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General Chat

Jamesm 21:08, 27 April 2008 (UTC) Do you find this website useful or a waste of Internet space perhaps? Why not expend 3 minutes of your time to let everyone know your mind right here?!

Ritak 20:36, 10 May 2008 (UTC)Greetings James. I have just arrived and find your site very useful indeed! Well done. Thank you for helping to make this urgent and important message even more available to others. I wonder if the queen has perused your site ;-) With best regards to your and your family.

Jamesm 21:30, 10 May 2008 (UTC) Thanks Ritak, I appreciate the support. I couldnt tell if the Queens been here. Would be interesting if Google Analytics could show that info don't you agree? Something like "Buckingham Palace: 58 PageViews"...

Hello gentlemen

Yes I agree with ritak This is a very infomative and quite comprehensive website for information regarding Billy Thanks James for your efforts, one that will be appreciated by many but something that you probably already know. Take care Matt

Jamesm 16:33, 28 May 2008 (UTC) Thanks Matt/Newinitiation, your comments are very welcome and appreciated.

Aletha 08:01, 22 June 2008 (UTC) Hello everyone! I only stumbled upon meier's work since April 2008, but I have been immersed in his work ever since! This site is extremely informative and is helpful in answering issues I don't fully understand or even comprehend. keep up the great work James!

Jamesm 11:57, 22 June 2008 (UTC) Hi Aletha, thanks for posting! How did you stumble upon Billy Meier's work and why were you looking in the first place? For myself, I was initially interested in the truth about our existence, UFOs and ET life when I came across Mr Meier in 2006. I've always been one of those people who question the status quo.

Edwardb 21:54, 22 June 2008 (UTC)Hello! My name is Edward, and I stumbled upon Meier's work in the early part of summer 2007, much by "accident" actually! Glad to have found this particular page as well, a comprehensive collection of Meier essentials in one location! Extremely useful indeed. Neat and organized, as well as clean. I like that you present the information as it is given.

How I stumbled upon Meiers'work is a funny story actually. I live in Vegas, and was playing a game called 3 card poker. 2nd best hand is 3 of a kind, naturally. Well, I got 3 sixes, which threw me back and made me think for a bit, about why I got THAT set of number over any other, and I went home and googled the true meaning of 666. The first page that popped up was Gaiaguy's 666 page that referenced the TJ. Read and pondered that for a week, then bought the TJ. The rest is history, as they say, lol!

Jamesm 23:34, 22 June 2008 (UTC) Edward thats interesting, so it's thanks to gaiaguys you came across Billy, or was it thanks to google? Anyway I'm glad you're here! If anyone has any ideas (simple or fancy) for the website please mention it here or email me if you want to. I'm made this website for everyone and hope to constantly improve it.

lucho Hello there!!!! I just wanted to share something small... I had an Out Of Body experience a couple of years ago... it changed me, I know now that we all are one mind and to know about our true origin is priceless... I try to meditate every night, but sometimes I feel that I am getting no where. however the info in this site has giving me a better understanding on reality and I am trying very hard to be part of the solution. thank you.

     I do have two questions,   Why are all the pictures so old, can't he take newer ones with a digital camera?   and  Why we can't see the faces of the females holding the laser guns?  
     thank you for doing this and my mind is with you.

Jamesm 22:39, 10 July 2008 (UTC) Hello lucho. Its nice to hear about your out of body experience. I personally have never consciously/knowingly had one but what you say about us being of one mind is interesting. I presume you mean that we are connected via a higher spiritual conduit which makes sense to me.

Regarding your questions I cannot answer for Billy of course but in my opinion the photos we have are sufficient. There were apparently over 800 photos taken, many of which were lost. Also since they were taken before the age of the personal computer (and Adobe Photoshop) mostly in the 1970s they are more convincing in my opinion than say a new high resolution digital image which can now be hoaxed/forged. The no faces allowed thing is related to the possibility of the Plejaren being exposed to psychic attacks I believe although you would probably find more information from the FIGU Forum.

Peace, truth and wisdom to you.

Edwardb 19:51, 11 July 2008 (UTC)Jamesm, what you say makes a lot of sense in regards to why they dont take newer photos with digital cameras. Also though, all of that evidence photographic/video, were apart of the 'official contacts,' in which they were slowly making themselves known to earth people. The official contacts ended, but the Plejaren still keep in contact with Billy on a personal level, as we all know. I'm not sure exactly which report or article I read that in, but if you like I can search it out and reference it here.

Jamesm 21:58, 14 July 2008 (UTC) Edward are you suggesting that Billy has/probably has personal photos of the Plejaren that he does not allow the public to see? I think that would not be probable since we know that these photos would be at risk of theft.

Edwardb 02:40, 15 July 2008 (UTC)What I actually meant is that they keep in contact via telepathy, intermittently, or actual visits. But no he is not collecting anymore physical evidence of the Plejaren's vehicles. I did not mean to imply that he has personal photos of them that he does not share with the public. My apologies for the misunderstanding.(Though I did read that he had some photos that were not meant for the public that were stolen from him in the past)

Barbarian216 00:32, 08 August 2008 (UTC) I analyze events and seem to find a connection between the departure of the Plejarens in 1995 to the discovery of the 3 "foreign" entities that frequent Earth. Contacts by the Plejarens with these dimensional entities proved inconclusive and may be a threat to them. However if they were hostile, they would have moved on the Pleijarens before the DAL gave them advanced technological means to discover them.

Asket came from a parallel universe, but had to travel vast distances to get here. It appears these dimensional visitors can materialize and disappear at will. Correct me, but in the contact notes, Paath mentioned that these entities may come from the past.

If that is valid, then could these visitors be connected to this whole era of events during the Ur migration process between Earth/Mars/Malona and other star systems or maybe they came before that? Maybe they are benevolant beings from the past that was not recorded, yet advanced on their own in their own right?

One only has to ponder the question, if a group of the good "creator lords" along with some manipulated DNA humans escaped the wars in this solar system and developed a "dimensional" gate of sorts, could that explain why they are so interested in Earth?

There is a common inter connection between universes, positive/negative, man/woman, course/fine material, 7 levels of technology/spirit, past/current/future, sleep/awareness, free will vs no free will (parasites) and now dimensions. One cannot exist without the other, other wise Creational laws does not exist anymore.

Just a thought

Barbarian216 08:47, 08 August 2008 (UTC)Thanks to Billy, Plejaren, Timars and others that came before for laying the foundation that we currently stand on. If not for them, we would probably be shot for discussing such matters! In any case, just wanted to express my appreciation for making this website open to people like myself. I'm financially poor and can't help you in that category, but wish you people the best.

Psychic powers can be negative or positive (healing), the ancient Hawaiians practiced it. There are recorded cases where a kahuna chanted (Peace Meditation?, thoughts are energy) ran his hands over one's injury and completely healed the broken bone. Therefore, although we appreciate Billy's noble character of refusing medical treatment by the Plejarens, as not to be different from earth humans. Then, would Billy except positive healing thoughts from his fellow earth humans, in order to assist us in developing Earth spirituality?

This process establishes a positive "bond" between pass/current/future re-carnations of spirits that are connected not just Earth bound, but has roots throughout the universe from others that came here or left. Just like a family reunion of sorts, but in spiritual as well as physical forms, thus forming an interface between the fine/course matter, the negative being balanced by good.

What good would it be if Billy passed away, leaving us without an interface? Although Billy and the Plejarens know when he will die, does it have to be that way? There is a time line for all events, but does it have to be engraved in stone and adhered to the strictest of schedules?

I think not, if so, then Creation is no longer valid because creativity is not allowed to flow freely if options are not a factor.

Jamesm 23:53, 10 August 2008 (UTC) Hi Barbarian216 and thanks for posting your messages here. You are as welcome as anyone who wishes to talk about Billy and related subjects. I hope you dont mind but I've moved your text that was in Help_talk:Contents to here since its a more relavent place to put it.

You ask some interesting questions and of course they are mostly just for consideration since I certainly could not answer them myself with solid answers. I often wonder when these 3 extrasolar races who are visiting us are going to make themselves known to the majority of Earth if they ever will. If they knew how blood thirsty and unbalanced a large proportion of us are then they won't land for quite a long time indeed. Unless they are of like mind of course! The recent events in Georgia, Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan are evidence of our insanity. It would be an appropriate shock and wake up call for us though if they perhaps did land all over the world and say something along the lines of : "Greetings, we come in peace, we are the X, we come from Y and we just wanted to tell you that you are heading for self-annihilation by your false religious-fueled wars and selfish consumption of your planets resources through overpopulation. Good bye."

Aloha Jamesm; a few of my questions have been answered in the recent updates on Contact 251 regarding earth humans completes his/her connection with the original "creator overlords" in the Sirius region. (in the far future tense). It was not there when I posted this question, rather pondering if its a "reaction" to an "action" request???

Now, the other part regarding the immediate and short future events on Earth being "influenced", (Peace Meditation) and/or by ourselves through the process I have described above, will it be fesible?