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From [[And still they fly!]] a book by [[Guido Moosbrugger]]
From [[And still they fly!]] p.18, a book by [[Guido Moosbrugger]]
[[File:Plejaren Alphabets.jpg|800px]]
[[File:Plejaren Alphabets.jpg|800px]]

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A comparison of the Plejaren and Hebrew alphabets.

Plejaren and Hebrew 1 4.jpg

Plejaren and Hebrew 2 4.jpg

Plejaren and Hebrew 3 4.jpg

Plejaren and Hebrew 4 4.jpg

You can download the above comparison in a single pdf document from here.

You can also download the Plejaren alphabet in EPS and AI format File:PlejarenAlphabet.zip.

From And still they fly! p.18, a book by Guido Moosbrugger

Plejaren Alphabets.jpg