FIGU Zeitzeichen

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FIGU Zeitzeichen archive (German):

FIGU Zeitzeichen archive:

It’s been variously translated as “Signs Of The Times”, “Time-Signal” and “Time-Character”. FutureofMankind has decided not to translate the name and retain calling it Zeitzeichen.

FutureofMankind still and currently doesn’t host any full translations of the publication as of 2018. In 2018 the 100th issue was published. Between 1 - 5 issues were published each and every month beginning in April 2015. A great deal of work and time has been put into the publication with some great articles.

The reason it may not have been translated and hosted by FutureofMankind in 100 issues, like the previous publications were, hazard it could be wrong but, may in part be because (external) the United States FIGU interest group, has done such a good job of it, may be because of the popularity, interest and Internet traffic of the previous publication translations which are hosted here such as FIGU Bulletins. Because German doesn't present as well as English it takes work to translate properly to make it worth reading. The publications are less exotic and heavier themed such as with politics and current events. Unless it's a special document like Contact Reports and Books, it is more popular to read about these subjects from the English language news agencies. Interest and motivation may have been lost somewhere along the way for these publications which are more about what we already know and less about the exotic themes we found Billy Meier for in the first place. They tend to introduce with an excerpt from latest Contact Reports and then include many news clippings and articles which would take a fair amount of work to translate and present as well as (external) the United States FIGU interest group, has done.

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