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  • ==Human being of Earth, it is high time for you to change for the better and for the good== | '''Human being of Earth, it is high time for you to change for the better and for the good ...'''
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  • ==Translation of Open Letter to all Human Beings of Earth (5th July, 1951)== ...non-governmental terrororganisations, but also other events through which Earth will be plunged into natural disasters, and humankind into hardship and mis
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  • | "Reverence, human of the Earth, is the fundamental element of all existence, so it is therefore also the f a distinguishing feature of Creation that, as a fragment, inhabits the human as spirit.
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  • ==What All Human Beings Of Earth Should Know!== | '''What all human beings of Earth should know!'''
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  • ...lated deceptions, hallucinations, and trickery with which they buoy up the Earth humans with false promises.|[[Asket's_Explanations_-_Part_1|''Asket, Februa ===Human characteristics===
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  • ...lomaniac and firmly convinced that he would be his God's representative on earth and would have to free the world from all evil. ...are still wide-ranging open factors that prevent the entire situation from being seen in a final and unambiguous light.
    44 KB (6,796 words) - 10:34, 12 March 2019
  • ...rivate that you should not speak to anyone about them, and by this, I mean Earth people. | 11. In this consequence, the human being is distinguished with the highest feeling of pain, as he is consciously abl
    126 KB (20,138 words) - 13:47, 19 February 2012
  • * the establishment of the current conditions of Earth ...ype of human testing, which you also bring to use very frequently with the Earth people.
    133 KB (21,204 words) - 22:16, 18 January 2019
  • ...the sense of the development of consciousness and mind of the Earth human being. ...he human being, who records all thoughts and emotions, who tells the human being whether his thoughts are right or wrong, if he has learned to pay attention
    90 KB (14,305 words) - 09:35, 21 September 2019
  • * the history, variety and frequency of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth * the Earth-government secrecy, misinformation and disinformation surrounding the extra
    59 KB (9,240 words) - 12:54, 22 January 2013
  • The speaker is [[Asket]], the extraterrestrial human woman from our sister [[DAL universe]], in a Jordanian desert, on February * Billy's difficult mission on Earth
    102 KB (16,087 words) - 19:45, 19 June 2019
  • ...alf of Semjase's 1977 explanation about the origins of the Aryan people on Earth. This explanation was provided by Semjase on Billy's request during the 70t and returned again years later to attempt once again to take control of Earth.
    44 KB (6,912 words) - 14:12, 18 May 2019
  • ..., and the effect unequal rights which has been so for many millenia has on Earth women. taken because only too quickly, one can fall under the suspicion of the Earth people that one pushes his finances into their own pockets. Indeed, I alrea
    213 KB (34,429 words) - 15:32, 13 January 2018
  • ...m as well as real freedom - you have also been born an inconspicuous human being; and, as with all genuine proclaimers and sages, you will also first have t ...estly, modestly and in real love and joy for your task and for your fellow human beings.
    45 KB (7,766 words) - 15:46, 18 April 2019
  • ...word or the term “Creation” as if something very beautiful or good is being referred to, through which a change should be effected in his/her thinking. ...e designation “Creation” attain such a deep significance for the human being that a change in his/her entire psychological way of behaving occurs, in hi
    72 KB (11,649 words) - 04:49, 18 July 2019
  • ...ctive medicinal agent, but, in spite of that, cause effects in the human being, such as those which become evident with real medicinal medications. | Put another way, that means that human beings are, for example, freed from pain or are even healed of suffering
    39 KB (5,946 words) - 09:36, 27 August 2018
  • ...lled in many literary works, because this name is still very well known to Earth humans from early times. | 37. Through a process that is very complicated on earth, we convert the captured lead substances into the soft metal lead, which we
    72 KB (11,611 words) - 09:50, 21 September 2019
  •, with its own granted intelligence through which the form of the living being, respectively, the life-form, is determined and steered. | For the human that means that he can only comply with his consciousness-evolution by mean
    25 KB (3,858 words) - 14:42, 19 February 2012
  • ...out the Giza Intelligences (a.k.a. Bafath) and their specific influence on Earth peoples (and complements the narrative provided in [[ Contact Report 136 | ...gol II, who was striving for world domination. Ashtar Sheran was active on earth in a negative and criminal way, on behalf of Kamagol II and his followers,
    26 KB (4,082 words) - 17:13, 19 July 2019
  • | 140. He passed himself off as being a thousand years old, whereby however he was often confused in his own stat | 177. The Earth human has never yet known scruples, if he wants to obtain a goal.
    23 KB (3,726 words) - 17:17, 19 July 2019
  • | A strong feature of yours. Unfortunately, with the Earth people, that isn’t exactly a strength, for they don’t like to admit mis | Being openly attentive thereon, I saw how Nadja stepped in front of the hut and l
    126 KB (20,643 words) - 15:28, 8 February 2010
  • | 40. That is why only as much as can be said is that the Earth human himself carries the greatest guilt that the epidemic could spread so far, a | That means therefore, that, under certain circumstances, the human can also be infected from animal meat and animal blood products.
    8 KB (1,278 words) - 17:39, 3 May 2009
  • | 11. Also on Earth, it will become well-known among the people, but only around the turn of th regard to other asteroids that also often come into the vicinity of the Earth? Is the anxiety justified concerning such a catastrophe?
    131 KB (21,061 words) - 22:20, 10 April 2019
  • ...ser space telescope, made of many parts, will be brought into a stationary Earth orbit, that primarily will serve in the discovery of planets in foreign sol moons. And now, in order to make it clear that it always only concerned human life forms when you spoke of the fact that there is no life in the SOL syst
    71 KB (11,510 words) - 18:21, 23 June 2010

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