Scientific Facts And Theories Corroborated

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It was all corroborated over the years, everything, one piece at a time, before it was discovered by scientists. We in truth became tired of writing up corroboration articles because it turned out we would have rewritten everything twice (except for the prophecies which must never happen). There were many instances where we ourselves were alerted to a new scientific discovery and instead of knowing about it before hand, delved into the wrirten works of BEAM to see he had already discovered it some considerable time before. What we haven’t looked into much as yet is whether new scientific discovery was instead prompted by BEAM’s profound books, rather than the other way around. We know there has been isolated efforts by the BEAM readership to interfere with the evolutionary process as an experiment to see if that could happen and found that it tended to just confuse the scientists. We also know, because it’s an open secret within this community, about the ageing and shortened life expectancy with its many ramifications including an accelerated history etc., that this has fascinated a small hard core of scientists and experts who never considered such a far reaching theory - have tried to prove various aspects of it and discover things connected to it before pre-requisite discovery etc. The truth is most of these new discoveries are long in the making, complicated and rely on large teams of scientists; take the three additional undiscovered fundamental forces of nature for example - That’s going to take hundreds of years, even if BEAM has written books about them as if they were discovered several hundred years ago instead and already with his conclusions taking into account everything.

Michael Horns theyflyblog is a good place to find articles written up about individual corroborations.