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Illustration of Jmmanuel from Randolph Winters book Pleiadian Mission.

Jmmanuel was the fifth prophet in the incarnation line from Henoch to Billy.

Jmmanuel was the same prophet who nearly 2000 years ago, under Jschwjsch Kalatan, attempted to spread the spiritual teachings in Israel. It has become a known fact that this herald was the true prophet Jmmanuel, with whom Billy and Asket personally visited during their time travel in 1956.

Billy's incarnation statement as the fifth prophet Jmmanuel has led, through the passage of time, to severe misunderstandings and false interpretations.[1]

How old was Jmmanuel when Billy met him?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

How old was Jmmanuel when you met him?

Thank you so much,

ANSWER: Hi Mario,

About 32 years old.[2]

Q: When did Jmmanuel visit Rome, which buildings did he visit and why - and was he famous before he visited and if so is that why the buildings were constructed in anticipation of his arrival or were they built later - if so which buildings have their original features after two millennium - and if none of the above then where does the Vatican get the audacity to make such claims?
A: We have not researched this question, if that interests you, research and check yourself.