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dod said ...

its really awesome

--dod 10:58, 22 March 2010 (UTC)

Hawaiian said ...

I believe (correct me if not?) that a honorable man in the 1950's named Antoine Priore developed a machine called the Bordeaux Magnetic Machine. Basically it combines two or more high frequencies of longitudinal EM waves inside "pulsed" magnetic field carriers better known as "Scalar" waves to cure many cancerous cases both in animals and humans by the process known as quote.

"The mechanism is a dramatic extension to nonlinear optics, moving it to the "time domain", and resulting in the forced propagation of the pumped cellular mass itself-including the genetics- in the "time domain". Hence the damaged or diseased cellular mass is slowly reverted back to a previous earlier state. Quoted from the KeelyNet website, July 6 1990.

However, this technology was seized, weaponized and classified by the powers to be for evil purposes, which is called Scalar and further acknowledged by professor Tom Bearden, who also did an excellent line-for-line analysis comparing the perverted Christian bible to the Book of Talmud.

--Hawaiian 06:13, 23 March 2010 (UTC)