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| [[Jmmanuel]]
| [[Jmmanuel]]
| 3rd February, 002 A.D.
| 3rd February, 002 B.C.
| 9th May, 111 A.D.
| 9th May, 111 A.D.
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A summary of the prophets from the Nokodemion lineage, responsible for Earth humankind are listed. The same human spirit-form was incarnated into each human material-form below. In this context, prophetic ages are divided into different time periods those are the so-called "old times" (12 billion till 13,500 years ago), "Middle/later times" (from 13,500 years ago to the 5th of February, 891 B.C.) and the "other time" (5th of February, 891 B.C. up to the present "modern times" i.e. since the 3rd of February, 1844 A.D.).

The reference point in time for the years ago stated below is from 2006 AD and signifies approximate values only.

Prophet of old times

  1. Nokodemion
    • 9,600,000,000 years ago.
    • Appeared repeatedly until the last time of 1,200,000,000 years ago on a far off world.
  2. Henok
    • 389,000 years ago on Earth.

Prophet of middle/other/modern times

Prophet Born Died
Henoch 3rd February, 9308 B.C. 1st January, 8942 B.C.
Elia (Elja) 5th February, 891 B.C 4th June, 780 B.C.
Jesaia (Jesaja) 7th February, 772 B.C. 5th May, 690 B.C.
Jeremia (Jeremja) 9th February, 662 B.C. 3rd September, 580 B.C.
Jmmanuel 3rd February, 002 B.C. 9th May, 111 A.D.
Mohammed 19th of February, 571 A.D. 8th June, 632 A.D.
Eduard Albert Meier 3rd of February, 1937 A.D.
  • There were two other Henochs that existed – one around 13,500 years ago; another around 6,000-7,000 years ago. Billy is the last prophet responsible for Earth humankind.