Those Who Lie About Contacts

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Extract from the book Those Who Lie About Contacts, regarding Mohammed (the prophet of the religion of Islam).

  1. "This man will create a new cult especially for preserving the truthful teaching and will have himself recognized as a prophet and in doing so persecute you through all times.
  2. "Even though according to your claim, he will be a false prophet and you will revile him, he will nevertheless be a true prophet, and he will have great power, and he will have your descendants persecuted throughout all time in the future.

14. "His name will be Mohammed, and his name will bring horror, misery and death to your descendants, which you deserve.
15. "Truly, truly, I say to you: His name will be written for you with blood, and his hatred against your descendants will be endless.
16. "Since he will be a true prophet, but according to you a false one, he will bring you a doctrine that will seem to you confusing and unintelligible, and his rising cult will eventually be finished when his and your descendants will lay the foundation for a bloody end, because his teaching will be distorted and falsified and end in an evil and wrong cult."

Furthermore, it is written on pages 184-189, verses 1353-1382, and pages 195-201, verses 1302-1425, of the book An Open Word:

1353. If someone scrutinizes the teachings of the most diverse founders of religious cults, he will notice that the teachings of these cult-religions have all been consistently directed against the prevalent political and religious trends of their times.
1354. Without exception, this total negation of the spirit of the time has led to violent altercations and bloody battles and incidents of all types.
1355. If often seemed as though entire countries were going to be eliminated, to disappear in flames and vapours of blood.
1356. But again and again the new cult teachings triumphed because their enemies and other negators were simply exterminated, murdered and brutally slaughtered.
1357. In the event that the cults' founders and their fanatical followers could not accomplish this task on their own, they received help from government troops, for only too often were fanatical cult followers found in no time at all within the governments of were brought in from elsewhere, as it is the case today, to serve as assassins for the founders of the religious cults.