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Impulses is an integral subject, important subject area which binds many things together

The storage banks are of the utmost importance for terrestrial humans, as they are for all other human-material life forms in the entire universe, as they also are for the first pure spirit levels Arahat Athersata, where knowledge impulses are deposited in the storage banks. Depending on the development of the material forms of life - in this case humans - they subconsciously receive this deposited information from the higher level via the storage banks, work with it and thereby gain the development, thus they evolve.

Billy, Contact Report 228, p.480, May 1989

Q: Is it possible to synthesise ALL impulses utilising technological means, or just some?
A: Answered with a rhetorical question; “Is it possible to synthesise the electromagnetic spectrum?” ~yes ~requires thousands of R&D years


Contact Report 214 Translation (Excerpt)

Source: Contact Report 214

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png


And how does this agree with your directive, which says that you may in no way interfere in the affairs of other folks and civilisations? Und wie verhält es sich dabei mit eurer Direktive, die besagt, dass ihr euch in keiner Weise in die Belange anderer Völker und Menschheiten einmischen dürft?


181. This can be reconciled because we interfere in no affairs at all; rather, we only send out impulses to certain scientists, who can encounter solutions with these and work on them, without them even having the slightest notion of the fact that they have received impulses from us. 181. Das lässt sich vereinbaren, denn wir mischen uns in keinerlei Belange ein, sondern wir senden nur Impulse an bestimmte Wissenschaftler aus, die damit auf Lösungen stossen und arbeiten können, und zwar ohne dass sie auch nur die geringste Ahnung davon haben, dass sie von uns Impulse erhalten.
182. So they will be of the opinion that the impulses come from themselves, and they will ascribe all insights and successes to themselves. 182. So werden sie der Ansicht sein, dass die Impulse aus ihnen selbst entstammen und alle Erkenntnisse und Erfolge sich selbst zuschreiben.
183. It must be said in this connection that we offer no solutions through these impulses; rather, we only transmit impulses, through which suggestions for ideas result in certain directions and so on. 183. Gesagt muss dabei noch sein, dass wir durch diese Impulse keine Lösungen offerieren, sondern nur Impulse übertragen, durch die ideenmässige Anregungen in bestimmte Richtungen usw. erfolgen.

List of Contact Reports related to Impulses

Source: Contact Reports published by FIGU, see contact books, originally Swiss; translated as a worldwide community, see translations and

The Arahat Athersata level, as is the case for all other higher levels, receiving impulses from the next highest level, as well as from out of their own level's Storage Banks.
"...From our side, however, we will send some more impulses in order to influence the earthly scientists to find possible means and ways, on a technical basis, to diffuse the poisonous waters at the bottom of Lake Nyos"
Regarding Earth diseases Plejaren investigate: "we transmitted the impulses of our discoveries to important researchers on the Earth, who occupied themselves with this problem, after which these then undertook the corresponding attempts and arrived to the pre-determined results"

"...And since they thought that they could avenge their dead master most impressively if they would nip the teaching of the truth on Earth in the bud, they placed malicious, negative impulses in several of your friends, which made them become disloyal and enslaved to swindlers, deceivers, and liars, as in the case of Yoshi Kozakura and a few others."
"...they loosened themselves from the control of Kamagol and formed a new splinter group. That happened in the Earth year 1933. Since then Aruseak followed his mission, imposed by Kamagol, to a degree, and transmitted his messages to various Earth humans using telepathic impulses"
Regarding BEAM's photos: "..there weren’t any that weren’t maliciously manipulated, and they ultimately turned out to be shots that correspond to a future film that was produced by our impulses on the Earth."
" the Earth finds itself in a very exposed spot, this gruesome event could actually become reality" ... "it is our main task to prevent this possible event through clarifying impulses, and also to supervise, together with other forms of life from other worlds in this Earth's universe, so that the already evoked mischief of the Earth scientists is contained and averted through unnoticeable influencing impulses."

FIGU Forum, Questions Answered by Billy

Source: Your Questions to Billy Meier - Answered (External)

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