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English language translations from German
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E-books general section note: May contain outdated information and been included for historical perspective and archival purposes.
FOM Recommendation: if you've decided to undertake reading one of the particularly long books such as 'Goblet of Truth', consider obtaining a printed copy, best copies are in a FIGU landesgruppe shop, to support the author, but for yourself if you plan on reading the entire book it's more enjoyable away from a screen for such a very long read. If you can't find it here google the PDF.

  • Contact Reports.
See Contact Reports
File:Plejaren Contact Reports Vol. 3.pdf - Pleiadian / Plejaren Contact Reports Volume 3 Translated by Benjamin Stevens 2012 © Benjamin Stevens 2012 see page 1. Eduard Meier's Official Permission to Translate the Contact Reports Publication/Translation Contract with Benjamin Stevens see page 2.
File:ContactNotesNotes.pdf - ↓
File:ContactNotesNotes.docx - ↓
File:ContactNotesNotes.odt - An abridged version of the contact notes (Guided Tour/Selective Overview) by "the doc", a hospital physician from Kentucky, USA. If anyone in Kentucky is interested in making contact with the doc for social purposes then please let me know your address. Send an email to and I'll pass it on.
File:ContactReports107To200.pdf - Contact Report 107 to 200 in PDF format (does not include 128 - 132).
File:Contact Reports 1st Nov 2010 Edition.pdf - All pages in the contact reports category of this website converted to PDF format for the benefit of the offline reader.

  • Goblet of the Truth (Kelch Der Wahrheit)
Buch kelch der wahrheit.gif
File:Figu-kelch der wahrheit goblet-of-the-truth v 20150307.pdf - Entire Teaching of the Prophets, teaching of truth, teaching of spirit, teaching of life, from Henoch (Enoch), Elia (Elijah), Jesaja (Isaiah), Jeremia (Jeremiah), Jmmanuel (Immanuel), Muhammad (Mohammed) and Billy (BEAM) [more info]
In this book ‹Goblet of the Truth›, the true prophet of the new time ‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier, known as BEAM, is once again providing the human beings of Earth as well as the folks of extraterrestrial races, with a very significant work of truly universal uniqueness. Originally the intended plan was for Billy to undertake this eminent, highly expressive transcription in the year 2017. However for health reasons he was prompted to set down this extremely valueful written bequest, indeed a work steeped in history, earlier. The first lines originated on Sunday 19th August 2007, and after a mere 5 months 17 days of intensive work, the task was completed on Tuesday 5th February 2008, in the German Language.
Over the course of those 171 days, concealed away from our hectic, restless planet and in the relative seclusion of the Semjase Silver Star Centre in Hinterschmidrüti, Switzerland, over many nights, the epochal manuscript comprising 260 A4 pages was created. The work, a provisional conclusion of Billy's untiring work; is in it’s bound form a long series of structured, highly instructive pearls of evolutive shine, penned by his own hand and delicately crafted to meld into the psyche and the consciousness. The very short time taken to complete the book surprised even his extraterrestrial friends, since they expected the completion to require several years. The tome comprises a total of 28 chapters and has taken a considerable amount of time to translate into English. Source
goblet_of_truth_21-28.pdf - Pre-Release Version of the Chapters 21 to 28:172 Source
goblet-of-the-truth_21-28t2.pdf - Pre-Release Version of the Chapters 21 to 28:379 Source
  • Goblet of the Truth individual explanations.
Real Intellect, Rationality and Logic are True Tools for Understanding the Spiritual.pdf
The Teaching Goblet of the Truth.pdf

  • Individual subject explanations.
Section note: Tending to be authored by Billy but not necessarily and check inside for the translator and sources of the individual text.

File:Wise Advice.pdf - Extract from "My bequest: Human Being of the Earth, [what] I Wish for You..."
File:The Truth Must Be Fathomed Individually.pdf - Adam Dei Rocini, 21st June, 2014.
File:The Purpose of Life is Evolution.pdf - By Vivienne Legg, January 2012.
Why the Human Being Becomes that which he or she Is.pdf
Thoughts about Neutrality in Everyday Life.pdf
Children, Young Ones and Grown-ups.pdf – School Education – Taken from ‘That Which is Sensible, Dignified, Valuable’
The Female and Male Gender.pdf - Extract from the book ‘Something Meaningful, Dignified, Valuable’, pages 276-278
The Innermost Self.pdf - p.254. A Little Bit of Knowledge, Sense and Wisdom
True Love has its Basis in Reality, Not in Belief.pdf
To Be of Equal Value.pdf - Excerpt from the „Stimme der Wassermannzeit“ #146, pps. 1-3
Equivalence of Same Sex Life-partnerships.pdf
The True Origin of Male and Female Circumcision on Earth.pdf
Effects of Caesarean Section Births on the Mother and her Child.pdf
File:Thoughts About Active Euthanasia.pdf - Thoughts About Active Euthanasia.pdf - Thoughts about active euthanasia through one’s own or someone else’s hand – Is it worth while to miss out on dying? By Brigitt Keller. Published in FIGU Bulletins No. 91. Translation by Vibka Wallder

File:The Earth is an Island.pdf - About rationality and insanity and broadly deals with Overpopulation, written by Achim Wolf. Compares the fate of relatively small pacific islands over the short term with that of the fate of Earth itself as an island in space over a longer term, with clever microeconomic and macroeconomic comparisons. An article from FIGU Special Bulletins No. 65. Translated by Vibka Wallder.
File:Regarding the Disturbance to the Chromosphere.pdf - Isn't so much about the chromosphere, is more about Earth's method of determining ages using radiocarbon dating. Contains excerpt from Contact Report 182, Thursday, 3rd February, 1983. Kindly translated by FLAU, 17th September, 2008, by Dyson Devine. Revised: 27th February 2014.
File:Regarding Stromatolites and the Gulf Oil Spill.pdf - Two excerpts from FIGU Special Bulletins, No. 55, August 2010 Source German PDF. Contains excerpts from Contact Report 494 11th May 2010 and from the Contact Report 495 14th June, 2010. Kindly translated by Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine, 2010, Australia.
File:Regarding Sunspot Activity and Electronic Equipment.pdf - Potentially Catastrophic for Earth Electronics. Extract from Contact Report 515 conversation between Billy and Ptaah on 7th March 2011. Published in FIGU Special Bulletins No. 61, May 2011. Translated by: Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine.

File:True Democracy.pdf
File:Reader's Question Regarding the 9-11-Tragedy in NYC.pdf - Reader’s Question on the Anniversary of the 9/11-Tragedy in New York City. Excerpt from FIGU Special Bulletins number 69. October, 2012.

File:Regarding the Spirit, Instinct, Life.pdf – Spirit, That which is to be understood from this term, where it originated and what it literally means. What is an Instinct and What is an Ur-Instinct? What is Life?
File:Dust is Passing, the Spirit Everlasting.pdf - Thoughts about the Passing of a Loved One, about Life and Death and the Sense of Life. By Rebecca Walkiw, FIGU Bulletins number 76.
File:The Supernatural.pdf - The Supernatural, or, the Feinstoffsinnlich, or, Fluidal-powers. Billy Meier's answer to a reader's question, published in the FIGU Special Bulletins number 38 - August 2007.
File:Regarding Plejaren Unconscious Thought Impulses.pdf - Excerpt from Contact Report 567 6th July, 2013, regarding Plejaren unconscious thought impulses since 1844.
File:Understanding the term creation English.pdf - Understanding the Term “Creation” - Explanation from Semjase. Excerpt from Contact Report 018, Thursday, 15th May, 1975, 21:34 PM (pages 150 - 154) - Pleiadian-Plejaren contact reports, conversations, Volume 1. Translated by: Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine in collaboration with Vibka Wallder.
File:Peace Flyer.pdf - Ptaah’s explanations regarding the peace symbol and death rune.

  • Spirit Lessons.
File:LOVE Billy Meier Spirit Lesson No27.pdf - Spirit Lesson No. 27 about love.

  • Talmud of Jmmanuel.
See The Talmud of Jmmanuel
Tj cover300.jpg
... - 5th Edition (Not currently available as PDF, search one of the FIGU Shops).
... - Archived for reference 4th Edition.
... - Archived for reference 3rd Edition.
... - Archived for reference 2nd Edition.
... - Archived for reference 1st Edition.
  • Talmud of Jmmanuel individual explanations.
File:The Talmud Jmmanuel explanations.pdf - Why the first edition of the TJ deserves to be thrown out. Some of the errors/falsifications/mistakes by Isa Rashid. Excerpt from Contact Report 504. Explanations and translations by Vibka Wallder, 8th March, 2014.
File:Discovery of the Talmud of Jmmanuel.pdf - Included in the PDF near the end pg 56 is the book: Survival of the Crucifixion: Traditions of Jesus within Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Paganism by James W. Deardorff, December, 1993; revised March, 1998.
File:AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL by I AM SANANDA.pdf - Included here for reference only. Explained what this is by Ptaah in Contact Report 233 line 15.

  • Relevant books by other authors.
Section note: May contain traces of bad translation, speculative glazes, unfounded assumptions, interpretation, entertainment and comedy.

File:LightYears GaryKinder.pdf - Light Years: An Investigation into the Extraterrestrial Experiences of Eduard Meier. Contains historical information from 1960s. A book by Gary Kinder. The book has its own FIGU Forum section. Atlantic Monthly Pr; First Edition edition (1 April 1987). The author draws upon interviews with Billy and witnesses.

File:The Secret Of Atlantis By Otto Muck.pdf - "The Secret Of Atlantis" by Otto Muck 1892-1956. Mentioned in Contact Report 060 by Semjase, as former incarnation / earlier personalities, lineage with Plato. See Atlantis. "Alles Über Atlantis" translates better as 'all about' or 'everything about' Atlantis © 1976 by GhbH Econ Verlag, Dusseldorf - Vienna. Translated into English using Google Translate.

File:Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation.pdf - Twenty cases suggestive of reincarnation by Ian Stevenson. 416 pages University of Virginia Press; second edition (28 Feb. 1988). See Reincarnation

File:Zahi WCUFO Investigation.pdf - Analysis of Billy Meier photos by Rhal Zahi, version 2, March 2013. 74 pages.

File:UFO - Billy Meier - Contact - Erra to Terra - Volume 5 - June 1991.pdf - Contact, Erra to Terra, Randolph Winters, Pleiades Project, Volume 5, June 1991. The author draws upon interviews with Billy and witnesses.

… - Message from the Pleiades, The Contact Notes of Billy Meier Vol 1. by Wendelle Stevens (Author). Early Contact Reports translations made by Wendelle Stevens independently. Many remarkable subjects of a profound nature were often discussed.
… - Message from the Pleiades, The Contact Notes of Billy Meier Vol 2. by Wendelle Stevens (Author). 400 pages of early Contact Reports translations made by Wendelle Stevens independently. Many remarkable subjects of a profound nature were often discussed.
File:Jitschi-goes-mad2.jpg - Page from book: Billy assaults Jitschi he befriended
File:Meeting-jmmanuel.jpg - Page from book: And then somehow makes assaulted Jitschi thank him.
… - Message from the Pleiades, The Contact Notes of Billy Meier Vol 3. by Wendelle Stevens (Author). Early Contact Reports translations made by Wendelle Stevens independently. Many remarkable subjects of a profound nature were often discussed.

File:The Pleiadian Mission A Time of Awareness by Randolph Winters.pdf - The Pleiadian Mission, A time of awareness, by Randolph Winters (Author). Randolph Winters takes you on a journey to Switzerland to spend the summer with Pleiadian contactee, Billy Meier, and learn the wisdom of the universe through the eyes of the Pleiadians. 273 pages (PDF 367), The Pleiades Project, Published 21st September 1994. [more info]
Randolph Winters has been written about disparagingly and vilified for his efforts and contributions.[citations needed] However if you can get past all that and appreciate why by googling it, his works contain exclusive interviews and special explanations given personally to him by Billy in person at the SSSC.[citations needed] He's arguably the most refreshing, positive and therefore strongest of the author's available, much better presenter than any other, which is probably why he had one of the largest audiences which extended and reached much further into non-ufology normal peoples communities than any other author.[citations needed] However it has been inaccurate information, which is why its been unfortunate he wasn't given clearer information to begin with. He hasn't been argued with objectively by his readers because he's likeable and personable. Extensive efforts have been made to remove his name and commentary of the Billy Meier story from the community. This PDF has been included here purely for research purposes and does indeed contain factual inaccuracies and misunderstanding by the author.

… - Spaceships of the Pleiades: The Billy Meier Story – 19 Dec 1995 by Kal K. Korff. The author has been listed as hostile and an enemy of getting to the truth of Billy Meiers story. Before reading this book it is recommended to read A Refutation of false Claims and Distortions by Korff By James W. Deardorff, Research Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University USA, (Revised Jan. 1999).

  • Relevant newspaper and magazine articles by other authors.
Section note: May contain traces of bad translation, speculative glazes, unfounded assumptions, interpretation, entertainment and comedy.

File:ARGOSY UFO - Wendelle Stevens - Billy Meier 1977.pdf - Argosy UFO magazine article about Eduard Meier’s story.
File:UFO'S_ARE_REAL-_Sun_Article_on_Billy_Meier_Case_(1-20-04).jpg - Sun newspaper article 20th January 2004.
File:Flying Saucer Review - Janet & Colin Bord - Billy Meier 1980.pdf - Flying Saucer Review, an article by Janet & Colin Bord, Contact from the Pleiades review. Volume 26, no 3. pages 11 - 13, 1980. Kindly provided by Norm of the FIGU English Forum.
File:Michael-horn-veritas-magazine-article-part1of6.pdf - Veritas Magazine presents, Spiritual Messages from the Pleiades, by Michael Horn.
File:Christianity vs. the New Age - Dr. James Deardorff 1998.pdf - An article from the Contact Forum magazine, July 1998 edition kindly provided by Norm of the FIGU English Forum.
File:Mufon UFO Journal - Wendelle Stevens on Billy Meier 1981.pdf - The MUFON UFO Journal, No. 164, October 1981, pages 3 to 5 and 11 to 14 kindly provided by Norm of the FIGU English Forum.

  • Meditation.
See Meditation
File:The Peace Meditation.pdf
File:Tension-reaction, Relaxation-reaction and Relaxation Meditation.pdf - pp. 85 – 86, Meditation from Clear Visibility, Further Introductory Words
  • Mediation pyramid.
CAD instructions for making your own meditation pyramid. See Meditation Pyramid
PDF link broken - English language instructions.
File:Zeichnung cad pyramide 120mm.pdf – German language instructions.

  • FIGU
File:FIGU in a Nutshell.pdf
File:The Nature of Study Groups and National Groups.pdf
File:Figu-antragsformular-passiv-gruppe.pdf – Passive group application form.
File:The Leadership Role of the Core Group of 49.pdf
File:Figu statutes.pdf

German language only
See Contributing Content, How Can I Help, A Note to Editors and Learning German.

  • FIGU Periodicals
Until June 2014, all joined together.

  • Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Blocks (3rd Edition).
File:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 12, 2014 - CR 476 to 541.pdf
File:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 11, 2010 - CR 434 to 475.pdf
File:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 10, 2009 - CR 384 to 433.pdf
File:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 9, 2007 - CR 341 to 383.pdf
File:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 8, 2005 - CR 261 to 340.pdf
File:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 7, 2005 - CR 240 to 260.pdf
File:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 6, 2005 - CR 230 to 239.pdf

  • Kelch der Wahrheit (Goblet of Truth)
Buch kelch der wahrheit.gif
File:Kelch-der-wahrheit.pdf - Buch der gesamten, Lehre der Propheten, Lehre der Wahrheit, Lehre des Geistes, Lehre des Lebens von Henoch, Elia, Jesaja, Jeremia, Jmmanuel, Muhammad und Billy (BEAM).


These were obtained from (Source: broken link 10/06/18).

More high resolution images available (high resolution is unsorted check media properties individually) in the Photo Gallery.

Audio versions

  • - A resource of English translated audio's read aloud by an electronic computer generated voice, which can be streamed.
  • - A resource of some English translated audio's intermixed with other content, read aloud by an electronic computer generated voice, which can be streamed.
  • - 'Teachings Of Life' channel by Ruben Dari - Interpretative aspects of the Spirit Teaching and Billy Meier Books. Has audio's and video, read aloud by a human voice, which can be streamed.
  • - Allows downloading of youtube videos as mp3 audio's that can then be transferred to an mp3 compatible audio device for listening away from a computer screen. By copy and paste youtube URL into box as per website instructions.

Plejaren Alphabet

File:Plejaren and Hebrew Alphabet.pdf

  • Download the Plejaren Alphabet Zip_icon.gif here Info_icon.png. It was created in Illustrator and saved in EPS and AI formats. These file types allow you to scale the characters unlimited without losing any quality.
  • Download Christian's picture of the Plejaren Alphabet Zip_icon.gif here Info_icon.png. I converted it in Illustrator and saved in EPS and AI formats. These file types allow you to scale the characters unlimited without losing any quality. I also included a SVG and JPG version.

Salome, Ravi

Poster: Sevens Sciencey Universe Poster

  • More sevens can be found on the Human Being page.
  • Sevens Poster: Download 13mb Jpeg Image. Warning: resolution may crash slower devices
Preview only, does not link to full resolution image, to download full resolution image click here


  • FutureofMankind Statistics
File:Fom-content.pdf - Analytics content, 10 September 2012
File:Fom-location.pdf - Analytics locations, 10 September 2012
File:Fom-mobile-devices.pdf - Analytics mobile device, 10 September 2012
File:Fom-referral-traffic.pdf - Analytics traffic, 10 September 2012
File:Fom-traffic-sources.pdf - Analytics traffic sources, 10 September 2012
File:Fom-visitors.pdf - Analytics visitors, 10 September 2012


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