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"We are only here in order to fulfil our mission and the prevention of the catastrophe and to prepare you for your difficult assignment as prophet. For further things, like help with evolution and so forth, other forms of life from your own universe are responsible, who will initially called themselves Pleiadians. Already for millennia, they supervise the Earth and keep those space-faring races in check who wish evil for you Earth humans and want to gain control over Earth humanity with the employment of religion and all the related deceptions, hallucinations, and trickery with which they buoy up the Earth humans with false promises."
Asket, February 1953


Eduard Meier first communicated with extraterrestrials from 1942 to 1953 with Sfath, an older gentlemen from Erra (Pleiades / Plejaren).

Subsequent contacts then emerged from 1953 to 1964 with Asket, a woman who originates from the DAL Universe.

Eduard since 1975 to the 3rd of February 2017, then had 1704 personal and 1294 telepathic contacts [continue reading]

...with Pleiadian/Plejaren/Plejadisch-plejarische extraterrestrials and federated member contact persons; members of their Federation from other worlds. Which became the better known worldwide famous publicised, scrutinised and criticised texts, after the internet was invented. It is still ongoing and the plan is to continue for the foreseeable future. Of those contacts, at least 671 are presented as contact reports which if translated into English from German and already presented on this website then may be read below.[1]

How It All Began

How It All Began: Explains how Eduard Meier's regular communications with extraterrestrials began in the very beginning.
Who is Billy Meier: Introduces Billy himself.
Why Billy Meier: Introduces a few of the reasons.
When do you live: Deals with those necessary preceding narratives.



The Pleiadians / Plejaren and their Federation members are folks with physical bodies that for the most part look very similar to the Earth folks. There are some anatomical differences, but such differences usually belong to the Federation members. [continue reading]

Their average life expectancy is about 1000 years. Their home planet is typically Erra, which is a planet a little smaller than Earth and has a population of around 500 million. The population of the entire federation is around a hundred and twenty thousand million (120 billion short count).

The Pleiades / Plejares stars aren't identical to the Pleiades known to us. They're 80 light years further away than the seven sisters star cluster that is visible from the Earth at night. What's more it's a system in a different space-time-structure i.e. another dimension altogether.

They're consciously i.e. mentally, and technically i.e. engineering and technologically; far ahead of the Earth humans.

We Earthlings and the Pleiadians / Plejaren do share a common ancestry, but we are on entirely separate paths of development and Consciousness Evolution.

The situation naturally raises all kinds of questions, the vast majority of which have been answered one way or another.

By August 2018 there were 15 Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, see Book Statistics (A4-sized thread-bound books with approx. 500 pages each).

Discussed topics

Creation (supernatural) and its Creations (life), Universe Origin (big bang), Earth History (archaeology), Science (physics, mathematics, biology), Astronomy, Spirituality (philosophy), Reincarnation (consciousness evolution, human beings, life and death), Genetic Manipulation (including ancient), Earth Religions, Human Evolution (history and consciousness), Spiritual Science, Interplanetary Spaceflight (UFOs), Galactic Federation, Extraterrestrial Origins and Their Visits on Earth (throughout all history), Telepathy (and many other related capabilities which can be developed), Overpopulation on Earth, Environmental degradation, male-female relationships, cover-ups by governments, government agencies and the military, along with many other issues and trivia. All of which and many others have subject accumulation pages on this website if you use the search box in the top right or the Meier Encyclopedia.

Contact Report Categories

Art by Jim Nichols
Sunday 15th July 2007

The Sfath Contact Reports
1942 to 1953.[2]
Sfath was Billy's first teacher from the age of 5 (1942) for a duration of 11 years.

The Asket Contact Reports
1953 to 1964 and then on 03/02/2004.[3]
Asket continued from Sfath instructing Eduard from age 16 (1953) until he was 27.

The Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports
1975 to present,[4] with many Plejaren Federation personnel
Communication with all other Plejaren personnel began when Eduard was aged 38 (1975) and has continued to today.

Contact Statistics

Contact Statistics contains details of Plejaren members and other Federation personnel and book statistics.


Website FAQ [Show/Hide]

Q: What language is the website in?

A: It's an English language website which hosts English content with a German language copy placed on the right hand side, where an original source for the translation is available for the presentation. The original Billy Meier documents are in German which technically means it's an English and German website. The website links to other languages and where contextually appropriate. The Downloads, Rare Archives sections and a few individual pages, may be or include items presented in other languages, of varying consistencies.

Q: Are the Contact Reports the only or primary source of information?

A: No, there is all sorts of different presentations of information, look down the side bar on the left. Books is another area, and we don't have it all, and even of what we do have, not all is translated into English.

Q: I can't find the scientific language I'm looking for so that I can really get to grips with this, why?

A: There is some scientific language inside the Contact Reports and Books etc., but it's in the Plejaren nature to remain human. This means they offer scientific explanations without the scientific language. However there is a small quantity of it, as mentioned, and which has been contributed by the community and readers like you, as additional explanation or where absolutely necessary. In places such as the evidence sections, see side-bar on left, in the Meier Encyclopedia and some scientific language can be found on the FIGU forum, it has been investigated scientifically over the years. Apparently scientific language prevails primarily with Earth people who believe that they somehow need to excel by using this language. A purely scientific manner of expression is always wrong, due to the playing down and minimizing and disregard of the dangers, and as many of the Plejaren are indeed scientists of one form another, that must surely be intelligent of them, to not alienate by being too complicated. Intelligent and honest-minded life forms never get involved in scientific language, instead they speak to one another in a normal human linguistic manner. It may then therefore sound somewhat dramatic at times where the fact of the given drama is extraordinary, but it's in human terms, relatable and enabling of a person to feel.

Q: Why again are former extraterrestrials living on Earth?

A: There is no single answer or clear answer that could explain it all simply and concisely enough here, and the reasons are too diverse.

Q: Why are the recurring themes more interesting than the news medias?

A: We don't know, presumably because the Plejaren refreshed him with real knowledge like no man has ever been refreshed before.

Q: How does Nokodemion hysteria come into being?

A: We are still not entirely certain, but we think the Nokodemion spirit-form retrieves exotic pieces of information from the Storage Banks, usually controversial on a belief based world, occasionally communicates with extraterrestrials, occasionally with spirits, the personalities use various parapsychologies and they keep their focus within the time they were born, in the now, all of which appears to be sensational, flourishing and exotic enough to become famous and renowned very quickly and consistently. However we are not certain because there is explanations about this spirit-form spending great lengths of time in the other worldly beyond area and long ago being a pure-material spirit. By hysteria we assume you mean a Nokodemion personality phenomenon where something, anything is done or said and it becomes repeated several thousands of years later, often with no correlations, by someone who wasn’t even connected to the personality at that time, this is better described as a phenomenon than a hysteria. It is quite likely connected with the technologies the Plejaren have been using, read the Goblet of Truth.

Q: How is a secret this big out in the open for all to see but few know about it, even after it’s explained thoroughly?

A: Usually this takes a very long time because the universe itself doesn’t talk, we have to instead try many evolutionary paths. This is one of the reasons we know the Plejaren are real and have allowed ourselves to take an interest in what they have had to say. Humanity has never had the perspective they’ve given us before to evaluate it, and even after we meet ET, ET wont be as clever as the Plejaren. And academics and scientists are not allowed to speculate or theorise, even if it is entirely logical and follows on from what they’ve already discovered. Religious people are still to this day the majority in society. We are disorganised and new to real knowledge and it is a money game to many of them, so the truth doesn’t actually matter so long as the money never stops coming in, even if the prophecy of a third of humanity dying were proven a genuine warning, all it would do is promote a preparing to profit off the outcome, same if it were demonstrated that using every last drop of oil meant our extinction, many don’t care, a very bad belief system we have, we’re a poor people at the moment yet this is the richest we’ve ever been, it’s associated with the accelerated rate at which we are Ageing. The secret is categorised as pseudoscience and pseudoarcheology by the way.

Q: Can you install a better search extension?

A: It is too server CPU resource intensive. The conversations have an Index and been indexed by Google which can be used to search the archive using special search terms called 'operators'.

Copy and paste one of these lines into Google and see what is sent back to you. beamship Contact_Report + alien Contact_Report intext:Alien goblet of truth filetype:PDF Adam AROUND(2) Eva “Tachyon” participating around AROUND(2) peace meditation Extraterrestrials -Alien -Abductions + Hostile is a mirror of the website on a faster server, great for searching. It's overwritten every night so editors sign in to the

Q: Why does FutureofMankind place the original German text on the right and English on the left, when some of the other websites do it the other way?

A: FutureofMankind is an English language website, in English we read from left to right. It's promotional of the original German text when each English sentence is followed by the German and not the edge of the screen. It's not ignored as readily, especially where we've been able to align sentences. It may also maintain the standard of established literary wiki agreements. However the arrangement may be associated with driving on the left where the shaking of hands using the right hand is generally considered proper etiquette. It’s unclear exactly why placing the original German on the right feels correct, but it feels right to read it that way to us.

Q: Can I have more information about this, where can I find more information about that?

A: The main thing it has taught us is that there is allot we don't know. Use the search, have a look at the External Links. There may be times when you'll want to think about it and times when you want community and to talk about it, have a look at the External Links and the facebook groups. There are plenty of resources available but you're on your own.

Q: Why has all this information about Billy Meier spanning decades been unloaded here on the FutureofMankind wiki, often without explanations about where it originated from, who translated it, when and why and a guide on how to do everything?

A: At first its recommended that you not concern much about your unknowing and to approach it vicariously for a while. It’s a community of independent individuals and you will have to make your own mind up and form your own opinions about everything eventually. Its international so all the different standards and methodologies of presentation and how they've been combined and formed over the time may gradually emerge. It may require searching for sources and references on your own if you want more information about a specific subject that interests you, just as all those that came before you had to do to develop an understanding of all the whys and wherefores of everything. In the process you may slowly learn how to use the site. There are plenty of resources available but you're on your own.

Q: Can I make a donation to the website?

A: You are most welcome to make a donation to the website. It continues to be hosted here because of these donations, see the Donate page if you would like to and thank you. The website has a fairly sizeable web hosting and domain, expenses fee as far as such fees go, annually, due to the shear size of the resource here. The donations are used to pay for it, and will be used to ensure the website continues to be available for as long as it possibly can be.

Translation FAQ [Show/Hide]

Q: Why have the new translations not been added and updated yet?

A: See Contributing content and read the section below, appeal to all responsible, about the voluntary nature of translating and updating the wiki’s content.

Q: How long does translating take?

A: Translating requires a tremendous amount of work and time, because automatic translators such as Google Translate and DeepL etc., are not precise enough for this type of written work, where we want precision, because it's technical, complicated, sensitive, scientific, exact writing and because there is such a great quantity of it. We work together in a sort of large worldwide team, where individuals work diligently on a translation, present it on any of the FIGU websites, External Links, or on this website. This is how we have gradually amassed such a fantastic collection. Consider that English is not the only language it's been translated into. However mostly it is only a few translators responsible for offering a high standard because knowing English (or another language), German and many language principles and understanding the explanations itself, is required. Many publications are not approved for translation because the explanations are destroyed in the process, and others not on copyright grounds. Some of the books for example have been attempted and been so technical that the translation has not been worth reading without great additional work on it. Some books are going to be best read in German, others have been translated beautifully and are available to buy in English in FIGU book shops. There are some titles which the website will never present, such as the Goblet of Truth, see Downloads, because these texts are extraordinarily long. We do present many Contact Reports and a wholesome variety of other textual material. Look at the sidebar on the left.

Q: Why do you only translate from the original German and not from the other available language translations?

A: Because it's then third-generation. It's true that in evolution generally, third-generation tends to be more the more advanced revision. But when it comes to translations, apparently tests show, all we seem to get is an explanation even further estranged and removed from what was originally said or what originally happened. So if we cannot trace the original (usually German) text, all the way back to it's source, we don't translate, on principle. However in other areas of our lives, in our careers and in our everyday lives, decisions, choices, and business practices, we go the other way, and tend to defer for the more evolved product.

Q: You change the translations?

A: The base story in German and in English has never changed. Faultfinding is different, we're correcting errors, improving the translations and using as well as regular over the counter dictionaries.

Q: Why is the abbreviation “resp.” used in translations, when it has no meaning to native speakers and doesn't derive from English. And what does it mean?

A: It throws new readers off, but after a dozen encounters the probable meaning becomes reasonably clear. It does tend to furrow a few brows though. The writer is explaining something and reinforcing that explanation. It could mean; that is; i.e.; or; rather; also; and; also known as; more precisely; more precisely known as; with respect to; in respect of, etc. It may also mean; regarding; with regards to, and see also.

The term “resp.” is an "English" abbreviation which is not English, so does not appear in dictionaries. It seems to be quite often used by native German speakers when writing in English, when they want to use respectively as a conjunction and not as an adverb. In German, instead of bzw., a writer can also use respektive as a conjunction; this explains the mistake. It’s not serendipitous because “resp.” is used in Billy Meier’s original German source text. It may possibly be to make translating easier.[citation needed] Translators have probably been muddled / confused as to how to present it, and therefore sometimes opt to retain it and incorporate it into the English translation. Sometimes translators have used i.e. and e.g. instead where it’s been deemed contextually appropriate. Translators have also occasionally been known to end a sentence with respectively when there has been an ordered list.

i.e. isn't English either it came from Latin but isn't Latin.
resp. isn’t English or German either it came from English or German but isn’t German or English.

Q: Why is the dash character '-' used between two words often and what does it mean?

A: It’s a way of joining the two words to create a new meaning. Specifically targeting a defined meaning, e.g. decaffeinated-coffee, clear-dream and Ur-flame, it's now a variation of word which is it's own thing. In English this may not even be technically possible to do, perhaps a language person could weigh in and give a better answer. In German it is possible to add words together to create new words, even without a space or dash. It means we can present the very long complicated new German words from the original book in English without breaking up what is written. The German portion (where included) reveals what was written before being translated.

Q: Why is Völkerflucht and Volk being translated to folk and folks instead of people and peoples?

A: Verification required but because when the ladies and gentlemen in the original Norfolk and Suffolk, East Anglia England began the Anglosphere words they either evolved the German language words or retained the Danish, Dutch and Swedish words which they already knew because many were from Germany and those other nations, from volk to folk, it was only later when for whatever reason people came in during the various invasions and colonisations then the standardisation of English occured because English is a mix of several languages. We're translating from German into English so it makes sense to use the words that pair better. The etymology of people is latin anglo norman french, and folk is old english dutch german. Besides that the Plejaren have described the word 'people' as meaning something less generative than 'folk'.[citation needed] If your next question is why we use the latin etymology spiritus to spirit instead of the german etymology geist to ghost, that is apparently a different and special circumstance because we've regrettably loaded the word ghost with all sorts of angst and fear, but not the word spirit, so the german route is not recommended on that occasion. There's a place in Kent, England, called Folkestone, possibly in German it may be Volkstein. Overbevolking and Überbevölkerung doesn't work with folks, or it would be overfolking, it uses the Latin instead, as overpopulation. Volkswagen under the regime would be Folkwagon, possibly a Folksaloon. People, folk, mankind, humans etc.

Q: Why are selected words capitalised?

A: It's a similar answer as the above. It's a translation from another language, from German. In German there may be differences in the language rules compared to English. The translator may have been attempting to match the source as close as possible, and may not have known themselves how to deal with an uppercase word so retained it in the English translation. It may occasionally indicate an unrealised meaning that differs from the several existing meanings, and deserves a new word e.g. CREATION when it means the Universal-consciousness or RATIO when it refers to a special mechanism (founded on a creative-natural-law) in the human beings consciousness. But not an art paint project creation or a measurement ratio, for example. BEING is another example and LIFE'S NAVEL or the NAVEL OF LIFE another example of capitalisation somewhere. The uppercase words may represent an importance for understanding the texts meaning. UFO and FIGU are acronym abbreviations.

Q: How much flexibility do I have with my interpretation of these written texts?

A: It appears very much to be the case that it depends on what the individual is looking for, will be what the individual will find. The texts cover a very broad subject base, some have said everything, but it doesn't cover everything. It is not like in the old days when individuals fixated on a series of passages of text, with the archive of information here there is always something new to learn and it's not possible to absorb and know everything at any one time, there's simply too much of it to do that. Sometimes an explanation in an earlier contact report is followed up later by further explanation in a later contact report, leaving plenty of flexibility there to read into all the complexities of a topic. Your individual interpretation is what makes the world interesting, however, pinning the written works to the real world for comparison, is the most stable, reliable, rational and successful method of evaluating and interpreting the explanations. Because if an explanation only holds up in fantasy, illusion or hallucination and not in the real world, real-life, then it probably has nothing to do with reality; in which case there is likely additional explanations in the archive for you to research until it's more fully formed.

Q: What do you mean you have made your own dictionary?

A: If you mean then this is not technically a dictionary at all, it is a website that recommends to the translators which words to use in English for a German word being translated. If you mean we have been very careful and meticulous about the language we are using, for clarity and being factual, accurate and in the claims and statements we are making and opinions we offer, then yes, that is true, we are aware that the vast majority of humankind on Earth if we’re being perfectly honest is modestly basic, we're keeping the explanations accessible to everyone. We are interested in attracting the particularly well educated individuals by making it accessible to them too.

Q: What can I write in my book?

A: It's ok to summarise in your own words. It's illogical not to put Billy Meier in your compilation UFO book, but illogical to get the information wrong too, because it's presented beautifully. A misunderstanding can make the author appear the fantasist. For the reader, if the author is capable of such a misunderstanding then the rest of their book may be susceptible to such a misunderstanding. Don’t say anything about the Billy Meier case which is not true or makes you appear stupid.

Authors in the past for example, have claimed Billy used time-travel to go back in time to photograph the great California earthquake, when the photo was from the future, just a stupid mistake really. Or that he went back in time to meet Jesus, when there was no such person ever called Jesus; Billy went back (technically always forward) to meet Jmmanuel and not even at the time the purported Jesus lived, again another stupid thing to write in a book which references Billy Meier. Other times authors have claimed that his experiences have changed his life, inferring it didn't begin when he was 5 years old, but some mid-life time later. As you can see by the examples it is not difficult to get right, and easy to get entirely wrong. What happened is linear, real-time, the Contact reports are word for word conversations, it has not changed (except errors) since the day it was printed. Flatter your intellect when professing to have read and understood it; those authors clearly have not. Engage plenty of research for the writing of the segment for your book, it's nothing like the other UFO stories. It's incompatible with the majority of UFO stories, because UFO stories generally speaking are inherently fantasy. So if you're going to put Billy Meier in your book and decide to portray him fairly and accurately, then be aware, it may transpire it's the only segment in your book worth reading.

Billy has been very precise because it's controversial, it's presented beautifully because even a slight change in the arrangement makes it appear fictional, this is why so much care has been taken with the presentation. It may be defamatory to alter the composition. Most authors read the third-party testimony of other authors, aim to read the source of the information, check with the original German text.

Q: Can I list Billy Meiers UFOs or story in my youtube top ten video?

A: It’s the best collection of UFOs in the entire world, so it would make sense that you did. We’re not in a position to say yes because we don’t own the copyright. However Billy’s images have been used by television networks without them ever paying a royalty to him for decades, not that it makes it ok. Providing your portraying the information fairly i.e. honestly, being reasonable with the presentation, not distorting or defaming, there probably isn’t going to be an objection to it if it’s not objectionable. You could write FIGU copyright, or somewhere such as in the corner or in the description, which is helpful to those wanting to find it and read more about it. It’s not a video we would recommend makers to make, but it’s the best UFO information available in the world, longest running and highest standards, so maybe you want to. We advise against a negative review of it because our historical research into poor reviews have shown they’ve attracted unnecessary unpleasantness for the makers, writers, authors, and it’s a waste of time and for what audience. A neutral presentation such as listing it and even a critical-analysis is acceptable. It’s not fake so take care to check before.

Appeal to all responsible

The UFO concerns of 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM) are but a small part of the tip of a vast iceberg hiding the doctrine of the truth of creation and its laws and commandments. BEAM's mission is to teach this doctrine of Earth humanity. All the knowledge and the whole truth are extremely extensive and of profound importance to every human being. Consequently everything has to be comprehensively recorded and made accessible to all people.

However, this requires a lot of work and also much needed capital investment, money, resource donation and voluntary labour. Therefore, the FIGU seeks those interested in the creative-natural truth, people who are willing to, free of charge, translate the writings and books of the 'Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften and Ufologie-Studien' FIGU, into a variety of languages. To find a number of publishers which donors can purvey translated works, being printed and therefore distributed.

The efforts in this regard must however go out exclusively by the respective interested persons, as the FIGU labourers are not financially capable and able to place themselves in such a situation and besides that it is also not their job.

With regard to the production of fonts and books as well as their printing and distribution, SSSC is solely responsible for the German-speaking area, while for other languages ​​and countries their own interests (language translation) must be found.

To translate the scriptures and books, it is necessary that both the German and the translation language are perfectly mastered and that the contents of the script and the book are thoroughly studied and understood, which requires a thorough study, at least in relation to the all-embracing doctrine of creative natural truth. [continue reading]

The textbooks may only be translated from the original German language into a foreign language, and when printing the works, the condition is stipulated that the German original text must be placed opposite the translation page. This is intended, on the one hand, to prevent distortions from appearing, and, on the other hand, to allow for constant monitoring on the basis of the original text. But this ensures a certainty that not distortions and new heresies arise, as unfortunately happened worldwide with various writings and their ideologies since time immemorial.

Translations from the original German text into other languages ​​can only be made if the translation languages ​​and the German language are perfectly mastered, as has already been explained, and if the material to be translated is understood in principle and can also be interpreted into the language to be translated. If all these requirements can be met, then please contact us if you are interested, either at the following address: FIGU, Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, CH-8495 Schmidrüti / Switzerland or via the Internet. After a detailed clarification of all necessary matters, the FIGU gladly provides a free copy of the typeface or book to which the translation interest applies. First and foremost, we aim for translations in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch and Russian, but also in Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean, Czech, Polish, Slovak and Chinese etc.

Help the FIGU through your valued collaboration - if you are able and capable of doing so - to promote the spread of the creative-natural truth with its laws and commandments and to support <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier's and the FIGU mission, the They are both important ministries for the evolution of terrestrial humanity, so that true love, freedom, wisdom and harmony, as well as knowledge and peace, can slowly and surely unfold among the people of the earth.

A translation example (External) (German and some English)

And here is more important information. Unfortunately, we repeatedly find Billy's books and pamphlets to be illegally translated and distributed - especially on the Internet - that are full of mistakes and falsifications. Just recently (October 2002) we became aware of an illegal translation of the Talmud Jmmanuel into Norwegian, which was posted anonymously on the internet. With such usually well meant, but in the end dangerous and illegal (copyright!) Activities you harm the FIGU mission, because truth is mixed with untruth. Once again, this will mislead earthlings, as was the case with the blatant falsification of the Talmud Jmmanuel some 2000 years ago.

It should be repeated again: All translations must be made from the original German text, by appropriate professionals and with the written permission of the author (Billy / FIGU)!

We ask our friends to inform us when they discover translations of our scriptures somewhere so that we can investigate. In addition, everyone is advised to refer to the information on the websites of FIGU Switzerland and its study groups regarding translated texts and to observe the official links to other websites.

Thank you very much


The translation effort tends to be voluntary (few exceptions),[5] which unfortunately tends to often be forgotten, under-appreciated or is simply not known to new readers. It requires devotion and translation skill by individuals all over the world and developing the skills necessary to translate to a professional comprehensive standard takes time and dedication. Without this voluntary free of charge work effort, individuals in the English speaking world and Anglosphere,[6] as it is for the other languages, would have only poorly translated texts; we wish therefore to express our gratitude and appreciation to them, we are all very thankful to those few individuals who have put in that effort, thank you for all the work, time and effort.

The translations may contain errors (as indicated at the top of contact report pages) even though meticulous efforts have been made to remove all of them; which is why the original German book source text tends to be included side by side with the English translation where possible and available. The layout on this website and others of having original text beside the translation additionally lends itself well to individuals independently fathoming a meaning which may not have been successfully passed across and transferred over the language barrier or been understood by the translator, without necessarily having to embroil others and the original translators to obtain those meanings. The meaning behind those complicated sentences and paragraphs can be garnered independently.

Extract from Contact Report 487,[7] 3rd February, 2010.

According to all observations, examinations and analysis we (Plejaren) have come to the unanimous decision that henceforward you from the Mother Centre[8] shall not make any further translations, also not into the English language.
Gemäss allen Betrachtungen, Abklärungen und Analysen sind wir zum einstimmigen Beschluss gelangt, dass ihr künftighin von eurer Seite des Mutter-Centers aus keinerlei Übersetzungen mehr durchführen sollt, auch nicht in die englische Sprache.

It (English) doesn't correspond to a true language, but only to a halfway acceptable auxiliary world-language that was disseminated world-wide through dishonest machinations from the USA with the aid of British English and other languages, whereby the deeper sense is to turn the terrestrial peoples into English-speaking ones, by using this meagre means of communication.
Diese entspricht keiner eigentlichen Sprache, sondern nur einer halbwegs annehmbaren Welthilfssprache, die durch unlautere Machenschaften von den USA aus mit Zuhilfenahme des britischen Englisch und anderer Sprachen weltweit verbreitet wurde, wobei der tiefere Sinn darin liegt, die irdischen Völker mit diesem ärmlichen Verständigungsmittel englischsprachig zu machen.

See main page of for an explanation about translations into other languages and the reason the German language is included with the English (or any language its translated into).

Nevertheless it's appreciated that it will continue to be read in English, the FIGU dictionary has been established to help readers and translators choose the appropriate synonym and definition to use.

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  2. Sfath Contact Statistics
  3. Asket Contact Statistics
  4. All other Plejaren persons Contact Statistics
  5. Some of the books about Billy Meier written by some authors which have been sold and made a profit and have therefore contained translations which have been paid for, however the quality often of these translations have not been good because they have been translated by independents and have not utilised the resources of the FIGU dictionary and been printed before they have been checked by the community and perhaps rushed into print. So another way of saying that is that volunteers have then later had to rectify the mistakes in those translations regardless of how popular or profitable those books by those authors may have been.
  7. Extract of CR487 on Benjamin Stevens website. Benjamin Stevens is an authorised translator
  8. Mother Centre refers to the FIGU in Switzerland, the SSSC, to distinguish it from the centres in other nations