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Sunday 15th July 2007


Prior to Monday 31st July 2006, there were 830 personal and 1019 telepathic contacts with Pleiadian/Plejaren Federation personnel and their families since 1975, but these contacts are still continuing. There exists 457 Contact Reports thus far.

Listed here are only a selection of some of those Contact Reports in the English language. Furthermore there are only a few here that are entire reports. The reason for this is that the funding required to professionally and accurately translate the Contact Reports from the original "High" German into English is simply not available in sufficient quantities.

If you are financially comfortable then it would be of great benefit to humanity if you financially assisted with the translation of the Contact Reports and other material into English and/or other popular languages. For more information on financial contributions please contact FIGU USA or FIGU HQ.

Contact Statistics

Click here for details of the Plejaren and other Federation personnel with whom Billy has communicated with in the past.

Contact reports listed by sequential number

Contact reports listed by date of contact

Contact reports with no sequential number

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