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This is an unofficial and unauthorised translation of a FIGU publication.

N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
Before reading onward, please read this necessary prerequisite to understanding this document.


  • Contact Reports volume: 7
  • Page Number(s): 383
  • Date/time of contact: Wednesday, November 1, 1995
  • Translator(s): Lawrence Driscoll
  • Date of original translation: Unknown
  • Corrections and improvements made: Monday, March 11, 2013
  • Contact person: Ptaah


Relatively few popes actually believe in a god and thus are great deceivers.
But this is just a small excerpt of the entire contact.

Contact Report 252 Translation

English German
Billy: Billy:
... How is it now with the Pope - is the man now theistic and does he believe in all of that, which he preaches? ...Wie ist es nun aber mit dem Papst - ist der nun gottgläubig und glaubt er an all das, was er predigt?
Florena: Florena:
40. Ptaah mentioned, that only you could think of such a question, and this may actually be true, because from ourselves, which we sorted out, there never came a thought with this man that he could be other than he pretends. 40. Ptaah meinte, dass eine solche Frage nur dir einfallen könne, und das mag tatsächlich so sein, denn von uns, das haben wir abgeklärt, kam niemals ein Gedanke, dass es bei diesem Manne anders sein könnte, als er vorgibt.
41. Our investigations of the last two weeks however have clearly resulted in the fact, that the alleged representative of God believes neither in the existence of a God above himself, nor in the religious insanity that he preaches. 41. Unsere Abklärungen der letzten zwei Wochen haben aber ganz eindeutig ergeben, dass der angebliche Gottesstellvertreter weder an die Existenz eines Gottes über ihm selbst glaubt noch an all den religiösen Unsinn, den er predigt.
42. This man believes only in himself, as did also many of the previous Popes, as we likewise endeavoured to clear up for ourselves through travels into the past to the places of the respective events. 42. Dieser Mann glaubt nur an sich selbst, wie das auch viele der früheren Päpste taten, wie wir uns bemühten ebenfalls abzuklären durch Reisen in die Vergangenheit an die Orte des jeweiligen Geschehens.
43. It proved to be about them, that a certain small number of only precisely 36 Popes believed in a god above them, whereas all others only considered it for its post and position of power for themselves. 43. Es erwies sich dabei, dass eine gewisse kleinere Anzahl von nur gerade 36 Päpsten an einen Gott über ihnen glaubten, während alle andern nur auf sich selbst, auf ihr Amt und auf ihre Machtposition bedacht waren.
44. Quite a few among them in fact completely rejected the Christian faith, which they outwardly, of course, knew to conceal. 44. Etliche unter ihnen lehnten den christlichen Glauben sogar volkommen ab, was sie nach aussen hin natürlich zu verheimlichen wussten.
Billy: Billy:
Aha, then therefore I was correct with my suspicion. Aha, dann hatte ich mit meiner Vermutung also recht.
Florena: Florena:
45. That was the information, which I had to bring to you. 45. Das waren die Informationen, die ich dir zu bringen hatte.
46. Now, I have to go. 46. Nun sollte ich wieder gehn.
47. Good bye, I will certainly visit you again – even if I do not have to bring you information. 47. Auf Wiedersehn, ich werde dich gerne wieder besuchen - auch ohne dir Informationen bringen zu müssen.
Billy: Billy:
You are always heartfelt welcomed here, also all of the others when those of you are here. Du bist stets herzlich willkommen, auch alle andern, mit denen du hier bist.

Translator's Notes

Commentary by Larry Driscoll

From the following internet website address,

one learns that there have existed in Earth-human history 266 Popes:

1st Pope 30-67 AD Saint Peter...
264th Pope 10/16/78-4/2/05 John Paul II
265th Pope 4/19/05-2/28/13 Benedict 16th
266th Pope 3/13/13 Present Francis

Florena presents the above information on November 1,1995, so at that time John Paul II was the 264 Pope. Thus, by calculation, only 36/264 = .1364, i.e, 13.64% of all Popes, for 1,965 years, from 30 AD up to the present 1995, "believed in a God above themselves", or one could state, in another way, that 228 Popes, as per line 44 above have during their time of rule deceived their Earth-human constituency, and these 228 Popes, 86.36% of them, "completely rejected the Christian faith, which they outwardly, of course knew to conceal".


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