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Markvd said ...

I'm surprised the geniuses of the past during when the Mu scientist found a way to get a planet to collide with Earth during wars with Atlantis is not destructive or advanced. They must be thinking large scale whole universe domino effect destructive capability.:)

--Markvd 02:37, 30 January 2011 (UTC)

Alive said ...

Two Marks,

This is discussion board for the topic "religion". Why do you talk about war between Mu and Atlantis? Using an asteroid as a bomb is a good idea, but using bacteria rain is a much better idea because it will not make the island sinks, so after the war is over Mu could open an exotic holiday resort on Atlantis equiped with massage parlours and money laundry small banks.

---- M -- 05:15, 30 January 2011 (UTC)

Hawaiian said ...


1. Gods are power lustful human parasites, existing at the expense of lesser evolved humans. Even viruses that feed off its host are more respectable, it does not have the free will to determine right from wrong. Yet these “gods” claim to be of absolute Creation a contradiction of its very nature, a being of religious origins that destroys others through a fallacy called “blasphemy”.

2. Gods are the creations of the clergy who now control this travesty of injustices over the masses in order to maintain their power and accumulated riches while those under their control suffers and are deprived of their spiritual evolution.

3. Earth’s religions were established by humans to enslave humanity in order to attain riches and power to them promised by the Giza Intelligences who was removed from Earth to a desolate planet millions of light years away in 1976 by the Plejarens.

4. Promotes the ego of males in order to keep them servitude to the “gods” and at the same time subject females who represent the other 50 percent population, thus total control is assured by the male’s false sense of superiority, yet his is servitude to the “god” or church. Case in point, the Christian fallacy that through Adam’s rib, woman was created makes females inferior to males. How can this be since the chromosomal attributes of females are more robust and complete being XX, while males are XY?

5. Religions erroneously promotes material humans be it women (goddess) or mostly men including prophets as absolute “gods”, the Creator of Creation, the all powerful, yet at the same time consider the masses under them as “children” who can NEVER be of equal status in Creation. Such beliefs serve one purpose only, to keep the blood thirsty tyrants in power and the masses in servitude under fear of death/ destruction and granting entry to heaven or hell.

6. This religious “fatherly” god figure of “hope, goodness, love, warmth and compassion” is a concept that contradicts human nature. Would your father rule your family the way these religious fanatics preach, question his authority and face death or would he rather see his children become greater than he is with a better future including spiritual evolution?

7. Finally, religious “BELIEFS” as well as the concept of some absolute “GOD” are unwielding concepts that can NEVER be questioned even by those that claim such fallacy titles because it “locks” the original idea to a power base that cannot be separated from POWER! Those that lust for power are like drug addicts, they need more power in order to feed that lust which is never satisfied and only stops when destruction is complete, which there are a few examples to behold such as the Ring Nebula of Lyra called “IHWH-HATA” (Eye of God) destroyed by some evil power-lustful IHWH

--Hawaiian 05:40, 30 January 2011 (UTC)