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Theres also a similar page available; Billy Meier's mission

What exactly is the mission?

In 1953, Asket said to Billy:

It will be your mission to clarify the actual truth of the creational-spiritual matters for Earth humanity, in order to bring them the path of peace, love, true knowledge and of wisdom in truth.[1]

What is the most important thing we can do today to help with the mission?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

Hi Billy,

Thank you for your answer about the commissioning of the disciples. I can see clearly now how they carried out their work. They made themselves available to the people during their travels, and instructed and informed those who invited them into their homes. So in carring out the mission today in our modern world, what is the best or most effective way we can make known the teachings? In other words, what is the most important thing we can do today to help with the mission?

ANSWER: Hi Lonnie,

The most important thing is that the teachings are distributed in written (and correct!) form all over the world. In ancient times this usually happened in non-written form which opened the doors to many mis-interpretations and mistakes, etc., which was also the case with many religious books, like the Torah, the New Testament, the Quran, etc.

The people of those times usually were rather uneducated and didn't understand much of the teachings. Many terms which were necessary to explain the teachings correctly were non-existent in those times.[2]

Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • A group such as this, provided and charged with such an important task, may never come under a one individual leadership but must instead be controlled from the community itself through uniform adoptions of resolutions. It may never come to the fact that an individual can bring in a leadership or guidance himself in such a form.[3]
  • One of the main tasks of The Mission, FIGU and of Billy Meier was and is still to warn, heads-up, scientists, journalists, politicians etc. the Earth human, about the rapidly approaching time when a conflict with degenerate and depraved humans from space becomes unavoidable.
    Other solar systems have a number of various life forms, and not only human life. That among these human species there are some that have acquired much knowledge, to the extent that they have freed themselves from their environment; they travel through space and occasionally come to Earth. While most are peaceful there is a minority, and thats all it takes, which mean harm.[4]
    The misconception that has unfortunately developed is in an additional task of Billy Meier, that from the outset has been aimed at informing the sects and religions by successfully reaching them somehow, along with the related general underdevelopment of the human consciousness.[5] This then is the reason why the 'Billy Meier Case' has always been laced with a special compound of religious terminology. Which has arguably confused often alienated many an atheist over the years. It has all been aimed at inclusively informing what is the majority, a humanity. There are few other methods of disseminating such a variety of content to such a diversity of individuals all over the world without it coming across as fanatical and or causing panic.[6]
    All along the fact was known that of all the 196 governments, none of them would develop the various cognitions quickly enough to sufficiently inform their citizens about these rapidly approaching events. Essentially leaving the majority in the dark and at the mercy of these wider realities, thinking that we are the only ones, running out into space thinking of money, which being unfair aside, if overcoming this lip in the course of our future is too harsh a transition it may negatively alter the course of the longer term evolution, it may make us paranoid if this transition into the wider realities is not smooth enough, so being informative has been the aim all along.[7]
  • The result in 1978 of the boorish and infamously primitive conduct of most existing group members toward two very important and predetermined new core group members meant that they withdrew themselves from the idea itself of furtherance toward core group membership due to the shocking effects impressed upon them.[8]

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