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Hawaiian said ...

Earth humans or for that matter, any intelligent Being should strive for their highest spiritual "potentials" which vary amongst each, depending on their past and current attributes and it's connections to the Cause and Effect concept.

One must approach these "potentials" with a clear sight, void of one's ego, pride, physical self, religious and self imposed restrictions, because only then will one be ready for self explorations that goes beyond dimensions.

Thus, in order to "understand" these creational teachings, one must be able to "see" and become "aware" of the intricacy explanations and how they "interconnect" amongst the material and non-material realms of reality.

What good is a very complex technique or concept which appears "normal" for one who has advanced knowledge explaining these to those of the same level, yet cannot explain it logically to those at a lower evolutionary scale? Knowledge and experience should go both ways, forward and backward, for doing so benefits all parties that may lack in one of these most important attribute.

Spiritual evolution is always evolving and never stagnates, what may appear illogical to some may appear logical to others and the purpose of Creational teachings is to establish a logical balance amongst these opposing forces in order to maintain harmony throughout all dimensions.

--Hawaiian 22:45, 18 April 2010 (BST)

levit8 said ...

This makes clear and absolute sense. "We must not only know the words to the song and only know of the songs existence,by we must be able to sing the song our way out of our own mouths and talent". Excellent Editorial

--levit8 08:58, 19 April 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

Aloha Levit8 Levit8 has an excellent analogy to Rebecca Walkiw/Marianne Uehlinger Mondria article as musical notes on a universal scale in which “its” harmony is unique for each individual’s attributes which are tuned accordingly to his/her composite makeup and utilization.

Just to add a “spice of flavoring” to an other-wise extremely well organized thoughtful discussion regarding the “interface” (my opinion) between one’s Conscious and Subconscious (where personalities knowledge and experience “exists”)

Marianne only the consciousness-block-programs are existent—however in a completely neutral form. The former, enormous knowledge of our predecessor-personalities is therefore hidden as essence in the memory of our subconsciousness and in detail as data-impulses in all the external storage-banks.

Hawaiian Here Marianne “hints” or points to two very important parameters (if you may) that are “interfaced” by one’s awareness or ability to “harmonize” Creational energy. The first is the fact that one’s cumulatative past personality’s knowledge and experiences known as the consciousness-block are stored in one’s subconscious are in NEUTUAL FORM or pure creational energy. It has to be in neutral form, detached from its original personality in order to be “made” accessible to the current living personality, otherwise possible conflicting actions may occur?

Marianne From there, (The former, enormous knowledge of our predecessor-personalities is therefore hidden as essence) it can be activated through our conscious searching and inquiring, because only by intercepting inspirations of the subconsciousness and by consciously and continuously working with them, do the involved consciousness-forms or consciousness-levels and the memory of the consciousness evolve and create corresponding update.

Hawaiian This activation process are triggered by “love, modesty, responsibility, respect, peace, harmony, honesty, empathy/compassion, patience, etc., but intellect-related values are naturally also important for our material life.”

Also the “essence” in one’s memory of the subconscious is “upgraded” and evolves further when one’s conscious actively engage in thoughts or actions that have the same or similar frequency of those currently stored there. That is the reason why one experiences (for a better word) deva vu or the feeling of “being here before”. Often engaging with others via language communication and the sharing of creational ideas are mutually beneficial even for those who are advanced with “lesser” evolved entities as some on Earth that have similar spiritual potentials because of ancestral roots being currently incarnated here.

“Intercepting inspirations”, from what I gather, relates to frequency harmony similar to musical notes when played together, resonates a rather pleasing tone to the ear as well as to the psyche. It may also explain the color of one’s aura when one engages in creational endeavors be it meditation, music, work and being aware of all your connections that span your origins here on Earth and other places where one’s ancestors and/or spirit came from.

I think this article would make a pleasant tone together with a short analysis I wrote about Billy Meier being an interface with practically every single event played out in the DERN universe via Nokodemjion incarnation. Your part is equally important.

--Hawaiian 02:09, 21 February 2011 (UTC)

BraveKnight said ...

For whom religions and its evil,false teachings still afflict; all too easily one can sit idle while believing in fantasy,however,tremendous effort and struggle is undertaken for those who realise the importance of obtaining knowledge of the truth in reality. Glorious is the almighty Creation.

--BraveKnight 09:36, 4 April 2011 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...


I'm putting together a summary of related concepts that has been written so far in conjunction to others being worked on in order to describe more in detail about the theory of Equational Potential formulations and would highly appreciate your knowledge of the German language in order to "keep on track" these analysis.

It is sort of going from inward to outward from English to German and vice a versa.

Contact Shelia on correspondence details if you are interested, thanks Shelia..


--Hawaiian 20:45, 2 May 2011 (BST)