Cult Religion

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Cult-Religion: Worship of gods, people, objects, things, sanctuaries etc. In a humble and very often fearful and fanatical form in combination with rituals, adorations and sacrifices.

Following of false-teachings = believing things that never can be proven because of lack of knowledge of the effective truth.

Cult-religions are: All variants of Christianity, all variants of Islam, all variants of Hinduism, all variants of Buddism, and all other cult-religions conforming to this definition.

Cult-religion is solely created for exploitation, domination and power over the general public.[1]

FIGU is not a cult in this way, its slightly different, no ones in denial about the controversial range of information being discussed. It is controversial, mankind and humanity is controversial and that's what the info is about plus UFOs and secret sciences, controversial. The devotion is silent and directed at silently studying reality. The initiation is interesting because all it takes is to type UFO into google and read for a year until all rubbish stories are eliminated from the list. There are no leaders, despite the belief that Billy may be a leader he is not, and Michael Horn only offers information on the radio, not quite a leadership in the same way, and Michael has been advised against talking too much, entertaining the notion that FIGU has been called a cult for example isnt something he would talk about. We are aware that its controversial information and cult is usually thrown at controversial communities that share open secrets like that. All are equal apart from the core group for administration and reincarnation purposes, but still equal in the way everyone communicates. Its not a socialism or a communism because everyone is required to work far away from FIGU and are advised not to tell their boss because UFOs have been known to notably cause for example pilots to loose their jobs. There is no veneration. There's an annual meeting which I suppose one could call a tradition, but it's no more traditional than a business meeting once a year. Everyone's encouraged to make up their own mind. There's no Jonestown mass suicide planned and no grip on followers, there is no followers in this sense. There is no possible framework here that indicates any similarity to any controversial weird community. It's run like a business and a free advisory service, but no more than the Harry Potter book series offers advice of the ongoing narrative from the author. The only difference is its non-fiction, or pitched that way atleast, and it's up to you. Nostradamus pitched his book this way too which was controversial, he even had to encrypt his book it was so controversial. Luckily Billy has not had to be so heavy handed with his encryption because he's alienated the vast majority of those who cause problems. But there has been over 20 assasination attempts on Billy so the encryption may have been a good idea, ultimately they decided we needed the controversial material because our governments refuse to offer it,

It's just an interesting read on the Internet or book. Mostly because the government is silent about the topics and certain interesting things can be revealed about secrets and concealments in the world by sharing information in the way it's happening in FIGU. I suppose in some ways we are the government, in terms of "who's the loftiest of them all". So in conclusion if it is to be designated a cult, then it's in full view of everyone.

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