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  • All articles to be converted to UK English spelling.
All dates DMY not MDY, except YMD for one section Contact Reports listed by date.
All large numbers long scale, Billion in long count is a thousand million.
  • The header at top of each translation needs to be consistent to say whether it’s an authorised/unauthorised official/unofficial translation etc.
  • The Meier Encyclopedia is pretty sparse in content and needs a lot of work. Its just a different way to digest the info in the rest of the website.
  • The front page could be changed in the following ways to make it more interesting for the average type of visitor:
    • The news should be moved from Current Events page to the front/main page.
    • Some additional questions relevant to The Mission could be created.
  • Perhaps a section presenting the case for the truth of Meier could be inserted.
  • Ensure that there are no uncategorised pages. See Special:UncategorizedPages.
  • Ensure that there are no dead-end pages. See Special:DeadendPages.
  • Install the following extensions:
  • Add more artwork or graphics. Please will some artists create some artwork for this website. You could make it one of your contributions to the mission this lifetime!
  • An article that judges them. Throughout they have judged us and given us a mirror by which we can judge ourselves, most of it has now been delivered, though certain facts are yet to be declared. Upto now we have been too weak to have our own opinion about anything whatsoever, nearing the 2020’s we are now more in a position to judge them in the overall delivery. But we’re not in much of a position to judge and they tend to be beyond reproach and often literally in the beyond.

Further Reading

Theres a more granular listing for helpers and editors on the page Contributing_Content#List_of_things_you_could_help_with.