How can I help?

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Can you translate from German into English?

If your answer is yes:

Humanity needs your help with translating the Billy Meier contact reports from German (Hochdeutsch/High German/Standard German) to English! If you can professionally translate from German into English then please visit and contact FIGU to offer this service.

Alternatively you can post your preliminary translations in the Translations thread of the FIGU forum where they can be proof-read by FIGU members and your peers.

If your answer is no then there are many other ways you can help. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Vote for a political party that promotes population control (see Birth Stop Petition).
  2. If you are willing and able to donate any funds towards the translation and distribution of Mr Meier's important information throughout the whole Earth then please contact FIGU to arrange the transfer of funds.
  3. Add content to this website (more articles). See Contributing Content.
  4. Donate a small amount of money to contribute towards the GBP70 per year Internet Service Provider cost for this website and labour costs.
  5. Buy products from FIGU or which will support FIGU's and Michael Horn's efforts to make available the information provided by and through Billy Meier.
  6. Join FIGU as a passive member and receive the Spirit Lessons at the same time.
  7. Ask about other ways of providing support at the FIGU Forum

But most importantly you should live a good life and try to be a good and true human being to best of your ability (see Spirit Teaching) because through this action you will positively influence others and will therefore speed the return of the Earth human to being a true human being that lives according to the true laws and recommendations of Creation.