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Alive said ...

I wonder how many Jacobuses on this planet. Men who need female partners to be able to see the broader picture of reality, which in itself is a fragment of another broader picture, which, in the final analysis, is a cell in the much more broader picture of reality.

---- M -- 17:05, 6 September 2011 (BST)

Sheila said ...

Good job, Benjamin. And very much appreciated.

--Sheila 03:17, 7 September 2011 (BST)

Barbarian216 said ...

What I find puzzling from this contact report from another more recent one in which Billy avoiding an head on car collision that Semjase expressed gratitude that Billy’s family (Eva and kids) were saved, but Billy expressed some regrets that his “other” family member, Gilgamesha was not included as well. She was severely disabled by another car collision and certainly weighed heavily on Billy’s mind, not too mention his brother being killed by a drunken driver.

These things certainly have a very negative effect on one’s psyche as Semjase admits. But what I’m concerned about is whether the Plejarens did a more thorough investigation as to the actual causes of these accidents occurring to Billy’s immediate family and friends or rather if some other sinister influences were responsible for causing such events to occur? It would not have been an isolated case since constant interferences in BEAM’s work has always occurred and continue to this day. Those who are proficient in the German language would probably find some indicator(s) in the translations if they do exist?

Billy: … Well,… it really hits me, because even if one has already often experienced the same, it still lashes out on the psyche again and again. One really doesn't like to lose a human being.

Semjase: 173. I don't, because in your life, you already have so many things that must be processed and taken in, by which many other human beings would be broken.

Analyzing the ancient Lyrian and Vegan names of both the male and female gender, one cannot help but notice the majority has similar characteristics, but in some cases (mostly males) are stand alone and bear negative connotations like in the names of Deukalon = “Self-serving Man” or Dakar = “Hot Blooded Man”.

Yet if one was to “formulate” a different combination as to “enhance” these characteristics, say pairing a female named Flujdasa = “Woman who knows the Non-Comprehensible and the Non-Ascertainable” to a male named Geblemon = “Man who knows the Solution”.

Logically Flujdasa and Geblemon will hopefully produce an offspring with a combination from both parents that bear an enhanced human version. Never mind the free will of love, it’s the mission that really matters. Naming of humans are very important and should be compatible to their particular characteristics and attributes not because the name sounds good in the hopes some positive factor will result because of that name (which is abuse).

As often in ancient Hawaiian culture, some names are strictly reserved for only those that have a certain characteristic otherwise unfortunate events will occur if it is not compatible for those who once had those names will not “merge” into higher evolutionary status if the current personality does the opposite of what that name represents. At least on a material Conscious plane this endeavor is valid and probably the reason why the living Plejaren all have unique names.

Mahalo for the translations Benjamin Stevens, I’m just waiting for someone to log in with the name of Gotamas = “The Man Who is Greater Than a God”! Then all of our problems will be resolved especially the females, would you care to make that change Alive?

--Hawaiian 00:47, 8 September 2011 (BST)