true strife and arrogance of the machinations and other ills prevailing in America that negatively influence the entire world, we informed these people, who were foreseen as the official contact persons with the Earth beings in America. Upon hearing our information, this group subsequently decided not to carry out the project even though the decision to proceed had previously already been agreed upon. Therefore, this planned event will not take place because America is in no way mature enough to receive such contacts. Still, this does not rule out other aliens who may come to Earth to seek contacts.

Ptaah's statement indicates also that two or three times each month, alien flying objects visit Earth from space, and that in the near future "aliens" (extraterrestrials) will make their presence known and, thereupon, seek contact with terrestrials. These aliens are neither part of the Pleiadians/Plejarans people nor are they members of their federation. Let us return once more to the UFO events in Russia. With the following announcement, the still-Soviet news agency TASS in a highly official manner, reported at the time that a UFO had landed in a park of Woronesh:

Several Soviet scientists confirmed the landing of an Unidentified Flying Object in a park in the Russian city of Woronesh. They examined the landing site and found the tracks left behind by the extraterrestrials when they exited from their flying device and briefly walked about the park. Locals reported that the extraterrestrials visited this area at least three times after nightfall.

According to information from some citizens of Woronesh, the flying device was a large, shiny globe that hovered above the park and then gently descended and landed. A door opened up and two or three tall human beings and a small robot stepped out. The extraterrestrials were 3-4 meters (10 feet to 13 feet) tall and had very small heads. They walked around in close proximity to the globe, their flying device, and disappeared once again within it. This information was reported by witnesses who suffered strong feelings of fear for several days after the incident.

Genrikh Silanov, director of the Geophysical Institute of Woronesh, explained: "We examined the landing site with the aid of bio-position-fixing, and found a circle with a diameter of 20 meters (65 feet), along with imprints 4-5 centimeters (1.5 inches to 2 inches) deep with a diameter of 1416 centimeters (5.5 inches to 6.3 inches). They were very distinct and located on the four corners of a rhombus. We also found two mysterious rock fragments which at first glance appeared to be dark sandstone. Mineralogical analyses revealed however that this material does not exist anywhere on Earth. It must be stated, however, that further tests are required before a definitive statement can be made."

Silanov implemented the so-called bio-tracking (biologic search method to find traces) to uncover the path the extraterrestrials had used as they walked in the park. The eye witnesses were unable to see any of this; analysis revealed, however, that their statements agreed with the scientific results.

The flying globe, which was also described as an orb-like flying disk, was not the only object observed by the citizens of Woronesh. According to reports by TASS, a bananashaped flying object with a large, glowing symbol on it was observed in the sky as well.

The industrial city of Woronesh has close to 900,000 inhabitants and is located approximately 500 km (310 miles) southeast of Moscow. The incident occurred at 6:30 p.m. on September 27, 1989, in Yuzhniy Park on Mendelejew Street. Several children were at play in the park at the time, and there were approximately 20 adults waiting at a bus stop, when they suddenly observed in the evening sky a pinkish light from which emerged a dark red globe that seemed to be floating at first and then slowly descended. It may have been a minute before the globe gently descended to within 15 meters (45 feet) above the park and then it slowly circled above it while the grass in the park was pummeled by invisible forces. Shortly thereafter the globe with an approximate diameter of 10 meters (30 feet) sped off.

A few minutes after the disappearance of the sphere, another UFO appeared and drifted downward while those present watched everything with fascination, mostly from a safe distance. They saw a hatch open in the flying object as it hovered above a group of poplars and a gigantic being dressed in silver overalls and bronze colored boots appeared and scrutinized the surroundings. This being had no actual head, merely something like a hump between its shoulders. Within this hump three glowing eyes could be observed, with the eye in the center intensely glancing back and forth. When the being disappeared again within the craft the hatch closed and the flying device descended and approached with a loud drone. One meter (3 feet) above the ground, the brightly glowing craft stopped its descent and bobbed back and forth with swaying movements. Four landing pods descended from the object's undercarriage and rested on the ground. Now the spectators could clearly observe that the object was oval and egg shaped, approximately 15 meters (45 feet) long and 6 meters (18 feet) wide. On its side, the object had a mark that looked like an "H", whereby the crossbar looked like a Cyrillic "zh". The object also had hatches. When viewed from the front, from the pointed end, the UFO seemed to look like a globe. Very soon after landing, a hatch opened slowly and a ladder-ramp descended from it. Shortly thereafter, two eerie looking figures disembarked; one was 3-4 meters (10 feet to 13 feet) in height -- it was the being who had previously peered from the hatch when the flying object was hovering above the poplars. The alien moved very stiffly now, almost like a robot. Another being followed the first. Its shape was described as a cabinet with arms and legs, and it sported glowing buttons on the chest. The first being made a very strange sound, whereupon a glowing rectangle of about .75 meters by 1.30 meters (2.5 feet by 4 feet) appeared on the ground. The giant made another sound whereupon the glow disappeared again. Then the smaller being pushed a button on the chest of the taller one, and three lights on its stomach began to glow. A boy from the nearby group of playing children screamed out in fear at that exact moment, whereupon the tall being glanced at him with its center eye without moving its head. A light shot from the eye and struck the boy, who was immobilized for several minutes. The two beings climbed aboard their flying device, and the witnesses thought the aliens would now disappear. But after a few minutes they returned and the giant now held a 1.20 meters (4 feet) long silver tube in his hand, which he pointed toward a 16-year old boy who had dared to approach the flying object too closely. To the horror of all eye witnesses, the boy suddenly disappeared without a trace. Subsequently, the beings turned around and slowly walked up the ladder-ramp to their flying device, entered it and closed the hatch. The craft lifted off the ground, ascended into the air and shot off with ever increasing speed. It dipped to one side, raced above a tall apartment building and very quickly disappeared into the sky. The witnesses reported that at the exact moment of the spacecraft's disappearance, the 16- year-old boy reappeared again in the square, unharmed.

This is only one account of many UFO incidents in Russia, or to be more correct, the former Soviet Union. UFOs previously played an important role in Stalin's days. As with the Americans and the authorities of many other countries, Stalin mandated that an extensive investigation into the UFO phenomenon be undertaken, after which he came to the conclusion that UFOs were not flying devices from some hostile terrestrial powers, but were flying vehicles of extraterrestrial origin, just as the scientists confirmed to him who had been given the order to clarify and investigate the reports. Joseph, respectively Josif Vissarionovich Stalin (the "Steely One"), whose actual last name was Dzhugashvili, was born on Dec. 21, 1879, in Gori, and he died in Kunzewo (modern-day Moscow) on March 5, 1953. A son of a shoemaker, he was a Soviet revolutionary and politician of Georgian origin. In 1894 he entered the Tiflis orthodox seminary for priests, where he preoccupied himself with revolutionary literature, such as texts by Karl Marx. On Monday, October 1, 1894, he saw for the first time a large, shiny, silvery disk in the sky that performed wild flight maneuvers at tremendous speed before disappearing again. According to his own statements, he was able to observe the disk for quite some time, approximately 1520 minutes, without being able to explain this apparition to himself. An identical event took place on Friday, November 2, 1894. He did not observe any other such objects until World War I, at which time he had several UFO sightings and subsequently began preoccupying himself with this phenomenon, particularly from 1947 onward, when the Roswell Incident and sightings of several UFOs by Kenneth Arnold became public knowledge globally. Joseph Stalin ordered the KGB Secret Service and many scientists to extensively investigate into the UFO phenomenon at that time, mainly because numerous military pilots and other reputable individuals continuously reported sighting Unidentified Flying Objects during their flights or on other occasions.