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Marcel Vogel's independent scientific analysis of this metal/crystal sample created by the Plejaren only proves to the ignorant fellow scientists and others in denial, that advanced entities like the Plejarens exists who travel throughout the universe(s) with technology beyond Earth's ability to create or to admit it exists.

Egotistic stupidity from his fellow scientists are but the least discriptive for those denying such evidence, who should know better. There are more logical explanations to those trying to suppress this and other valid proof that BEAM, through the Plejaren and other races have presented. That is to maintain the "status quo", keeping those in power while manipulating the masses that "hungry" for the truth that lies within each, but are subjected to political and religious oppression, along with their ignorance too.

CriticalThinker said ...

It's very convenient that the metal alloy samples were "lost" and now cannot be independently studied.

This whole Meier case stinks.

--CriticalThinker 13:19, 19 February 2011 (UTC)

Zameen said ...

criticalthinker. you mean that the initial analysis done by Marcel Vogel isnt enough? do you need to have it stored in the smithsonian? just because you havent wrapped your grubby little mitts around doesnt mean they're not real. and like James mentioned on another one of your silly ramblings, dont you think that if that was real cold fusion based metal alloy that some of these black op and cia cats would want it? huh? people like you do as much to corroborate and expand the depth of truth in this case as the supporters. so thanks for that. and dont forget to wash your hands after you eat your nutty buddy kid.

--Zameen 17:49, 20 February 2011 (UTC)

Hawaiian 20:36, 20 February 2011 (UTC)Why do you take the name of “CriticalThinker”, yet you provide very little if any valid logical comments to back up your “critical” thinking, other than pasting some link (which I doubt very much you had any direct input) then come to a conclusion by simple one-sentence “analysis”?

Which amounts to nothing but some spectator point of view, grandstanding outside of the arena where the action is and proclaiming “I told you so”? You have NOT provided the necessary points to back up your claims and as others have noticed, appear childish, immature and very unprofessional.

As Zameen pointed out, why do degenerated individuals like you even post here without making much logical sense, for Marcel Vogel’s detailed spectrum analysis of this metallic/crystal are stored at the lab for verification. Did you even look at it before coming to your “CriticalThinking” conclusion?

He speaks about structures within structures that are bonded, yet remain distinctly unique. In other words, the sample appears to have even rare elements NOT found naturally and only discovered by Earth scientists recently (thulium) doing atomic research! Thus, the only plausible method of creating such material which preserves such distinctiveness (as we currently know) is through cold fusion. To create such a material of these characteristics ARE BEYOND current Earth scientific knowledge!

That is one of the primary problems for those who always seek further conformations on topics that they don’t understand because the subject matter requires “critical thinking”, which is severely lacking in your case. So do yourself a favor, stop abusing that name you so “conveniently” use or start utilizing your logical mindset to back it up!

The Plejarens probably “recovered” that sample as to prevent unauthorized access to it by unscrupulous agencies (and there are many on Earth) who would gladly want to get a hold of it in order to derive its secrets for evil purposes. And also, the primary purpose of “allowing” Marcel Vogel the opportunity to analyze this metal sample is to support the validity of Billy Meier’s mission, NOT to give additional technical access.