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Alive said ...

The topics of this Contact Report are quite hard to me, so I could only make small comments here.

== Thomas is a genius. He came to the Centre only to sleep with K. Then he asked for an exception to be able to sleep with K more often. Then he asked mister Billy to give him the latest Contact Report, so he could learn the ordinal rules and subvert them, in order to be able to sleep with K without being disturbed by any duty. He even threatened Quetzal, so Quetzal would stay away from the Centre and close his eyes to the problems had been going on in the Centre, so he could calmly continue his primary activity, namely sleeping with K. Using his genial mind, Thomas had done some bad things in a way can not be imagined even by the worst villains ever lived on this planet, such as Arussem, Jehovah, Kamagol I, Kamagol II, Aruseak, and so on.

== There is almost nothing mentioned about K , so I can not say anything about her personality, psyche, material consciousness, spiritual consciousness, storagebank, and many other things.

== Erran marriage tradition belongs to Erran custom and ethiquettes, which could be very different than Terran. It is quite risky to apply the rules of Erran marriage on Earth without taking the traditional differences into account. From Erran custom's point of view, it is normal for a young man and a young woman to have an intimate relationship for 3 years without doing any sexual intercourse, while from Terran custom's, it would seem as completely abnormal.

== Quetzal's 42nd sentence seems problematic to me, so I compared the English version with the German one. I found the German version is also problematic. I gave up.

== The crown of love is a risky concept, that could make many confusions among Terran youths and lead them to the incorrect interpretation of love. They would think, if there is a crown of love, then logically there must be a kingdom of love, full of love castles, love forts, love barracks, love fields, love barns, love houses, love roads, love markets, love schools, and love museums. Things will get much worse in this solar system, when the Terran youths start to think like that.

---- M -- 21:06, 20 August 2012 (BST)