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Alive said ...

I wonder how many Jacobuses on this planet. Men who need female partners to be able to see the broader picture of reality, which in itself is a fragment of another broader picture, which, in the final analysis, is a cell in the much more broader picture of reality.

---- M -- 17:05, 6 September 2011 (BST)

Sheila said ...

Good job, Benjamin. And very much appreciated.

--Sheila 03:17, 7 September 2011 (BST)

Barbarian216 said ...

What I find puzzling from this contact report from another more recent one in which Billy avoiding an head on car collision that Semjase expressed gratitude that Billy’s family (Eva and kids) were saved, but Billy expressed some regrets that his “other” family member, Gilgamesha was not included as well. She was severely disabled by another car collision and certainly weighed heavily on Billy’s mind, not too mention his brother being killed by a drunken driver.

These things certainly have a very negative effect on one’s psyche as Semjase admits. But what I’m concerned about is whether the Plejarens did a more thorough investigation as to the actual causes of these accidents occurring to Billy’s immediate family and friends or rather if some other sinister influences were responsible for causing such events to occur? It would not have been an isolated case since constant interferences in BEAM’s work has always occurred and continue to this day. Those who are proficient in the German language would probably find some indicator(s) in the translations if they do exist?

Billy: … Well,… it really hits me, because even if one has already often experienced the same, it still lashes out on the psyche again and again. One really doesn't like to lose a human being.

Semjase: 173. I don't, because in your life, you already have so many things that must be processed and taken in, by which many other human beings would be broken.

Analyzing the ancient Lyrian and Vegan names of both the male and female gender, one cannot help but notice the majority has similar characteristics, but in some cases (mostly males) are stand alone and bear negative connotations like in the names of Deukalon = “Self-serving Man” or Dakar = “Hot Blooded Man”.

Yet if one was to “formulate” a different combination as to “enhance” these characteristics, say pairing a female named Flujdasa = “Woman who knows the Non-Comprehensible and the Non-Ascertainable” to a male named Geblemon = “Man who knows the Solution”.

Logically Flujdasa and Geblemon will hopefully produce an offspring with a combination from both parents that bear an enhanced human version. Never mind the free will of love, it’s the mission that really matters. Naming of humans are very important and should be compatible to their particular characteristics and attributes not because the name sounds good in the hopes some positive factor will result because of that name (which is abuse).

As often in ancient Hawaiian culture, some names are strictly reserved for only those that have a certain characteristic otherwise unfortunate events will occur if it is not compatible for those who once had those names will not “merge” into higher evolutionary status if the current personality does the opposite of what that name represents. At least on a material Conscious plane this endeavor is valid and probably the reason why the living Plejaren all have unique names.

Mahalo for the translations Benjamin Stevens, I’m just waiting for someone to log in with the name of Gotamas = “The Man Who is Greater Than a God”! Then all of our problems will be resolved especially the females, would you care to make that change Alive?

--Hawaiian 00:47, 8 September 2011 (BST)

Alive said ...

Aloha Hula-hula Hawaiian,

All of those names seem nice for me. So far I did not find any name with negative connotation. Some names seem close to Greek, some close to Sanskrit. The most intriguing name I found is Driada (Tree Nymph), which triggers a formation of fantasy in my mind. I do not why, and, as you may have guessed, I do not care much.

"Lyra" and "Wega" seem like a word play for me. Lyra is harp, Wega is harp player. The instrument and the operator. Are Lyran and Wegan languages two radically different languages, or are they two dialects of a single language?

Mister Billy's saying about sadness related to the dead persons is interesting. It seems to me that he was talking about parting, not about death, but I am not sure. I will read his words again tonight.

“The Man Who is Greater Than a God”? Could he handle the hysteria of Stormy Woman?

---- M -- 12:49, 8 September 2011 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

I find it a little puzzling that in Contact Report 124 which occurred in Nov 1974, Billy speaks of the unfortunate car accident of his daughter Gilgamesha which did not occur until the 1990’s.

Contact Report 124, Nov 11 1974

Semjase: 4. I'm talking about the fact that you and your family, your wife, Methusalem and Eva, escaped from a serious accident only by your presence of mind and by your quick reaction.

Billy: Oh, you know that already? Moreover, Atlantis and Gilgamesha also belong to my family, and the two weren't there when it crashed. Thus, you are illogical when you speak of my family, because it was truly only a part of my family.

Contact Report 125, Dec 11 1979

Semjase: 169. Gilgamesha will succumb to a very serious car accident and will become severely disabled at the beginning of the nineties, around the time she comes of age.

Contact Report 239, Dec 20 1991

Billy: Of course. Then that is also clear. – Well – you are surely oriented over the fact that our child, Gilgamesha, had a very serious car accident on the 9th of August, such that since then, she can no longer hear and can no longer speak, and also her arms, hands, and fingers are no longer fully functional, as she must also learn to walk again and still carries a metal frame on her right leg, from which several large screws are screwed into the flesh and into the bones. She also suffered a double fractured pelvis, and her left leg was also severely fractured. I don’t want to speak of all the open wounds on her head, body, arms, legs, and hands, nor of how much of her had to be stitched and that Gilgamesha lay in a coma for several weeks. But why am I telling you all this, for you will, indeed, know everything? Just why didn’t you tell me anything about it? It certainly would have been better for me if I could have prepared myself for it. I knew absolutely nothing about the fact that Gilgamesha had such a bad destiny for these evil events.

Ptaah: 99. But know, my friend, that your daughter in no way exhibited such a destiny, so the event happened by a stroke of fate that resulted from the unfortunate circumstance that she was, exactly at that moment, in that place where she became hit by a man with his vehicle, a man who knows and respects no responsibility for anything or any other life except his own.

100. Thus, no determination was available for this event; rather, it was a stroke of fate that could have only been seen by a certain foresight.

There appears to be some negligence on the part of the Plejarens when they time shift into events that have negative connotations towards Billy’s psyche by tragic misfortunes to his immediate family, in this case his daughter Gilgamesha. They could forecast her unfortunate car “accident”, but did not investigate deeper into the causes of such mishap is puzzling indeed since their technology should have indicated its Cause and Effect without any problem, IF they had the initiative to do so. The Plejaren and High Council speaks about avoiding activities that damage the psyche, yet in this regard remain silent I find bewildering and often wonder if a directive or protocol is more important than the well being of an individual?

Thus in this case as well as others, I see some lack of compassion on their part and often question if they are really up to task on events occurring in the SOL and DERN areas of responsibility or they should modify their approach in regards to often unique circumstances that often require inputs from those that are most affected by such forces? In other words, they would surely benefit if they “perceive” these circumstances from the point-of-view of those living and coping in these conditions that often border between the Creational and Non-Creational attributes.

They have the technology to do in depth investigations in regards to personality inferences both forward and backward which influences the current psyche, yet still adhere to Creational directives which are “derived” from a source of Ur origins that often have not been subjected to negative influences as witness repeatedly in this SOL area of responsibility.

What needs to be implemented is the “intent” of Creational aspirations, when there is a conflict of sorts, both should be separated, analyzed thoroughly to determine the Cause and Effect as well as the Not-Cause and Not-Effect and other attributes, weigh the “potential” outcomes through valid representations, then utilize the necessary reasonable HUMANE logical approach to ensure that both the positive and negative forces are given equal access for spiritual evolution without being destroyed, if one chooses to do so, then it should be self inflicted without affecting the rest that endeavor toward Creational evolution.

--Hawaiian 20:57, 8 September 2011 (BST)

Alive said ...

Hula Hawaiian,

I think it is safe to speculate that mister Billy was talking about melancholic effect of parting on human psyche. Melancholia is the feeling about something good, something kind that will go and never return. In this context it concerns about person who is dying or will die, whether familiar or unfamiliar to the feeler (the person who feels melancholia). While he saw a person was dying or heard that a person just died the feeler knows that the personality of the dying or just died person will stop forever. Although he understands that the spirit of the dying or just died person will reincarnate, reenter material realm via an embryo, he also understands that the embryo will become another person with different personality, which might be not as kind as the previous personality. In the moment of death the parting between the feeler's personality and the just died person's personality was happening, and it triggered a melancholia in the feeler's psyche, since he knows that their current personalities will never get to know each other again anywhere.

PS: I do not have any supporting data for my explaination above. Heck, I just made it up, man.

---- M -- 04:32, 9 September 2011 (BST)

Alive said ...

Semiase said "For my part, I would be very glad if through the given list of names, these old names, which are also still current with us, would find use again on Earth, for they are truly value-containing." <Line 191>

I think that she meant the mentioned names are metaphors which carry ethical values which could stimulate Earth human life forms to think about ethics in their social life.

Some explaination about ethical value could be found here:

---- M -- 05:05, 13 September 2011 (BST)

Zameen said ...

Mr. Cleese I must say I agree. Given that each name carries with it a selected occupation or a tendency that would seem to be a description of what that person would have a propensity for. My only question is how do they know this person will embodie such a trait wben tbey are born?

--Zameen 16:02, 13 September 2011 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

Aloha Zameen, my friend,

You have a good point, I think there are two avenues of approaches, the fortunate ones with the technological means to validate one’s potentials and match their attributes to a proper name representation through historical data and time shifted analysis along with past and current personality integration values with its appropriate links to other non-related personalities it may have influenced both positively and/or negatively.

These traits are then incorporated into whether the person is born on a certain date to a particular couple whose attributes are also considered will have bearing on which name is most appropriate for its gender be it male or female. During a forum discussion one person mentioned that some Plejaren couples have given birth to a baby that has already evolved into a half physical spiritual Being, but whether true or not has to be verified.

Then, unfortunately those without these measures have to rely on genealogical family tree and historical data to determine which name is properly chosen or that person will need to change their name to something more appropriate.

--Hawaiian 20:42, 13 September 2011 (BST)