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==31st August 2009==
==31st August 2009==
* Added [[Contact Report 156]].
* Added [[Contact Report 156]].
* Added [[Contact Report 157]].
==30th August 2009==
==30th August 2009==

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31st August 2009

30th August 2009

Reece Stiller

29th August 2009

Reece Stiller

28th August 2009

Reece Stiller

25th August 2009


13th August 2009


7th August 2009

Reece Stiller

2nd August 2009

  • Updated Downloads. Uploaded Christians picture of Plejaren Alphabet.



1st August 2009

  • Just wanted to mention that The first four chapters of "Goblet of Truth" ("Kelch der Wahrheit") are now available as a freely downloadable PDF file on us.figu.org.



24st July 2009

23rd July 2009

  • Added new translation of Kanon 42 of OM regarding the psyche.

21st July 2009

  • Updated Contact Statistics (Sfath and Ptaah's titles as Sruts, 6 more contact persons added)

Reece Stiller

18th July 2009

Stephen Moore (User "Ufofacts")

15th July 2009


14th July 2009


11th July 2009


10th July 2009


9th July 2009


5th July 2009

Stephen Moore (User "Ufofacts")


2nd July 2009


Stephen Moore (User "Ufofacts")

1st July 2009

Stephen Moore (User "Ufofacts")

30th June 2009

Added Larry Driscoll & Hans Koenig, with minor refinements by Dyson Devine & Vivienne Legg, translation of Kanon 52 to OM page

Stephen Moore (User "Ufofacts")

29th June 2009

Added new page FIGU - related terms by Jacob Smits, March 5th 2006

Stephen Moore (User "Ufofacts")

28th June 2009

  • Added Dyson Devine's and Vivienne Legg's FIGU permitted unofficial translations of Kanon 09 and Kanon 49 to OM page
  • Added Dyson Devine's and Vivienne Legg's FIGU permitted unofficial translations of pages 132-134 and pages 149-150 from Billy Meier's book Arahat Athersata to Arahat Athersata page

Stephen Moore (User "Ufofacts")


19th June 2009

I recently added the following articles:


21st May 2009

Jeroen added the following pages:

Jeroen modified the following page:

20th May 2009

James Moore standardised headings and subheadings of all FIGU Bulletins. Added more quotes of the day by Billy Meier as seen from the Main Page.

Jeroen Jansen added the following pages:

Adam Izak-Sunna resolutely sent the Birth Stop Petition to yet more government and NGO people.

13th May 2009

Added Witness Testimony Part Two, Witness Matrix, Photographic Evidence and Beamship Sounds.


7th May 2009

Added The Witnesses and the first subsection, Witness Testimony Part One.


6th May 2009

Added What is announced comprehensively for the third millennium prophetically and predictively.

Added Asket's Explanations - Part 2. The Asket Contact Reports was renamed to be Asket's Explanations - Part 1. See both parts listed here (and Asket's Acquaintanceship is also already there for your digestion or study).

Added Arahat Athersata.


5th May 2009

Installed the Collection extension which allows anyone to create and manage their individual selection of wiki pages. Selected wiki pages can be converted into pdf format for offline reading. Great for those lates nights in a cozy bed, or lunch times with restricted Internet access!

See Help:Collections for more information.

Please don't abuse the extension because it uses a pdf convertor server that is meant for low traffic wiki's such as this one. Low is a relative word. More about the pdf server can be read here. I hope we do not get blacklisted by the pdf server administrators.


4th May 2009

Categorised all pages. See Special:Categories.


3rd May 2009

Edited all contact reports to achieve the following goals:

  • Inserted one of three templates to signify whether they were official and authorised by FIGU, or unofficial/authorised or unofficial and unauthorised.
  • Inserted a template for all gaiaguys' translations to refer the reader to information about the accuracy of the translations and other related information.
  • Ensured that the source section was called Source rather than References or any other word.
  • Ensured that all links led somewhere valid.
  • Categorise the contact report. See Special:Categories.

I also unprotected all pages as it is unnecessary to lock / protect pages because changes can be easily rolled back anyway.


2nd May 2009

Excellent artwork by Jim Nichols has been uploaded and shown in several areas of the Wiki to spice the site up. See Special:NewFiles.


8th April 2009

Added Petition Distribution to the left-hand navigation menu. We will use this new topic to record the details of those to whom we send the humane birth stop petition.

If you are reading this and haven't signed the petition then please read the it and sign it if you agree that overpopulation really is the root cause of the world's ills.



3rd March 2009

Added a new way of managing the Quote of the Day section on the front page. I have installed the RandomInclude MediaWiki extension.

Now all that needs to be updated is the Template:QuotesFromBillyMeier page ensuring that each quote is a single paragraph separated from the previous paragraph by four dashes and a new line. A random paragraph or quote is then displayed on the main page. For the main page to actually display a new paragraph or quote, each and every day, the main page needs to be edited with a simple Edit then Save action, every day.

This random quote feature can now be easily inserted into any page.


28th February 2009

Updated Farsi version of Birth Stop Petition with a new version from Zhila. I used Open Office 3.0 to export Zhila's original Word document of the petition as MediaWiki markup (Open Office can export in MediaWiki markup).

Added Deutsch version provided by Adam.


22nd February 2009

Added José Barreto Silva's unofficial translation of Contact Report 469.


18th February 2009

Added gaiaguys' translation of Asket's Acquaintanceship to the Contact Reports section.


2nd February 2009

Added Dekalog Dodekalog and Creation's Love.

Sorry about the lack of updates. It is due to other non-Meier related commitments.


4th January 2009

Added Downloads section and uploaded the Plejaren Alphabet created in Illustrator.


4th January 2009

Added Akart, Event Timeline, Giza Intelligences, Hill, Betty and Barney, Human Being.


31st December 2008

Added translations of pages 472 to 478 of Contact Report 228.

Happy new year to all of us. Lets hope some real and significant positive progress is made towards achieving global awareness of the overpopulation issue which is the root of all evil (it is not money).


27th December 2008

Migrated database to a new database server so hopefully there will be less "server error 500" messages appearing on screen.


26th December 2008

Added contact reports 218 and 219.


20th December 2008

Added a guest book for visitors to sign if they like.

I've also started work on a petition to support the call for a global controlled birth stop in an attempt to encourage mankind to take the easier path towards living within the natural laws of Creation and reduce the population of the planet to less than 529,000,000 which is the natural predetermined number of humans our planet is designed to support given the amount of arable land available. If we are successful, we will finally be able to make reality a world with a population of average proportions, where all ills, problems and misery become relatively small and normal. A world that is not ruled by hunger and misery. A world in which the fear of war, and all evil, are reduced to the point where the likelihood of a world-unifying peace is actually feasible. This condition would bring about an end to the constant fear of the future and would pave the way to a life of love, logic and reason, among others. - Billy

This petition was an idea that was sent to myself from a man called Adam, alias Phenix of the FIGU Forum USA.

You can see the petition here, edit it here and discuss it here.

All pessimism is not welcome here.


15th December 2008

Added Mars!


14th December 2008

Updated the Quote of the Week section on the main page.

Added some info about the living quarters and languages on Erra.


17th November 2008

I've noticed that almost everytime I try to save a page I receive an Internal Server Error 500 but the page saves correctly. This is annoying and am going to fix this. I just don't yet know how. I may have to move the website to another server.

I've also noticed that since enabling the page caching, the website has increased speed with regards to page downloads read errors have reduced but the visit count at the bottom of the pages is no longer working. There is no alternative but to use Google Analytics to obtain an accurate report of visitor data.

Added the Roadmap.


12th November 2008

Added A Prediction.


7th November 2008

Inserted Contact Report 230 Part 2 (and shifted the subsequent parts downwards). It's nice to hear that the Loch Ness monster is alive and has a family. Well at least it was in 1989 and probably still is if its track record of surviving is logical evidence of its survival skills.


31st October 2008

Uploaded 3 new photos that I scanned from a copy of the book And Still They Fly (2nd Edition). See Special:Imagelist.

26th October 2008

Added Contact Report 424.


27th September 2008

Added Contact Report 182 and a new extract to Contact Report 230 (see part 1).

Also see the new Quote of the Week.


9th September 2008

Added Is there an inhabited planet within 5 light-years of Earth?


29th August 2008

Categorised most pages. See new navigation menu item Categories on the left.


28th August 2008

Added Contact Report 311 from the FIGU Forum.


26th August 2008

I have added the articles Sadness, In Praise of Love, Truth and Wisdom and Doubt as a Shortcoming which were received today from the generous Dyson and Vivienne.


23rd August 2008

I have added the article Interview with Billy (1998). Thanks to Johnny Sun of Monash University, Australia for providing this extremely interesting article.


14th July 2008

Today I received from Nir Studnicki a comparison of the Plejaren and Hebrew alphabets.

I have created an article to display this comparison on one page.


11th June 2008

The navigation menu has been optimised for human utilisation. It's been a long time coming...


9th June 2008

Apart from corrections and cleaning up of vandalism I have created the following new pages:


31st May 2008

Added the following articles:


28th May 2008

Added FIGU Special Bulletin 35 and 37. James

25th May 2008

Added FIGU Special Bulletin 36.


22nd May 2008

gaiaguys have kindly translated more of FIGU Special Bulletin 44 and so I've uploaded the translated passage which is called UFO Observation.


21st May 2008

Changed the header of several contact reports which were copied from the Message of the Pleiades books to indicate that they are unofficial and unauthorised translations. See Special:Recentchanges.

Added FIGU Special Bulletin 44.


15th May 2008

Installed the reCAPTCHA MediaWiki Extension to prevent bots from vandalising this website as recently experienced.

This will require visual identification of a string of characters when creating an account.


12th May 2008

Added Contact Report 55 from Message from the Pleiades Volume 2.


7th May 2008

Added FIGU Special Bulletin 34.



6th May 2008

Added FIGU Special Bulletin 33.

Jeroen has added Summary of Contents for Kinder's Light Years, Internet, January 2003.



5th May 2008

Recently, an extract of Contact Report 35 was copied from the book Message from the Pleiades, Volume 1 and added to this Wiki. It concerns an inhabited planet only 5 light years from Earth where the inhabitants are more advanced than us and actually visit Earth for collection of foodstuffs.

I've also converted gaiaguys' translations of FIGU Special Bulletins 30 and 31 into Wiki format.

And finally I've uploaded 4 old magazine articles kindly provided to the FIGU English Forum by Norm.

Thank you Norm. These articles are very interesting.



2nd May 2008

News regarding Billy's recent health problem and a discussion with Ptaah on Tibet, China and the Dalai Lama can be found in the new FIGU Special Bulletin 43.



29th April 2008

I have started to assign articles or pages to categories. You can see the current list of categories at Special:Categories.

The benefit of categories is that they provide automatic indexes that are useful as tables of contents. Together with links and templates they structure a project.

Aside from this I have also added a new philosophical article called The Seven Steps of Education.



27th April 2008

Gilgamesh is an interesting being don't you think? Imagine the stories he can tell, just like Billy, he must be a walking encyclopedia.



23rd April 2008

I have continued to expand the Meier Encyclopedia and also added some important questions to the main page. Once this main page has been reindexed by Google it will attract more visitors from around the world who are using the Internet to try and find answers to these common questions.

The answers are of course here to a certain extent but can be found in greater detail within FIGU's library if sought.



21st April 2008

I have continued to expand the Meier Encyclopedia, make some corrections to existing pages and started assigning pages to categories.



20th April 2008

Today I have added the following material to the Wiki:



19th April 2008

Recently I have :



13th April 2008

Dave from the Canary Islands has kindly created two new articles Meditation Basics and Concentration Exercises.

Thanks Dave!

I've added a new page that allows anyone to see who has been visiting this Wiki within the last hour. Check it out here.



9th April 2008

Added all of Clemm's excellent translations from his website and moved some existing articles into a new section entitled Philosophy, Spirituality and Meditation in order to clean up the main page.

I realised that I need help expanding the Meier Encyclopedia which is interesting since it is both creative and informative. I've not protected any of these articles yet. If anyone wants to help please just do it, you don't need my permission.

The FIGU Special Bulletins from the gaiaguys.net (backup copy) also need adding too.


8th April 2008

I could enable avi, mpeg and wmv uploads however I recently downgraded the web hosting package due to financial difficulties and recent hosting renewal which means I no longer have unlimited web space any longer. The limit is now 750 MB. I will re-upgrade soon enough. It only costs another GBP15 for the next year.

Current usage is about 150MB.


7th April 2008

I've enabled the following additional file types to be uploadable to the Wiki:

  • tif
  • pdf
  • tex
  • bib

The default was png, gif, jpg and jpeg


3rd April 2008

Between the 26th and 31st March an exchange of words took place between myself and another reader of a national newspaper of Scotland during which BEAM was mentioned among other things.

You can read the exchange by viewing the following images from left to right.

Please note that I live near Glasgow in Scotland.


1st April 2008

Freddy Peralta of New York suggested that I add a hyperlink to the PDF file on FIGU.org regarding the Chalice of Truth. Of course I complied. See the main page.


25th March 2008

I wrote to Member of British Parliament George Galloway the following e-mail:

From: James Moore [1]
Sent: 25 March 2008 23:39
To: 'georgegallowaydotcom@gmail.com'
Subject: Another man who is not afraid to speak the cold harsh truth

Dear George,

I am an admirer of your work who would like to inform you about another man like yourself who speaks the obvious truth in many matters of life on this Earth.

His name is Eduard Albert Meier and he is a 71 year old Swiss farmer who has led a very interesting life indeed to say the least.

The main similarity that strikes me is what he says about the current political leadership of our world which rings the same notes as yourself. You can read what he said in 2003 at: http://www.theyfly.com/PDF/TotheStatesmeninPower.pdf

For further information you are advised to start with www.theyfly.com and then www.figu.org and my own website www.futureofmankind.co.uk.

Mr Meier has not been proven to be a liar or deceiver thus far in over 50 years of his work.

You will require an open mind and some time. I have no desire to convince you of anything in particular. I only wanted to give you an opportunity to see this information and possibly use it in some way in your work. I would be interested to hear any opinion you may have of course though.

Yours sincerely

James Moore
Webmaster www.futureofmankind.co.uk

You can see how George speaks plain truth at http://www.georgegalloway.com/page.php?page=content/video.html

He's a very refreshing MP to say the least and we need more people like him in power.


23rd March 2008

I finally received a response from FIGU regarding the acceptability of this website:

From: FIGU - Christian Frehner
Sent: 23 March 2008 18:38
To: webmaster@futureofmankind.co.uk
Cc: Marc Juliano
Subject: Billy Meier Wiki page

Dear James,

Your request was forwarded to us. I'm sorry for the delay.

Last week I've shown paperprints of your website to Billy. Even though he did not read the content he is not against your work or, in other words, you can continue with your work in favour of the Billy Meier case.

However, English translations from Billy's and FIGU's texts done by FIGU members will be published via http://us.figu.org.

Thank you and best regards,

Christian Frehner
of FIGU Switzerland

8th March 2008

Yesterday the website went down because my ISP decided to upgrade the version of PHP to version 5.2.3. I have now upgraded the version of MediaWiki from 1.6.10 to 1.11.2. This seems to have fixed it. Release notes are here.

5th March 2008

I've decided to use this Current events section for keeping track of the changes made to this website from now on.

Tonight I inserted the translation of pages 397 to 402 of volume 6 of the Contact Reports which was Contact Report 238. It concerned a prediction that Ptaah made of an impending discovery of a mummy of so-called the Iceman, high in the Austrian Alps in 1991. But even more important than Meier's having first published the information about the discovery, in May of 1991, months before it occurred, is the irrefutable fact that he published specific information about exactly how the man died ten years before scientists discovered it using modern CT scan equipment.

The translation and above description was taken from TheyFly.com.

28th February 2008

Around the 15th of February I asked FIGU for their opinion regarding the usefulness of this website. I received a response from Dee Hanson on the 16th February as follows:

From: Dee & Eddie Hanson
Sent: 16 February 2008 23:21
To: webmaster@futureofmankind.co.uk
Subject: website

Hi James Moore,

Your email was forwarded to Christian Frehner of the Core Group. He is aware of your website but he doesn't know if Billy is. He says your website will have to be discussed at the next meeting of the CG49.

I will let you know as soon as we get a response.

Dee Hanson

28th January 2008

I have finally uploaded all Meier-related content from a copy of the www.gaiaguys.net website which was recently taken offline on the 13th of December 2007.

In addition to it being the most recent version of the old gaiaguys website, I have also corrected all internal hyperlinks and removed any irrelevant material.

You can visit the splash page here.