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Earth they were disgusted and appalled to find the conditions that  
Earth they were disgusted and appalled to find the conditions that  
prevailed here. The local Earth humans were being used as slaves and  
prevailed here. The local Earth humans were being used as slaves and  
were being mistreated badly. Many were being used in experiments  
were being mistreated badly. Many were being used in experiments  
where they were being mated with animals, while others were being  
where they were being mated with animals, while others were being  

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22 Million B.C.—Ancient Lyra

To begin with, in the constellation of Lyra we find the origin of man dating back as far as Pleiadian history extends. Here on these ancient planets are the ancestors of the oldest known form of human life of which they are aware. Twenty-two million years ago ancient Lyran travelers first came in to our system and built a colony. Since these were among the first attempts at space travel for them, it took a long time to reach Earth. When they arrived, they recorded the existence of very primitive human beings here. They found that Earth was a planet where human life had naturally developed over the course of evolution, but it was currently in a very primitive state. The Earth humans were a brown-skinned race who barely possessed any powers of reasoning or intellect and were of no concern to the celestial visitors. Over the course of the next few thousand years many expeditions were made to Earth, resulting in a variety of colonies being formed for short periods of time.

The ancient Lyrans were titans, standing 20 to 30 feet tall, from a planet much greater in size than ours. They were white-skinned, with blond hair, usually had blue eyes, and had a life span of around 2,000 years. They were a warlike race that had not only developed technically, but were quite advanced in the use of spiritual power. They moved their warlike forces around the galaxy and used their great power to take control of many thousands of lesser-developed races. Over the years the Lyran blood line was mixed with other civilizations, creating many different colors and races which spread throughout the galaxy.

Just as their race was at its highest peak of advancement, a huge, destructive comet that became known as the Destroyer Comet found its way into the Lyran family of planets, and two-thirds of their race were killed.

The last fly past by the Destroyer was in 1680. If this is correct, it is likely that it is the comet we know as "The Great Comet of 1680": The first ever comet discovered by telescope.[1] Contact Report 150 also states that the volume of The Destroyer is 1.72 times that of the Earth but the weight has been reduced to the average mass of the Earth.

Contact 251 Also Talks about the Destroyer Comet The threatening wandering planet in the past, over a long period, had caused a great deal of destruction and wreaked great havoc in the SOL system. According to details formerly presented by Sfath, this celestial body named the "Destroyer" had previously caused the most horrifying destruction on their homeworlds in days gone by, before it streaked through space on its unpredictable course. The "Destroyer" ensconced itself in the SOL system where it also wreaked much havoc. Over time it decreased its orbiting period to an average of 575.5 years; however, the Plejaren have since increased this interval again. As a result, the "Destroyer" will again appear in the SOL system in about 1180 years.

Along with the destruction, their technology was wiped out, and they were unable to continue to exercise control over the great empire they had built. The great Lyran Empire had degenerated back to one planet with no technology to speak of. They were barely able to survive and were faced with the task of rebuilding a civilization which once dominated thousands of other worlds.

After thousands of years, the Lyrans restored their society and again became a dominant force in the Galaxy. Pleiadian history documents that he Lyrans went through a series of civilizations over a period of several millions of years. It was their pattern to rise to power, begin to fight among themselves, and then degenerate into a primitive society and start all over again. On some occasions their wars were so brutal that it took millions of years for them to recover from the primitive state left by the destruction.

387,000 B. C—The First Settlement on Earth

It wasn't until 387,000 B.C. that the Lyrans once again had an effect on Earth. Another war had ravaged Lyra, and many of those on the losing side had fled for safety. They traveled through the cosmos and came to Earth as a place of sanctuary. It was peaceful here; the local humans were primitive and offered no resistance to their high technology. It was decided they would stay and build a colony.

Back home in Lyra it was discovered that a large group had fled to Earth, and ships were dispatched to come after them. Upon arriving at Earth they were disgusted and appalled to find the conditions that prevailed here. The local Earth humans were being used as slaves and were being mistreated badly. Many were being used in experiments where they were being mated with animals, while others were being disfigured, raped, or maimed. The colony was an example of the darkest side of man. Living in degeneration and filth, it was decided to leave the colony on Earth, take away all of their technology, including their space ships, and leave the 144,207 Lyran soldiers to their own fate on Earth.

This colony died out after several thousand years, and the spirits of the Lyran soldiers that were left behind became part of the spirit world of Earth. The 144,207 degenerate Lyran soldiers would now be incarnating here along with the original inhabitants. The effect they would have on Earth would forever steer it away from a normal evolution.

Lyran history continued to repeat itself for thousands of years until, after restoring themselves once again to a high level of technology; they built flight machines with beamdrives and once again moved out into the cosmos. Their leaders were great scientists with an understanding of spiritual power, so once again they began to conquer other races. Their leaders soon realized the unlimited powers of the spiritual forces and developed them until they became masters of these great forces, becoming known as an ISHWISH (IHWH), meaning "god" or "king of wisdom." The great power of their spirit allowed them to live for thousands of years, and they ruled over countless civilizations.

The Ishwish leaders ruled with cruel power, and eventually the public started a civil uprising. The war lasted for almost four centuries, causing the death of more than 60% of the population and nearly destroying the three worlds of the Lyra system. It seemed that no one in the Lyra systems would escape this slaughter that raged 230,000 years ago.

228,000 B.C. —The Flight from Lyra to the Pleiades

An Ishwish named Asael could see the end coming and fled from the wars with 360,000 people in 183 great spaceships, capable of transporting over a thousand passengers each, and 250 small space reconnaissance ships that could carry a crew of three. This group of Lyrans wandered through space for many years until they came across a star system with 254 still young, blue suns. There were already a few colonized planets with primitive people living there, but they were no threat to the great Lyran technology. They landed and built their new society on three different planets around a star they called Taygeta. Life was hard and difficult, and it took 300 years or their civilization to grow and adapt to their new environment.

Millions of Lyrans fled the great wars and settled in Orion, Hyades and the Pleiades.

After the new civilization developed, Asael commanded that they start to explore and conquer other worlds again, just as they had done in Lyra. The powerful beamdrive ships sped out into open space and once main established a reign of tyranny over planets of less-developed beings and brought them under their control. It was during this time that they came into the system known as the Hesperides. A young, underdeveloped form of human life was there and was quickly conquered and fell under Asael's ruler ship. The Lyrans once again were exercising their power over others and beginning to force their rule throughout the galaxy. It seems that the forces of greed and power were inbred well into the Lyrans, considering that peace seemed to escape them time after time. There had been millions of years of bloodshed and wars, and still they had not learned to get along peacefully with other races.

The Ancient Lyrians split off to Orion, Hyades, and the Pleiades and started new colonies. The planets of the Pleiades soon flourished and spread out to Earth, Mars, Hesperides, and Milona.

226,000 B. C.—The Time of Pleja

Seventy years of conquering had diminished Asael's lust for power, and his life of bloodthirsty rule came to an end as the father of the Pleiades passed away. Control of the new race of the Pleiades fell to his daughter Pleja, an Ishrish, (the female form of an Ishwish) who, like her father, had the blood of a warrior. Eager to build their great society even farther, the ordered the exploration ships to again seek out new worlds that could fall under her rule. As the ships moved out into space once again to explore, they came across the trail of the Destroyer Comet which so many years ago had been the destructive force that had ended the Lyran Empire. Contained within the tail of the great comet, they discovered debris from the planets of ancient Lyra. It was decided to follow the comet for awhile and study its path of violence.

� This was the destructive force that had changed the history of Lyra and caused death on thousands of worlds, and now it had brought the warriors from the Pleiades into a small sun system and the home of a little planet called Earth.

225,000 B. C. Earth is Discovered Again

To their surprise, they discovered a small group of uncivilized people living there. Some were brown-skinned and could be traced to the origin of life on Earth. Others were of mixed color, but most were white-skinned and had a Lyran spirit-form. The Pleiadians had stumbled onto a colony founded by their ancient Lyran ancestors who had degenerated into a primitive society. Awed by their discovery of human life and common ancestry, it was decided to colonize three different planets in the system and continue the family chain. News of their discovery was sent back to the home planets and apparently sparked an interest in Pleja, for she ordered a great migration to be undertaken. Within a very short time thousands of travelers from tie Pleiades came and created societies on Earth, Mars, and Milona. Milona was a planet which existed beyond the orbit of Mars at that time.

It was only a few short years before a small war raged on Earth, and many of the scientists left to return to the Pleiades, leaving the three planets to grow on their own. Pleja was unhappy with this and did not want her new colonies to be destroyed, so she dispatched a fleet to stop the war, and things calmed down again.