Info Stand

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I was looking into a mini-info stand, i.e. mobile pop-up, can be taken on public transport; about the size of a typical religious stand, so a slimline, smaller focus and less information available, about just say "Overpopulation" with one leaflet and a small banner.

Any person may use a mini- or maxi-info stand, depending on the local permission regulations. The FIGU logo may only be used by officially-acknowledged groups.

What are the policies of FIGU when it comes to this, is it not recommended to do this alone like this, or in a group of two like this. And does it have to be associated to a FIGU interest group or FIGU national group, or can it be represented without this association necessarily and be about "FIGU" generally, as the worldwide interest.

It's preferable that more than just one person are a part of the "exhibition". In that way the time at the info stand can be shared and an exchange of "duty" is possible (for eating, toilet, sightseeing, etc.).

In England for example there may be a licence, fee and legal requirements to offering information like this, arranged through the local council, it is probably the same in many nations, I was going to present some information about it...

In Switzerland we have to ask the authorities for permission each time we organise an info stand, and we have to pay a fee up to about CHF 150 per day.

What resources are already available from FIGU about info stands. Can there be multiple independent groups working separately in different parts of a country? or does it need to go through the interest group or national group?

Each group has to define the organisation by themselves because the factors are different from one group to another and from one country to another (number of group memers; willing ones to take part; financial means; ideas; ...).

I was maybe thinking about presenting some options and maybe some downloadable resource packs, so folks could just walk into having a pop up foldable stand printed by their local print facility after checking with their FIGU national or FIGU interest group about what they are already doing in this way...

There is just one important policy: Don't proselytise. Just present your information and booklets and pictures etc., and give answers when you are asked. Don't approach/address passersby.