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Comments on Chapter 10 - SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY <comments />

dod said ...

its really awesome

--dod 10:58, 22 March 2010 (UTC)

Hawaiian said ...

I believe (correct me if not?) that a honorable man in the 1950's named Antoine Priore developed a machine called the Bordeaux Magnetic Machine. Basically it combines two or more high frequencies of longitudinal EM waves inside "pulsed" magnetic field carriers better known as "Scalar" waves to cure many cancerous cases both in animals and humans by the process known as quote.

"The mechanism is a dramatic extension to nonlinear optics, moving it to the "time domain", and resulting in the forced propagation of the pumped cellular mass itself-including the genetics- in the "time domain". Hence the damaged or diseased cellular mass is slowly reverted back to a previous earlier state. Quoted from the KeelyNet website, July 6 1990.

However, this technology was seized, weaponized and classified by the powers to be for evil purposes, which is called Scalar and further acknowledged by professor Tom Bearden, who also did an excellent line-for-line analysis comparing the perverted Christian bible to the Book of Talmud.

--Hawaiian 06:13, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

Bigfoot said ...

Tungusta explosion destroyed 4000 technologically advanced and higher evolved human beings from another solar system.This means that there are now 4000 humans evolving here on earth that are higher evolved than most of the other 8-9 billion people.True or False?

--Bigfoot 07:15, 7 April 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...


If you are referring to their spiritual evolved levels, then technically speaking, the answer to that is YES. But whether their current personalities being re-incarnated in Earth humans are at the moment contributing to this level remains in question for the following reasons:

Was it not evident that these advanced humans responsible for bringing the concept of religions/gods to their home world which resulted in war and destruction, being intervened by higher intelligences that forbade any more missions to Earth?

--Hawaiian 17:15, 7 April 2010 (BST)

Mrnorm said ...

Beamships of earth 65.52.58...Just dont see how this Brazillian group could ever learn are have the know how to fly a spaceship...these ET's were from a world that didnt breath our air... didnt look human Had a different language than this worlds peoples and didnt have there how to book with them... there fore information stored in there PC's... they could not get this information do to they didnt understand it even if they found it...Using reverce they would have technology that would be worth Trillions.................................Earth built U F O 's are nothing like a Beamship... and to me if you see a beamship and know its a beamship are a spaceship its not a U F O any longer but a I F O..are better yet a..I F S ...IDENTIFIED FLYING SPACESHIP...enought with unidentified flying nonsense

--Mrnorm 17:42, 15 September 2011 (BST)

Mrnorm said ...

I beleave that many many people that read all this information are put into a stuper... they dont know what to say are do... REAL are NOT REAL.. could it be... if it is real the goverment would do something... I HOPE NOT...But i will say that people that do read this ... TV and movie writers and producers ... i notice that there thinking has curved to the writings of all this information that is given out do to this site...thanks for that...

--Mrnorm 18:03, 15 September 2011 (BST)

Markvd said ...

Basicology before all else. You learn too much without the natural laws of creation mastered you are a walking destructive zombie. :)

--Markvd 06:05, 16 September 2011 (BST)

Chris H. said ...

The stated age of the Earth and Sun are different from Billy's contact notes. I remember reading that they are definitely older then 5 billion years, but much younger then 600-700 billion years old. Please confirm.

--Chrish64 04:27, 24 September 2011 (BST)

Chris H. said ...

The age of the Earth and Sun stated here do not match what Billy has said in the contacts. I know I read in the contacts that the Earth is older then 5 billion years old, but also much younger then 600 billion years. Same goes for the Sun. Please confirm.

--Chrish64 04:29, 24 September 2011 (BST)

Chris H. said ...

Please see:

137. With the two belts, which can also be designated as rings, this deals with the remnants of that gigantic primordial cloud of gas, particles and objects, and so forth, from which the solar system, with all its planets, ultimately formed more than 5,500,000,000 years ago. 138. But the cloud's primordial matter did not form at the aforementioned time, rather it already formed more than 46,000,000,000 years ago, and then, in the course of time, condensed into its final form, and supplied the substance for the solar system more than 5,500,000,000 years ago.

So you can see the the 600-700 billion number is off my a factor of 10.

--Chrish64 04:48, 24 September 2011 (BST)

Tcarch said ...

Queston. Do Asket`s people know about the shifts in time and the causes?

--Tcarch 06:27, 26 September 2011 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

Aloha James,

I was just browsing through your website and came across this article in which I only briefly attempted to answer Bigfoot's question on the status of the Bardons dilemma regarding the Tungusksa event. Not sure if this has been posted somewhere on this website, but decided to repost it for it answers more completely Bigfoot's question and also opens more questions/answers to other areas of concern so that this particular event will evolve further as evolution is an on-going progressive endeavor where answers and not usually in plain sight, but requires critical thinking with an opened mind.

So if you will, please post it where you think its appropriate as I don't have admin rights to do so, thanks.

FIGU Bulletin 059

The Tunguska event occurred on June 30 1908 in Russia by a group of ET’s belonging to the Bardon system, 400 million light years from Earth. On board this ship were 4387 individuals who lost their lives in a self-induced atomic explosion because their home world leaders forbid anyone from helping them because 1000 years earlier some of their explorers brought back the concepts of Christianity religious beliefs back to their home worlds which resulted in massive wars and destruction that was stopped by higher intelligences so a decree was placed on the SOL system as forbidden access.

This ship accidentally ventured into Earth because of faulty navigation, so in essence it was not intentional and did not violate that decree, technically speaking. The Plejarens could have displayed a bit more compassion and assisted, but was more concerned about their “directives”. Sometimes I wonder which has more human validity, compassion or some set of rules or protocols as indicated in #5 statement?

If you think it over, the Plejaren’s medical knowledge and technical advances would surely have found a cure to syphilis as Earth scientists did in the early 1900’s.

And I find it rather ironic (line 6) for the Plejarens to suggest that self-extermination (which is a violation of Creational laws regarding suicide) is “acceptable” so that they can teach the Bardons that “no danger from Earth religions exist if they no longer get involved with this”.

There are several dilemmas emerging from this statement, first of all, religions have been around for many thousands of years and in 1908, certainly the ones actively promoting such evil intentions where the Giza Intelligences numbering around 2100 under the pyramids in Egypt. Thus would it not be logically inclined to include those that actually suffered from this evil be offered the opportunity to resolve such issues since they were directly affected by such?

By intervening on behalf of the 4387 Bardons on this ship and allowing these people to find a resolution not only for themselves and their counterparts back home, they could also serve as a counter-balance to the evil Giza intelligences and in turn, also assist in other Earthly humans negatively affected by religions as well. But no, a set of directives instead of compassion was a priority for the Plejarens.

Also, if one goes deeper into another dilemma which concerns the reincarnation cycle verses natural life spans in order for one’s spirit to gain the necessary knowledge/experience for evolution, the logical evaluation will presume that the natural life cycles of these Bardons are certainly much more than the degenerated activated ageing gene (compliments of the Creator Overlords) of 100 years maximum.

So considering Earthly standards, the spirits of these 4387 perished Bardons are probably beginning if not so already, started to incarnate in Earthly humans. So now here comes the question, would you rather live out your natural life span of 1000 years as in this case the Bardons, to achieve the parameters listed previously for spiritual evolution OR be subjected to reduced life spans with more frequent incarnations with a new personality each time that is detached from the previous one? So in essence, these Bardons were condemned to experience the same negative factors of Earth humans, shorten life cycles and handicapped by such limited opportunities for evolutionary development.

These dilemmas has certainly not given much thought by the Plejarens because they have not experienced these negative influences directly and appear more concerned about “directives and protocols” What is more important is one’s intuition and inner self-worth to derive a humane logical aspiration of compassion towards the victims perspective that supersedes any set of rules or laws, because compassion retains its validity even in the pure spiritual realms from the Arahat Athersata to Petale level as witnessed by their involvement in assisting Nokodemion to return from the Arahat BEING level to a material being now incarnated in BEAM. His spirit must experience such sorrow every time an opportunity to enact compassion is passed up by those he co-created who are not looking inward for resolutions that confront them?

Therefore the answers to these dilemmas lies in Billy and yourself, including especially those who are incarnated with equal evolution potentials of 30 million years or more and others of Earthly nature, it is these experiences that link or interconnect to other areas of origins to span Mars, Malona, Bardon, Lyrian, Vega and others including the Creator Overlords. However even if one places these “tools” in full view and made accessible to those in power to do so, Free Will is always a factor to consider, so is compassion.

1 - Ptaah The great space ship that at that time suffered a breakdown and was destroyed, out of which the so-called Tunguska event resulted, belonged to a people who live in a distant galaxy in your space-time configuration

2 - Christianity, however, which was brought to their home worlds by some of their space travelers and which quickly spread out, led to grave religious wars

3 - When then, finally, order could again be created, the space travelers were forbidden to make any further penetrations into the terrestrial space

4 - Around 1000 years after this decree a great space ship of these people erred into the SOL system as a result of faulty co-ordinates and became stranded on the Earth by a still emerging grave breakdown from which it could no longer extricate itself

5 - Apart from that, other extraterrestrials were stationed on the Earth - namely us and our confederates - who were prohibited, by the government of the home world, from helping the space travelers. Consequently we had to hold ourselves to our directives

6 - Therefore we had to let things run their course, however, this was built on the fact that we could teach the space travelers' government and people in relation to this: that no danger existed anymore for them from the Earth humans' religions if they would no longer get involved in these

--Hawaiian 18:43, 5 October 2011 (BST)