Those Who Lie About Contacts

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Extract from the book Those Who Lie About Contacts, regarding Mohammed (the prophet of the religion of Islam).

  1. "This man will create a new cult especially for preserving the truthful teaching and will have himself recognized as a prophet and in doing so persecute you through all times.
  2. "Even though according to your claim, he will be a false prophet and you will revile him, he will nevertheless be a true prophet, and he will have great power, and he will have your descendants persecuted throughout all time in the future.
  3. "His name will be Mohammed, and his name will bring horror, misery and death to your descendants, which you deserve.
  4. "Truly, truly, I say to you: His name will be written for you with blood, and his hatred against your descendants will be endless.
  5. "Since he will be a true prophet, but according to you a false one, he will bring you a doctrine that will seem to you confusing and unintelligible, and his rising cult will eventually be finished when his and your descendants will lay the foundation for a bloody end, because his teaching will be distorted and falsified and end in an evil and wrong cult."

Furthermore, it is written on pages 184-189, verses 1353-1382, and pages 195-201, verses 1302-1425, of the book An Open Word:

  1. If someone scrutinizes the teachings of the most diverse founders of religious cults, he will notice that the teachings of these cult-religions have all been consistently directed against the prevalent political and religious trends of their times.
  2. Without exception, this total negation of the spirit of the time has led to violent altercations and bloody battles and incidents of all types.
  3. If often seemed as though entire countries were going to be eliminated, to disappear in flames and vapours of blood.
  4. But again and again the new cult teachings triumphed because their enemies and other negators were simply exterminated, murdered and brutally slaughtered.
  5. In the event that the cults' founders and their fanatical followers could not accomplish this task on their own, they received help from government troops, for only too often were fanatical cult followers found in no time at all within the governments of were brought in from elsewhere, as it is the case today, to serve as assassins for the founders of the religious cults
  6. The remaining opponents, shrunken to a negligible minority, saw themselves forced into flight or submissive surrender.
  7. How incredible Akhenaten's new teachings of monotheism must have sounded in his days, to which the Egyptians surrendered only under duress, and from which they detached themselves again after Akhenaten's death.
  8. It was the same monotheism that the Hebrews, a gypsy-like tribe, accepted when it was offered to them by Moses, and upon finding fertile soil for cultivation amongst these would-be-gentry people - a people who did not have their own religion until this time,a nd who were always eager to acquire one.
  9. If the monotheism that had been borrowed from Akhenaten appeared unfathomable to the Jewish people of Moses' days, then what a very strange effect must Jmmanuel's new teachings of the Spirit approximately 1500 years later. A strange effect, because these teachings attacked the false teachings which made malicious remarks about Creation. They attacked lust, obsession with power and material possessions, all vices, the bloodthirsty laws and commandments of the Israelites, all evil, torture, cruelty, all excesses, bloodshed and murder, inbreeding and whoring, as well as materialism, which had always been innate to the Israelites and had resulted in unequalled excesses when compared to those of any other peoples.
  10. How very foreign must also have seemed Jmmanuel's spirituality to the materialistic Israelites in comparison to their exaggerated worldliness and their ensuing life of vice, which was common also among the tyrannical Romans under whose rod the Jews lived at that time.
  11. And how incredible must have seemed Jmmanuel's teachings to all of them for they prohibited the people from joining in an incestuous manner with one another, as it was stated by laws from the birth of the universe. Fathers were not to copulate with their daughters, nor sons with their sisters and mothers, and therefore they were not to practice fornication, as was the case amongst the Israelites until well after Jmmanuel's days (understandably, however, this practice is stubbornly denied today by various factions.)
  12. Would not Jmmanuel's message of the spirit have sounded like the bloodiest of mockeries in the ears of this group of degenerates, amongst whom a reign of evil was so prevalent that it defied all human dignity? ...

  1. It was only Mohammed's appearance and actions which ensured that half of the Earth's mankind would not be slaughtered by Christendom's madness, even though the indirect results of Mohammed's actions were not always very obvious.
  2. We can thank the true prophets Jmmanuel and Mohammed - in spite of all the false teachings into which their teachings of truth had been turned - that the murderous laws of religious cults of all worldwide religions sects and cults became more humane and free. This, however, is shifting in the opposite direction, because sects of all types are gaining ground and demanding a great variety of blood sacrifices.
  3. At least until the present, due to the help of the true prophets Jmmanuel and Mohammed, man has become freer, which has allowed him to shape his life according to his own decisions, except in locations where people are obsessed beyond recall with the sectarian hordes of false prophets and religions.
  4. Man has become freer and he is able to decide for himself as to where he wants to turn his thoughts, enabling him once again to loosen his ties with religious cults and begin turning toward the truthful truth.
  1. Truly, Mohammed was an arch-rogue and an arch-crook, but this is not intended to be malicious or derogatory in any way, but instead, it is meant to express that he was very clever, very adroit, shrewd in a positive sense, extremely adept at judging and dealing with people, experienced in speech, advice and deed, and proficient in everything else.
  2. In other words, with his immeasurable knowledge and skill, he was far beyond his contemporaries, ultimately due to the fact that he was an enormously great judge and leader of people. This can be attributed largely to his manifold experiences in the first four decades of his life, during which he did everything that was beneficial for his growth and learning, even though he may have, on occasion, barely scraped by the limit of the permissible.
  3. But this does not diminish Prophet Mohammed in any way - neither his person nor his estimable character, his life or his actions; therefore, it also neither diminishes his teachings nor his mission in any way.
  4. He was only capable of fulfilling his mission as a prophet because he had successfully passed, as it were, a very hard apprenticeship in life's school of knocks, and he was able to gather a phenomenal amount of knowledge and great learning prior to his accepting the mission.
  5. Without his roguishness and his arch-crookedness, when judged in the most positive sense to be sure, he could not have fulfilled his mission. This was also the case with many other prophets who had succeeded because they had attained a certain roguishness and arch-crookedness, which must be judged as absolutely positive in this context.
  6. Indeed, a positive arch-crookedness, along with the related arch-roguishness, are factors a true prophet must not lack, because along through these factors does a man gain the necessary knowledge of human nature, the most crucially required severity toward himself and others, as well as the necessary love and understanding; the energy to lead, to proclaim to his fellow-men the teachings of the truth, and to fulfill the mission as a prophet in the first place.
  7. Let it be known that this has nothing whatsoever to do with a person being criminal or despicable, unlawful or dishonest; no, on the contrary.
  8. An arch-crook, a rogue, in a positive sense knows all the tricks and ruses, and is a smooth customer, so to speak. Yet he remains always, without any doubt, loyal to the law and a person of honesty - with the exception that he is familiar with ruses, tricks and ways unknown to the average mortal. However, such qualities enable him, the rogue and arch-crook in the positive sense of the terms, to twist everything in such a manner that he may be frequently explaining the truth and yet only explain a minute portion of the whole truth, should it be necessary to do so. This could be the case when people are not yet ready to grasp and cope with the all-inclusive truth.
  9. This can be compared, as it were, to a process that is frequently called "beating around the bush." Yet this is not quite factual because in essence one is talking "around" the core of some subject matter and explaining actual facts - not fully, only to the extent that no difficulties will arise for the students regarding their capability to cope with the new knowledge.
  10. This, alas, cannot be achieved through diplomacy, but only in conjunction with the required acumen and necessary knowledge, as well as the related finesse and shrewdness, the necessary sophistication of scheming, cleverness and adroitness, etc., which can only be attained through absolutely positive roguishness and related arch-crookedness.
  11. Jmmanuel had also been characterized with the same type of roguishness and arch-crookedness as Mohammed, as are practically all the other true prophets of old, and it will be true of prophets for all future times.
  12. It is only of Prophet Mohammed's life prior to his existence as a prophet that more information is known, while nothing, or very little, is known of the other prophet's of old.
  13. This applies to Jmmanuel as well, who only began to fulfill his mission as a prophet at the age of approximately 29 years, while very little is known about his earlier years.
  14. It is completely unknown that he was in India, where he learned a great deal and gained much experience. It is totally unknown that he was also, in an absolutely positive sense of the word, an unmitigated rogue and arch-crook of equal caliber, who greatly eclipsed Prophet Mohammed in this respect.
  15. And yet, even though no one may wish to accept it: It was Prophet Mohammed who saved terrestrial mankind from the impending downfall that had already been foretold through prophecies and was related to a sectarian Christendom being ready to viciously expand. This expansion would have enabled it to gain power over the entire terrestrial mankind and the whole world, threatening to exterminate and destroy with much bloodshed all those people of a different religious belief.
  16. Mohammed's strategy was successful, even though Christianity continued to spread farther after his end, prompting and effecting immense massacres of human lives. Those massacres will have cost a total of nearly 127 million human lives by the year 2000 - always nicely in the name of God, the Creator; in the name of God's laws and commandments; in the name of mercy and love; in the name of brotherliness and peace; in the name of Christianity and its faith and in the name of the Holy See", "God's representative", and in the name of the pope.
  17. However, through Mohammed's intervention, this sectarian organisation of murder and crime, which has had no comparable counterpart anywhere, was ordered within it's bounds, hampered in its spreading, and thereby rendered incapable of endless expansion. It was unable to exercise unlimited power over the entire Earth, which had actually been the intent and delusion of this religious cult.
  18. Unfortunately, there was no avoidance, while Mohammed effected something of a miracle in this regard, that some unplanned acts occurred; acts of a purely terrestrial-human nature, which led to events that had never been intended to occur.
  19. As was the case with Jmmanuel, these events only took place after Mohammed's withdrawal, respectively his death, and he cannot be blamed or held accountable for certain things, for he did justice to his task as prophet and was a truly honourable man, in spite of his being an arch-crook and a rogue.
  20. He cannot be held responsible for the falsifications of his teachings, just as Jmmanuel and many other prophets before him cannot be held responsible for theirs.
  21. He is even less responsible for claims made today that every line in the Koran constitutes the truth that he, Mohammed, was said to have dictated himself.
  22. Indeed, Mohammed cannot be held responsible for any misinterpretations evident even today because they are his cousin's fault on one hand; on the other hand are the incorrect definitions and interpretations also the work of those people who later monopolized Islam for their own advantages, such as the caliphs in particular.
  23. Deliberately falsified in part due to these misinterpretations, the meaning of the Koran gives the impression today that Mohammed had lied to his people to make them believe (as is usually the case with founders of religions) that they alone were the "chosen" people.
  24. The truth is, however, that Mohammed had explained to his people that they were the best ones to faithfully fulfill their task in accordance with his prophetic task, should they so choose, as he said in the Koran, Sur 3 AL-IMRAM, verse 111:

    You are the best people to have originated for the benefit of mankind; you demand that which is right and refuse that which is wrong; and you believe in the laws of Allah and Creation" (actual teachings = falsified in the Koran).

  25. "Mohammed was therefore a prophet in the truest sense of the word, with the full mandate to safeguard terrestrial mankind from its own destruction through Christian and Judaic sectarian religious cults.
  26. To do justice to this task, he had to use methods that reached into the logical force and are very difficult to comprehend for man on Earth, to whom they seem unfathomable.
  27. To human beings on Earth this must seem even more unfathomable, when they know that Mohammed in all truth was Jmmanuel's incarnation, who, in turn, was an incarnation of Jeremiah, who was yet incarnated from Isaiah, and he from Elijah, whose own and actual origin as a prophet stemmed from Enoch.
  28. Even though Mohammed was a roguish prophet because he needed to be one, and because it was he who founded Islam, he must not be equated or tossed on the same level with religion founders.
  29. Through preordination, Mohammed was given the task to rescue terrestrial mankind from the murderous Christian and Judaic religions, and he succeeded magnificently.
  30. There simply was no other way.
  31. Because of all this, Mohammed cannot be called a simple and common religion founder but, instead, he was a true saviour in need, who bore and fulfilled probably the most difficult task ever for any person on Earth, by having to fulfil a mission in which numerous and substantial portions demanded from him all the Creative truth known to him and all his knowledge and skill.
  32. What profound reverence for Creation and what profound love for mankind on Earth must have slumbered within Mohammed to take this agony upon himself so fully and completely; an agony that can neither be grasped nor understood by any human being on Earth, because human beings simply lack the capacity and understanding for it. The same holds true also for Jmmanuel's life and the excruciating agonies he so staunchly bore as well - all for the benefit and love of mankind.
  33. All this proves, therefore, that a human being can and may give not only pure love for the benefit of his fellow-men, but that hard and logical force must be applied as well, if necessary.
  34. This, once again, is a fact not understood by terrestrial man."
  35. Thus Mohammed announced Jmmanuel as being the actual bricklayer of the foundation for the "beginning of the end to cult-religions." Indeed, when Jmmanuel was able to make this proclamation, he knew only too well that this prediction was the proclamation of his own future reincarnation for a new a very bitter mission, during which he would have to present the teachings of Truth and the Spirit to terrestrial mankind once again, as it had been the case frequently before, in order to fulfil the mission. This time, however, under somewhat obscure aspects, and in the truest sense of the word as the founder of a religion.

    Therefore, just as Jmmanuel had predicted, and in accordance with his assignment, Mohammed was born as Jmmanuel's reincarnation, founded Islam and preached the teachings of Truth, albeit only in the form of half-truths and intertwined with the belief images of the Earth humans of those days, since this was the only way to induce the humans on Earth to listen and become absorbed. Thus he preached of Allah's uniqueness and greatness, knowing full well that God was not Creation, but in truth only an Jshwjsh, a human being, who was called King of Wisdom due to his vast knowledge, thus "Jshwjsh" in the Lyrian language and "Allah" in Arabic. To this end, these actions had been predetermined for Mohammed, however, through the belief of the people on Earth, who had no knowledge in those days of Creation alone having been, and still being, the universal consciousness and the strength and power of the Spirit and the universe, which means that a god and human being could not lay claim to this position. Therefore, this was a half-truth which Mohammed was forced to bring forth and preach to the people for the purpose of rescuing humanity on Earth from imminent decline caused especially by the bloodthirstiness of the Christian and Judaic cults. Above all, Mohammed's mission and incarnation were imprinted with a specific character by the Christianity that originated from Jmmanuel's misunderstood teachings of the Spirit and Truth, which had been misinterpreted by his disciples and other followers, from where it developed into the bloodthirsty Christian religion that had to be controlled and restricted now by a new religion, namely one that was intentionally manoeuvred by half-truths and conscious misguidance. The task and mission to achieve this were delegated to Jmmanuel, however, who, as a true prophet, had proclaimed the teachings of Truth and the Spirit. He was to appear in his subsequent reincarnation as Mohammed and perform the most difficult duty of his activities over ten thousand years as a prophet and beyond his normal cycle of reincarnation. For all these reasons, Mohammed was and continues to be called a "false prophet", which neither detracts one iota from his honour nor diminishes his truly gargantuan efforts and success. Even though Mohammed is called an arch-crook and a rogue or similar, in no way is this intended to discredit or diminish his truly immeasurable services he rendered in the fulfilment of his mission and for terrestrial mankind. On the contrary, Mohammed was a true prophet, still is, and will continue to be for all times. Purely and simply, one must correctly understand the situation, along with the names given to him that were neither intended to be malicious nor derogatory but, instead, serve only to indicate and represent something that happened to fall into Mohammed's activities and actions, etc. Thus many facts from Mohammed's life indicate that he was an arch-crook and rogue beyond compare, which, expressed in other words means that he was exceedingly clever and extremely carefully thought matters out to the last detail. One must not consider and take this word arch-crook ("Erzgauner" in German) in the meaning of today's human comprehension, for today's term represents something different from the origin of the word; even the origin of the word "crook" ("Gauner" in German) is incorrectly defined and transposed into the slang of thieves, while the word's roots lie in the Old Lyrian language where it is called "Jaunes," having been translated in today's German language with "shrewdness" ("Schläue" in German). The meaning of "arch" ("Erz" in German) in modern German is a prefix to magnify the next word, so that one has to speak in this case of "very great shrewdness" or "a very shrewd man." Things are similar with the expression "Schlitzohr" ("rogue" in English), in that the term in the German language is neither derogatory or insulting nor discriminatory in any way; in fact, for a German-speaking person it is more a compliment and one of showing respect rather than anything negative.

    Well then, Mohammed was a prophet one way or another; whether he is now called rogue, arch-crook, or "false-prophet," etc. In any context this does not diminish his true greatness by one iota. What he accomplished as a prophet and achiever of the mission probably would have been, and will continue to be, unattainable for any other person, even though a world power in a religious sense once again arose from it, which was not meant to happen. This, however, was not Mohammed's fault but that of those individuals who falsely interpreted and consciously falsified his teachings, speeches as well as his messages, etc., in their own interest.