Eduard Albert Meier

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Who is Billy Meier?

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"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier was born in Bülach, Switzerland on February 3, 1937. For over 67 years, he has maintained a series of physical and telepathic contacts with extraterrestrial beings who claim they come from the Plejares star system. Acting as a mediator and spokesperson for the Pleiadians/Plejaren from planet Erra, Eduard Meier imparts their fascinating, esoteric teachings and wisdom to us and assists them in their monumental task of guiding Earth mankind back to the path we have left so long ago.

Billy's contacts with extraterrestrials began at age five when he was prepared for his life's work through the teachings of Sfath, an extraterrestrial man from the Plejares. Asket, Billy's second contact person, continued his education for another eleven years, guiding him through many lands on Earth to learn about terrestrial beliefs and cultures.

On January 28, 1975, he began a series of over 100 contacts with Semjase, a female Pleiadian/Plejaran. During several contacts Billy was allowed to photograph her "beamship" during flight maneuvers. He took over 1,000 of the clearest UFO pictures ever seen, a very small proportion of which you can see in the gallery. The actual contact conversations were written down word-for-word and contain many interesting facts on Earth history, humanities, sciences and spiritual topics. Since 1989, Billy has been having approximately four contacts a year with Ptaah, the father of Semjase, and has had well over 600 contacts to date.


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Common misconceptions

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Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • Billy must take the precaution to not allow the knowledge of how and at what point in time he will depart from all others unexpectedly and unassumingly from the worldly living area, so that an idol would not be made of him, if the dates would come to be known. Its only allowed to be known that he will again, in around 800 years, be the centre point of this innermost group, as this already existed in earlier times on various occasions and also exists today.[1]
  • He does keep in touch with his biological brothers and sisters, with two (Hedi and Berti) of his three sisters who are still alive. His two brothers and one sister (Vreni) are dead.[2]
  • Billy is the only person who knows the answer to certain seamingly normal questions and information from our perspective that have not been asked or answered in a useful way yet, remain concealed to us, with no reason to have been yet, rapid Ageing, rapid evolution and the open-concealed presence among several of those things, we can agree. However few are aware or could be that the things Billy has worked out and published, the first in recorded history arguably is the exact reason for the assasination attempts against him and also other FIGU members, but most do not appreciate that reading everything Billy has written about and working out the full story is necessary now because there will be no one in the world to ask once he has gone. He is the first to work out some of those things, and despite it seeming particularly normal observations to make, no one else until Billy has made the observations and apparently no one else will ever be given some of the information and experiences he's had either, such as the Great Journey. So despite it already seeming like there is too much information already for us to ever read now, we would have to try and do that to ask questions only he would know and do it now obviously not in a few hundred years when his information will begin falling into its own and making sense. Because no one will be able to follow his act for a long time, something of a knowledge drought and brain-drain can be spoken of when Billy and his information fades away from view, and that will be the exact time when we begin needing it, because of how far advanced he's been in those things he's written about. Earth has many intellectuals however it's spiritual individuals that are needed to unravel and understand Billy's story.