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Impulses is an integral subject, important subject area which binds many things together

The storage banks are of the utmost importance for terrestrial humans, as they are for all other human-material life forms in the entire universe, as they also are for the first pure spirit levels Arahat Athersata, where knowledge impulses are deposited in the storage banks. Depending on the development of the material forms of life - in this case humans - they subconsciously receive this deposited information from the higher level via the storage banks, work with it and thereby gain the development, thus they evolve.

Billy, Contact Report 228, p.480, May 1989

Q: Is it possible to synthesise ALL impulses utilising technological means, or just some?
A: Answered with a rhetorical question; “Is it possible to synthesise the electromagnetic spectrum?” ~yes ~requires thousands of R&D years


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The Arahat Athersata level, as is the case for all other higher levels, receives impulses the next highest level, as well as out of its own level's Storage Banks.
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Source: Your Questions to Billy Meier - Answered (External)

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