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Mrnorm said ...

Profit and power at any price, so what can we do about it? this is the cause of war,thats why vietnam, it truely had nothing to do with the spread of communism, that was just the exscuse that was used at the time,people cant see the nose in front of there face...people are so under educated in the ways of the evels of the world,yet there are followers that need guidence, such like the evels of hitler and what his band of cronies did...One of the BIG things that are holding is Big power oil cos. our goverment needs to take charge and force a out come of other energy resources and in return this would help put america back to work, but i beleave all these dum ass presadents are blind to to the future... theres only war on these aaas holes minds

--Mrnorm 17:29, 7 September 2011 (BST)