Contact Report 556

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This is an unofficial and unauthorised translation of a FIGU publication.

N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
Before reading onward, please read this necessary prerequisite to understanding this document.


  • Contact Reports volume: 13
  • Page number(s): 134-138
  • Date/time of contact: 16th March 2013
  • Translator(s): Lawrence Driscoll, USA.
  • Date of translation: 18th April 2016.
  • Contact persons: Ptaah


In this contact report extract Billy and Ptaah discuss the aliens that have visited and are visiting the Earth.

Translation of Contact Report 556


Now however I would like to turn the discussion once again to those UFO sightings and UFO photos, which militaries and police as well as also pilots substantiate and which indeed in the last few decades are hundreds. About these I mean those, which have nothing to do with all of those UFO nut-cases, who deceptively falsify images and films or even maintain, that they - in a mostly Christian esoteric and sectarian way - would have personal or telepathic contacts with extra-terrestrials. Especially, I want yet to speak about the occurrences in regard to the appearances in Phoenix in the USA respectively the ‘Phoenix Lights’ in 1997, which last January, thus 2013, is said to have happened again. In 1997 these UFOs have been observed in Sonora, Nevada and Mexico, as well. Then there is also still the case of Rendlesham Forest in England at the beginning of the 1980s, as well as however also in 2006 the case of O’Hare/Chicago as well as the appearances in Anchorage/Alaska and the case of 1989 in Belgium with the prolonged wave of UFO sightings. Further sightings in world-wide form by pilots, militaries, police and private individuals run into the hundreds, whereby it is said, that approximately 800 or even more observations are seriously to be considered. I know from you, that a number of these observed UFOs lead back to your beamships, but many hundred always still remain unknown. Thus I assume, that it with all of these unexplained UFO appearances it, probably on the one hand has to concern secret terrestrial-military flight machines etc, of various nations to which even also China belongs, like you told me last time. Additionally, you have once spoken of those from the Earth’s future, which are also to be considered. On the other hand it concerns at the same time however probably also about those three groups unknown to you, who have no information regarding you and therefore are also unable to attain information about you.


19. This corresponds to actuality, because all of the appearances of unknown flying objects mentioned by you - as well as hundreds of others – lead back only very rarely to we Plejaren and to those of our federation, who sometimes regarding the fact that they are seen, are those of the federation who are somewhat less careful than we.

20. As a rule everything leads back to the three alien groups to us as well as to secret terrestrial-military flight machines of various nations.


Then this is clear, and apparently, if I take notice of your words, then nothing has changed between you and the three alien groups?


21. That is actually so, and we will ourselves also not try to come into contact with the aliens, and in regard to them we also do not know from where they come, which also does not interest us which is why we also do not try to clarify their origin.

22. Also everything indicates for us that - if we speak of their technology as a starting point - which compared to ours is relatively still very much underdeveloped -, and that also their consciousness development still leaves much to be desired.


I can comprehend that. However, you once said years ago, that you have carried out clarifications and studies in detail and that since 1947 no more Earth foreigners have flown into terrestrial airspace. How is it then with the three foreign groups?


23. We have we spoken about them already many times, and I have explained, that these groups who are aliens to us are not therein to be included, because we have known about them as aliens for a long time.

24. Our clarifications applied to and apply to only new aliens after 1947, and so none since then none have flown into terrestrial space.

25. And so as we see the matter, is that the three unknown to us aliens belong to groups, who have not penetrated newly into the terrestrial area after 1947.

26. Hence it is possible, that they even come from the Earth itself or already long ago as Earth foreigners were here, before we undertook our new mission to overlook again and again activities in the terrestrial airspace, and I mean up to the present time, but in connection to this we see the three alien groups to us, as those who are truthfully already here for a long time or even belong to the Earth, perhaps in a future dimension.

28. From this follows, that we also do not concern ourselves about them and also do not try to come into their range, because we do not want to bring about any conflicts with them.

29. Solely, this is forbidden to us already by our directives.

30. What it is however with all the observations in the USA, England and Belgium mentioned by you and also many others elsewhere, this we do not know, because already we no longer try for a long time to make clarifications of such occurrences


From your words I gather, that you therefore do not know, whether with the three groups alien to you concerns Earth foreigners, thus extra-terrestrials or from the Earth’s future, or whether it concerns with the USA, Belgium and England etc. observed large unknown flying bodies perhaps secret terrestrial-military machines?


31. This is correct such as you say, and we have also no interest to explain about them, because our tasks do not relate directly to such interests, but only and alone to your mission as well as to certain matters, which arise from terrestrial-climatic and planetary development as well as with population-, political and science- as well as technology development.

32. With everything it concerns only clarification- and observation tasks, however not one iota more.

33. An intervention into any terrestrial interests therefore, according to our directives, in no way whatsoever is permitted to us.


However you nevertheless have a technology hardly to be surpassed - at least as seen by we Earthlings – by which it would be possible, to make clarifications and examinations unnoticed, regarding those who you could examine closely. These even in connection to, from where they come, who they are and what their motives are, to function mysteriously in the terrestrial area without identifying themselves.


34. This is quite correct, but our directives forbid such actions, except if there would appear such unknown aircraft to our homeworlds.

35. It would be permitted to us additionally also only then, if the aliens themselves approach us and would seek contact with us.

36. However this is not only questionable, that they will do it, because as far as our directives permit, we are able to clarify, that the three alien groups to us up to now send out signals in no way whatsoever, which would indicate that they would know of our existence.

37. So then as we see everything, our presence is therefore not known to them, which certainly therein is based on the fact, that we always protect ourselves against them from an open contact, as a result they can have no awareness of our presence in the terrestrial area, because we protect ourselves against them from any awareness.

38. Thus, regarding our presence only assumption can be given by them – if at all.

39. However this does not mean, contrarily that we from our side are not able to perceive them, because their activities are indeed such, that these also are apparently undisputed for Earth humans and again and again are able to be observed.

40. These are our certain discoveries, which our directives permit us to be able to gain clarifications.

41. This also means for us thus, that we ourselves already for considerable time in no way try to obtain more about the three alien groups to us, as a result we also have no knowledge about their time and time again occurring activities.


Then it is also senseless, if I perhaps were to ask you once again, when it concerns a UFO which was observed? Anyway – as a realization – therefore it also would not be permitted to you, to help Earth if some foreign extra-terrestrials came in power to the Earth and would display ambitions of conquest?


42. That is absolutely correct, because since we no longer concern ourselves about these interests, no more are we are able to deliver information and explanations.

43. Clarifications in the mentioned connection are for us not of interest and they also never were, but we endeavoured ourselves to obtain always simply only about clarifications, which fell within our own interests and will fall in the future.

44. What we have done further regarding, that which goes beyond our own interests, this we have carried out only, in order to be able to deliver certain data to you and the group members.

45. We no longer do this for considerable time, as you know, because in no way whatsoever did it bring usefulness in any connection.

46. This also applies to many other things and also private interests of persons etc. which in their regard we no longer endeavour ourselves to obtain clarifications for them.

47. And what you say regarding foreign extra-terrestrial powers, then this would actually be the case, as you say; we permit ourselves in no way to interfere.


Actually a pity, that you no longer make clarifications and that you also no longer deliver explanations, but I can understand the whole matter, when I consider, in all of the years everything in this connection has brought no usefulness. Then therefore also there will be no more clarifications made regarding previous personalities? And with regard to your directives is indeed also everything clear.


48. This follows from my explanation.


Clear. Than once again a question regarding the three alien groups: Do you assume perhaps, that these could turn out to be a danger for you?


49. We do not assume this, because according to our discoveries their technology is still extremely underdeveloped compared to ours, which is to be concluded from their flight manoeuvres and from their total behaviour.

50. And what arises with the technology of their aircraft, this applies with certainty also to their possible weapon technology, consequently we would have a great and not to be surpassed advantage over them.

51. If they would be in possession of ray weapons, then would a use of these be the same in every case to our favor and to our great advantage, because we absorb all kinds of radiation and know how to use for our own energy production.

52. Radiations appearing to our protection shields and similar energies are absorbed and to our own energies adapted, accumulated and from them strengthened.


I know this, because you have already earlier explained to me, that your protection- and weapon systems in your ships do not work the same, as those in science fiction movies - like Star Trek, etc. – on the Earth is shown, that the protection shields just become weaker by energy - and radiation bombardment etc. , but that you absorb the on to your protection shield appearing energies and as a result the energetic all around cloaking shield of your ships is strengthened. Thus it is such, that the more radiation energy etc. is fired onto your ships, the stronger their protection shields become.


53 That is correct.

54. However also if solid projectiles, respectively solid materials are shot at our protection shields, we are able to transfer their kinetic energy into an energy usefulness while the projectiles change and becomes useless.

55. If the projectiles contain explosives of any kind, then these will become neutralized and become a harmless mass.


And how is it, if it would concern asteroids, meteors and space rubbish or missiles with atomic warheads?


56. These also would be neutralized and present no danger for us.


So it should also be with we Earthlings, then much disaster would be avoided. When alone I think about, what everything is caused by Earth humans with weapons, then this terrifies me. Many Earthlings have weapons of all kinds, who really should not be granted a permit for a weapon, because many weapon possessors are unstable and cracking up in their lack of self-control. This proves time and time again and more and more, like I have indeed revealed this in my predictions, and I mean in connection to the fact, that by unstable and cracking up humans more and more murders and mass murders occur in families, groups and schools, as well as however also more and more murders and mass-murders through foreigner- race and religious hate, as well as also through terrorism.


57. Weapons impart to an unstable-intemperate human crazed and confused thoughts and feelings of invulnerability, as well as also an unscrupulous willingness for violence and an unlimited power behaviour.

58. As a result he is not in control of his thoughts-feelings-emotion-like stirrings, consequently he is in no way able to control himself and his actions.

59. If such a human uses a weapon and sets it into function, then he is captivated by an adrenalin rush, whereby all control mechanisms in the brain are left without power, and he only just automatically aggressively acts and in this way also unhesitatingly kills and possibly falls victim to a killing frenzy.

60. With this, the kind of weapon plays no roll, consequently it can therefore be a shooting-, stabbing or beating weapon, as well as also a suffocation- order strangling weapon, as well as also the bare hands, the arms, fists, the feet and knees as well as the head etc..


Once again back to the three alien groups: So you do not assume, that danger could be threatened to you by the Earth foreigners. But how might it be then, if danger could come from them for the Earth, respectively terrestrial humanity?


61. For all of the last 200 years nothing has indicated, that such a danger could come from the Earth aliens, but we do not know their intentions and hence cannot say with certainty, whether still someday there could be the case that some Earth aliens plan evil.


Not exactly a comfort. So we can only hope, that the foreign bastards as such are peaceful like you Plejaren and those of your federation. If the Earth and terrestrial humanity would be threatened disaster by the Earth foreigners or those from the future, how would you yourselves then react?


62. You know, that our directives would forbid an intervention, as I already mentioned.


I know, however also this is indeed just not exactly comforting. It is only to assume, that everything turns out peacefully, if someday official contacts come to take place with Earth aliens or those from the future, which in fact certain prophecies have announced already from time immemorial.


63. What someday arises, this will prove with time.


Therefore it is very comforting, not to know, what actually will arise. However perhaps it is good for the humans of Earth. On the other hand however it has also proven, that predictions likewise are not paid heed to, as well as also prophecies, because the majority of terrestrial humanity is not concerned about them. This likewise has been proven since time immemorial in regard to all of the prophecies and their fulfilments as well as also all of yours and mine predictions, all which have completely been fulfilled and also still in the future will be fulfilled.


  • E-mail from Larry Driscoll to James Moore