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North American civil war and revolution
North American civil war and revolution

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North American civil war and revolution

Common Definition: A revolution is an insurrection (usually armed) that attempts to overthrow and change the form of government. ... Resistance is sometimes a component of a civil war or a revolution. However, because it can often be peaceful, such as the United States in the 1960s movement for civil rights, it is not always armed.

  • United States
  • Canada

Information availability about American Civil War II is limited and the information below is not exhaustive.

Before proceeding readers are first recommended to read The Deadly Might Of Thoughts And Feelings and specifically the might of nocebo preparations and self-fulfilling, negative prophecy. Focusing too heavily on a prophecy of a future event can be very damaging to an individuals Health.

Future North American Civil War in the Contact Reports


  • There is in fact not a Third World War predicted, the prophecies speak solely of a possibility that such a war could become reality in the years 2003, 2006, 2010 and 2011 and in later years too, if the human being continues to pursue war on a military, political and religious basis and does not apply reason and lets the mighty of religion and states muddle on, and lets the stupid and idiotic be incited by irresponsible and criminal elements.


  • 286. ...two terrible civil wars will break out in America, whereby one will follow the other.
  • 287. Afterwards, the United States of America will break apart and deadly hostility will prevail among her, which then leads to the division into five different territories; and it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role.

The Henoch Prophecies


  • Something that would be hindered if humanity finally would stop sanctifying the criminal power-greedy ones, and voting them in as their leaders


  • Unfortunately the few reasonable ones can accomplish nothing against the mass of irrational ones and those who are slaves to the might-greedy ones, because they are still too few.

Contact Report 230

  • 446. Through it all, new wars will come into being just as much as will also monstrous state, commercial and private debts, commercial collapses through irresponsible maladministration, exploitation of many firms by their managers, bankruptcies, into which firms will be driven by management and maladministration, which will lead to monstrously great worldwide unemployment, and under certain circumstances, can evoke a commercial and governmental collapse in all industrial countries.
  • 447. And monstrous terrorism will become evident worldwide which will, to a great extent, in religious, sectarian, secret service and open political form, be practiced in the coming time through suicide assassins as well as through other cowardly attacks on the innocent and on their worldly possessions.


And there will be new and big empires across the big ocean, and one of these empires will send out new legions of barbaric hordes under the command of powerful rulers who are degenerated in the worst form of inhumanity to carry out wars and conquer the world in order to get hold of the countries' mineral resources. But beyond the big ocean, the walls of cities and villages of the conquerors wanting to seize the world's power will collapse, and the empire will then be destroyed and be only a scorched land and muddy waters. And the peoples of the earth will interbreed, which causes a lot of harm, illnesses, infirmity and hatred, terror and revenge, as well as many deaths. And when these days arrive, humankind will be approaching very difficult times and will be standing before an impenetrable labyrinth; its entrance will be shrouded in a dark gloom, as black as the darkest night, and the human being will step into this labyrinth, where the evil will glimmer with glowing red eyes of ruin and disaster. And when these days arrive may the human being be on his guard, for the disastrous ruin will bear within destruction, and innumerable deaths, a cruel rage and wrath degenerated in the worst form of inhumanity. And the days of ruin and disaster will be long, yet in the distant future of the coming time, everything will become lighter, and there will be love, peace and freedom. It shall be so, for I see and hear in heaven, and know that it will be as I have proclaimed, for I am the herald Elia, and I speak the truth.


  • Threatening thunder will crack over the Earth and deaths in their thousands will rage when the criminal national powers of the U.S.A. release war into the wide world and when Israel's national forces spread just the same terror, murder, death and corruption as the Palestinians themselves, from whom uncountable suicide bombers will go; all over the world all variety of military and rebellious forms of murderers will recruit, out of all levels of the population, and drill the recruits into being murder machines devoid of feelings and conscience, to whom also every kind of torture is a shining joy.
  • Organized murder and terror commandoes will live secretly in cities worldwide and plan and carry out deadly attacks in order to kill thousands of people and produce unimagined destruction.
  • There will be no more order and no effective rule to protect the lives of the people, because, through the fault of the warmongering national powerful ones, the rebellious, religious, sectarian and fanatic terrorism will flare up like a bright flash in the night in order to sow death and corruption.


  • 67. You are perfectly correct and you have listed a large part of the terrifying scenarios which already have existed for quite some time, which actually still spread out ever further and intensify, whereby the World Fire finally can get completely out of control, which is unfortunately to fear.


  • Nevertheless, however, factors threaten again in later years which could indeed still lead to a Third World War, whereby, however, it is to hope that also then the Earth humans' reason is victorious and the right thing will be done by all who can bring their influence to bear.