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Since the 27th August 2013, the site news has been discontinued on this page. Site news is now continued on the FIGU News page (also on the front page) which includes multi-website news gathered from several FIGU-related and other similarly goaled websites.

27th August 2013

  • Added a FIGU News section to the front page that utilizes an RSS news feed aggregator to aggregate news from FIGU Canada, Australia and More news feeds to be added soon.

James Moore

26th August 2013

James Moore

1st August 2013

  • "We would like to announce that also is another officially authorized reseller of both the Psyche and the Might of the Thoughts in the USA.

Both books can only be sold [by Toward The Truth to people living] in the USA.

Jacob Smits (webmaster of TtT bookstore)"

25th July 2013

In the U.S. it can be purchased from Michael Horn.

Everyone else may buy it via the FIGU Switzerland website where it is currently available. Shipping is costly though, for example, Swiss Post charge between 37CHF and 53CHF (26GBP and 37GBP) for a parcel weighing less than 2Kg. So if you order from Switzerland, try to buy multiple items, including the free ones, to save on shipping costs over the long run.

Recent new directions from the Core Group, who were advised by Ptaah, mean that this is how our book distribution works now. The Canadians have the same situation with their "The Psyche".
James Moore

24th June 2013

  • Message from Mahesh Karumudi: "Dear members who have the PPKBs,

If anyone of you is willing to participate in the Corroborations project, we need your help. We would like to have the scans of the corroborated news articles that were provided after each contact report in the PPKBs. This is a follow up of the corroboration of the prophecies-predictions work showcased in MHs doc- 'As the Time Fulfills'. After completion, this work would also be used by MH either as a part of his new doc or for his website . If you are interested please write to me at"
James Moore

19th June 2013

  • Message from Dyson Devine: "I'm also very pleased to announce that Vivienne and I have signed the contracts with Billy to translate his book Die Art zu Leben, which we've given the working title, "The Way to Live". We've already started. It's not as big a job as Might of the Thoughts, so Vivienne reckons that it might see the light of day in about a year and a half."

James Moore

27th May 2013

  • SPECIAL REQUEST: Anyone with a copy of Semjase Kontakt Berichte volume 12 (Semjase Contact Report volume 12) please contact me via This is very important. Thank you. Please do not confuse this with Contact Report 12. The Semjase Kontakt Berichte (SKB) volumes were the precursor to the Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte (PPKB) volumes. The PPKBs contain the same contact reports as the SKBs but more and they also contain corrections. SKB 12 was published in 1995.

James Moore

17th May 2013

James Moore

6th May 2013

  • Added an article by Professor Emeritus James Deardorff called Plausible Deniability to the "evidence" section.

James Moore

3rd May 2013

  • Corrected a software bug in the Peace Meditation Countdown application on the main page that caused it to incorrectly calculate the next peace meditation to be on Friday 3rd May. You may need to delete your browser cache/temporary Internet files to see the new version.
  • Uploaded new version of the File:Flexpeacemeditation1.fxp Flash Builder Project written in Adobe Flash Builder 4.5. This application project comes with multiple language localization built into it so that any developer who would like to recreate this Peace Meditation Countdown in another language can easily do so.

James Moore

21st April 2013

James Moore

20th April 2013

James Moore

11th March 2013

  • The website migration to a new server has completed early. It now appears to serve web pages a lot faster.

James Moore

8th March 2013

  • From the 8th to the 16th March this website is being migrated to a new server and any changes made to it during those days (GMT) will be lost.

James Moore

2nd February 2013

  • Added a new translation of Self-Knowledge, an article by Billy from his personal website, translated by Neckel.

James Moore

26th January 2013

James Moore

24th January 2013

  • Added a newly discovered translation of a contact report extract: Contact Report 282. My thanks to Luis Badano for making me aware of it.

James Moore

22nd January 2013

James Moore

12th January 2013

James Moore

8th January 2013

  • Vivienne has let me know that Dyson has decided to translate all of Special Bulletin 71.

James Moore

6th January 2013

  • Added a new article by Peter Brodowski, titled The act of giving assistance to those that ask for it.
  • The website now switches to mobile view automatically when viewed with a mobile device. Previously this was not working all of the time. Not all mobile devices tested. Improved a few pages for mobile device viewing. Mainly the images were shrunk a bit and a navigation list was added to the bottom of the main page.
  • Vivienne Legg has informed me that Dyson Devine is embarking on a translation of the Special Bulletin 71 section to do with the US. So this message is intended to prevent any needless doubling up. It is quite huge so may take some time to complete.

James Moore

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