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Comments on Those Who Lie About Contacts

Allah said ...

Like no other Nokodemionian prophets, Mohammed lived in abundance as a merchant and a statesman. He owned a commercial city, wrote and enacted regulations of various social affairs, and married several women (who knows how many). He got things that the majority of Terran males could only dream of in their mediocre lives, and yet he never forgot to do his necessary prophetic tasks. He enjoyed his duties as a prophet as much as he enjoyed his privileges as a man of wealth. He lived as a champion and died as a greater champion. Mohammed's life shows Terrans that:

- A prophet does not have to be a marginalized man.

- A prophet does not have to live a cumbersome life.

- A prophet does not have to refuse the use of violence for defending the innocent people.

- A prophet may have several wives. <---- indisputable

---- M -- (talk), Serenity, Republic Of Lost Paradise, 15:42, 26 February 2013 (GMT)