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Mark said ...

Thanks, this was a great help in aiding many to understand spiritual evolution including myself. I find it interesting about the organic ship and it having AI that can think and respond telepathically. This possibly could be a bonding with ship and the person that has possession of that ship. I wonder if the ship has a mind of it's own or if it has built in instructional AI geared more towards it's pilot. Very interesting. I shall now go on about and try to fulfill these stages until I get to the final boss stage. :) j/k In reality the challenge is not surrouding us, rather it is in our own BEING that is developing by the choices we make and how it affects our future development as a whole until we all reach that Absolutum and become one with Creation. Sounds great, sign me up.

--Mark 21:27, 28 June 2010 (BST)